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Domestic Flight Schedule of Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country in the Himalayas of southern Asia bounded by India and the Tibetan region of China. Being Landlocked nation Nepal can be entered either by Air transport or by Road transport. Also Nepal has tremendous geographic diversity as ecologically the land mass is divided into three geographical zones namely Plain Terai Region, Hilly Hill Region and Mountainous Mountain Region.

The majority of Nepal comprises of high, rough mountain and steep-sided valleys. The Nepal transport system is mainly concentrated on its roads. Nepal consists of single International Airport at Kathmandu that connects Nepal to international destination and 42 domestic airports in the country that connects different places within Nepal.

Though it is a bit expensive by travelling through Air transport but it is the most quick and simple method of travelling inside Nepal because of its geographical diversity.
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Following are the list of domestic flight schedule for Nepal:

S. N. Sector USD Fare (Standerd fare) Discount price
1 Kathmandu- Pokhara 121.00 + 0.00 115$
2 Kathmandu- Nepalgunj 138.00 + 0.00 130$
3 Kathmandu- Lukla 178.00 + 0.00 175$
4 Kathmandu- Bharatpur 105.00 + 0.00 100$
5 Pokhara- Jomsom 110.00 + 0.00 105$
6 Kathmandu – Mountain- Kathmandu – Mountain 200.00 + 0.00 190$