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Cultural Tours

Nepal is known to world as the Himalayan kingdom which consists of 8 highest mountain of the world among the top ten list. Along with the highest mountain Nepal is also famous for its rich cultural and natural heritage. Nepal cultural Tour Package incorporating all the cultural highlights along with Natural beauties includes cultural activities of Nepal, famous pilgrimages of Kathmandu, historical monuments, UNESCO world heritage sites and sightseeing of Nagarkot, Chitwan, Lumbini, Pokhra, Dhulikhel.

Very nearly all religions of the world are found in Nepal, however most of the people believes in Hinduism and Buddhism. Many festivals are being celebrated with religious significant where people from all over the world can enjoy at its best. Cultural Tour offers Kathmandu valley with lots of the sacred temples, Pokhara with beautiful and peaceful lakes, Chitwan with wildlife jungle safari, Lumbini with lots of monasteries and monuments related to Gautam Buddha , Nagarkot with scenery form a hill station and many more.