best time for mera peak climbing

Best Time for Mera Peak Climbing

One of the best-known mountains in the Mahalangur section, Mera Peak is the highest yet most accessible climbing peak. It is a stunning mountain in the Barun National Park, emerging almost 6,400 meters above the Hinku Valley. And the best time for Mera peak climbing is in the months of Spring (March, April, May) and […]

mera and island peak climbing

Mera and Island Peak Climbing

Mera Peak and Island Peak Climbing is a remarkable multi-peak climbing journey in Nepal’s Everest Region. Both the peaks, which lie near Mt Everest, are climbable in a single trip. Only 25 km separate the cliffs and nothing else. Mera Peak(6,461m) is the tallest trekking peak in Nepal. And Island or Imja Tse(6,189m) is a […]

Mountain Climbing Equipment List

Mountain Climbing Equipment List

Are you confused about what to bring along with you on this peak climbing journey? Then find out about the Mountain climbing equipment list from this blog. It applies to all the peak expeditions of Nepal. Mountain Climbing is a great pastime and adventure which attracts millions of people to the Himalayas of Nepal. To […]