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how much to tip nepal trekking guide

How Much To Tip Nepal Trekking Guide

Tip or Gratuity is a way to honor money to someone who has completed work or service. Tipping is more like a happy gesture from the sides of the client to the service provider. There is no specific bar nor compulsion for what to give and how much to give, it is all giver’s choice.

While trekking anywhere in the world, having an experienced guide is a blessing. That particular person(your guide) makes your every next step of the trek exciting, safe, and enjoyable. He/She devotes all of his/her knowledge and experience to make your trek more worthy and fruitful. Trekking guides are the heroes of any trek who lead you in and out from the trek without a single wound. These individuals do trek guiding for a living and the source of their revenues are salary and tips. Therefore, it is not a bad idea at all to show some love and gratitude towards the trekking guide via tipping.

Nepal receives most of the trekkers from the western countries and people from those areas are more used to tipping and graduating. For them, tipping is more like respect and love than just money or fee. This trend has grown higher right now than ever, as a result, we are here to provide short help on “How much to tip Nepal Trekking Guide” to those who want it.

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How Much to Tip Nepal Trekking Guide

As we have already mentioned, tipping your guide is neither fixed nor compulsory. It is rather a choice to show some appreciation towards helping hands. Trekking solely in Nepal is not an easy experience, you can face a lot of problems throughout the trek from lodging to toiletries.

The experienced trekking guides make your trek much easier, you need not worry about anything except trekking ahead. For providing so much comfort to your trekking, what do you have to offer? The best way is to tip them and this may arouse a question in your head “ How much to Tip Nepal Trekking Guide”. Don’t worry, we will provide some figures to help you out.

There is no limit for tipping, you can give as much as you like. But, if you want an exact figure, here is the example. For instance, if you are doing a trek of 10 days you can pay around $10 to $15 (NRS 1000 to NRS 1500) per day. You can tip the sum total to him/her at the completion of the trek. This is an example of the group trekking, where the total tip for a day is a composite tip from all of the group members.

But it is not identical in the case of Solo-Trekking. You can give anywhere from $3 to 5$(NRS 300 to NRS 500) per day. Either it is solo or a group trekking, the tips should be any amount around $3 to 10$. After all, it is your choice of how much to give to your trekking guide. If you are really impressed with the service of the guide, you can add some gifts with monetary tips.

Things to Avoid While Tipping Guides in Nepal

  • Don’t show off your generosity
  • Don’t make a tipping scene rather make it quick and not noticeable to others
  • Don’t think of giving the old used clothes or goods to the trekking guide. This may disrespect him/her
  • Don’t offer a very low amount like NRS5 to NRS20, this can be contempt to some guides
  • Don’t wait for a perfect time, just give tips whenever you are around the guide. The guides can be off the duty anytime.

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