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Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October: Annapurna Base Camp Trek, a trek in the Annapurna region, is the brightest gem in the world of trekking and trekkers. Especially, this trek got so much attention because of only two things: one for being in a heavenly like Annapurna region and second for taking people to the base camp of the world’s 10th tallest peak, Mt Annapurna itself. Ever since its opening, the trek has been the choice of many travelers. That all resulted in it becoming one of the world’s busiest trekking trails.

Likewise, October is a dream month to embark on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. In addition, it is Autumn’s second month, the peak trekking time in the Himalayas. Through this month, the trails tend to remain drier, the mountains’ view clearer, the temperature warmer, and the weather calmer. That is why, we are labeling October as the dream month for the trek or any other trek. Similarly, doing Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October is a perfect choice you can opt for.

Altogether, October and the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, if combined together one can have memories and experiences for a lifetime. In short, one will be able to undergo many awesome things on the trek at the right time. Mountains like Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Mardi Himal, etc will not be in the veil of clouds but crystal-clear. Likewise, lush vegetation gets all of the dust off from it by the departed monsoon. Moreover, the region has diverse plants and trees rooted all along the trail. October is the time to see them at their very best.

Moreover, the people of the region are all happy at this time of the year. Two of the greatest festivals: Dashain and Tihar, fall upon them during October. Therefore, the ambiance and vibes around the country are exciting ones across the month.

Now, you can hardly deny that October is an unbeatable month for Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Yes, there are other good months for the trek but October has a whole nother level. In fact, you’ll not regret it at all rather will be so glad about the decision.

Read the entire article until the very end to know everything about Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October. Hence, you’ll not regret it after reading this also.

Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • Enjoy the undisturbed sights of Mt Annapurna I, II, III, South, Mt Fishtail(Machhapuchhre), Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Mardi Himal several more.
  • Trek along the most beautiful trail that is dotted with lush vegetation.
  • Get startled by the amazing landscapes of the Annapurna region.
  • Ran into another base camp, Machhapuchhre Base Camp(3,700m)
  • Spend the night at the Annapurna Base Camp to watch the breathtaking sunrise on the next day.
  • Learn about the culture, tradition, and inspiring lifestyles of Gurungs and Tamangs.
  • Stop in various mountain viewing villages like Gandhruk, Tadapani, Dovan.

Weather and Temperature of Annapurna region in October

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Routes

October is known for excellent weather and temperature conditions, you have surely read the fact before. You couldn’t agree more with that fact. Also, the month is Autumn’s second month and the true colors can be experienced in this month more than others. Moreover, Autumn activates widely in the month and that is why most of the trekkers like October over others.

Let’s discuss why.

To start with, October has 26 days that are entirely sunny, bright, and warm. And the rest of the days have some precipitation levels. This means, there is very less probability of rainfall and clouds during October. Only 3 days are prone to rainfall and that is also not sure. With no rainfall, the temperature of the region is more likely to stay warm. Nor the mountains will be blocked by the overclouds. There are also no chances of any kind of snowfall in the higher places of the trek. Therefore, this is how October’s weather is every trekker’s favorite.

Temperature-wise also, October is perfectly suited for Annapurna Base Camp Trek. In addition, the lower regions of the trek are mostly warm during sunny hours and a little bit colder around night hours. But as you gain altitude, the temperature starts to increase like in every other trek. We have the temperature data about various places of the trek, the chart is listed below:

Place Average Temp(°C) Max Temp(°C) Min Temperature Precipitation
Pokhara(1,400m) 13°C 22°C 2°C 43
Ghorepani(2,750m) 10°C 19°C 0°C 43
Chhomrong(2,340m) 11°C 20°C 1.5°C 43
Dobhan(2,600m) 11°C 20°C 1°C 43
Annapurna Base Camp(4,130m) 5°C 16°C -6°C 6

The above show chart clearly shows the changes in temperatures with the change in altitudes. The precipitation level is also not too high which clears, October is the right month for Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

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Perfect Weather and Temperature

The perfect weather and temperature of October make it the best month for ABC Trek. What kind of climatic conditions does October prevails is mentioned in the earlier headings. So it is not important to add any more to this. You just come to Nepal and do Annapurna Base Camp Trek in the most suitable time of the year. And you just do not worry about any kind of rainfall or snowfall. Furthermore, you’ll get to walk under the bright sunny days.

Bright visibility and unobstructed mountain views

As already said, 27 days are the sunny days in October. The sun will make sure you get bright visibility of the region and no clouds will be around the peaks at all. Brighter days are very much observable than the darker ones. You can enjoy the view in every inch. ABC trek without the mountain views is just another bad dream. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the unblocked views of mountains all day, October is the time for you.

Dry trails

Every trekker likes to trek on the dry trails. They are the easiest and safest ones. On the opposite, the wet trails because of rainfalls can be very slippery and risky to walk on. Plus, there can be leeches and mosquitoes around the trail if it is a dry trail. And for that, October has the driest trails of all as of no rainfall during the month. Finally, you will trek without any slips and leeches, and mosquitoes in the month.

The month of the grand festivals

Dashain and Tihar, the two most important festivals of Nepalese fall in October. The country has a whole nother vibe during this month as everyone is in a mood of celebration. So trekking in October will make you encounter those people having the most amazing time during festivals. And, you will also become a part of those festivals. Furthermore, if you call yourself a culture lover, October is the only option for Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Difficulties of Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October

Annapurna base camp trek

Everything existing on this earth has these two sides: the bright side and the dark side. Like that way, Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October does also has some drawbacks. Those are mentioned below:

Difficulty in finding the right accommodations

As October is one of the busiest times for doing Annapurna Base Camp Trek, the accommodations get easily occupied. Most of the good places get already booked by others and you cannot get the room of your choice timely. And you have to take rooms that you actually do not want to. In particular, this problem prevails in other peak trekking times also. Moreover, there are enough places for rest but not all of them can fall under your pick.

Packed Trails

The other thing that comes along with the Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October is the crowded trails. People from various places like to do the trek this month and that leads to a crowded trail. Likewise, you’ll come across many people at various places like lodges, accommodation, and as well as on the trail. Hence, if you are not good at dealing with crowds and people, this can be a treacherous problem for you.

Altitude Sickness

Well, altitude sickness is not a problem in October only but all of the time. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a high elevation trek that goes up to 4100m(Annapurna Base Camp). And the sickness can be contracted at any altitude above 3500+. Therefore, Altitude sickness can be a problem for you if you are not okay with the high areas. Furthermore, the sickness is real and can bring a lot of troubles if it hits anyone.

Trek Duration

In fact, the duration of the entire trek is around 115 on a round trip. And you have to trek for around 4 to 6 hours to cover a distance of 10 to 15 KM daily. Besides, the trail is also a steep one in most of the parts. So, this can be one of the difficulties in the ABC Trek for you if this is the first Himalayan trek.

Tips for Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October

Annapurna base camp trek in Nepal

In particular, trekking tips can turn into a fortune in the trek. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is not the easiest one to do, you have to know several mantras to do it safely. Plus, October has its own kind of difficulties which we have mentioned just above. For all those difficulties, we came up with several very helpful tips so that you can have a safe Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The tips are as below:

Physical Training

This is the very first tip for you if you are an inexperienced trekker. Similarly, the trek is a long journey of around 100 km and you have to have a physical condition to cover that easily. For that, you can get involved in various physical improving exercises like hiking, cycling, swimming, jogging, gyming, etc. If you can manage to do those things then you will have a pain enduring body and that will be enough for ABC Trek.

Pack Accordingly

The next thing you should do is pack your backpack according to the temperature and weather forecast of October. Besides, that will help you to sort out the right clothes for the trek. And don’t forget to keep your bag as light as you can. Or else you will have to carry the whole of the load by yourself or have to hire a porter by paying a fee. Moreover, the packing list for Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October is mentioned in a few paragraphs below, check that out too.

Go through a trekking agency

Yes, you should go through a good trekking agency if you don’t want any hassles on the trek. The agency will send a highly experienced guide along with you which will look after everything. From finding the right accommodation to a clean bottle of water, the guide is paid for all of those services. If you are opting for the trek in October, the agency trekking is highly suggestible. You do not have to worry about getting a suitable place at al.

Exciting Nepal, one of the most experienced trekking agencies in Nepal, is always available for your trek guidance.

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water in the high altitude treks keeps a trekker away from the mountain sickness. The human body tends to dehydrate quickly in the higher areas and such a body is very prone to sickness. Therefore, always have a hygienic bottle of water with you all the time.

Do not rush

You cannot rush when you are in the Himalayas if you are not a local. Rushing means you are welcoming the sickness to catch you. Take breaks and move slowly, which will help your body to acclimatize with the altitude. And this way you can stay away from the reach of altitude sickness.

Start the Trek early

Start the trek early in the morning if you have a long trek to walk. That will give you some added hours to trek and you have not to do any rush at all. Overall, you can do the trek slowly and relaxed. Plus, you get more time to explore and observe the views until getting enough.

Obtain Travel Insurance

Generally, travel insurance keeps all of the troubles away. If you need an emergency helicopter rescue, the insurance will cover the cost. Also, if you got injuries on the trek, the insurance will cover the cost. And you are thinking of doing a trek like Annapurna Base Camp Trek which involves high altitude trek, rough trail. Therefore, you should get one travel insurance which will cover such emergency costs.

Backpacking for Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October

Annapurna packing list

You don’t need special things in your backpack for October’s ABC Trek. The simple but enough and right things can totally work. To sort those right things on your own can be a headache thing to do. That is why, we have mentioned a full basic packing list for Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October, here:

Upper Body

  • Long-sleeve t-shirts
  • Short sleeve t-shirts
  • Fleece/woolen jacket
  • Down Jacket
  • Beanie
  • Sunglasses(UV)
  • Trekking hat/cap

Lower Body

  • Fleece Pants
  • Breathable undergarments
  • Trekking trousers
  • Trekking pants
  • Inner Layers

Hand & Feet

  • Inner gloves
  • Outer gloves
  • Hiking sturdy boot
  • Thermal trekking socks
  • Flip-flops


  • Daypack
  • Trekking Poles
  • Water bottles
  • Sleeping bag
  • Quick-drying hand towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Books & games


  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Shampoo
  • Wet tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Toilet paper
  • Quick-drying towel


  • First-aid kit
  • Diamox(Altitude sickness)
  • Bandages and tapes
  • Antibiotics
  • Water-purification tablets

Alternatives to Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October

October is not the right time for only ABC(Annapurna Base Camp) Trek but for others too. In addition, you don’t need to go too far from the ABC trek to look for another trek. The Annapurna region is famous for the world’s most popular treks. And we will be talking about those alternative treks to ABC trek below:

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit in September

Annapurna Circuit Trek, the most popular trek in Nepal, is the best alternative for ABC Trek. Likewise, this trek revolves around the entire Annapurna region for the duration of two weeks or so. The highest point of the trek is at Thorong La Pass(5,416m), one of the world’s highest passes. Hence, the trek is the best way to cover most of the places of the Annapurna region in one single trek.

Highlights of the trek

  • Trek through iconic villages like Ghandruk, Jomsom, Manang, Marpha, Ghorepani, etc.
  • Experience the diverse vegetation and landscapes of the Annapurna region.
  • Enjoy the view of Annapurna with several neighboring massifs.
  • Thorong La Pass(5,416m) and Muktinath Temple(3,800m).
  • Explore the places behind the mountains.

Mardi Himal Trekking

This is a short alternative to ABC trek in October. Mardi Himal Trek is a trek to reach one of the well-known peaks’, Mardi Peak, base camp. Similarly, you’ll follow the trail that takes to the foothill of Mardi Himal to see the iconic mountains and terrains of the region. Also, there is no lack of mountain views, nor lush vegetation in this trek. Moreover, you’ll pass through many traditional villages in the region. Therefore, trekkers with not enough time for ABC Trek in October can opt for this alternative.

Highlights of the trek

  • Trek on the lustiest trial in Nepal.
  • Came across many traditional villages and people of the region.
  • Reach the base camp of Mardi Peak to enjoy the mountain panorama.
  • Views of Annapurna range, Mt Manaslu, MT Dhaulagiri, etc.
  • Explore the lush greenery of the region.

Tilicho Lake with Mesokanto Pass Trek

Tilicho Lake

If you like treks that are technically adventurous, Tilicho Lake and Mesokanto Pass Trek is for you. Besides, this belongs to the same Annapurna region and is one of the most challenging treks. Tilicho Lake(4,920m)-the world’s highest lake and Mesokanto La Pass(5,315m) are the two major attractions of the trek. That means this trek is much more than just terrains and mountains. The lake will make your every worth effort and so will the Mesokanto pass’s view. Overall, you’ll experience the off-the-beaten place of the Annapurna region on this trek.

Highlights of the trek

  • Takes you near to the northernmost of Nepal.
  • Tour the place that has unique landscapes.
  • Reach one of the world’s highest lakes, Tilicho Lake, and highest passes, Mesokanto Pass.
  • Experience the trekking through the rain-shadowed and thus deserted region of Nepal.
  • Enjoy the visions of peaks of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and several other ranges.
  • Learn more about Tibetan influenced culture.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking

Ghorepani poonhill trek

In fact, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking can be another option over ABC trek, the most popular short trek of Nepal. Poon Hill is the hill station that is considered as the best place to enjoy mountain panorama and sunrise/set views in Nepal. Likewise, the trek takes you to the heart of the Annapurna region through the several iconic Gurung villages. Also, it is an easy trek that you can do with your family too. From Poon hill(3,210m) and all along the way to the hill, you can look up to the views of Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and other peaks. Plus on that, you’ll get impressed by the cultural shows of the trek.

Highlights of the trek

  • Reach the most popular hill station of Nepal, Poon Hill.
  • Enjoy the panoramic displays of various Annapurna region peaks.
  • Wake up early and experience the best sunrise view from Poon Hill.
  • Spend time around the most picturesque villages like Ghandruk, Ghorepani, etc.
  • Trek amid the lush forests of oak, pine, and rhododendron.

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Conclusion – Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October

In conclusion, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, certainly, is the best trek to do in the Annapurna region and Nepal. To reach the base camp of the 10th world’s highest peak is an amazing journey in itself. Moreover, the trek lets trekkers experience vibrant terrains, lush greenery, lovely people, traditional villages, and sky-touching mountains. The trek is not the easiest to do but you can make it easier by doing it in October, the best month for trekking in Nepal.

If you don’t feel like doing the Annapurna Base Camp Trek in October, you have other options available. Pick any of them to experience the cultural and natural beauty of the Annapurna region. We, Exciting Nepal, are always ready to become your companion in any of the Nepali Trek you like.


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