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Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Here, we are going to discuss Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal that are listed in this article.

Monsoon is really not the best time for trekking. Well, that’s what most people think or at least a misconception which non-amateur hikers hold. However, for seasoned travelers, it’s a perfect time to step-up the game and become more adventurous with unforeseen challenges.

The airy setting is just the right moment to walk the well-worn path leading to Himalaya. Despite the humid weather, the rain succeeds to gather enough moisture, causing the walk on steep hills relatively easier.

Monsoon makes everything look angelic in the region, the soaring hills, resonant valleys, and freshly watered forests. As the cloud effaces, mountain ranges in the Himalaya glimmer like never before, putting on fabulous views.

The everlasting downpour refuels streams and waterfalls scattered across the hills, giving another excuse to hike. Mysterious valleys and snow-covered mountains cheer up after the rainfall for a very long time.

Meanwhile, the continuous drizzle and gust of wind scrub off all the dust, providing a crystal clear view. There are fewer trekkers on the trail in monsoon due to which you’ll get to have all the time to rove around.

Given its diverse landform, Nepal has got plenty of treks that are suitable to do in Monsoon. Most of these hikes have mild walking trails that can be done in nontime. Some of the best monsoon treks in Nepal that can be easily accessed are as follows.

1. Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek Weather and Temperature

Annapurna Circuit Trek looks utopia all year round but things spice up a little bit more during monsoon. The season evokes nature like anything else, putting a marvelous view behind steep hills and verdure.

Sounds unlikely but monsoon actually brings forth wonderful weather to walk the rugged trails of Annapurna Circuit. Although some sections are filthy with mudholes, the overall scenery is great. Perched within Annapurna Conservation Area, the trek gets going with a flight to Pokhara.

With the trail as long as 124 miles, you’ll have to walk an average of 5-6 hours every day to reach the circuit. The paths are well-marked and scour several quaint villages and teahouses offering delicious Nepali food and western dishes as well.

The Alpine forest above Marsyangdi River Valley is intriguing to walk through. In fact, there’s a good chance for you to stumble on some of the rare wild animals and birds habitat to the mountain region.

At 5,416 meters, Thorong La Pass draws the attention of visitors to itself, providing awesome sights to catch. The few little things that stand out over others include the picturesque Annapurna massif, Tilicho Peak, Manaslu, and Kali Gandaki gorge.

Annapurna Base Camp trek finishes off with a bang in the Kali Gandaki gorge after starting the journey all the way from Besisahar. With so many incredible things to encounter, it’s reasonable to say that Annapurna Circuit is one of the best monsoon treks in Nepal.

2. Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek Cost

One of Nepal’s best-known landmarks, Upper Mustang is historied for its breathtaking landscapes, fascinating culture, and welcoming people. More so, it’s cherished for the deserted terrains, hidden stone caves, and ancient fortresses which act as a crown jewel to the region.

Mustang cast a shadow of dryness in the area on the leeward side, causing most of its trail to be arid. Simultaneously, with high precipitation and steep trails, it becomes really hard to course the path. But, thanks to the scintillating views on the journey which gives a sense of relief and comfort.

A lot of incredible sights to see on the way including mud walls, spectacular cliffs, and quaint villages. The Kali Gandaki riverbed peeked at by rolling hills and rocks looks no less than a paradise. Its old buildings and monasteries carrying a legacy of centuries, says a lot about the civilization and people inhabiting that you won’t even have to bother querying.

Upper Mustang trek normally kicks-off with a flight to Jomsom, which sits right before two shimmering peaks, Dhaulagiri and Niligiri. The trail passes through small settlements like Kagbeni and Syangboche before finally arriving at Lo-Manthang.

Sited at the northern end of Mustang, Lo is a forbidden kingdom with primordial palaces and monasteries. It has got a slew of interesting sites to explore, Thubchen Gompa, saint’s tomb, and inn to name a few. Hence, Upper Mustang is no doubt, one of the best monsoon treks in Nepal.

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3. Phoksundo Lake Trek

Phoksundo Lake trek

It wasn’t too long ago when Phoksundo Lake Trek came to the notice of people and today it has already become a go-to destination for every avid trekker during monsoon. The old trails stopping in countless villages and ascending over hills has been fancied by off-season hikers

But, with its serene turquoise lake, enclosed between mountains, it’s easy to see why people are so obsessed with the trip to Phoksundo. The lakeshore provides itself a stunning landscape and mountains all across, where even the howling sound of wind can be heard.

Hikers who visit Phoksundo Lake in Monsoon will get vast swathes of remote settings and countryside views throughout the trek. They’ll also get to see the slow-moving glaciers, captivating ridges, and fluttering prayer flags.

Nested at Dolpo district at 3,611 meters height, Phoksundo Lake is splendid beyond description. The hike is not as easy as you think with more than a week-long journey, passing over several villages including Dunai and Ringmo.

You’ll even have to walk through Kang-La Pass which is quite strenuous for most hikers. The trails are slightly steeper and rough but the scenery ahead is extraordinary. Keep your eyes peeled on the way to watch the magnificent Shey Gompa at 4,126 meters and other religious pilgrimages.

4. Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar phu valley trek Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Nar Phu Valley has always been an interesting place to visit with astounding views. But it’s only a few years ago when the valley came to the fore with trekkers going absolutely nuts about it. Its beautiful settings with green pastures, untamed hillocks, and forest paths hypnotize every visitor walking the trail.

From vibrant culture-brimmed villages to incredibly diverse locals, everything is mesmerizing about Nar Phu Valley. With the increasing elevation, you’ll get a clearer picture of Annapurna massif, Tilicho Peak, and Langtang Himal. You can even spot the moving glaciers from the edge of the hills which gleams on any clear day.

Since the valley lies in a remote part of Annapurna, most of the trek routes are unpaved and filled with rocks. Hence, walking the trail in the monsoon might cause a bit ruckus but the reward is still worth the effort.

You’re able to explore the otherworldly landscapes, towering stone cliffs, and walls throughout the valley. A lot of well-preserved Tibetan monasteries, eye-pleasing Chortens, and timeless culture will take you back to history.

5. The Ghandruk Trek

Ghandruk Trek

If you’re only for a short time in Nepal but want to experience the lifestyle and culture in the mountain then Ghandruk is the trek for you. As compared to other hikes, it takes merely a week to finish walking the path of Ghandruk which makes it one of the best monsoon treks in Nepal.

Without ascending mountains and endless steep routes, you’ll get all the flavors of the region, be it the flourishing culture or panoramic views of snow peaks. Like most treks in the Annapurna region, the trip to Ghandruk also commences with a short drive from Pokhara.

The trek involves roving foothills and into the woods before and even after Pothana, a small village in Dhampus. The walk to Ghandruk village is always meant to be magical with the setting of luscious pasture, lofty hills, and mountains.

There are enough rustic shelters and teahouses in Ghandruk for one to stay overnight. It also serves as a viewpoint to watch the first sunrise of the day. However, to enjoy it and the astounding sight of Annapurna as well, you’ll have to wake up before dawn.

Since Ghandruk lies at an elevation of 2,012 meters, the weather can get nasty in monsoon. Thus, you have to be a bit careful while stopping at the village and make sure that you don’t catch a cold.

6. Rara Lake Trek

Trek in the wilderness always comes with staggering surprises and picturesque vista. That explains why most trekkers visiting Nepal are so anxious to explore Rara Lake Trek, after all, it’s so exquisite and fascinating.

Rara Lake looks like an earthly paradise with a tranquil freshwater tucked between the snow-capped mountains and forests. It’s a part of Rara National Park, straddled between Jumla and Mugu in mid-western, Nepal.

Spanned in an area of 6.11 sq. mi. Rara Lake offers visitors a breathtaking view of high cliffs and sweeping landscapes. As monsoon sweeps the dust in the air, the mirror image of towering snow peaks and passing clouds is clearly visible on the surface of the water.

Visitors can also walk into the woods for birdwatching and taking glimpses of more than 51 species of mammals. Avid thrill-seekers can ride horseback on the lakeside or even row the boat on Rara lake.

7. Humla’s Limi Valley Trek

Humla’s Limi Valley Trek Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Humla’s Limi Valley is still hopeful of getting a long-overdue recognition someday. But, as of now, it struggles to gain popularity due to limited access and remoteness. Fortunately, with more travelers open to beat off the beaten track, Limi Valley enlivens with visitors in Monsoon.

Of course, the endeavor’s pay them big time with a heartwarming view of mountains and lowland plains. Trekkers are likely to get a sneak peek inside the culture and lifestyle of people in Humla. The trail follows an ancient salt caravan through the rolling hills in the mountainside to reach the valley.

Coming along the way, you’ll get to squint at the primordial Tibetan monasteries and prayer flags in Humla. Some of the gompas here are from the 11th century intertwined with shamanistic influences that epitomize the rich history of Humla.

This ancient valley is also famous for Halji Rinchenling Monastery where devotees come to offer prayers. Walking through the forest to watch wild animals like Himalayan Black Beer, Snow Leopard, and marmots are pretty thrilling. Thus, if you want to do the best monsoon treks in Nepal then Humla’s Limi Valley is your pick.

8. Tilicho Lake Trek

Tilicho Lake

After escaping months of blazing hot summer, June is the ideal time to step out of homes and relish nature. And, where better to traverse for a breath of fresh air than Tilicho Lake in Manang. Situated 55 km from Pokhara, Tilicho Lake is a piece of heaven on the earth.

It’s crammed with stunning landscapes, sky-scraping mountains, and cliffs. It’s fed on entirely by glacial runoff which is why the water is still and transparent. The minute you enter the sanctuary, home to Tilicho Lake, all the high humidity and heat waves will go away.

You can whiff the fragrance of fresh snow in the air even while scrambling the trail in the distance. The sight of shimmering snow peaks and vivacious valleys whose charm doesn’t wither despite heavy rain is the highlight of the trek

Just in case you don’t know, Tilicho is one of the highest lakes in the world with unrivaled beauty. You’ll have to spend at least 2 weeks on the trail, making stops in Chame, Pisang, and Khangsar village to finish at Tilicho Lake.

There are no crowds in this part of the region during monsoon which means you’ll get to explore the sublimity of Tilicho just the way you like it. The rugged route with boulders makes the trek a bit harder and exhausting. But those who prefer comfort can take their time and stay at tea houses before gently climbing the trail.

9. Ruby Valley Trek

Ruby Valley Trek Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Ruby Valley Trek is one of the most underrated and also best monsoon treks in Nepal. With only a handful of travelers familiar with the hike, Ruby Valley doesn’t receive too many guests. But, regardless of how many wayfarers visit the region, its eminence doesn’t slump.

Located in north-central Nepal at the sub-range of Himalayas, Ruby Valley is a hidden gem of Nepal. It has got spectacular scenery and a bunch of incredible places to explore. The hike will pretty much give you the taste of mountain culture and people’s way of living, especially the Tamang and Gurung community.

The views from Ruby Valley are some of the best you may have ever come to witness. It offers the unobstructed vista of dazzling mountain ranges including Ganesh Himal and Manaslu.

Unlike anywhere else in the town, you’ll get to see stone flour mills and numerous suspension bridges while on the trek to Ruby Valley. Since its trails are not busy at all with fewer tourists visiting the neighborhood, you won’t have to rush.

Other than sightseeing, you can go through the villages and take an insight into the customs of different ethnic groups inhabiting together. If that’s not enough, walk into the woods in spare time and have sight of various wild animals including Himalayan tahrs and musk deer.

10. Gokyo Ri

gokyo lake trek

Do we even have to say why Gokyo Ri is on the list of best monsoon treks in Nepal, particularly after the overwhelming views it brings with itself? One of the most popular and also best monsoon treks in Nepal, Gokyo Ri has got everything that tempts hikers.

Roosted at an elevation of 5,357 meters, Gokyo Ri is some of the few places from where you’ll get a close shot of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Moreover, the place also manages to get an awe-inspiring view for the visitor even on the rainiest days.

It’s always exciting to navigate the trail of Gokyo Ri that walks through many villages including Namche Bazaar. It’s a famous Sherpa town in Khumbu Valley where most trekkers acclimatize and explore the renowned spots.

The trek routes of Gokyo Ri are best explored on foot. Trekkers shall be scrambling the steep trails from Lukla and pass multiple villages including Dole and Machhermo. Walking along the path, you’ll get a glimpse of Tibetan monastery, mani walls, and gorges.

In comparison to other treks, Gokyo Ri is a bit tough, requiring to walk an average of 5-6 hours each day. The path is as majestic and divine as you can think, winding through dense forests and suspension bridge to reach the final destination.

11. Kathmandu Valley Trek

There’s no denying that Kathmandu Valley is one of the best monsoon treks in Nepal. Unlike most hikes, it doesn’t require a month-long plan or any extreme preparation. In fact, visitors can do the trek in the quickest amount of time due to easy access and less difficult level.

To escape the city hustle and enjoy nature, you can traverse lots of places on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Some of the popular as well as short hikes include Nagarkot Chisapani Trek, Lakuri Bhanjyang, Shivapuri National Park, and Ranikot hike.

Though all these treks are close to the city, they offer quite impressive views of snowclad mountains, colorful valleys, and cascading waterfalls. Some places at a high elevation even offer the sight of undulating hills and timeless enchanting lakes.

Most of these treks have short trails and thus can be done in less than a week. As the paths are well-defined, you can tour the places without the help of a guide. Moreover, you won’t have to fear altitude sickness as the hiking trail doesn’t escalate more than 3000 meters.

12. The Tamang Heritage Trail

Guide and Porters

It’s a newly introduced hike in Nepal. And yet, Tamang Heritage Trail is more striking and adventurous than many other old treks. It’s a moderate hike and with no technical difficulties except a few ups and downs. Hence, the beginners too can traverse the trail of Tamang Heritage in as little as 5 days.Visit the region in Monsoon and you’ll get a picture-worthy scenery as the rain washes out all specks of dust, providing a clear view of hills. It also offers a soul-stirring view of highlands, widespread topography, and a stunning backdrop of green hills. You can even notice the sparkling mountains over cloud and rhododendron forests dispersed far and wide.

The Tamang Heritage Trail has dramatically varied terrains that sit right alongside and beneath the walking trails. The easiest way to reach the Tamang village is to start off from Syabrubesi and make the way through Gatlang and Tatopani before finishing it off in Briddim.

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Final Verdict

With its lovely weather, warm and sunny days, and light rainfall, Monsoon in Nepal is guaranteed to capture your heart and soul. The earthy smell and clear blue sky after heavy showers make you feel energized and cozy.

Trekking in the monsoon means you won’t have to deal with too many crowds. It’s easy to flee the trail and spend as much time you like in one place without any interruption. The accommodation comes cheap as you can even negotiate the price in lodges and teahouses at your chosen destination.

As it falls right between summer and autumn, the weather is quite subtle during monsoon. It’s neither too hot nor cold, making just the right time to travel moors and relish the marvelous view.

The path is sure to keep you busy all day long, providing a view of sprawling meadows, hovering mountains over clouds, and resonating valleys. Sightseeing streams and waterfalls make complete sense with the rain providing enough water. Hence, if you’re well-prepared and doing one of the best monsoon treks in Nepal, the expedition will for sure be thrilling.