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best time to visit mustang

Best Time to Visit Mustang

Nepal has adventurous Himalayas and diverse landscapes. So, Nepal is a paradise for a beautiful trekking experience. There is no doubt that the scenario on the trek will take your breath away. It is also important to consider the best time to visit Mustang.

Nepal is home of 8 of 10 tallest mountains of the world. So, the diverse short trek deep in the sublime mountains is also a popular option among trekkers. Mustang is one of the popular destinations among travelers and trekkers. The valley of Mustang offers trails overlooking exquisite views of the beautiful mountains.

The Mustang trek is accessible and comfortable throughout the year. However, the best time to trek to Mustang is a popular concern among curious trekkers and travelers. Different seasons provide different experiences to the trekkers.

Mustang provides suitable weather for trekking. The valley of Mustang lies in the rain-shadow area of the Annapurna region. So, you will enjoy a crisp weather condition with no rainfall during the Mustang trek.

You might want to know the best time to trek to Mustang in detail. So, here is brief information about the best time to trek to Mustang:

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Highlights of the Mustang Trek

  • You will have the opportunity to hike through the ancient independent, Tibetan kingdom on the trek.
  • The Mustang hike takes you to the barren landscapes during the course of the trek. It is also known as the desert region of Nepal.
  • The trail follows the traditional trade routes dating back to the 15th century.
  • Fossil hunting is also one of the famous activities for travelers at altitudes over at 3000 m.
  • The Marpha village is famous for its irrigated orchids and homegrown apples.
  • Opportunity to explore the ancient monasteries, culture, and lifestyle prevalent for centuries.

upper mustang trek

Geography of Mustang

Mustang is a remote and quiet region of Nepal. The valley of Mustang is sparsely populated by the local inhabitants. The Mustang region has two parts – the Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang.

Lower Mustang is accessible throughout the year. You can board a flight or book a jeep to the lower region of Mustang. It is most famous for the rhododendron forest, apples and the holy temple of Muktinath. The holy site of Muktinath is spiritual for both Hindu and Buddhist followers.

The Upper Mustang is a remote area surrounded by trans-Himalayan mountains. This part of the Mustang region falls right beside the borders of Tibet. So, the culture and the landscapes provide a distinct Tibetan feel about it.

You will encounter high rock cliff, colorful caves, rock paintings, and ancient monasteries during the course of this trek. The valley of Mustang does not receive the monsoon rain like other parts of Nepal does. So, most of the parts of Mustang is dry throughout the year.

Spring – March, April, and May

April to May falls under the splendid season of Spring in Nepal. Rhododendron blossom in spring. So, you will get a chance to hike through the beautiful forest of rhododendron in spring.

The season of spring brings in warm and stable weather conditions. The clear sky offers great visibility of mountain peaks and landscapes. You will experience temperature ranging from 16-degree Celsius during the day to 8-degree Celsius at night. So, you won’t feel extreme cold during your high altitude trek to Upper Mustang.

The rivers will be roaring and glistering during the Season of Spring. Moreover, the weather is warmer and the trails are free of snow in the lower Mustang. The season of Spring is possibly the best time to trek to the Upper Mustang.

upper mustang trek

Highlights of Spring:

  • A forest full of Blooming Rhododendrons.
  • Opportunity to experience the local festival of the Mustang-Tiji festival.

Difficulties during Spring

  • The Crowded trail might disturb your experience.
  • Without appropriate training, you might suffer exhaustion.
  • Altitude sickness can catch you if you are not fully prepared.

Summer(Monsoon) – June to September

May marks the beginning of Summer or the Monsoon season on Nepal. So, the chance of rainfall in the lower Mustang is really high in summer. The Mustang valley experiences a significant increase in temperature during Summer Season.

The Mustang region lies in the rain-shadow area. So, the possibility of heavy monsoon is least. Thus, the trek to Mustang is an experience free of dark rain clouds. This gives a clear view of the sublime mountains.

Moreover, the trails along the Mustang trek is not slippery and muddy. So, you can hike with comforts avoiding any uncertain accidents during the trek. The temperature ranges from 16 degrees Celsius during day time to 5 degrees Celsius at night.

Also, your Mustang trek won’t suffer from any mudslides or Landslides. Yet, there is still a slight chance of flight delay due to rainfall or cloudy sky.

You will have the opportunity to experience the horse festival or Yartung Mela during the Summer trek to Mustang. The local festival takes place and starts in Lo-Manthang and continues downwards. The festival features archery, horse race, and cultural dance.

upper mustang trek

Highlights of Summer

  • You will hike to upper Mustang avoiding muddy and slippery trails.
  • Insects and parasites like Mosquito and leeches won’t bother you in the trek.
  • The weather conditions are favorable with high visibility.

Difficulties during Summer

  • Unpredictable weather patterns
  • Carry additional rain gear
  • Slippery tracks during heavy rainfall

Autumn – September to November

September to November falls under the Autumn season in Nepal. Autumn offers clear blue sky and pristine mountain views to the travelers during the trek. Most of the days are windy and slightly colder. The temperature rises to 15-degree Celsius during the day and falls to 4-degree Celsius at night.

You can breathe in the fresh air and overlook beautiful mountains and landscapes throughout the trek. Moreover, the weather is dry and slightly predictable than in other seasons. So, travelers consider Autumn as the ideal time to visit Mustang.

The lodges and the tea houses along the trail are open for business during the Autumn season. So, you won’t have any difficulty accommodating yourself during this time around. But, the late December marks the start of the Winter Season. So, there is a slight chance of snow covering the trails in the Mustang trek.

In addition, you won’t have to pack any special types of equipment and gears during your Mustang trek in the Autumn. Also, autumn is the perfect time for sightseeing of animals and birds in the Mustang region.

Highlights of Autumn

  • Perfect weather condition with clear blue skies on the entire Mustang trek.
  • Spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes, mountain peaks, and gorges.

Difficulties during the Autumn

  • Too many trekkers might make it crowded.
  • Without advanced booking, you might not find hotels of your choice.

Winter- December to February

December to February falls under the Winter season in Nepal. You will feel the winter chills as early in Late December on your Mustang valley trek. The temperature is around 5-degree Celsius during the day and falls below 0-degree Celsius at night. So, you need packs with warm clothing to cope up with the extreme cold.

You will witness striking panoramas of the mountains on trails in the Winter. Moreover, you will experience a quiet trek during your Mustang trek in Winter. So, Winter is the best time for travelers who seek to avoid crowds and hassle during the trek.

There will be fewer tea shops opened during winter. The tea houses offer you hot water, extra blankets, and heaters. It helps you to cope up with the extremes Winter cold. You will most definitely enjoy the warm meal at the tea houses overlooking magnificent views of the mountains.

Highlights of Winter

  • Quiet trail enhances the experience of trekking as you can avoid crowd.
  • The occassional light snowfall enhances the majestic views of the mountains and the landscapes.

Difficulties during Winter

  • Night time can get freezing cold.
  • Heavy snowfall might cover the trail or block the path.
  • You may find difficulty in finding lodges and tea houses

Some Tips for Trekking in the Mustang region

  • Schedule your Mustang trek with extra spare days as the transportation might be tricky.
  • The Mustang trek is quite demanding even the highest point of the trek is at 3,800 meters only.
  • You can plan your Mustang trek to experience the local festivals like Tiji. You need to stay updated as the dates for the horse festival change every year.
  • A Stable fitness level is enough to conquer the Mustang trek.

upper mustang trek


Mustang trek is an exotic adventure to the unspoiled remote villages of the mountainous terrains of Nepal. The Mustang valley trek is comfortable and possible throughout the year.

Travelers with any age and complexion can accomplish the trek with ease after proper preparation for the trek. You need to choose the season of your trek and pack your items accordingly. You need to have appropriate fitness for comfortable trek.


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