manaslu circuit trek cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu region is certainly the best off the beaten region of Nepal which has been explored by only a few travelers. It is sad to learn that this place is not walked by many despite having abundant cultural and natural beauties. If there is one extremely beautiful place on the earth that most of the […]

3 Day Trek To Everest Base Camp

3 Day Trek To Everest Base Camp

Whether it’s doing a day-long hike or scrambling a sky-high mountain, Nepal satisfies the needs of every trekker. Nearly 2,604 square miles of protected area in the himalayas acts as an adventure playground for hikers. Yet, to entice the fanatic hikers, the country pulls Everest Base Camp as a trinket every other time. While this […]

Fun Facts about Nepal

Fun Facts about Nepal

It was back in the day when Nepal wasn’t looked at with greater importance. But thanks to the diversified culture, untold history, and snowscape that has put the country back in the frame. With more people visiting the country now, curiosity has developed amidst countries to know about the facts of Nepal. So far, everything […]

Distance From Base Camp To Everest Summit

Distance from Base Camp To Everest Summit

Mount Everest is a magnet that draws every mountaineer. But climbing it is no roses especially when the distance from the base camp to Everest summit is 20.5 km. No routes are well-marked from the base camp, walking through glaciers and icefalls. Despite that, the trails of Mt. Everest remains busiest during the typical trekking […]

how much to tip nepal trekking guide

How Much To Tip Nepal Trekking Guide

Tip or Gratuity is a way to honor money to someone who has completed work or service. Tipping is more like a happy gesture from the sides of the client to the service provider. There is no specific bar nor compulsion for what to give and how much to give, it is all giver’s choice. […]

What To Do In Nepal Besides Trekking

What To Do In Nepal Besides Trekking

While thinking of Nepal the first thought that comes to one’s mind is Mount Everest. Nepal is renowned for hosting the world’s highest mountain above sea level. This country is home for eight highest peaks out of ten in the world. Many mountaineers visit Nepal to make the climb till the summit of these mountain […]

closest airport to mount everest

Closest Airport To Mount Everest

“Going to a new place and you don’t have a single question about that place in mind” That is impossible and more irrational if you are opting for the Everest region treks. Everest region is a home of the worlds highest Mt Everest and many beautiful treks. Every year thousands of adventurers come to see […]