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flight cancellation in Nepal

Nepal, a landlocked country nestled in the Himalayas, has a unique topography and geographical location. Due to this, the weather conditions can be unpredictable, especially in the Himalayan region. So, in most general cases, flight cancellations and delays will depend on the weather conditions and their aftermath, which might affect the runway.

Fog, which blocks visibility, rainfall, and high winds, are some major factors that disrupt the flight schedules in this Himalayan country. The flights to particularly remote and high-altitude areas like Lukla, which serves as the gateway for the adventure in the Everest region, are affected by the bad weather conditions. As taking flights in bad weather conditions can be deadly, the flights are rescheduled only after the weather conditions improve.

What is the Best Season for Domestic Flights in Nepal?

Although domestic flights in Nepal are operated throughout the year, peak seasons like spring and autumn, which have stable climatic conditions, are considered to be the best period for domestic flights. Also, the flight schedules are not that much disrupted in the winter season as the season particularly doesn’t receive heavy rainfall or snowfall at lower operating routes.

Still, you will have to wait till the fog starts to clear for high altitude flights. However, if your itinerary plan includes the need for domestic flights, then it will be best if you avoid the monsoon season. This season, in particular, has the most unpredictable climatic conditions, and the continuous downpours can take a lot of space in your itinerary plans due to flight cancellations.