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Bhutan Meditation Tour

Bhutan Meditation Tour

Meditation is an act where an individual trains his or her mind to reduce any physical, mental or emotional sufferings. It is a way of practice with the purpose to attain a state of a peaceful mind. You can find a wide range of Bhutanese Meditation tour that is suitable for a wide range of people. If you are someone who is used to meditating, you can join the more extended meditation tour. However, if you are a beginner, you can follow the introduction of meditation programs.

Most of the practices during the Bhutan Meditation Tour take place atop some of the beautiful hills and temples. This gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful nature and monasteries without any distractions. You will get an easy time to concentrate on the meditation process as well.

You can find several Bhutan Meditation tours such as Bumthang Meditation tour, Taktshang Meditation tour, Tango Meditation tour, Taktshang Meditation tour, etc. All these meditation tours in Bhutan take visitors to several meditation centres and other related places. It helps people to cleanse their mind from some of the renowned Buddhist practitioners.

The 8 days Bhutan Meditation Tour takes visitors to some of culturally and religiously rich places of Bhutan. The tour promises the travellers to give an unforgettable memory and help understand the way of life. If you are really into meditation, Exciting Nepal gives you an opportunity to have a unique spiritual experience in Bhutan.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip today!

Highlights of Bhutan Meditation Tour

  • Bhutan meditation tour allows tourists to explore the culturally and spiritually significant places of Bhutan.
  • The tour will give you a chance to experience the different types of meditation practice such as mindful meditation and awareness meditation.
  • You will learn methods to learn about spiritual wellness.

bhutan meditation tour

Itinerary of 8 days Bhutan Meditation Tour

Day 01: Fly to Paro(2200m) from Kathmandu

On the first day of your Bhutan Meditation tour, you will board a flight to Paro from the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. You will fly over some of the highest mountains and beautiful landscapes of Nepal and Bhutan.

On reaching the airport at Paro, our representative will pick you and transfer you to your hotel.

Overnight at a hotel in Paro.

Day 02: Paro sightseeing Tour

In the Paro sightseeing tour, you will visit the Paro Dzong. Paro Dzong is a national museum that contains some of the rare art and artifacts of Bhutanese culture and tradition.

You will also explore the Rinpung Dzong and walk to the Pachu river. You will take a short drive towards Drukgyel Dzong. The place marks a historical landmark of Bhutan.

Along the way back to your hotel, you will visit the oldest and holy shrine of Bhutan at Kichu Lhakhang.

Day 03: Hike to Taktsang (Tiger Nest Monastery)

tiger nest monastery

Tiger Nest Monastery is the most popular and must visit places of Bhutan. Hike to Taktsang or Tiger Nest monastery is extremely beautiful and exciting. You will pass through the lush pine forest in order to reach Taktsang. It will take you around 5 hours to reach the perimeter of this beautiful monastery.

The meditation takes place inside the monastery or in a meditation hut. The place is usually silent and peaceful which will help you to concentrate.

Day 04: Drive to Thimphu (2200m)

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. On the fourth day of your meditation tour, you will drive towards Thimphu. Firstly, you will visit the King’s Memorial Chorten followed by Changangkha monastery. You will also visit the Radio tower which is the tallest building of Bhutan.

The zoological garden is also a great place to explore on this day. You will visit the Nunnery and National Library that holds rare and historical texts and manuscripts. You will visit the Tashichho Dzong as well

Day 05: Thimphu sightseeing Tour

You still have a lot of places to explore in Thimphu. At first, you will visit the Textile and Folk Heritage Museum. Visiting the Handicraft Emporium will give you a chance to explore the locally made handwoven products.

You will visit the Simtokha Dzong. It is the oldest and largest fortress of Bhutan.

Overnight at a hotel in Thimphu.

Day 06: Drive to Punakha (1300m)

4 Nights 5 days Bhutan Tour

On the way to Punakha, you will the Dochula Pass. Dochula Pass consists of several Chortens, stupas and temples. On reaching Punakha, you will take a visit to Punakha Dzong. It is one of the largest Dzongs of Bhutan.

You can also take a short hike to Chimi Lhakhang if you want to. The place offers you a peaceful background which is perfect to enjoy meditation.

Day 07: Drive Punakha-Wangdue-Paro

You will start your day early today. At first, you will take a short drive to Wangdue Dzong. The top of the Dzong provides you with the stunning views of the valley. You will have your lunch at Thimphu and drive back to Paro.

Overnight at a hotel in Paro.

Day 08: Final Departure

On the last day of your Bhutan Meditation tour, our representative will drop you at the Paro airport. You will then take a flight to your home country.

Best Season for Bhutan Meditation Tour

Bhutan Meditation Tour is possible throughout the year. The tour is not demanding like trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. So, you do not have to worry about choosing the perfect time of the year for Bhutan Meditation Tour.

There are four seasons to achieve the Bhutan Meditation tour. They are Autumn, spring, summer, and winter. All these seasons have different weather and temperature and factors which will make your trek wonderful.

Below are the different times of the year for Bhutan Meditation Tour. Choose the best one for yourself.

Autumn (September, October, November)

Autumn is the peak season for Bhutan Meditation Tour. It is one of the best times if you want to tour around some of the beautiful places of Bhutan. The weather and temperature are also quite perfect during the autumn season.

Autumn is also an excellent time for cultural celebration in Bhutan. If you want to witness and be a part of such festivals, Bhutan Meditation tour in Autumn would be an ideal choice. You will get a chance to be a part of Bhutanese festivals such a Thimphu Tsechu festival.

Spring (March, April, May)

Spring is one of the most pleasant seasons in the world. It is the time when the natural beauty of Bhutan reaches its maximum height. Spring falls in the month of March, April and May. It is the pre-monsoon period so there are very fewer chances of rainfall.

The weather and temperature of spring are cool. It is neither too hot nor too cold this season. Cool breeze surrounds the overall areas of Bhutan. The environment during this season is very calm and serene. So, spring is also a perfect time for meditation.

Some of the major festivals of Paro and Punakha also take place in this particular season. So, you can also be a part of a cultural celebration if you travel during the spring season.

Summer (June, July, August)

Summer falls in the month of June, July and August. It is also the monsoon season in Bhutan. Summer is actually off-season for Bhutan tour. Light or heavy rainfall showers the area. But, one of the pros of travelling in this season is that you can expect less number of tourists.

So, Bhutan offers a peaceful surrounding during the autumn season. Meditation tour would be best during autumn.

Winter (December, January, February)

Winter in Bhutan experiences chilly temperature and an occasional snowfall. It is one of the least travelled times of the year for Bhutan tour. Light snowfall around the areas might be a problem while meditating. But, winter offers a unique and adventurous experience.

Although the night and mornings are quite chilly in winter, the daytime temperature is warm and humid.

bhutan meditation tour

Different Types of Meditations during Bhutan Meditation Tour

Meditation is usually the method to understand the working of our own mind. The process helps us to develop peaceful and positive mental thinking. During your 8 days Bhutan Meditation Tour, you will become more constructive and develop positive ways to view life.

Below are some of the different types of meditation that you will follow during your Bhutan Meditation Tour.

Sitting Meditation

During the sitting meditation, you will develop inner silence and concentration. You will be focusing more on breathing, body sensations and emotions, positive thoughts and nature of mind.

Walking Meditation

Like sitting meditation, the core value of walking meditation is also focused on breathing. In this meditation, you will walk from one place to another becoming aware of your surrounding environment.


Exciting Nepal offers mindfulness meditation and yoga practice in a beautiful setting of Bhutan. Bhutan Meditation Tour involves exploring Dzong, temples, monasteries, etc of Bhutan which are highly significant.

The tours are truly rewarding and offer you some of the best views of mountains, monasteries, temples, and beautiful valleys. Butan Meditation tour Exciting Nepal will be exciting and comfortable. We have very experienced guides and experts who will assist you throughout your journey to Bhutan.

The 8 days Bhutan Meditation itinerary package is suitable for everyone. If you have any further queries regarding this tour, contact us! We will serve you the best.

Bhutan Meditation tour is a must for the ones who are more into Buddhism and want to find peace.


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