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Annapurna circuit trek 12 days

Annapurna Circuit Trek 12 Days

Trekking to the Annapurna Circuit has become renowned as the most popular trekking route in Nepal. The trek opened to foreigners in 1977 in the Annapurna region. More than 50,000 trekkers trek to the Annapurna Circuit each year. The number of trekkers has been increasing gradually.

This magnificent 12 days trek leads trekkers to fascinating villages inhabited by different ethnic groups. It offers impressive views of snow clad mountains and lush green valleys of the Annapurna region. Some of the mountains seen closer includes Mount Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Tilicho Peak, Gangaprna, etc. So, don’t you want to witness all such mountains which are above the height of 6000 meters? If yes, pack your bags and book your trip with Exciting Nepal.

Annapurna Circuit Trek 12 days surrounds the Annapurna massif. You will cross the Thorung La Pass at 5416 meters. The pass is one of the most challenging parts of the trek.

The 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek begins from a short drive from Kathmandu to Besisahar. Enroute you will pass through unique landscapes, several paddy fields, subtropical forests, and beautiful waterfalls. The trek involves exploring some of the attractive villages such as Chame, Pisang, Manang, Jomsom, etc. The trek officially concludes at Jomsom and back to Pokhara.

So, the trek usually rewards trekkers with the Himalayan views from different angles and perspectives. The trek takes you to the north of Himalayan range to the dry Tibetan Plateau of Mustang. So, if you are ready to make some of the incredible memories, joining Exciting Nepal would be the right choice.

Annapurna circuit trek

Highlights of Annapurna Circuit Trek 12 Days

  • Witness amazing views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Nilgiri, and many more.
  • Exploring the beautiful villages of Chame, Pisang, Manang, Marpha and Jomsom.
  • Visiting the culturally significant Muktinath temple.
  • Bathing in the natural hot spring at Tatopani.
  • A thrilling experience to the height of 5416 meters at Thorung La Pass.

Outline Itinerary of Annapurna Circuit Trek

Day 01: Drive Kathmandu to Bulbule (923m).

Day 02: Trek from Bulbule to Chyamje (1400m).

Day 03: Chyamje to Bagarchhap (2160m).

Day 04: Bagarchhap to Chame (2630m).

Day 05: Chame to Pisang (3300m).

Day 06: Pisang to Manang (3500m).

Day 07: Acclimatization day in Manang.

Day 08: Manang to Ledar (4250m).

Day 09: Ledar to Pedi or High camp (4,600m).

Day 10: Phedi to Mukti Nath (3,710m).

Day 11: Mukti Nath to Tatopani via Jomsom (2750m)

Day 12: Drive Tatopani (1190m) to Pokhara.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

Difficulties during Annapurna Circut Trek 12 Days

Have you been thinking of trekking to the Annapurna Circuit? Do you fear the difficulties of your admired trek? If your answer is yes, I am here to clear out all of your queries regarding the 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek difficulties.

Annapurna Circuit Trek is a moderate to difficult trek to do in the Annapurna region. It is probably the longest trekking routes in the region. So the trek can be a challenge for a beginner trekker without proper physical exercise and training.

Crossing the Thorung La Pass at 5416 meters is the most difficult part of the trek. The 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek is usually walked through counter clock-wise direction due to the difficulties of crossing the pass. The clockwise direction involves taking longer ascents and shorter descends. So, this might be too difficult for people to manage in a single day.

During the Annapurna Circuit Trek 12 days, you will cover the distance of 160- 230 kilometers by walking. So, you should be able to walk 8-15 kilometers a day. The route is quite easier in the lowland regions. But the trails get tricker in the high mountains. It involves walking on steep and narrow terrain, downhill and uphill climbs and even snow. So the Annapurna Circuit Trek route becomes more challenging in the winter season as most of the trails get covered with snow. Likewise, the weather and temperature during winter and monsoon may not be very favorable for trekking. It only adds to the difficulty of the trek.

The average walking duration during the Annapurna Circuit Trek 12 days is 6-7 hours per day. So, you will have to be physically fit to walk such hours continuously. However, people who are not used to trekking might have a hard time during the Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Acclimatization is very necessary when trekking to a higher altitude. It helps to adjust your body in the new surrounding. It eventually helps to reduce the problem of altitude sickness too. The amount of oxygen is comparatively low in the higher altitude. This results in difficulty in breathing. Along with this, it involves problems such as headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, altitude sickness becomes a barrier when trekking to the Annapurna Circuit.

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annapurna circuit trek difficulty

Tips for Annapurna Circuit Trekk Difficulty

  • Physical preparation before the Annapurna Circuit trek will be very helpful. So, make sure you engage in physical activities such as running, swimming, cycling, etc three weeks before your trek.
  • Walking slowly is the key to high altitude treks. So, walk slowly and do not rush to reach the destination sooner.
  • Alcoholic consumption during the Annapurna Circuit Trek will only dehydrate your body. So, maintain a high level of non- alcoholic fluid consumption.
  • Carry some Diamox tablets to prevent the problem of altitude sickness.
  • Carry appropriate trekking gear with you. Do not forget to carry rain gear if you are trekking in monsoon season. You do not have to carry bulky cloths during autumn and spring season.

Physical preparation before this trek will be surely helpful. As you trek to high altitudes- walking slowly rather than hurrying, wearing sunglasses during the day, maintaining a high level of non- alcoholic fluid consumption, not sleeping during the day, wearing warm enough clothing are all important factors for this trek. Diamox is commonly suggested preventing medication for high altitude mountain sickness. Be aware that many trekkers have no need for such medication.

Accommodation and Meals during Annapurna Circuit Trek


12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek is a teahouse trek. You can find several teahouses and lodges along the route to the circuit. The teahouses and lodges are getting bigger and better in the recent years. You will find lodges with attached bathrooms too. But, this depends upon the type of lodge you choose and cost you pay.

An average lodge will serve you with basic accommodation facility. You will have a twin sharing room with twin beds, a comfortable mattress, and a pillow. Most the lodges will have facilities of charging, wifi and hot showers too. But, you will have to pay some extra cost to use such facilities.

The cost of an average accommodation ranges between 6-10 dollars per day per room. You will find a gradual increase in the cost as you trek to a higher altitude. Similarly, the cost of teahouse accommodation in peak seasons are comparatively higher than in offseason treks.


During you Annapurna Circuit Trek 12 days, three times meals are inclusive. Most of the lodges in the Annapurna region provide you with a mixture of local, Asian and international cuisine.

Most of the people have porridge, eggs, bread, tea, coffee, etc for their breakfast. Trekkers usually have a light snack for lunch and a heavy meal for dinner. Rice, seasonal vegetable and pickle is the most common food trekkers take for dinner. Along with these you can find varieties in food such as pizza, pasta, sandwich, burger, noodles, etc.

The cost of food during your Annapurna Circuit Trek is quite reasonable. A complete Nepali Khana Set will cost you around 3-5 dollars. The meal provides you with enough nutrients required for trekking. However, you will have lesser options in food as you move to a higher elevation. And, the cost also increases gradually.

Annapurna circuit trek best time

Best Time for Annapurna Circuit Trek 12 days

The best time to trek to the Annapurna Circuit Trek is during the post-monsoon and pre-monsoon seasons. Autumn is the post-monsoon season in Nepal and Spring is the pre-monsoon season. The pros of trekking during these seasons is that you will not get caught in the monsoon rain while trekking.


Autumn is the best time for trekking in Nepal. It falls in the month of September, October, and November. Among these months October would be the best time for trekking in particular. As September is the starting of Autumn season, you can still expect some light rainfall while trekking. So, if you want to avoid getting wet in the rain, October would be the best time for Annapurna Circuit Trek.

During late November, the temperature starts to decrease in the Annapurna region. The weather becomes quite chilly in the higher elevations.

The weather in autumn is quite clear and fresh. The average temperature of the Annapurna region ranges between 15- 20 degrees. Nights and mornings are quite chilly where the temperature ranges between 7-8 degrees. The temperature above 4000 meters might be colder.

Overall, the chances of snowfall and rainfall are very low in Autumn. So, you will have pleasant trekking experience to the Annapurna Circuit.


Spring is the most beautiful time of the year for trekking in Nepal. The season falls in the month of March, April, and May. It is the second preferred time of the year for Annapurna Circuit Trek after autumn.

During Spring, the overall surrounding of the Annapurna region becomes charming and beautiful. The skies are usually clear. So you will have a very clear view of the snowy mountains.

Spring is the pre-monsoon period in Nepal. It falls in the month of March, April, and May. There is a chance for light rain showering the Annapurna region during late May. so make sure to carry rain gear with you.

Spring allows trekkers to walk in the forest filled with rhododendrons. New plants and trees grow in Spring. You can smell the fragrance of different flowers as you trek to the Annapurna Circuit.

The average daytime temperature in spring ranges between 18- 22 degrees in the lower regions. In the higher regions, the temperature lessens with every increase in the altitude.


Annapurna Circuit Trek 12 days is a complete package of stunning trekking experience. Enthusiastic trekkers can experience the closeness with nature and rejoice the true beauty of the Annapurna region.

The trek is doable in every season with proper physical training. This trek might be quite difficult for beginner trekkers. However, Annapurna Circuit Trek might not be very challenging for an experienced trekker.

The 12 days Annapurna Circuit trek involves 9 days of trekking, 2 days of driving and 1-day acclimatization at Manang. Hiring a guide for Annapurna Circuit Trek can also be a decent option. He/ she will make your trek more easy and comfortable.

So, if you have any questions regarding your Annapurna Circuit Trek, contact us at Exciting Nepal. We have well-experienced representatives who will help you throughout your journey.