Nepal In September

Nepal In September

Nepal is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places in the world. Regarding natural beauty and cultural immersion, Nepal is a great destination, and that comes with no second thought. Nepal in September is one of the best times to go touring as it falls under the peak season, Autumn. The weather is stable, the […]

trekking in nepal in april

Trekking in Nepal in April

Clear skies, warm sunny days, lush green forests, and meadows covered with millions of flowers are what you should expect while trekking in Nepal in April. The winter chill will have moved higher up the mountains by April. Clear and stunning views of mountains, pleasant weather, and spring blooms make April the second most popular […]

Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Here, we are going to discuss Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal that are listed in this article. Monsoon is really not the best time for trekking. Well, that’s what most people think or at least a misconception which non-amateur hikers hold. However, for seasoned travelers, it’s a perfect time to step-up the game and become […]

3 Day Trek Nepal

Nepal is well known for its incredible high altitude treks that take you to base camp of the highest mountains in the world. It is home to hundreds of stunning trekking destinations in remote parts of the country. Along with that, there are outstanding short and easy treks available as well. The 3 day trek […]

5 days trek in nepal

5 Days Trek In Nepal

So, is 5 days trek in Nepal possible? Let’s discuss it! There’s nothing more inspiring and restful than walking in nature that puts overwhelming sights. And that’s arguably the reason why so many travelers today plunge in the coastline and mountain ridge for trekking. Just to immerse the beauty of nature and explore picturesque sites, […]