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Hire Guide and Porter Cost Calculator

Trekking Route Guide Cost Per Day Porter Cost Per Day Enter Number of Days Total Amount Book Now
Everest Region USD 35 USD 30 USD 0 Pay 200$ Advance
Annapurna Region USD 35 USD 30 USD 0 Pay 200$ Advance
Kanchenjunga Region USD 40 USD 35 USD 0 Pay 200$ Advance
Manaslu Region USD 40 USD 35 USD 0 Pay 200$ Advance
Makalu Region USD 40 USD 35 USD 0 Pay 200$ Advance
Langtang Region USD 35 USD 30 USD 0 Pay 200$ Advance

All Our Guide are professional with English speaking. Government License holder, first Aid trained, skillful with fully ground handling knowledge. Well known about all trekking routes of Nepal including local knowledge as well  Fully equipped.

Cost Include:

-Guide / Porter Full salary  per day.

-Guide / Porter Meals.

-Guide /Porter Full insurance.

-Guide /Porter Equipments.

-Guide / Porter Accommodations.

Cost Exclude:

-Gude /Porters Transportations / Flight / Bus if applicable.


Hiring guides and porters is now compulsory for any trek in Nepal. You can only go on a solo trek in Nepal with the help of a guide, and it has been made official by Nepal Tourism Board recently. The statement was announced on March 3, 2023, that any foreign trekkers must hire a guide before embarking on a trek to any destinations within Nepal. This law will be effective from April 1, 2023.

With this, trekkers must hire a licensed guide from a registered trekking agency. This rule applies to all the treks in the country, whether Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp.

The Board of Directors, Mani R Lamichhane, mentioned that this rule came into existence for two reasons: the first one is to make the trekkers safe and second to create more employment opportunities in the country.

Nepal is a mountainous country with trekking destinations featuring some of the most hazardous and strenuous terrains, with an elevated number of accident and injury cases. Similarly, the number of missing cases during the trek has also relatively increased. To help prevent accidents and ensure trekkers with a support system.

With the passing of this bill under the Nepal Tourism Board, trekkers have to set up their trekking packages under the certified travel agency, which will provide the facilities of experienced guides and porters.

However, the rule has attracted mixed reactions; trekking companies and guides have been standing by the side of this decision, while many trekkers are not welcoming this law. Nevertheless, the government has prioritized the trekkers’ safety inside the country. With this law, there will be effective safety, evacuation, and support for the trekkers throughout their trek in Nepal.

Services At Exciting Nepal

Hire a trekking guide and porter

Welcome to Exciting Nepal!!

At Exciting Nepal, our team is determined to offer you a unique taste for trekking and other adventures in Nepal. We are very vocal about providing services like experienced guides and porters at a reasonable cost. Similarly, our 24/7 customer service and customized itineraries have been praised nationwide.

Experienced Guides

Exciting Nepal has a team of experts with an extensive background and experience in multi-day trekking and expeditions. Our guides are certified and have unique skills that will make your trek very convenient and fun. Also, our guides are multi-language speakers, which will be a plus point for our clients since they can share the experience with you during the trek. By being experts in trekking and expeditions, the safety of our clients is assured.

Experienced Porters

At Exciting Nepal, we have a range of porters to carry your luggage, food, and gear. They are well-trained and have years of experience in remote areas of Nepal. Similarly, they are friendly and hospitable, and in addition to that, they are physically strong and responsible with their duties. With the help of our experienced porters, we assure you that your belongings are safely transported.

Reasonable Cost

Trekking can be costly, and hiring guides and porters above that might be more expensive. However, Exciting Nepal brings you the itinerary on a bare minimum budget, soothing your trek. Similarly, the cost of guides and porters is also fair, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on something unnecessary.

24/7 Customer Service

Exciting Nepal, being one of the leading trekking agencies in Nepal, offers 24/7 support to its clients. Whether you have queries about booking packages or need assistance during your trek, we always help. Our ultimate goal is to make your experience smooth and enjoyable as you delve into the mystic mountains of Nepal.

So what are you waiting for? Contact and join us for your next trekking adventure in Nepal. If you have any queries, do contact us anytime. Before that, follow these points on hiring guides and porters and their benefits in Nepal.

What to Consider When Hiring a Trekking Guide and Porter

"Maximize your trekking experience and make the most of your journey with a reliable guide and porter. Our comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to hire the best trekking guide and porter for your Everest Base Camp adventure

Hiring a guide and porter might be a tricky preparation for trekking in Nepal. Since you want to ensure that your guide will be helpful throughout your trek, you should look for an all-around one. So what are the things to consider when hiring a guide and porter in Nepal? Here are some:

Qualifications and Experience

Whether your destination is easy or challenging, you always have to look for an experienced and qualified guide with an extensive trekking industry background. At the same time, your guide needs to be certified by Nepal Tourism Board or Nepal Mountaineering Association. With all these things wrapped up in one, you can hire a guide and porter.

Language and Communication

Language can hinder many foreign trekkers and launch their hiking campaigns during their Nepal stay. So to help themselves with communication, the guide can help in good ways. So, guides and porters who speak your language fluently will be perfect for your trek. Good communication is crucial to ensure you are comfortable and meet your needs.

Physical Fitness

If your guides and porters are physically fit, they won’t have any issues helping you and pushing you to take more steps. Treks in Nepal are mostly physically challenging, so physical fitness for you and your guides/porters is essential. When it comes to hiring a porter, they must be physically well so that they can help you carry your luggage and supplies throughout your trek.

Equipment and Gears

Your guide and porters should have the necessary gear and equipment for the trek. They should also know how to use these kits during the trek – it will make your trekking experience comfortable and safe. This includes a first aid kit, trekking poles, and appropriate clothing.


The cost of hiring a guide and porter is one of the essential things that you should consider before going on a trek. Consider the cost of their fees, accommodation, and meals. Make sure you understand the payment terms and any additional costs that may arise. Tips and extra benefits may depend on how well-aligned you are with their help and support during the trek.

References and Reviews

Nowadays, reviews and references have helped many people worldwide, including the travel industry. When you hire a guide and porter, you should consider the reviews of their service in trekking. This will give you insight into their professionalism and experience as well.

Choosing the Right Trekking Guide and Porter for You

Choosing the Right Trekking Guide and Porter for You


Do some research before you hire guides and porters. Go online surfing to see reviews from other trekkers who have already undertaken their services and double-check their level of experience, communication skills, and professionalism. Also, see if they are certified or not.

Ask for Recommendations

Always ask for recommendations, whether it’s from your friends, family, or travel agencies in Nepal. We also recommend hiring guides and porters during your trek to help you provide valuable insights and advice.

Meet In Person

Before you trek with your guide, meeting them in person is wise as getting to know them well. It will help you understand their communication skills, experience, and personality. Also, it might open you ways to interact with them in a friendly manner during the trek.

Discuss Your Needs

Add your core areas of interest and needs from the trek and share them with your guide. It can help them to prepare for working out your needs and expectations. This may include the difficulty level of the trek, medical requirements, dietary, and the pace of hikes.

Check for Insurance

Check if your guide and porter have insurance or not. You need to know whether the insurance of your guide and porter covers emergency medical evacuation and personal liability or not.

Check Their Permits

Most trekking routes in Nepal require permits and licenses since most destinations are within protected areas such as National Parks, Conservation Areas, etc. So check your guide and porter’s license before operating your hike in the designated area.

Respect Their Rights

You must be respectful to your guide and porter and their profession. Make sure that they are treated well and paid fairly for their services. The vital thing you should know here is your guide and porters are the ones who are the first-hand support throughout the trek. They play a critical role in your safety and comfort.

Understanding the Benefits of Having a Trekking Guide and Porter on Your Journey


As we mentioned before, trekking guides and porters are the first-hand support of your trip, and your safety is elevated with their presence. An experienced guide is trained and can deal with altitude sickness, injury, and other issues. Following their instructions can help you have convenient navigation over the routes.

Local Knowledge

Guides and porters have extensive backgrounds in the culture of the destinations you are going. They are well-known for the local lifestyle, people, and customs, and it can be helpful with the recommendations of best routes and significant attractions of the places.


An experienced guide with good communication skills can help communicate with the local people and get involved in cross-cultural activities.


This is if you hire a porter during the treks in Nepal – porters help you carry your backpack, food, and gear, which will relieve you. With this, you can enjoy the hike without carrying a heavy load.


As guides and porters know the local area, they can help you understand its richness, including flora and fauna. Also, they can aid you in learning about the local religious sites like temples and monasteries.

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Overall, hiring guides and porters is very beneficial regarding safety, comfort, and health. Also, it can be more helpful to delve into the local communities and learn the culture and lifestyle of people. Whether your tour is educational, cultural, or luxurious, guides and porters will surely add icing.

And since Nepal has banned trekking solo without a guide, you will not have to book a guide via trekking agencies. Exciting Nepal undoubtedly comes on the priority list to offer its services. From the safety point of view to your fun and thrill during the trek, Exciting Nepal carries all the responsibilities aligned with your interest and preferences.