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Annapurna Circuit in September

Annapurna Circuit Trek in September

Wondering about the best season for Annapurna Circuit Trek? Is this the question that is troubling you for some time? Then the answer is yes, Annapurna Circuit Trek in September is one of the best times. You would be happy to know that it is the peak of the Tourist Season. It is the best time to travel anywhere in Nepal and Annapurna Circuit Trek would be the best option for you.

Annapurna Circuit trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal. Annapurna Circuit trek is popular because of its beautiful landscape and diverse scenery. It is almost impossible to find these landscapes and diversity in any other circuit. Annapurna Circuit Trek in September would be your best experience.

Scenery in September during  the Annapurna Circuit Trek

September is the best time to experience this circuit. Annapurna Circuit is the most beautiful among all. Everything is clear and beautiful. Those mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and whatnot. The things that you would miss in any other season, it is only possible in this season. Annapurna Circuit Trek in September provides you stable weather and excellent trekking experience.

The view of the snow-capped mountains will take your breath away. You cannot blink your eyes while seeing these beautiful mountains. The mountains are Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Dhaulagiri, and many more. The richness in biodiversity in this region will surprise you. The highest point of this Annapurna Circuit trek is Thorong La Pass (5416m).

You will also pass the Kali Gandaki Gorge which is the deepest gorge in the world. Annapurna Circuit will take you all around this huge Annapurna Massif. This entire region would be full of a crowd in this month. Detailed description about Annapurna Circuit Trek in September are as follows. These precautions and advice are necessary to follow.

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Annapurna Circuit Trek in September
Annapurna Circuit Trek in September

Highlights of Annapurna Circuit in September.

  • Trekking in a clean and fresh environment.
  • There are trekkers everywhere, you won’t feel alone.
  • Every tea houses and lodges are open in this month.
  • Perfect view of Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Dhaulagiri and many more.
  • View of sunrise and sunset from Poon Hill.
  • Crossing highest point Thorong La Pass (5416m).
  • Natural hot water bath at Jhinu Danda.
  • Cultural tour of Magar, Tamang, and Gurung villages.
  • The hospitality of local people.

Annapurna Circuit September Weather

It is the busiest month for any trekking route. Annapurna Circuit is no exception. Annapurna Circuit in September is the best time for you to experience the landscape. It is starting month of Winter in Nepal. It is the most pleasant time to be in Nepal. Morning and nights are cold. You will see greenery everywhere. Rivers and waterfalls are also active in this month.

The temperature remains between 4°C to 17°C. It is the perfect season to explore this part of Nepal. This month is full of clear sky and dust-free trails. You will see Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and many others at its best.

It may be the pleasant weather to trek but you should always be aware. The temperature changes at any moment. The Annapurna Circuit September temperature are as follows;

Location: Pokhara (1400m)

Max temperature (in Celsius): 29 and Min temperature (in Celsius): 20

Location: Ghorepani (2750m)

Max temperature (in Celsius): 28 and Min temperature (in Celsius): 12

Location: Chhomrong (2340m)

Max temperature (in Celsius): 22 and Min temperature (in Celsius): 13

Location: Doban (2600m)

Max temperature (in Celsius): 28 and Min temperature (in Celsius): 19

Location: Annapurna Base Camp (4130m)

Max temperature (in Celsius): 20 and Min temperature (in Celsius): 05

Annapurna Circuit Trek in September
Annapurna Circuit Trek in September

Is Annapurna Circuit Trek in September Difficult?

You will need to walk for 6-7 hours daily. If you can do this then it is not difficult for you. Duration is long but the trails are not very high. After some time you will start to gain height. You need both mental and physical strength for this trek.

If you have any prior altitude-related sickness then it could be difficult for you. Increasing height and decreasing air pressure might create a problem for you. You must consult with your doctor first. With proper acclimatization, you may be able to cross this hurdle. You must drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Lack of water can cause you serious problems on this trek. See more at Annapurna circuit trek difficulty

Why Trek the Annapurna Circuit in September?

Excellent views of mountains.

The majestic view of the Annapurna region will attract you. Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Himchuli, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre and many more.

When you see the golden rays on top of these snow-capped mountains you feel speechless. Mountain surrounds you from every corner. You won’t believe in yourself. You feel like you are at the top of everything. The trails that follow this beautiful circuit is also beautiful. Both the journey and the destination are beautiful.

Who wouldn’t love the mountains? It is a mountain full of snow and golden rays only add more beauty towards it. Nepal is famous for its mountains and you are in this trek to see/feel mountains. This is the perfect month to do so.

Good weather and less rainfall.

The weather in September is perfect for everything. This is the start of the tourist season. Everyone is waiting for this journey to start.

The chance of rainfall is also almost zero. You can enjoy this journey to the fullest. Neither too hot nor too cold. You can walk faster and have more time to rest. Lesser chance of natural disasters. If an emergency occurs, people are there to help you.

A Cultural Exploration of Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley.

Kathmandu valley is the center of cultural heritage in Nepal. It is a city of temples and festivals. Every month has new festivals. People here are welcoming and generous. They treat the guest as God.

There are various Jatras that you can participate in. There are various UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley. Various religious places including temples and stupas are here. You can enjoy the nightlife in the tourist hub of Kathmandu that is Thamel. Thamel has many shops. You can buy the necessary equipment and clothing for trekking here.

Pokhara is a beautiful lake city that lies under the lap of Mount Machhapuchhre. Pokhara is the tourist capital of Nepal. It offers you everything. The mountains, rivers, lakes, temples and many more. Adventure tourism is also popular. Bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. You cannot resist the beauty of Pokhara. The nightlife of Pokhara is famous all over Nepal. Gurung and Magar people will showcase their cultural heritage in forms of dance, arts, etc.

Encounter wildlife.

Annapurna Circuit in September allows you to encounter some rare wild animals. It is also the perfect season for wild animals to come out in search of food and exploration.

Annapurna Conservation Area has lots of rare birds and animals. They may see Himalayan Thar, Himalayan Monal, etc. If you are lucky enough, you may also see a snow leopard. This area is rich in biodiversity. The green vegetation and cultivation provide freshness to your eyes. You may also see Musk deer. If you are a wildlife lover then this Annapurna Circuit trek is for you.

Annapurna Circuit Trek in September
Annapurna Circuit Trek in September

Food and Accommodation along the Trail

There are lots of tea houses and lodges in this circuit route. September is the start of tourist season so every tea houses and lodges will be open. There will be no problem for food and accommodation.

Basic facilities of food and accommodation will be in every tea houses and lodges. People here expect that you will have the food in the same hotel where you stay. This is the start of a new season. Hotels may have a reservation for various agencies in advance. You might not get a proper room in your date. People may have booked it earlier and there is a chance that you may not get proper rooms.

The tea house provides twin beds, a pillow, and a warm blanket. You may have to share the toilet and bathroom. At the lower side, you will get hot water and wifi connection. But, as you move towards higher altitude these facilities may be available. You should carry your own energy bars, protein bars, snickers, etc.

For breakfast, you will get bread toast and boiled eggs. For hot beverages, you will get tea and coffee. For lunch and dinner, you will get a local Nepalese dish, Dal Bhat. It consists of Rice, Pulses, spinach, pickles, meat, etc. The lower region may provide you western foods like; Pizza, Pasta, etc but as you move higher there are no such foods available.

Six Essential Tips for Annapurna Circuit Trek in September

Pack your important things.

Packing is the most important thing of all. It is where the actual journey starts. You should check all the necessary items twice before you leave your room. This is a long trek so you should not miss a thing.

Morning and nights are cold in any season. If you are a regular trekker then you already know what to carry and what not to carry. You should carry proper clothes and the right gear for this journey. You should protect yourself from cold weather. You should wear clothes in layers. Depending upon the weather, you should be able to add or remove clothes.

You should carry your sleeping bags, trekking clothes, and various other things. For more details, you can see the packing list section.

Start your trek early.

Starting early has many benefits. You can trek at your own speed. Have enough time to rest. You will reach your destination faster and can spend some time there. You will have to walk 6-7 hours daily. It is tourist season, there are many tourists all around. So, starting early is better.

Nights will be getting shorter. You want to be at your destination before it gets too dark. There may be some wild animals in this season, so it is better to start early and finish early.

Book in advance.

As you already know till now that it is starting of tourist season. People may have booked hotels on your date. So, it is better for you that you book in advance.

You may not get a room as you wanted. Annapurna Circuit is always full of crowds. Annapurna Circuit in September is at its peak. From planes to room, everything needs pre-booking. Otherwise, it may be difficult for you to start your journey this season.

If you book early there may be some discount facilities too. You will get the best packages if you book early. You will feel secure about this journey. If you don’t book early, there may be insecure about food and accommodation. Hotels may not have rooms, according to your choice and you may have to pay extra money for it.


Adjusting to the changing environment is the most necessary part of this journey. This journey ranges from 1400m to 5416m. It is necessary to adjust to the changing environment. Your body may not adjust to the changing environment. In such cases, you cannot continue the journey.

Altitude related sickness is common in this region. As the height increases, oxygen level and air pressure decrease. It would create difficulty in breathing. With difficulty in breathing, you would never reach your destination. Many trekkers cannot continue their journey due to altitude-related sickness.

Keeping your body hydrated is another important part of your journey. You should drink water whenever and wherever possible. You should carry your water bottle. You should fill it in every next stop. Drinking water makes you feel fresh and it increases the energy level of your body. Drinking lots of water will protect you from getting altitude sickness.

Get travel insurance.

When you are traveling anywhere above 4000m, it is better to get travel insurance. It must cover insurance above 4000m. It is high altitude trek, you must protect yourself by any means.

You need to get proper travel insurance for Annapurna Circuit trek. This month may be the right month to travel but you cannot predict anything at this height. Nothing is certain. Temperature changes every hour.

Helicopter evacuation costs higher than $5000. Thus, only proper travel insurance can protect you from this cost. Prevention is better than cure. Good travel insurance covers your emergency conditions. It may be injuries, flight cancellations, helicopter evacuation, and others.

Hire guide and porter

Long trek like this requires you to hire a guide and porter. You may be traveling solo or in a group. The guide is essential to show you the right path as well as be your companion is any emergency situation.

September is the start of the tourist season. Everyone may be with a guide. You may feel awkward to be alone and unique. Most part of this circuit is difficult and confusing so it is better to hire a guide. He/she may be your talking companion too.

Porter will help you carry your bags. Bags may be heavy because this is a long trek. You want to enjoy the view rather than complaining about the heavy bags.

Annapurna Circuit in September

Permits for Annapurna Circuit Trek

There are two permits essential for Annapurna Circuit trek in September. The first one is the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and the second one is the Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS).

ACAP for foreigners is NPR 3000 per person. The cost is NPR 1000 for SAARC nationals. For Nepalese citizens, it is only NPR 100 per person.

TIMS for foreigners is NPR 1000 (group trekkers) and NPR 2000 (individual trekkers). The cost is NPR 300 (group trekkers) and NPR 600 (individual trekkers) for SAARC nationals.

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Annapurna Circuit in September – Packing list

There should be various things in your packing list. Annapurna Circuit trek in September may not be as easy as it seems. Weather cannot be predictable in any season. You should everything for hot and cold weather. Mornings and nights can be cold whereas days may be warm and hot.

The important items that you should carry on this trek are as below:


  • Rainproof jackets and pants.
  • Trekking boots.
  • Pair of gloves.
  • Lightweight sweaters.
  • Trekking pants and jackets.
  • Insulating jackets.
  • Woolen caps.
  • Long/short-sleeved trekking shirts.
  • Thermals underwear.

Toiletries and other accessories

  • Toilet paper.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Water bottle.
  • Solar charges.

First Aid

  • Band-aids.
  • Pain killer.
  • Anti-nausea medicines.
  • Mosquito repellent spray or ointment.

Important Documents

  • Passport
  • Travel permits

Pros and Cons of travelling Annapurna Circuit in September


Everything is clear and beautiful.

Fresh air and green vegetation.

Neither too hot nor too cold.

Beautiful views of Mountains and landscape.


There may be rain till mid-September.

The cost of food and accommodation may be high due to peak season.

You may not have your private time with nature because there are tourists everywhere.

You may not get the flights and room, so book early.


You will not find a better month and season than this for Annapurna Circuit Trek. It is the most popular season. You will see the greenery and mountains everywhere. Tourists like you are also everywhere. It is one of the adventurous treks in Nepal.

You will explore both the geographical and cultural diversity of the Annapurna region. The clear sky and stable weather will only increase your excitement for this journey. Along with hundreds of trekkers, you will experience the magic of Annapurna Circuit. You will make this Annapurna region your own with love and affection.


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