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Everest Gokyo lake Trek Cost

Gokyo Lake Trek Cost

Planning a trek is highly demanding. You have to spend a lot of things: time, money, researches and many more. And finally, you can have a wonderful trekking experience.

Well, talking about how much it will cost, the total Gokyo lake trek cost is around USD 1200 (or above). This article is about what are the expenses on the trek. There are lots of big and small costs that make the trek possible.

If everything was free, you would never get that kick you get when you spend and earn. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to pay for what it costs. And Everest Gokyo lake trek, it is such a remote trek. When you see the struggles at the place, you will never regret spending money on the trek.

Now, let’s discuss something about the Gokyo lake trek. Everest Gokyo lake trek is an amazing trek route that takes you to the amazing turquoise Gokyo lakes. Trekking to Gokyo valley and Gokyo Ri is a lifetime opportunity. You can not only experience trekking with nature but also in the midst of incredible traditions and culture.

The best time to trek Gokyo lakes is during Autumn (September, October, and November). Spring (March, April, and May) is also an equally popular time. Winter (December, January, and February) and Summer (June, July, and August) are off-seasons to trek. However, the trek is doable all year round. All it needs is a proper planning and preparations.

Gokyo Trek Highlights

  • The scenic flight to Lukla airport and back.
  • The Unique Sherpa Culture and tradition in the Khumbu region.
  • The thrilling suspension bridges on the way. Hilary suspension bridge being the highest and the longest.
  • The Buddhism practices, prayer flags, chortens, prayer wheels, and giant mani walls en route.
  • Amazing views of the several Himalayas including Mt.Everest (8848 meters), three giant peaks over 8000 meters: Mt. Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Makalu.
  • Ngozumpa, the largest glacier in the world.
  • Beautiful big and small settlements at Namche, Dole, Macchermo, Gokyo, and other places.
  • Amazing sunrise view from Gokyo Ri, the highest point on Gokyo valley trekking.

Everest Gokyo lake trek

Major Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Cost


Gokyo lake trek is a teahouse trek route. Throughout the trek, you will be staying at the hotels and teahouses. The facilities at the teahouses will depend on the altitude. The higher you go, the teahouses will be more basic.

While you are trekking with a company, you don’t have to pay for your accommodation. The Gokyo lake trek cost includes accommodation costs. Staying at the teahouses during Gokyo trekking will cost you USD 3 to 5 per person. You cannot get a single room for yourself. They provide room on a twin sharing basis.

The teahouses have common dining hall (most of which are smoky) because of the open kitchen. The heaters in the dining hall keep it warm. Trekkers spend most of their time in the dining hall. Some use wifi, some play cards, some spend their time on gossips and discussions.

A bedroom has two single beds with a pillow and warm blankets. Carry your own sleeping bag. It will be helpful during cold nights. You won’t have to ask for extra blankets. (that may actually be unavailable in peak seasons.

Most of the teahouses in Namche and above have common toilets outside. You won’t find toilet paper there. You should carry your own.

Guide and Porter

While you go on a trek to the Everest Base Camp Cho La Pass Gokyo, hiring a guide and a porter is a good choice. The trek is a difficult one. The trails are steep and slopy at places. Along with that, you will be trekking for nearly 5 to 6 hours every day on the trek.

Guides and porters will help share your burden while you trek. A guide will stay with you always making sure you are safe. S/he will also be there if you face any sort of difficulties or risks. And a porter, he is somebody who will carry all your loads safe and sound. You can feel free and safe to let him carry your backpack.

The per-day cost of hiring a guide during Gokyo valley trekking is USD 20 to 30 in average. Whereas the cost of hiring a porter is lesser. It averages around USD 15 to 20 per day.

The guides and porters have a rule. Suppose you get sick or you cannot complete the trek for any reason. In that case, you have to pay them all the amount that they owe for your entire trek. But if the case reverses, if they fall sick or anything happens to them, you should pay the cost upto that day only.

Trekking Permits

For your Gokyo lake trek, you need to get two different permits:

  1. Local Area Permit
  2. Sanagrmatha National Park Entry Permit

The local area permit costs USD 20 per person. The cost of Sagarmatha National Park entry permit is USD 30. These costs include VAT. One can obtain these permits at the Monjo village in Khumbu. If you are trekking with a guide or a porter, s/he will get your permits.

Everest Gokyo lake trek

Food and Drinks

Everyone knows that food and drinks are not free. The teahouses and lodges en Everest Gokyo lake trekking trail are basic. Yet, they serve customers with a healthy and hygienic meal every day.

The cost of food and drinks on the trek are varying. At the lower regions, the price is less than in the higher regions. There is a story behind why the cost increases with altitude. Well, transporting foods and goods in the higher regions in Everest is difficult. The only means to transport are people themselves, donkeys, and the Yaks. Since the food goes on the back of sweating animals or humans, they are more expensive.

Once you see the real struggle of porters, Yaks, and Jokpeys on the trail, you’ll forget everything else. The cost is nothing compared to the sweats dripping off their forehead.

A single meal on the trek will cost you from USD 5 to 6 in general. The price differs depending on what your order is. This makes the per day cost of food (3 meals a day) to average around

USD 15 to 20.

For drinks, you can drink tea (varieties like mint tea, peach tea, apple tea, rhododendron tea, herbal tea,…). You can also buy canned fruit juices. You can also order hot soups of mushroom, garlic, and others. The cost varies depending on what you order.

The cost of bottled water differs on the trail. The higher you go, the more will it cost. If you want to save your money on water, you can carry a refillable water bottle and the water purifying tablets.

Travel Insurance Cost

You are going over 5000 meters during the Gokyo Ri trek. So, it is absolutely necessary that you travel with reliable travel insurance. Your insurance must cover for the emergency evacuation over 5000 meters.

In general, travel insurance costs USD 120 per person. The amount varies depending upon the duration of the insurance and also on the insurance policies.

Trekking Equipment and Gears

You need a lot of trekking equipment and gears to trek. If this is your first time trekking, you’ll need to buy a lot of things. This trek does not involve any technical climbing sections. So, you can only buy suitable clothing, snacks, backpack, trekking boots, and trekking equipment like trekking poles.

Buying everything new will cost you more. So, if you think you want to rent the trekking gears, you can rent them at some shops in Thamel. We can help you find hem. (Contact us when you are in Nepal).

The cost of renting the gears varies from USD 1 to 10 per day.

Everest Gokyo lake trek

Kathmandu to Lukla Flight Cost

The most reliable (used by many trekkers or travellers) means of transportation from Kathmandu to Everest region is the Kathmandu to Lukla flight. Taking the flight, you will have chances to see the amazing scenic views of the incredible Himalayas, hills, valleys, and the rivers.

Flying to Lukla is quick ( 30 to 45 minutes one-way) as compared to going via the roadways. The cost of the Kathmandu to Lukla flight is close to USD 150 (one way). This cost can vary. In peak seasons, the cost is slightly higher due to more demand. Whereas in the off-seasons, it will cost you less.

There are some who like to go via roadways. They can drive from Kathmandu to Manthali. From there, there is a roadway to Lukla. You can drive on a local bus or on local or private jeeps. Driving via road takes a much longer time and is tiring.

So, most of the trekkers opt for the Kathmandu-Lukla flight.

To those who seek luxurious ways to fly to Lukla from Kathmandu, we have a Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter. Contact us for prices and other details.

Cost to Book the Tour Package

Are you booking a Gokyo lake trek package? you know what? most of the expenses mentioned above are already included in the package cost. The standard cost of a Gokyo lake trek package in the market is around USD 1100 to USD 1200.

If you are curious about what is included in the cost. Have a look:

  • The standard three-times meals on the trek
  • Accommodation cost on the trek and at the hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Cost of all the expenses of guides and Porters on the trek (excluding the tips).
  • Kathmandu to Lukla, both ways flight cost.
  • Cost of the local area and Sagarmatha National Park entry permit
  • All ground transportation fees.
  • Gokyo lakes map and a handy guide

Some Other Expenses on Gokyo Lake Trek,

These costs are the costs that are your personal expenses. You have to pay for these even if you are trekking with a company. Some of the extra expenses on Gokyo Lake trek are

  • The cost of your International Flight. You have to book your international flight to and from Nepal by yourself.
  • Cost of Nepalese Visa. Get a Nepalese visa at the immigration in Tribhuvan International airport.
  • Cost of narcotics, drinks, and beverages. If you take any of these things while you are in Nepal, you have to pay for them all.
  • Extra costs like laundries, hot shower, wifi, extra blankets, and hot water thermos. At the teahouses in Gokyo trail, you can get different extra services by paying.
  • Extra activities in Kathmandu. You might want to tour around, eat outside, go to the clubs, drink, or do several things while in Kathmandu. You have to bear all those expenses.
  • Buying gifts for friends. You might want to get souvenirs for your friends and families when you go back.
  • Tipping guides and the porters. Tipping is not a compulsion. But the guides and porters expect a certain amount as tips after the trek. They provide you with really great comfort and hospitality while trekking.

Everest Gokyo lake trek

Some Tips on Saving Money During Gokyo Lake Trekking

Do you want to save your money during your Gokyo lake trek? Here, I’ll share some tips that will help you save money during the trek. Have a look,

  • Hire trekking equipment that will cost much and will not be useful for other times.
  • Carry a solar charger. It will cost a lot for charging your phone
  • Buy and pack things that are mandatory. There is no need to take unnecessary things.
  • Take a tour company. While you are trekking with a tour company, you pay the amount at once. You will not have to pay for every individual thing.
  • Carry lightweight snacks, energy bars, and others with you. They are expensive on the trail.

Gokyo Trek Map

gokyo lake trekking map

At Last,

Be ready to lighten your wallet, you are going for a wonderful trek to the Gokyo valley in Everest. Money isn’t the only thing that is sufficient to prepare for an incredible trek. Invest your time and money and prepare the best for your trek.

So, have you made your mind to come to Nepal on your next vacation? If you need any information or help from us, feel free to contact us. Exciting Nepal is a renowned trekking agency in Nepal that has been organizing several treks and tours in the wonderful destinations in Nepal.


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