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Hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hiring a Guide for Manaslu Trek

Are you planning to hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek? You came to the right site if you replied as an affirmative. This blog will discuss why and how to employ guides and porters for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Also, there is quick info about a surprising decision by Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit Trek, Nepal’s best-kept-secret. The trek that winds around the abode of Mt Manaslu(8,163m), the eighth tallest cliff in the world, is a sublime experience. Despite that, the trek is not widely popular, hence an off-the-beaten trail. Manaslu Region hardly hosts meager tours and trek activities.

The trails are still remote and undeveloped as the region gets fewer trekkers. Villages are scattered, and Teahouses or lodges are also relatively dense. The whole trek passes via virgin terrains. Hence, solo trekking in the area gets quite tricky. And that’s why Nepal does not allow free trekking in the region. You have to be with a guide. Otherwise, you won’t get trekking permits.

Befriending a licensed and expert guide is a blessing on this journey. They know the terrain, people, and conditions. You will have a comfortable experience overall.

Likewise, Manaslu Circuit Trek is a lengthy journey of around two weeks. The road is wild, steep, and rapid at times. A heavy backpack on your back can be a great hassle if you are not used to it. The whole trek can turn into a dreadful walk. That’s where porters come into play. Porters transfer your heavy load to them. They make sure you are trekking freely and enjoyably.

Hence, a guide and porter play a salient role in the progress of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. One is a compulsion, and another is an option. For the pay you offer, you will get their respective services.

Let’s start the blog.

Solo Treks are now old legends in Nepal.

solo manaslu circuit trekking in Nepal

Yes, it is an old thing now. Recently, concerned authorities clarified that there would be no more solo trekking in the Nepal. It means you cannot trek alone in the mountains of Nepal. For all treks, the licensed guide is mandatory. The rule is effective from April 1, 2023.

The surprising decision by the government is for mainly one reason, an increasing case of travelers disappearing in the remote parts of Nepal. Many people started to get lost around the country over the years. It reached a new peak recently. According to the Nepal Tourism Board data, around 390 tourists were recorded missing or lost between 2019 to 2020.

Due to remoteness, rescue and search operations are challenging in Nepal. The rescue operations are either complex, late or even unsuccessful. Nepal is beautiful and unattractive at the same time in this case. Someone has to come up with a solo trekking ban sooner or later. Safety and life are more important than adventure. Hence, the government had to amend the rule to position Nepal as a safe destination for travelers.

The change will surely make Nepal a safer place. The cases of missing trekkers will now become a legend like the solo trekking in Nepal. Likewise, it will create newer employment opportunities for trekking guides. Now, there will be the arrival of more skilled and professional trekking guides for sure. That will change the whole scenario of trekking and trekking guides in Nepal.

Hire a Guide and Porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek or not?

Hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

There is no option as such. Hiring at least a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek is a compulsion. It was a compulsory rule before the Nepalese government amended the mandatory manual for trekking in Nepal in 2023.

You must hire an authorized guide or porter for all treks in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek, a remote trek, was already on the mandatory guide trek list.

The rule of compulsory guide for the Manaslu Trek is entirely for trekkers’ safety. The trek is remote, restricted, and deserted, unlike EBC Trek. A person not from the place can quickly come across difficulties. The region is so remote that a Nepalese not from the area can have hassles.

Therefore, hiring a guide or/and porter for the walk is a decree. The guide and porter should be licensed and experienced. It is better if he is from the same region. Therefore, you must hire a guide or porter for the Manaslu adventure.

Why take a guide on Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

It is mandatory, not an option

As mentioned above, non-native travelers must have a licensed and expert guide for the trek. Without a guide or porter, you will not get permits or permission to trek in the region.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is so raw and off-the-beaten that you can get lost easily. The region is remote and less developed. Solo travelers may have to face worse conditions. Hence, it is made mandatory.

For Easy Navigation

Manaslu Circuit Trek is tricky. The route is not well indicated and directed. The locals also need help understanding foreign languages. If you have an experienced guide, you will always be on the right track. You will complete the beautiful circuit trek without losing the route by a bit. It is impossible if no one is there to guide you rightly.

For Better communication

The people of the region are open and inviting. However, they need help communicating as they need help understanding foreign languages. If you meet locals on the trek and want to share something with them, a guide will be the medium. They will channel the communication between you and the locals. Hence, it is another perk of a guide.

For Better Arrangements

You know a trek involves a lot of arrangements. Daily, you must manage food, water, accommodation, and other essentials. It becomes hard to manage everything in a land where people are not conversational. However, you do not have to worry about a pie if you have one local guide. The guide is there to manage everything you need. You can enjoy the journey without minding anything.

For Safety and Emergency

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a moderate trek. On a high-altitude, long, and demanding hike, you need someone who can handle emergencies. Otherwise, if things get worse, you may be in trouble and get altitude sickness or injury. You need a dependable person for such instances. An experienced guide is the best option for that. They will help you avoid any problems and emergencies.

For Better Travel Experiences

Professional guides know how to make a trek or trip memorable. They add tremendous value to your visit. From guiding to explaining things on the walk, a guide is a blessing in the mountains. So if you have a professional guide with you, you will enjoy the trek to its fullest.

Why take a porter on Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Like a guide, a porter on Manaslu Circuit Trek has several perks.

To make the trek easy

Do you love carrying heavy loads? Well, we know you don’t. Manaslu Circuit Trek is long and exhausting. Your body may sometimes feel like a heavy burden on the trek. Forget your backpack. However, if you are employing a porter, it becomes way easier. The porter will carry your bag. At the same time, you can walk quickly, lightly, and efficiently.

To save your back

The backpack can hurt your back on Manaslu Circuit Trek if heavy. Likewise, the straps can leave marks on your shoulder. There can be other problems due to heavy backpacks. When you have a porter to look after your gear, you will save your back, shoulder, and everything else.

To make the trek beautiful and luxurious

You do not want to feel like a mule or donkey on the trails of Manaslu Circuit Trek, don’t you? If you have a heavy load, you may feel it. This feeling can ruin our trek. Worrying and exhausting too much about your bag, you may overlook the best parts of the walk. You may end up enjoying the good things of the trek due to tiredness. But, if you have the back of a porter, you will not miss anything. Manaslu Trek will be a happening and memorable trek.

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How to hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

You can hire a guide/porter through agencies, hotels, and voluntarily. The average cost of a trekking guide and porter is around :- USD 18-30 per day.

Hiring a guide or porter through an agency is one of the best options. An authorized trekking agency employs trekking guides or porters on a full-time basis. The guides and porters of such an agency are more professional and trustworthy than outsiders. Likewise, you do not have to bargain as the agency covers their salary and insurance. Hence, hiring a guide and porter through a trusted agency is best.

The step is simple. You have to find an authorized trekking agency that organizes Manaslu Circuit Trek. When you reach them, they give you options of private trek and group joining packages. You can choose the personal trek packages if you are with your friends. You will get a guide and porters for your group for the trek. You can join group-joining trek packages to Manaslu Circuit if you are alone. You will share the cost of a guide.

The salary of the guide and porter is included in the trek packages. Once you confirm the payment, you will be on the trek with a professional guide—end of the conversation.

Otherwise, you have to find a guide by yourself. It can be a torturing process. You have to assure about the license, experience, and professionalism of a guide and porter. Although you save some money, you may be in the wrong hands.

Cost of a licensed Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Guiding is a profession and a passion for somebody. For the locals of Nepal, it is more of a source of living. The guides who know all the nuts and bolts of trekking apply for guiding licenses from the government. After a thorough inspection, they receive a trekking license. A licensed guide speaks English and other languages too.

Such certified guides cost around 25-30 USD per day for Manaslu. The daily salary covers a guide’s food, accommodation, and insurance. For the pay you give, they will make your trek an enjoyable experience. They will do what guides do, from finding food to toilets.

Cost of a porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

A porter is a professional for carrying loads on treks and expeditions. They move bags, luggage, and essentials along the journey. It is their job to ensure the load moves as trekkers move. The porter may or may not speak English.

Such porters in Nepal cost around 20 to 25 USD per day. More or less, it is the same rate for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Like guides’, the porters’ pay covers meals, lodging, and insurance. If fortunate, you can also get a porter cum guide. As you are guessing, a porter cum guide will provide two services simultaneously. This type of porter is a bit pricey. They ask above 25 USD per day.

Things to review while you hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek


License is the first thing. Does your trekking guide have permission from the government or not? If not, the talk should finish here. As you know, Manaslu Circuit Trek requires a licensed trekking guide. If they have no license to do so, there is no point in talking ahead.


If the guide has a license, expertise is the next big thing to look for. Is the guide professional or not? Does he speak English or the language you use? Your tour guide should have communication skills. Likewise, he should possess tour and trek management prowesses. You do not want to be with someone who can’t find a good place for food, do you?


Does he know Manaslu Circuit Trek? Are they aware of every trek’s corner, place, and situation? If he knows, you should take the deal ahead. Otherwise not. A guide with local experience can offer you the best service. They will lead, explain, and organize everything perfectly. Hence, look for a guide that is more frequent to the place.

What if we manage a guide and a porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

As this website displays, Exciting Nepal is a licensed expedition organizer in Nepal with 15 years of service. We make traveling in Nepal easy, fun, and, as our name says, exciting. You can find all kinds of adventure activities that we guide around Nepal and beyond.

If you are looking for a trustworthy guide/porter, we can manage them. Our team has licensed and professional trekking guides. You can check them out. Besides being experts at their jobs, they are also super friendly and humorous. You won’t regret having boarded the trek with them.

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A few last words

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the most underrated trekking trail in Nepal. You will have countless unique experiences on the trek. Hiring a good guide or porter will make it even more beautiful.

Hiring an authorized guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek is compulsory, so you must find one. May you find the right one for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, and your trek becomes safe and extraordinary. We, exciting Nepal, wish you the best wishes for the Manaslu adventure!