bardia national park tour

Bardia National Park tour

Bardia National Park is like a box of chocolate that offers full of surprises. Unspoiled nature, rare wild animals, authentic Tharu culture and little adventures never fail to amaze you. Unlike Chitwan National Park, Bardia is yet to commercialize. Choose Bardia National Park Tour and venture into the forest or canoe down the river, you […]

lumbini travel guide

Lumbini Travel Guide

Nepal is one of the most diverse places to travel. It has many natural, historical, cultural as well as social wonders. One place of religious fascination that floods many travelers in this country is the sacred site of Buddhists- Lumbini. Every year thousands of travelers, many of whom are devotees of various faiths, travel to […]

Eco tourism In Nepal

Eco Tourism in Nepal

Ecotourism is a form of tourism that focuses on the nature part of travel and tourism. The demand for tourism based on nature and its untouched beauty has been rising this past decade. Ecotourism isn’t exactly clear in the views it provides. But with the conservationist theories rising up in the air, ecotourism is taken […]