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Hire a guide and porter for Langtang Valley trek

Hire a guide and porter for Langtang Valley trek

Let’s go to the Langtang Valley trek. A trek where trekkers wander into the beauty and magical land away from the chaos of the urban world, a trek into the world of Tamangs, and most importantly, a trekking area recovering itself after the brutal impact caused by the earthquake in 2015. Experience the magic, escape reality for some time, create memories, test your physical and mental health, and enjoy the greens (forests) and the whites (mountains).

While planning to go for the Langtang valley trek and feel all these experiences, remember to look for an ideal guide. One of the reasons to remember this is that the Nepal government prohibits anyone from visiting any trek without being accompanied by a local and professional guide. Another reason is the easiness and efficiency caused by a guide in your trekking experience.

Before learning more about hiring a guide and its importance, let’s dive into the beauty of the Langtang Valley trek in the next section of the blog.

A Look into the Langtang Valley trek

8 Days Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang valley trek is an outstanding trekking area in the Langtang region and the mid-northern part of Nepal. To be more specific, the Rauswa district of the Bagmati Province is where you will find this adventurous and beautiful valley.

The final destination of the Langtang valley trek is Tsergo Ri (4985 meters), where the trekkers can experience the heavenly view of several mountains and glaciers. Do you know that Langtang Valley is popularly known as “the valley of glaciers” ? So, watching all these glaciers and mountains live will be like a boon to your eyes and medicine to your daily chaotic lifestyle.

There are several options for visiting the Langtang valley trek. You can check out other blogs on our website to learn more about the possibilities and the itineraries of the Langtang Valley trek. For now, let us proceed to this blog’s actual agenda, Hiring a Guide or Porter for the Langtang valley trek.

Solo trekking banned: Major reason to hire a guide or porter

Hire a guide and porter for Langtang Valley trek

Yes, you read the title right! The Nepal Government and the Tourism Board of Nepal have decided to ban solo trekking to any trekking areas within the country’s territory. After the Government passed this rule, hiring a local and licensed guide has been mandatory for every trekker doing any trekking in Nepal, including the Langtang Valley trek.

As per the head of the Tourism Board, many foreign tourists started getting lost in the middle of the trek because of communication difficulties, and the cases and injuries also started increasing while trekking alone. This made the Government and the board think seriously about banning solo trekking, and finally, solo trekking got banned in Nepal.

Additional Pros of hiring a guide or porter for the Langtang Valley trek

Hire a guide and porter for Langtang Valley trek

You don’t hire a guide just because solo trekking has been banned. Having a definitive and licensed guide comes with many perks of its own. This section will let you explore some important aspects of hiring a professional guide or porter for the Langtang Valley trek.

Navigation and Knowledge development

One of the essential things where you can expect assistance from a professional guide is while navigating the correct route of the trek. Even if you are an experienced trekker and have completed different treks before going to the Langtang Valley trek, a guide’s knowledge about a specific trek and its route is way higher than yours.

This is because the guide has been on the same trail every season and in many situations. So when you approach any trekking agency to hire a guide for the Langtang Valley guide, they will offer you several guides whose primary expertise is on the Langtang Valley trek itself.

These guides can also answer all your curiosities and questions throughout the journey. There might be almost no question about the Langtang trekking area that the local and licensed guide needs help to answer. However, make sure to hire a local guide with all the licenses because such guides know both trekking techniques and the local information about the Langtang valley.

Technical and Health Support

When you hire a guide for the Langtang valley trek or any other trek, you don’t just hire them to take you to the highest and bring you back to the starting point. In between, the guides are also responsible for providing technical and health support.

So what are technical supports? The term technical in trekking includes planning and organizing the itinerary, finding the perfect routes, safety aspects, accommodation, food arrangements, and many more. Once hired, a guide is responsible for supporting the trekker with all these technical aspects. Therefore, a guide will suggest the best route for the Langtang trek according to the number of days you choose. If there are sudden changes in weather conditions or ways, the guide will make the trekkers aware and look for alternatives.

Besides, you will be assisted in arranging the necessary equipment and packing your trekking bags. Also, you can expect complete assistance from your guide in case of emergencies, acclimatization, choosing the best lodges and tea houses, and knowing about the unique features of the Langtang valley.

Before starting the trek, your guides will check your medical reports to ensure that you do not have any issues that can negatively impact your hike. Besides, they will monitor trekkers’ health and well-being and check whether their food requires nutrition. Remember that you need to reach an altitude of 4,985 meters and again return, which requires extreme physical and mental fitness. Therefore, your guides will frequently ensure that you (trekkers) are in good condition, and if there is anything wrong with your health, they will be ready with first-aid, some medicines, and in severe cases, emergency services as well.

Obtaining the required permits

Every trekker should obtain a Langtang National Park Permit to be eligible for the Langtang valley trek. If you are from any of the SAARC countries, you can get this permit at NPR 1,500, but if you belong to any other country, you need to pay NPR 3000 to acquire this pass. Previously, trekkers were required to obtain a TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) for solo trekking, but as solo trekking has been banned, you only need one permit, i.e., the Langtang National Park Permit.

Obtaining this permit might be difficult for a foreign trekker who cannot communicate properly with the locals. Therefore, the guides can also help you in getting this permit. Moreover, this permit works inside the Langtang National Park Area, so going out of this boundary might be considered trespassing. However, this case will not exist if you have a guide because they will inform you about the areas opened by the Langtang National Park Permit.

Local Interaction and Less Physical Stress

Many local people in the Langtang valley do not understand any foreign languages. Besides, the chances are that they only communicate in their mother tongue rather than in Nepali. This is very difficult for most trekkers as the language barrier might significantly impact all the services and the overall trekking experience.

This is where the importance of a guide comes in. Exciting Nepal has several guides who have peak knowledge about the Langtang Valley trek and its local aspect. Therefore, they can become a mediator between the trekkers and the locals to help establish communication between the trekkers and the locals.

Hiring a porter means carrying less load on the trek. The porter that you employ will carry your heavy backpacks along the way so that you can enjoy the trek to the fullest with significantly less physical strain. Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of Langtang valley without worrying about your backpacks.

How to choose a perfect guide?

Hire a guide and porter for Langtang Valley trek

Did you guys understand why hiring a trekker is essential and what benefits and supports a guide or a porter can provide during the Langtang valley trek? Just a quick thought, “human minds are developed in a way that does not stop question.

So in the above section, we tried to answer the question, “Why hire an idea guide or porter?” This section will enlighten all trekking enthusiasts with the answer to “How to hire an ideal guide or porter for the Langtang Valley trek?”

Research and compare different guides and trekking agencies

Researching is one of the best ways of finding anything. If you want to hire the perfect guide for the Langtang valley trek, try reading the blogs, visiting the profiles, and comparing different guides and their factors.

You can visit the websites of different trekking agencies, check out their social media pages for ratings and reviews, read various blogs, and then compare all the information to choose the perfect guide for your Langtang Valley trek. Besides, trekkers can also contact us for excellent trekking guides and porters as we, Exciting Nepal, provide outstanding services to our clients and leave no space for any complaints.

Our experienced team comprises several guides and porters who have shown the Langtang Valley trek to many trekkers and sent them back home with some of the most adventurous and lovely memories of their lifetime. After you have researched and chosen a few trekking agencies and guides, it is time to visit them in person.

Personal Visit

Visiting any trekking agency and meeting the guides in person will help you to understand both the agency and the guide in a better way. One of the most important things to know about any guide before hiring them is their nature and personality. We cannot see how a person is or if he matches our vibes from blogs or other mediums. Meeting them in person is the best thing we can do.

The guide that you hire must be patient enough to understand your needs and necessities, talented enough to know how to use all the trekking gear when needed, must have a proper understanding of the trekking region and its local lifestyle, and most importantly, they should be licensed and should work for a registered trekking agency. Therefore, we suggest all the trekkers meet the guides in person.

Understand the costs of hiring a guide and porter

Before you finalize hiring a professional guide for your Langtang valley trek, be sure about all the expenses you need for the guides and porters. The price options may vary from agency to agency and guide to guide. So ensure you understand the cost of trekkers or guides correctly and do not get into any financial frauds or scams.

Let us inform you that the guides’ price is specific for a certain amount of time, and if you add any extra days to your trekking itinerary, you need to pay more to the guides and porters. Therefore, remember to enquire about the regular payment and the additional fees before finalizing the guide for your trek.

Level of Expertise, Permits, and Licenses

Only trust people by checking all the requirements by yourself. When you talk to any guide, remember to ask them about their level of expertise. Also, check their licenses and all the permits they need for the Langtang Valley trek. We recommend you choose a guide based on their quality rather than the price you must pay them.

For instance, imagine you finalize two guides: one of them demands less money, but he has never guided anyone to the Langtang valley trek, and the other one asks comparatively more money from the first one, but he has been to the trek for more than one time and has all the necessary knowledge about the journey. Which one would you choose? Any conscious person would go for the second guide because safety matters more than a little extra money spent.

However, by this, we do not mean that you always have to hire a guide with expertise and never give a chance to a newcomer. What we meant is for a strenuous trek like the Langtang Valley trek, choose expertise over budget for your well-being and safety.

Know their authenticity and professionalism

To know whether a guide is professional and ideal, you can check if they are certified by the Tourism Board or not. Sometimes people try to scam foreigners by convincing them they are experienced trekkers, which can lead them to their destination. Then they also take money from the clients, and you will never see them again. So to avoid this type of scam, we request you to hire a guide only from a registered trekking agency and by doing the proper paperwork.

Hiring a guide or porter means providing employment opportunities to the residents, so we request you invest in authentic people so that you can achieve the dignity of helping a local simultaneously while enjoying the Langtang valley trek.

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Exciting Nepal at your service!!

Hire a guide and porter for Langtang Valley trek

Exciting Nepal has been providing trekking-related services to trekkers for a long time. We have helped many trekkers fulfill their dream of trekking different base camps, circuits, and regular treks. Exciting Nepal is proud to claim that our clients have praised our services and how our guides and the entire team support the trekkers throughout the journey. Here are some logical reasons why you should choose Exciting Nepal as your trekking partner for the Langtang Valley trek:

Local guides and porters

Exciting Nepal works to provide employment opportunities to the locals of every trekking region of Nepal. Therefore, for the Langtang valley trek, we have guides who belong to the Langtang region. This benefits both trekker and the guides or porters because trekking with a local who knows everything about the Langtang region is safer and more knowledgeable for the trekkers. Besides, locals of the Langtang area are getting employment opportunities right at their place, meaning they will not have to leave their hometown searching for jobs. As a result, they can also contribute to the development of their birthplace.

Highly experienced team with proper licenses

We have been an established trekking agency for a long time. Therefore, you can trust us for the safest trip to the Langtang valley trek or any other trek in the future (other than the Langtang valley trek) with your eyes closed. Our highly professional team has won the hearts of many trekkers because of its services and tireless support.

Furthermore, you will also not have to worry about our guides not being professional or licensed because all our guides have obtained licenses from the Tourism Board of Nepal. As a result, they will ensure all the trekkers have the best memories throughout the journey to the Langtang Valley trek.

Positive reviews and responses from the ones who chose us

This is one of the things that Exciting Nepal can flex to convince the trekkers about their outstanding services. We have gained so much love and positive reviews from the ones who have ever chosen to visit any trek with us. You can see the review section of our website to check out the reviews from experienced trekkers. Furthermore, you can also see our social media pages to learn more about Exciting Nepal and its services.

Therefore, we provide you with an adventure-packed trek to Langtang valley without stress. What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, contact us at the number on the website, or reach out to us through social media and prepare for the majestic Langtang Valley trek with Exciting Nepal.

Support the Langtang region!

Hire a guide and porter for Langtang Valley trek

Langtang valley was one of the highly affected treks during the 2015 earthquake. This trek had been closed for a long time after that incident but is finally accessible. Because of the 2015 earthquake, there was massive destruction of the infrastructure of the Langtang region. Many people lost their lives, and those who were alive lost their sources of income. They were compelled to leave the place and even their country for job opportunities. However, as the primary source of income of this region, the Langtang valley trek has resumed again. People have slowly started regaining their source of income, and the place is again developing gradually and slowly.

Therefore, we request all the trekkers to think of every penny spent during the Langtang Valley trek as their assistance towards developing the Langtang region. Furthermore, we also request you hire a guide or porter to provide income opportunities to the people of the Langtang region. Most importantly, please share your experience with your friends and all the people you know and encourage them to visit this trek and help develop it. Langtang Valley trek is much more than just a walk. It is about supporting domestic opportunities and encouraging the locals to work in their birthplace.

Final words

Langtang Valley trek is the best place for trekking, whether you are an experienced or a newbie trekker. You can visit this place to experience the majestic views of several mountains and, most importantly, the glaciers. However, you must also know about hiring a licensed guide and porter while visiting this trek.

This blog contains almost all the importance and benefits that hiring a guide, or porter can cause in your Langtang Valley trek. Furthermore, we have also tried to give you some hacks to follow while choosing a perfect guide for yourself so that the guide or porter you hire assists you in every step you take toward the destination.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the Langtang valley trek or hire a professional and licensed guide or porter. Exciting Nepal is eager to provide trekkers with a safe and adventurous Langtang valley trek to all enthusiastic trekkers. Please choose us and support local employment in the Langtang region!


Is hiring a guide or porter necessary for the Langtang valley trek?

Yes, since the Nepal Government and the Nepal Tourism Board have banned solo trekking, hiring a professional guide or porter is necessary for the Langtang Valley trek. Besides, guides are also needed for a safe and knowledgeable hike experience.

How do guides and porters help me during the trek?

Guides are there to show you the correct way through the trek, and porters carry your loads to help you enjoy the trek to the fullest. Besides, guides can also provide you with technical, motivational, health, accommodation, and first aid support.

Can a newbie visit the Langtang valley trek?

Yes, visiting the Langtang valley trek is possible even if you are new to trekking. However, we recommend you go for the trek in a group and follow every instruction provided by your guide.

How can I identify a definitive guide for my Langtang Valley trek?

To identify a trekking guide, you must meet them personally, understand their personality, check their licenses and permits, ensure they are under a registered agency, and compare the budget needed to hire professional guides or porters.