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Bhutan also known as Land of the Thunder Dragon or the Last Shangri-La lies between the Tibet of China in north and India in south. Bhutan is located in the Himalayan range with total area of 47,000 sq feet. Bhutan is a small country thinly populated with about 0.6 million people only. Bhutan is famous for its traditional way of life with ancient cultures and traditions by mostly following Buddhism. Bhutan was opened for tourist in only 1974 and was regulated by Tourism Authority of Bhutan in 1991. Climatic condition of Bhutan varies from sub-tropical to cold reaches of mountains from Tibetan border.
Bhutan is country with adequate natural beauty and remarkable features like the beautiful landscape and wonderful Architecture. Bhutan consists of untainted flora, un-hunted fauna, rare botanical plants, the colorful bird-life and many more preserved wildlife. The scenic beauty of great Himalayan range along with the ritual festivals with mask dances makes the Bhutan tour one of the remarkable tour around the world. About 90% of the Bhutanese people are engaged in farming thus according to the history the kingdom of Bhutan was once called as the valley of medicinal herb. Another important feature of Bhutan is the Bhutanese architecture. The Bhutanese Dzongs, Stupas and Monasteries are designed with beautiful patterns of rich color without using nails. The traveler gets rewarded in seeing a country which has preserved its rich cultural heritage.

Facts of Bhutan:

Capital: Thimpu
Official Languages: Dzongkha
Government: Constituational democratic monarchy
King: Jigme Khesar Namgyel wangchuck
Formation: Early 17th Century
Wangchuk: Dynasty 17th Decembr 1907
Constitutional Monarchy: 2007
Area: 38,816KM/14987 sq mi.
Population( 2009): 691,141 Estimate
Population (2005 ) census: 634,982
Per capita: 2010 Estimate -$5,429
Currency: Ngultrum (BTN), Indian rupee is also legal tender
Drives on the: Left
ISO 3166 code: BT
Internet TLD: .bt
Calling code: 975

Tour in Bhutan

A Short Trip to Bhutan

Bhutan is a legendary Buddhist kingdom in the eastern Himalayas between India and China. Bhutan is rapidly turning into a one of the most prevalent traveler destination in the world to revel in an extensive variety of programs like Trekking and Tour in Bhutan. Bhutan is occupied with rough and sloping scene with snowcapped mountains and glacier in the north, spurs of the peaks in the center and plain forested foothills in the south.

Bhutan is most known is world for its well preserved culture and religion. The Bhutanese culture is one most cautiously protected and well conserved cultures in the world. To prevent their ancient customs, Bhutan has been opened for tourist only since 1974 and it’s mandatory for all Bhutanese to wear national dress in public. Most people in Bhutan follows Buddhism. All Bhutanese art-dance, drama and music-is steeped in Buddhism. Bhutan is famous for its culture and architecture like the festivals, paintings, art, music and dance.

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