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Adventure Road Trips


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The popularity of road trips is multiplying in Nepal. With the extension of gravel roads, places that were once only accessible by foot are now accessible by vehicles. Road trips are particularly beneficial to people who have a minimal amount of time or want to avoid the hassle of long treks.

Most of the remote areas of Nepal now have full access to frequent buses, jeeps or private vehicles. One such prime example is the Upper Mustang region. We needed a staggering 15-16 day strenuous walk to reach Upper mustang! But with the extension of roads upto Lo Manthang, many travel accommodations can complete the trip within less than seven days. The cases are alike for the Annapurna circuit, Rara Lake, and Jomsom-Muktinath route.

Don’t expect the roads to be full pitched though since the steep terrain and the lack of funding pose as a barrier. Most of these roads are rough, dirty, and give you the experience of a true mountainous terrain. The road leading to Muktinath acts as an exception though with pitch roads all the way to the top.

The expansion of roads to some of the remote places in Nepal has made travelling more convenient for fellow travellers. If you wish to avoid the long route of trekking and opt for a visit in a shorter duration, a road trip might be the perfect option for you!