Ama Dablam Difficulty

Ama Dablam is a stunning mountain peak with a beautiful silhouette. The mountain peak in Khumbu, Nepal, is a part of the Himalayas. With an elevation of 6,812 m (22,349 ft), it is among the most popular peaks among mountaineers. Ama Dablam means “mother’s necklace” in the local language. The mountain looks like a warm […]

mera peak difficulty

Mera Peak Difficulty

Mera Peak (6467m) is a stunning trekking peak in the foothills of the Himalayas in eastern Nepal. The beautiful trail that takes you to the top of the summit is quite beautiful as well as challenging. You will pass through the challenging terrains of the region with immense natural diversities. We would like to share […]

best time for lobuche peak climbing

Best Time For Lobuche Peak Climbing

Lobuche Peak(6119m) is a gorgeous mountain in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Locating near Khumbu Glacier & Lobuche Village, Lobuche Peak is a famous mountainous peak in Nepal. Every year climbers in good numbers plan to climb this amateur-friendly peak. Thus, like you, many people want to know the best time for Lobuche Peak Climbing. […]

Lobuche Peak Climbing

Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost

Lobuche is an easy and accessible trekking peak in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The peak is an excellent investment for an adventure in the remote Himalayas of Nepal. The Lobuche peak climbing cost ranges from USD 1500 to USD 2500. The cost varies based on many factors and choices of your trip. Your Lobuche […]

Mera Peak Gear List

Mera Peak Gear List

Mera peak is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. The mountain is relatively easy to climb but needs much preparation. So, you need to make arrangements for your Mera peak gear list. This list should include various items for a comfortable, successful trip. It includes appropriate clothes, accessories, travel gear, gadgets, etc. Packing items for […]

Mera Peak Climbing In May

Climbing Mera Peak in May

May in the peak of Spring is ideal for all peak climbing adventures, including the Mera Peak (6476m). Climbing Mera Peak in May is an incredible journey as there are stable weather and climatic conditions. The Spring weather brings moderate temperatures, which makes it comfortable for a challenging adventure. Trekkers will enjoy a serene trekking […]

Mera Peak Climbing in April

Mera Peak (6476m) is one of the most desired trekking peaks among mountaineers. This beautiful peak in the Everest region offers climbers some of the most outstanding adventures. This journey to the top of the Mera Peak will pass through incredible landscapes and Mera Peak Climbing in April is one of the best time. Since, […]

mera peak climbing in march

Climbing Mera Peak in March

Even though it’s not the highest mountain in the Mahalangur range, Mera Peak is still one of a kind. It’s above your average climbing peak with unique topography and environment that are nowhere to be found. Trekking is less fun and more adventure unless you pick the wrong time. In fact, it’s what decides how […]

best time for mera peak climbing

Best Time for Mera Peak Climbing

One of the best-known mountains in the Mahalangur section, Mera Peak is the highest yet most accessible climbing peak. It is a stunning mountain in the Barun National Park, emerging almost 6,400 meters above the Hinku Valley. And the best time for Mera peak climbing is in the months of Spring (March, April, May) and […]

mera and island peak climbing

Mera and Island Peak Climbing

Mera Peak and Island Peak Climbing is a remarkable multi-peak climbing journey in Nepal’s Everest Region. Both the peaks, which lie near Mt Everest, are climbable in a single trip. Only 25 km separate the cliffs and nothing else. Mera Peak(6,461m) is the tallest trekking peak in Nepal. And Island or Imja Tse(6,189m) is a […]