trekking in nepal in january

Trekking in Nepal in January

January falls under the off-season months to do trekking in Nepal. It falls in the middle of the winter season. Autumn and Spring are the most popular seasons for trekking in Nepal. However, trekking in Nepal in January has its own benefits. Trekking in Nepal in January offers you with spectacular mountain views. Mostly, January […]

trekking in nepal in november

Trekking in Nepal in November

Nepal is a popular destination for enthusiastic trekkers in the world. A wide range of treks starting from Short and Easy treks to tough high altitude treks are possible in Nepal. November is one of the Autumn months. Autumn is the peak season for trekking in Nepal. November offers a comfortable weather condition for trekking […]

trekking in nepal in april

Trekking in Nepal in April

Clear skies, warm sunny days, lush green forests and meadows covered with millions of flowers is what you should expect while trekking in Nepal in April. The winter chill will have moved higher up the mountains by April. Clear and stunning views of mountains, pleasant weather, and spring blooms make April the second most popular […]

Trekking in Nepal in March

Trekking in Nepal in March

Are you thinking of Trekking in Nepal in March? Nepal is famous for traveling, trekking, and touring. Along with the popular high altitude treks, there are other rewarding treks as well. March is really special! March is the beginning of Spring season. The winter fades away day by day welcoming warm and stable weather. Trekking […]

trekking in Nepal in October

Trekking in Nepal in October

Introduce yourselves to the eight of the top ten highest summits in the world in Nepal.Trekking to the footstep of adorable Himalayas is one of the unique experiences of Asia. Trekking in Nepal in October takes to you to the heart of the majestic Himalayas. The stunning views of lush green forests and beautiful landscapes […]

trekking in nepal in september

Trekking in Nepal in Sepetmber

If you are a nature seeker, Nepal could be your first choice. Nepal is a trekker’s paradise. To those who love adventures, this country is daring. It is one of the best travel destinations in the world. It is famous for its natural, religious and socio-cultural diversities. September is a more welcoming and encouraging month […]

trekking in nepal in august

Trekking in Nepal in August

Nepal is a country that has many glorious attractions for any traveler. These include many religious, cultural, mountainous, water and other resources. You can enjoy pleasurable trekking experience all throughout the year in Nepal including the month of August. August is a month when the temperature of Nepal is warm as it is the summer […]