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hiring a guide for everest base camp trek

Hiring a Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp trek is popular for a reason. The stunning natural beauty, exotic culture, and adventurous high altitude trekking make the trek beautiful and challenging. It might be tempting to do a solo trek to Everest Base Camp and experience the Himalayas on our own.

Major trekking routes like Everest Base Camp trek is well marked with good facilities on the trail. Everest Base Camp Trek can be done without a guide, and it is not mandatory to hire a guide. But, we recommend hiring a guide for EBC for some compelling reasons.

Trekking in Everest region is physically and mentally challenging. Having an experienced guide will give you extra comfort and makes the trek stress free. S/he will not only help you navigate the trail. They will take care of your safety and security and be a first responder during an emergency. They will inform about major attractions, introduce local culture and be your friend.

Why Hire a Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek?

There are some compelling reasons for hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp trek. We will guide you through some of the major reasons.

hiring a guide for everest base camp trek

Safe and Informed Trekking

Despite well-marked trails, trekkers go missing every year. Trekkers may know little about altitude sickness and other health problems while trekking. Such risks can be avoided if you are with an experienced trekking guide.

Guides diagnose the symptoms of altitude sickness. They also help you with acclimatization. They will take care of you if you have some symptoms and need rest. With them, you can overcome any difficulties of during the EBC trek.

Experienced guides know the routes well. They know the trails and pace you need to take to reach the destination. When some sections of trails are difficult they give you hand to make it through. Guides not only give you a morale boost but a balancing hand too.

Connecting with Local Culture

Guides are walking-talking books on local culture and traditions. They know the hidden locations that are easy to miss when you are trekking alone. They will narrate you the magical stories, folklore, and myths of the mountains. Guides will also help you interact with local people. They can interpret or connect with locals for amazing cultural experiences in Nepal.

Familiarity with the Geography

Guides know the trail well and the terrain around. They know every corner of the trek. You ask them the name of the mountains in front of you, they will not tell you the name but give a variety of facts.

Guides have knowledge of local weather and can help you catch the best views. They know the places that serve the best food and water so that you don’t have to risk with hygiene. Guides know the trekking regions well like you know your hometown.

On-Trek Services

Everest Base Camp trekking during the peak season can get crowded. Advance booking will ensure you best rooms at lodges and tea houses. Guides also know the best places to stay that serve good food. They can also help you with trying out local delicacies.

Guides will also help with arranging transportation to and from the trailheads. Let them know your requirements and they will assist you.

They will take care of your logistics needs. They can find you a hotel as per your requirements even during the peak tourist season. Plus, they will help you with arranging trekking permits and checking in at entry points.

Helping the Local Economy

Guides are usually local residents who make their living from the tourism industry. By hiring a guide you will be helping a person and their families make their living. While you are having a good time traveling someone else is happy to have a job that supports the whole family. You are giving these guides and porters a chance to boost their economic condition.

Whom to Hire – a Guide, Porter or Both?

If you are wondering whether you should hire a guide for EBC trek, you definitely need one. You can choose to hire a guide and a porter or both depending on the weight of your belongings. If you only plan to carry your essential gear on a lightweight backpack, you won’t need a porter.

Having a guide as your friend will be enough. Guides will not carry your bags but there are examples when they have offered help when needed.

Based on your fitness, carrying up to 15 kilograms of the backpack should not be a problem during a trek. Anything heavier than that will make you fatigued and the trek is likely to be painful than pleasurable. If you are in a group or have a heavy backpack, we recommend hiring a porter along with a guide.

Alternatively, you can hire a guide cum porter who will provide both the services to you. Porter guide will be your guide and also carry your backpack for you.

If you are confused by the choices, we have introduced them below.


A guide is someone who navigates the trail for you. But s/he is much more than that. A guide is also a leader, a friend, and a rescuer. If you have signs of altitude sickness, s/he will look after you. They make your trek easy comfortable and enjoyable.

Guides have knowledge of the trek route, major attractions, culture, and people. They know the terrain, weather and safety measures so that you have the best experience.

Guides will not carry the load but will offer you help to share the load when you are in need. They know the tea houses, lodges, and local people and often help you have the best experience.

Guides are excellent interpreters and help you connect with local people. You will find good English speaking guides. They are also trained to speak other languages. You can also find a local guide who can speak your preferred language.


A porter is someone who will carry your baggage and all your gears for the trek. Porters carry your heavy belongings. You can carry only a small backpack with your essential belongings. When you are not carrying a load, you are less fatigued. Avoiding fatigue means reducing the risks of altitude sickness.

Always remember, lighter you carry, more enjoyable the trek.

Porters are usually the local residents in the trek routes. They often make their living by working in the trekking industry. They speak basic English and act as your trekking crew. Keep in mind, a porter will carry loads only in the range of 20 to 30 kilograms.

Guide cum Porter

You can also find someone who works both as your guide and a porter. S/he will carry your bag and also guide you through the trail. But, they may not have skills of a specialized guide and have limited language skills. But they will provide you the services if you need someone to guide you well and carry your bags. It is likely that they are less experienced than a guide.

hiring a guide for everest base camp trek

Cost of Hiring a Guide

Compared to other parts of the world, hiring a guide in Nepal is inexpensive. Hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp trek costs USD 30 to 35 per day. Porters cost USD 20 to 30 per day. While porter cum guides cost you USD 30 to 35 per day.

The costs include:

  • Daily wages of guides and porters
  • Insurance of guides and porters
  • Meal and accommodation
  • Any transportation costs including domestic flight (if necessary)
  • Related government taxes and service charges

The cost does not include:

  • Tips for guides and porters

Please note that tipping is customary but never mandatory. If you feel happy with the services you may choose to tip your guides and porters. But you are not obliged to tip them if you are not satisfied with their performance. It is a reflection of how much you enjoyed the trip and the services you received. It is also acceptable that you only tip your crew members you are most satisfied with.

Where to Hire a Guide?

Exciting Nepal has a roster of experienced professional guides to go with you on Everest Base Camp trek. We offer you professional guides whether you are alone or in a group. We can also arrange a female guide for female trekkers.

All our guides are well trained, professional and hold a license. All our guides are fluent in English. Let us know your preferred language and we will help you find the guide who speaks your language.

You can hire a guide from Kathmandu. Let us know your preference while you book your Everest Base Camp trek. We will help you arrange a licensed and a reliable trekking guide for your Everest Base Camp trek.

Tips for Hiring a Guide

  • Try to know your guide well. Building trust and a friendly relationship is necessary as you will be together for two weeks.
  • Ensure that your guides and porters are license holders and are covered by insurance policies.
  • Make sure you hire an experienced guide. Booking with us will guarantee that you will find one of the finest from the industry.
  • Make sure you will not have the language barrier. Let us know your language preferences and we will find you someone who speaks your language.
  • Do not accept children and underaged guides.

Summing Up

Although solo trekking in the Everest region is absolutely possible we recommend you to hire a licensed guide for many reasons. It is to ensure your safety, comfort, and adventures in the best possible ways. Guides are your true rescuers and pathfinders in every difficulty.

that may come along the EBC trekking trail.

So, to be on a safe side while on the trek, it is better to hire a guide or porter or porter-guide.

Contact us to book one for your adventurous trip to the Everest Base Camp.

hiring a guide for everest base camp trek


Do I Need to Get Permits for My EBC Guide?

Since you will be trekking with a licensed Nepali guide you do not have to get the permits for them. A Nepali national is not required to get the permits while trekking in the Everest region. Instead they will help you get the necessary permits( Local Area Permit and Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit) for the trek.

Will the Guide Walk with Me on the Trail?

Yes, a guide as a companion and the trip leader will walk with you through the trek. A porter normally walks ahead of you on the trek. But, the guide will be always on your side walking and helping you explore the exotic beauty of the Everest region. Whereas with a porter-guide, you will carry a light backpack and s/he will walk on your side with your backpack as well.

Can I Hire a Female Guide for the EBC Trek?

Yes, as per the preference of a female trekker we also arrange for an experienced and licensed female guide. They are equally trained like the male guides. They will help and guide you in the trek in best possible ways.


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