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Hire a guide and porter for Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hire a guide and porter for Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the best hikes in Nepal for its length, landscapes, marvelous scenery, and jaw-dropping views. It’s adventurous, with 99 miles rugged loop that provides trekkers with great experience and unforgettable views.

However, doing the Annapurna Circuit trek is never a breeze, especially when you know little about the hike. Trekking it alone is daunting due to social and linguistic barriers. You must bear all the weight alone, asides hassle of making all arrangements.

Safety remains another primary concern when going solo on the trek. Due to the unfamiliarity of routes, trekkers hiking alone are more likely to encounter mishaps and accidents. Since the trek is in remote parts of Nepal, getting immediate help and relief when injured, especially where there’s no human settlement is hard.

Hiring a guide is the wise and best way to make the most of your time on the trek. With a good guide, you can minimize your travel time and explore many hidden parts of the Annapurna region. They are also convenient for arranging food, accommodation, and other essentials required for the hike.

The trekking guide can offer you more information about the places you visit and even the ones that are lesser known. The guide can help you interact with the local communities despite the communication problem. They can provide you access to intimate cultural information, which is always helpful to approach people.

Meanwhile, with the porter, you don’t have to worry about carrying your backpack. They’ll be willing to help you with your luggage and make your stay comfortable and easier. However, when hiring a guide, always ensure that they are well-informed. It’s also important for your guide to be super organized with in-depth knowledge and a creative eye.

Cost of Guide & Porter in Annapurna Circuit Trek

Cost of Guide & Porter in Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hiring a private trek guide in Nepal can cost you anywhere from US$30 to US$35, depending on the time and length of travel. This is the average daily price based on the types of a guide you hire.

Trekking guides in Annapurna can cost less or more, depending on whether they’re certified and more experienced or not. If hiring a licensed guide, expect the price to be higher as they are more well-informed and offer you better service.

They can give you a great experience at an expense worth the cost. An experienced trekking guide can also save you a lot of time by allowing you to visit the major places without the language difficulties and or worry of getting lost. Nonetheless, whatever price you pay, it’ll still cover the cost of their meal, accommodation, and travel insurance.

Meanwhile, the cost of hiring a porter depends largely on the weight of your backpack. Usually, they charge around US$25 to US$30 to carry luggage of 18kg to 20kg. Hence, the more the weight of your backpack, the more you’ll have to pay and reciprocally.

Trekking in a group doesn’t really make much difference in the cost as you still have to pay for your own belongings. However, it brings about a change in your travel experience, as it releases you from carrying all the weight and trek freely.

Why hire a guide and porter for Annapurna Circuit Trek ?

Hire a guide and porter for Annapurna Circuit Trek


Annapurna Circuit Trek is full of hazards. Its rugged terrains with rocks and boulders are extremely unsafe and risky to climb. Trekkers are very likely to get injured on the circuit trail. However, if you go with a guide, the risk is minimized, as they know the trails very well. They can make rational judgments along the way and can give you better options, taking off the pressure.

Weather adjustment

Weather along the trek to Annapurna Circuit is unpredictable. It’s variable, with temperatures fluctuating every so often. The bad weather can thus shut your plan down and force you to stay in the same place. However, with the trekking guide, you can always reschedule your plan and make adjustments. They can give you plenty of options to stay busy and enjoy your time.

Saving Money

A trekking guide in Nepal has his own way of getting around the region. He has a lot of connections with locals you’re visiting and knows where to find the best deal. They can help you get a discount on accommodation and food. They are also well aware of the trekker’s needs, so they can prevent you from making needless expenses. Your guide can inquire for you or even make the booking at a meager price.

Access to cultural information

One of the best things about going with a guide is gaining additional information about the place, people, and culture, which is impossible otherwise. The guide can help you gain an insight into local customs and traditions. They can help you open up with the locals, who can further share their religious practice, thoughts, and lifestyles. The trekking guide can also take you to visit religious shrines and stupas while around the region.

Explore hidden places

Sometimes a guide knows more about the places you’re trekking than the locals. They are aware of the hidden gems that even trekkers are unacquainted with. When trekking with the guide, you’ll never miss out on exploring the best and most scenic spots. They can offer you a unique selection of palaces that may not even be on your itinerary. The trekking guide can also help you plan your schedule, ensuring that no important place is left out of the itinerary.

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Things to consider when hiring a guide and porter

Know what you need in a guide

A trekking guide can be full of shortcomings. Some can give you a general review of the trek, while others can offer you all the details of major landmarks and scenic spots. They have their own nook, so you should find the right guide that best suits your needs.

Communication and Language

It’s needless to hire a trekking guide if you can’t even have a decent conversation with them. Thus, the trekking guide must communicate clearly and easily with the tourist. They must be apt and good with diplomatic skills. Remember, your guide is the envoy for you and your locale. They must be able to listen as much as they speak to have a smooth conversation with the hikers. For this, the trekking guide and porter should be able to speak your language fluently.


Whether you’re on a short hike or a long one, the trekking guide you hire must qualify for the work. They must have a license that can provide the hikers with vital information. The guide should also have an extensive trekking background with professional skills and qualities. They must have trekking-related personality traits and should be professional. The guide should be certified by Nepal Mountaineering Association or Nepal Tourism Board.

Organized and Punctual

Efficiency, reliability, and consistency are some of the major traits that a trekker looks for when hiring a guide. A trekker shouldn’t have to wait around for the guide to get things rolling. Things should run smoothly otherwise, all the plans and schedules will fall behind. The trekking guide should organize everything beforehand so that when you arrive, the trek can immediately begin. The bookings of accommodation should be done on time; otherwise, you might run out of time.

Permits & Insurance

An abundance of trekking guides in Nepal requires permits and licenses as they lie within restricted areas. Without permission from the responsible authority, you won’t be able to go on the trek. Hence, your trekking guide and porter must have a permit and license to operate the hike in protected areas.

Competent to stand the crisis

Trekking in the remote areas of Nepal can come with a lot of surprises and misfortunes. The trek can startle you in the worst way possible. Hence, the trekking guide must have a contingency plan and skills to handle the situation.

He must be able to calm the trekker and make them feel comfortable despite the situation. He must be able to explain the circumstances as it is and make them feel better. The guides and porter should also be prepared for medical emergencies and other difficulties.

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Final Say

Hiring a trekking guide and porter is definitely the best idea when it comes to trekking the Annapurna Circuit. They’ll make your journey a lot safer and easier by planning things in advance. They’ll look after your health, safety, convenience, and comfort. The trekking guide will also offer you valuable information as you get along the way.

They can help you probe the local communities and their culture, which can be eye-opening. Adding the porter to your plan will make the trip easier and more comfortable. They’ll help you with your backpack and sometimes even with the accommodation.

Since trekking in remote areas in Nepal is prohibited, hiring a trekking guide and porter is the wisest option. Exciting Nepal indeed understands the need of our customers and, therefore, is committed to providing them with the service. It’ll look after all your necessities and provide you with the best experience during the expedition.