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Eva – Our Guest Writes Her EBC Trek Experience Her Blog

Recently, our company organized an exciting EBC trek package for one of our special guests. We have had this incredible journey with our guest, Eva. Eva was young and very energetic. Her passion for traveling, exploring, and enjoying herself, completely giving herself to nature, was just as she always said she wanted to do it. This package was one of the most awaited adventures that she had always wanted to do. Our company’s journey with Eva was high-altitude trekking to Everest base camp. Eva has completed this journey with us and published a complete guide for Everest Base Camp, which is all her experience-based and very informative as well.

We want to express our sincerest gratitude to Miss Eva for choosing us and trusting us for your service. Your enthusiasm for exploring, traveling, and learning makes us work hard at your service with the utmost effort and pleasure.

How exciting was Everest Base Camp trekking?

Everest Base Camp is the journey that trekkers should take. You will be fascinated by the views of Mount Everest. Mount Everest is a fantastic peak created at the top of the world. One must not miss the opportunity to have a look at the beauty that is hidden in this era. The more you like to trek, the bigger your dreams of hiking Everest will grow.

As for our guest Eva, she had that great spirit to conquer the journey toward Everest. Let’s include our experience with her. ”

It was our honor to be in the company of her choice. We were assured that she did the research herself and chose us to be a part of her exciting journey. So, we happily arranged everything for her. We managed the adventure for her at the most reasonable price and level of service that we would like to provide.

Our company has always wanted to serve the leading hospitality and warmth. We respect their choice and decision to choose Nepal as a part of their living memory. Nepal is rich in natural blessings. Except for the ongoing problem of Population growth, nothing will upset anyone.

The mountainous region with the unspoken words of nature always encourages individuals to keep living their lives. The height of the tall, white, snow-capped, ravishing mountains teaches us to keep our aims very high. With all its greenery, the hilly region is an eye-catching beauty that pleases your eye to the optimum level. This is a natural therapy to relieve the stress of a long trip. One cannot stop themselves from expressing wow out of the heart. No wonder many nature lovers out there keep on drooling about the captivating beauty of Nepal.  Visiting Nepal and its fantastic geography is a lifetime achievement that no one will ever regret in their life.

Exploring day at Dingboche
Acclimatizing day at Dingboche

Our Journey with Eva

So begins the journey to Everest Base Camp with our guest. This journey has inspired our company to go a long way with the service. She was a great spirit determined to reach the base camp. We often come to a journey that might sometimes be exhausting. Sincerely, with guests like her, who kept on praising each moment, it made us feel our hard work was going to be worth it. This journey with her was the package of the fourteenth day. After completing the journey together, we might feel, was it that long? So it is with this trip. It was easy that she took every detail minutely and made sure she was not missing any important information regarding the adventure.

Many travelers are already at base camp. Some wanted to make this end, but Eva wouldn’t stop herself. She wanted to do it as much as she could.

We rested at many hotels and lodges during the journey. She was amazed at the hospitality and services of the local sherpas. The reflection of the cultural warmth struck me so hard throughout the journey. The local Nepali cuisine in such a cold place can keep anyone from staying for a long time. The beauty so tempted her that she wouldn’t stop thinking about how exciting the upcoming journey would be. The cold would not make us feel likely to drink, but there is no way to stay dehydrated because most of the trekkers in the EBC stopped as their endpoint. Eva would not let herself escape the astounding view she would see in the Kala Patthar. Our effort was apparent; her self-motivation kept us encouraged while guiding her further.

Some memorable events during the journey

There were many dishes she could choose from, but Nepali cuisine was already on her favorite pocket list. She enjoyed every meal with that fantastic smile. Despite the trekking, we also had lots of fun activities like watching the sunset, enjoying the fireplace in the higher altitudes, and walking by suspension bridges and rivers with fresh mineral water. Though they were all part of the trek, we felt we were separated for some time to enjoy those breathtaking views.

Eva at Dingboche

Our Gratitude toward Eva,

The overall experience was Very memorable to conclude. We will hope to see Eva again in the future.  This was already an unexplainable memory we could serve you with our effort. Being part of your journey is a pleasure for our company. We get the chance to learn many things from your dedication to the trip. The complete guide published by our guests will be handy to those seeking to learn about the places from experience.

We are delighted to be the company of your choice. We look forward to being at the service of many foreign guests out there who are willing to explore the unseen beauties of Nepal. Lastly, we want to again express our sincerest gratitude towards our guest Eva for writing about her experience with us. It was beautiful to help you throughout your journey.

If yo want to experience the Everest Base camp trek feel free to contact and book with us.


Subash KC

Managing Director

Mr. Subash K.C ventured into the tourism industry after completing his studies in Management Stream in 2001 at Tribhuvan University. Mr. K.C, born and brought up in the Lalitpur district, is keenly interested in exploring the different trekking routes. Getting the opportunity to work in the tourism industry helped him gather insights about trekking across Nepal. In addition, he also learned about customer care and group management.
By leading solo and group trekkers himself, he started collecting data about many trekking destinations in Nepal. He creates an enriching experience for national and international travelers through exceptional hospitality.

Apart from managing trekking and tours, Mr K.C also handles client inquiries, accommodation reservations, arrangements of transportation and flights, and other logistics. Recognizing the importance of personalized service, he proactively takes care of clients' needs and requirements. He is fluent in English and excels in organizing treks, tours, and adventure sports in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

He is highly committed to promoting responsible tourism and prioritizes client satisfaction by providing top-notch service through his well-organized company. He believes that through responsible traveling, we can protect the natural environment and promote sustainability. He has expanded his knowledge by traveling to various countries worldwide, such as India, Bhutan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, China, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, USA, Japan, UK, Canada etc and is passionate about exploring more destinations.