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Hire a guide and porter for Everest Base Camp Trek

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Hey trekkers! Are you planning to go for the Everest Base Camp trek? If yes, are you aware of the planning and preparations you must do? This blog will encourage you to hire a guide or a porter for the Everest Base Camp trek because this is one of the most critical aspects of the trek.

If you have ever trekked in the Nepali mountain, you might be familiar with the fact that guides play an essential role in the safety and well-being of the trekkers. So, we request all trekking enthusiasts to read the entire blog and start preparing for the safe trek of the Everest Base Camp.

Since April 2023, hiring a guide has been more than a safe and sound trek. It is also because Nepal Government has made it compulsory for solo trekkers to hire a professional guide or porter. This is a point to focus on! Hiring a guide is a legal formality that a trekker should follow while planning any kind of trekking in Nepal, and the same goes for the Everest Base Camp trek.

Nepal Government announced this statement on March 3, 2023, but the rule is said to be implemented from April 1, 2023. Therefore, if you are a foreign trekker trying to embark on any trek, including the Everest Base Camp trek, hiring a licensed and professional guide is a must.

According to Mani R. Lamichhane, the Director of the Nepal Tourism Board, the government has implied this rule to create more employment opportunities for the locals of the trekking regions. Above that, it is meant for a safe and sound trekking experience.

If you are a trekker or trekking enthusiast, the Everest Base Camp trek is a very demanding and challenging trek located in the Himalayas of Nepal. As a result, the rate of accidents and injuries has also increased lately, making it one of the hottest news in Nepali Tourism.

So, to help Nepal Government and Nepal Tourism Board overcome this problem, we request that all trekkers hire a professional and experience guide before heading out for the Everest Base Camp trek or any other treks.

Why Hire a Guide?

Hire a guide or a porter for the Everest Base Camp trek

Many professional trekkers have stood against the Nepal government’s ban on solo treks. Some think hiring a guide wastes money, whereas others believe that trekking alone gives them more peace and they can wander their way. However, many trekkers need to know the difficulties and consequences of touring without a professional guide’s assistance.

Local Knowledge is always better than just experience

Professional Guides carry great local expertise and Knowledge, far better than having a couple of years of trekking experience. They are well-known for the locals’ language and the proper accommodation facilities. Therefore, these professional guides can help trekkers interact with the locals and also help them learn and study the Everest region‘s culture, tradition, and lifestyle.

You can also rely on your expert guides for choosing better tea houses and lodges to stay. Many trekkers need to know where they can obtain the necessary permits. They can also expect massive assistance from the professional guides they hire to get all the required permits for the Everest Base Camp trek.

Customization in itinerary

Having a professional guide can also allow you to customize the itinerary. Sometimes the trial gets harder than expected, and sometimes the trekkers want to stay a few days more to explore the area. In both cases, you can talk to your guide and ask him to customize the itinerary for you.

Besides, professional guides can also suggest the best routes according to your physical fitness, available time, and weather conditions. If you have minimal time to complete the trek, professional guides can suggest a more direct route that involves less time on the trial. However, suppose the trekkers have enough time remaining. In that case, the principles can help them explore the area more efficiently and help the trekkers understand the local lifestyle and culture.

In these ways, a professional and expert guide can assist the enthusiast trekkers in customizing the itinerary per their needs and conditions.

Safety First: Safe and Sound trek is what a guide ensures

The prime goal of any trekking guide is to make sure that all the trekkers under their guidance get to take the best experience of the route. This directly means ensuring the safety and security of the trekkers. No matter which trekking agency or guide you choose, they will provide you to enjoy the trek to the fullest and safely.

A professional guide will have a comparatively better idea than any trekkers about the weather conditions, risks, and measures to overcome any difficulties during the trek. Furthermore, they can also gather local help and assistance in case of serious issues. Therefore, when you hire a professional guide, your trek will be safe and beautiful.

Many solo trekkers have been lost or injured brutally, as per the reports of the Nepal Tourism Board. That is why the board decided to pass the rule that hiring a professional and licensed guide is mandatory for any trek in Nepal. Therefore, the sole motto of a trekking guide will always be the safe and sound experience for the trekkers who have come so long to see the beauty of the Nepali Himalayas and its culture.

Things to know before hiring a licensed guide for the Everest Base Camp trek

Hire a guide or a porter for the Everest Base Camp trek

Hiring a trekking guide is the most crucial step before starting any trek in Nepal. However, before selecting anything for yourself, you need to ensure that the thing you have chosen helps you in the future. The same goes for the trekking guide, and there are several things that you should be aware of before selecting the perfect guide for the best Everest Base Camp trek.

Is the guide qualified enough?

As we all know, the Everest Base Camp trek has one of the most challenging routes. In that case, the qualification and experience of the guide play an essential role in you having a safe and timely trek. Therefore, when you look for a professional guide, ensure the guide has an excellent trekking experience, specifically on the Everest Base Camp. Besides that, you should also make sure that the guide is certified by the Nepal Tourism Board or Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Are they familiar with all the necessary gear?

Gear and accessories indeed tend to make the journey more accessible and more efficient. Therefore, ensure that your guides have all the necessary equipment and can use it if required. Furthermore, we suggest the trekkers do a bit of research about all the equipment required for a safe and sound trek. This will help you ensure that the guide you hire carries all the necessary gear and is aware of the techniques and timing to use all of those gear.

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No matter which trekking agency you choose or which trekking guide you hire, you will have to pay a certain amount to them. However, before making the payment, it is essential to consider the price you have to pay and whether that includes any additional costs. Furthermore, you should also be confirmed about the cost of the trekker’s fees and the food and accommodation throughout the trek.

Also, the guides and agencies offer discounts if you go for the trek in any off-season. Therefore, we suggest you visit their website to learn about their pricing structure or visit their office and finalize the cost that arises before you start your journey. Other than that, if you are satisfied with the services or assistance the guides provide, you can also leave them a tip, as this will encourage the guides or porters to keep up the excellent work.

Reviews and References

One of the best ways to know whether a trekking agency or a guide is worth hiring is by checking the reviews from other trekkers. You can visit their websites to check the reviews or contact any trekkers who have completed the Everest Base Camp trek and ask about the trekking guides they hired or recommended.

Remember that experienced people give the best reviews and references. So, catch up with experienced trekkers and get an idea about whom and why to hire any specific guide or agency.

How to choose the best guides and porters?

Hire a guide or a porter for the Everest Base Camp trek

Here are a few of the things that you can do to make sure that the trekking guide that you hire is genuine and experienced:

Do proper research

In Nepal, you will find a lot of trekking agencies, and all of these agencies claim their guides and services to be the best. However, if you want to know which among these is the best and genuine, we suggest you also research from your side.

Take the help of the experts or experienced

Before putting your steps toward hiring a guide, try consulting with some experts or experienced people. They will also help you in choosing a guide that they know. In this way, you might get many ideas about specific trekking guides and agencies that the experienced ones are familiar with.

As guides and porters play a vital role in making your trekking experience safe and sound, you should hesitate to try everything possible to hire the perfect agency or guide.

Visit the agency and meet the guide in person

Once you have shortlisted a few of the best trekking agencies, we recommend you visit their office and talk to them in person. In this way, you will learn more precisely about the agency and the nature of the trekking guide.

The most important thing that a guide or porter should have is a calm and friendly nature. We recommend you not choose guides who have anger issues or are not calm enough to listen to their client’s (trekkers) problems.

Check their permits

Do you know that even the guides need a license to get into the Everest Base Camp trek as it comes under the Sagarmatha National Park Conservation Area?

Therefore, check whether your guide has all the necessary permits and licenses. Also, you can ask for their assistance to obtain all the required permits so that you will not be restricted from entering any conservation area or protected boundaries.

Everest Region Treks:

Why Exciting Nepal?

Hire a guide or a porter for the Everest Base Camp trek

Did you read everything mentioned in this blog’s prior section? You might know why trekking guides are necessary for the Everest Base Camp trek and how to choose the best guide for your journey.

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