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Annapurna Circuit Accommodation

Annapurna Circuit Accommodation

Annapurna Circuit Trek’s immensity and variation in topography is something tourists have been amazed by. Its rich biodiversity, unique landforms, and wildlife have over and again left them awe-struck.

Much like the people over here and their conviviality that has tourists filled with wonder. They find it impossible to decide whether to plump for the beauty of the region or the generosity.

Foreseeable, the locals here too believe in saying The Guest is God and act in accordance. Their humble gesture is evident in how they cater to the trekkers. Whether it’s accommodation service or the dining spots, they always have one standing right behind you.

But it is still the traveler that is hard to please. Even in the extremity, they long for the best and yet, not get impressed by it. Be it for pleasure or the trade-off, today’s traveler is fussy about their dwelling service.

Also, it’s apparent that not every accommodation service has succeeded to challenge it. Fortunately, in the case of Annapurna Circuit trek, you don’t have to fret about it at all.

They have stepped in and taken a flyer to trounce the accommodation service of other regions. From a mid-range guest house to exorbitant resorts and hotels, Annapurna has got it all for you. Annapurna Circuit Accommodation has got the trekkers an ample option to decide from.

Cost of Accommodation in Nepal

When it comes to trekking, it doesn’t get as adventurous and arousing as in Nepal. Despite the remoteness and homespun places, the excitement to travel the places stays knee-high.

There are, however, a lot of things to take care of before traveling to such places. One of the most crucial, being accommodation.

From the most common form of accommodation, lodge to glamping, there are plenty of options available. The price abruptly varies based on what type of accommodation you yearn for.

The lodge for sure costs you little more than any other form of accommodation. You can expect as little as a dollar and as high as three dollars per night.

With Kathmandu and Pokhara, being a major tourist attraction comes with swanky luxury escapes. The options are inexhaustible, whether to rent in a private resort or reservations in super lavish hotels.

As the facilities go long haul to please the visitors, prices are relatively extortionate. Chitwan’s safari lodge will precisely cost you $250 per night.

Average Cost of Annapurna Circuit Accommodation

Annapurna Circuit Trek Distance

Annapurna Circuit Trek is the most sought-after trekking route in the Himalayas. In fact, more well-received and plumped for by the beginners than that of Everest Base Camp.

Trekker finds it explosive to explore the region’s unique topography and wilderness. With this, Annapurna sees an upswing in the number of travelers flying over each year.

As repercussions, lodge and guesthouse here have visitors flocking in all round the year. For this very reason, the cost of accommodation in and around Annapurna might see a drastic change.

Still, for the better part, Annapurna Circuit Accommodation is highly affordable. None of it is as high-end and extravagant as that in Kathmandu city.

Even the most comprehensive accommodation service, guesthouse charges between $2 to $5 per night. Compared to that, teahouses and trekking lodges are slightly inexpensive.

For that, you’ve to leave aside your comfort. And also, don’t expect to get a royal treatment or make yourself feel special. The only thing you’ll have for luxury is a single bed made out of wood, usually in a shared room.

The price of the accommodation in Annapurna might fall during the off-season. Lucky those who get a concessionary rate for group visits.

Permits Cost

There are a few basic things you need to take care of before and even during the visit to Annapurna Circuit. Rules, being the most to be looked after by all the travelers visiting the region.

Trekkers, mostly foreigners, must have a permit to travel to protected areas. Following this, you need to have an entry permit from the Annapurna Conservation Area Project to trek in the region.

Permits and Fees in Annapurna Region

  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project Try permit fee for tourists: NPR 3000 ($30 approx.)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project entry permit fee for SAARC nationals: NPR 200
  • Trekkers’ Information Management Systems permit fee: NPR 1000 ($10 approx.)

How can you get the entry permit for Annapurna Circuit trekking?

  • Trekkers can purchase the TIMS card and permit in the Nepal Tourism Board Office. It lies on Pradarshani Marg. Kathmandu
  • Permits are also issued from the Nepal Tourism Board Service Center in Damside, Pokhara
  • TIMS cards can as well be purchased from the TAAN Lakeside office in Santi Patan, Pokhara
  • Visit ACAP entry permit counter in Besisahar, Lamjung to get the entry permit
  • If you have booked through the trekking agency, then they will take care of all of it

Accommodation on Annapurna Base Camp trail by type

Annapurna Circuit Trek 15 Days

With its pastoral setting, glacial lakes, and mountains Annapurna is a dream destination for everyone. It’s the beauty of the land with dense forest sown by tenacious wildflowers that lures travelers.

An epitome of natural beauty and cultural diversity, Annapurna has everything that gets you envy. And recently ingressing the list of its incredulity is Annapurna Circuit Accommodation.

It’s by far the best and upscale service available anywhere in the upper Himalayas. Starting from an elevation of 760 m till 4600 m at Thorong Phedi, Annapurna has the accommodation available for you.

Be it day-tripper or the one who visits the place late at night, they just have room for all. The lodges and guesthouses here mightn’t come as those elite places worth a multi-million dollar.

From the surface, they look like any regular premises of low-excellence. However, don’t get hoaxed by its stance as the service inside is still in the top drawer.

Room dispenses to each of the trekkers visiting the lodge are well-maintained and mop. They’re sterile and so bedecked that it’s impossible to find things to criticize about.

From low-budget to quality hotels and doubles with en suite, you’ve your option to pick from. But make sure to probe the accommodation before booking in.

The cheaper accommodation is often of low-standard and no hygienic. This can cost your health so better spent extra bucks and get something nice and cozy to stay.

Guesthouse service

It’s all up to trekkers to decide what form of accommodation service they seek to stay in. But when it comes to choices, Annapurna Circuit Accommodation has got enough for everyone.

One can simply spend a day or even a week in the guesthouse available on the way to the Annapurna circuit. It’s basically the price that has to do more with your plans.

In Annapurna, the guesthouses vary from upmarket to the extreme-low budget of the poor quality. But even the lavish one is not as pricey as the one you get in the city and Haut monde.

Budget Guesthouses

This option comes as a perfect solution for budget backpackers. And it’s also the accommodation service that most trekkers are interested in putting their money in.

Budget Guesthouses along the way to the Annapurna Circuit are remarkably affordable. They are still high by standards and the quality service purveyed.

Despite it, you may have to exist in the slightest and bare essentials. Budget Guesthouses of Annapurna are well-facilitated. The keeper allows the guest to have hot running water, blankets, and clean sheets.

Unfortunately, not all places in the region provide you with the facility of hot water. In fact, the other services propounded are too appalling. But because you’re getting the room for a price of nothing, it still is a fair deal.

Hotels and Resorts

Just because you’re in Annapurna doesn’t mean you are impelled to scum lifestyle. Unlike anyone, you too deserve to have a comfy lifestyle, especially after trudging all day.

Hence, it’s best to opt for hotels or even resorts in that case which boast pricey amenities. Indeed not as affluent as the luxe hotels perceive in the city but well-off than the cheap lodges.

On the way to Annapurna, you’ll run across ample hotels that look subtle and guise homey. The facilities made available by these hotels are of a high standard; anyone would be delighted to have it.

They make you feel private and let you have your own space. And this is something rare to witness with any accommodation service available in Annapurna.

Given the cynosure location, compelling views, and impeccable landscapes, the hotels are worth spending money. But for the one who falls short of rooms following a peak season, the resort is proxy to it.

From the exterior to the interior decor, resorts are well-equipped and highly maintained. They have spacious rooms, and you need not share them with anyone.

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Accommodation of Teahouse

Dovan/Himalaya to Machhapurchhe Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp (Sanctuary)

Teahouse Accommodation is something trekkers exploring the Annapurna circuit are accustomed to. They can simply relate to the service as it’s the most prevalent one in the region.

Teahouse in Annapurna comes with facilities that have hardly anything to do with opulence. The services made available are basic and seems just a way to survive.

Sporadic is to find luxuriant items in Teahouse anything other than a furnished wooden bed. They also let you have a pillow, mattress, and a blanket but it draws no interest in trekkers.

As the region’s freezy, every Teahouse quips the visitors with a hot shower out of the electric heater or solar. Few of these teahouses even feature en suites with both hot and cold baths available all day long.

For commiseration, the teahouse accommodation is family-friendly, unlike any other service in the region. Despite the low-cost facilities, you get the fabulous views of Annapurna in a no-cost deal.

Delightful it is inside the teahouse with chock-full of trekkers, each of whom shares their own travel experience. Far off from the clamor of the city, you’ll put up with a serene atmosphere in Annapurna.

With spectacular views, great amenability, and low-price, Teahouse accommodation in Annapurna is the right choice. Just make sure to plan well as you’ll be hard-pressed to find the room during on-season in Annapurna.

Food and Drinking Water

The traditional cuisine of Nepal had always been de-emphasized. But thanks to the Annapurna Circuit Accommodation for bringing the local food to light.

Along with the enhancement of Accommodation, Annapurna has ameliorated its food service. Much of the food available to trekkers on the way to the circuit includes classic Dal Bhat. For a change, they even serve Chinese stir-fried noodles, momos, and pizza to the guests.

It cost them as little as NPR 500 (approx. $5) at the lodges and hotels in lower elevation. But as you overhead to the circuit, the price of the food in the lodge varies.

It might go as high as NPR 600/$6 and even NPR 700/$7 even for a typical dish. The best you get to eat spending the money is Nepal’s national dish Dal Bhat which is yet underrated.

On stipulation, the keeper can get a sumptuous breakfast dish to the guest. The best-served to date includes restaurant-quality lentil soup, poached eggs, and pizza.

For breakfast, guests are served with the unique tea made only in Himalayas, and bread. They even provide muesli and porridge that costs NPR 400/$4 approximately. The price hikes as you scramble above, imposing between NPR 700 to NPR 800.

For trekkers, it’s the service that matters. And most of them to visit the region have quite relished the service here.

It’s one thing to invest money in food, but spending money on water is never a bad deal. It becomes more crucial when you’re in a crisis of pure drinking water.

The best option in the case is to carry a water bottle that you can refill at any time. On the way, you can fill the bottle from the stream and water tap. But if you haven’t carried one then be ready to spend some NRP 50 to NPR 100.

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