Visit Everest base camp

Visit Everest Base Camp

Nepal is the central hub for trekking and no one can rebuff it. With eight out of fourteen highest peaks in the world to scale up, it’s a core hiking destination for eternity. Wait, that’s not all, it even offers a bunch of short treks for anxious trekkers who want to catch the glimpse of […]

Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 Days

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 days, also referred to as Short Annapurna Base Camp trek, is the most popular trekking destination among the Annapurna region’s treks. This trek is an opportunity to be close to nature and the gigantic Himalayas, glaciers, villages, and the valleys. Here, the view of white mountain peaks is mesmerizing. […]

manaslu trek without guide

Manaslu Trek Without a Guide

Manaslu Trek is a unique trekking destination in Nepal. It was opened to foreign trekkers only in 1991. Therefore, not a lot of trekkers trek in this region. So the region has maintained all of its originality. This region is also one of the restricted regions to trek in Nepal. Therefore, it is a must […]

Best Time to Trek Annapurna Base Camp

Best Time to Trek Annapurna Base Camp

Best Time to Trek Annapurna Base Camp: The jaw-dropping beauty of Annapurna Base Camp brings thousands of trekkers to this classic trekking route. This trek allows you to experience classic Nepali villages, lush green forests and the majestic mountains of this region. You can come to trek in this region all year round. Different people […]

trekking in Nepal in October

Trekking in Nepal in October

October falls in the mid-time of Autumn Season. This month is one of the best times for trekking in the exotic routes of Nepal. The weather and temperature are the best during October. Usually, trekkers consider trekking in Nepal in October. During this time the beauty of nature is at its peak. This is also […]

everest base camp trek in october

Everest Base Camp Trek in October

Among people who visit Nepal for a holiday, Trekking to Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular activities. Passionate hikers from all around the world visit Nepal to trek to the Everest Base Camp for a lifetime adventure. Trekking to the footstep of the world’s highest peak (8,848 meters) is a milestone to […]

everest base camp trek in september

Everest Base Camp Trek in September

Everest Base Camp Trek in September: Imagine! You finally see Mount Everest after adventurous trekking. White snowcapped, the world’s highest peak Everest greeting an inspiring welcome to you in such a freezing cold altitude. Everest Base Camp is not only a trek but the beginning of the expedition bid for the climbers. Offering a lifetime […]

helicopter charter in Nepal

Helicopter Charter In Nepal

The Helicopter Charter in Nepal is a great option of travelling to remote areas of the country. The Helicopter tour is ideal for those who are short of time and want to skip long, arduous road journeys to reach somewhere instantly. It also helps you reach somewhere where road facilities are not properly developed. You […]

manaslu circuit trek cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu region is certainly the best off the beaten region of Nepal which has been explored by only a few travelers. It is sad to learn that this place is not walked by many despite having abundant cultural and natural beauties. If there is one extremely beautiful place on the earth that most of the […]