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How tall is Mount Everest?

World’s highest peak Mount Everest may stand at an imposing 29,035 ft. height but trekkers don’t seem to care about it at all. Rather, they are just well and good to come through all the difficulties and make it till the summit.

Let the pro trekkers be, even non-hikers don’t mind climbing the peak to and fro. Seated in the sub-range of Mahalangur Himal, Mount Everest insists on to be the highest mountain in both Asia and the globe.

Now, you must all be thinking what’s the height of Everest for which it betitled K2 and Kanchenjunga for the tallest mountain. Based on a survey made by India, the height of Everest was estimated to be 8848 meters in 1954.

For almost 5 decades, the figure was trusted by geologists, news articles, and even researchers. But after 1999, questions started to arise against the sources and reliability of the survey made.

Amidst the disapproval, researchers continuously made attempts to remeasure the height. Finally, in 1975, the hardship of a Chinese researcher team paid off. They concluded that the height of Everest was 29029.24 feet which if converted in meters would be 8848.11.

It wasn’t for long after a group of Italian scientists and researchers decided to figure out if that’s how tall Mount Everest was. They remeasured the height of Mt. Everest with help of both Laser measurement technology and Global Positioning System.

With the dispute looming again, it was American researchers this time who took the responsibility on their shoulders. Using GPS, the National Geographic Society and others came to find that it was 8850 meters tall.

The 2 meters above or below the actual height was considered by the experts and society associated with cartography and geodesy. Six years after the research was made, Chinese specialist scaled the Everest once again using GPS and ice-penetrating radar.

The survey yielded that for what the height of Everest was 29,017.12 ft. The Chinese media instantly stamped approval to the figure although Nepal had a contradictory response to it.

Nepalese authorities weren’t much pleased with the Chinese for the use of what ‘snow height’ of 29028 ft. Nevertheless, the two countries settled their dispute in early 2010 agreeing to the conformity of both figures.

Mount Everest Temperature

Height of Mount Everest in Feet: 29,030 feet

Height of Mount Everest in meters: 8848 meters

What is the height of Mt. Everest in miles?

Based on all the data collected from both past and present, the height of Mt. Everest in miles is 5.498. But this result can be inaccurate once the new figure conducted by the team of Nepalese researchers is issued.

How true is it that the height of Mount Everest has fallen off?

Since the catastrophic earthquake of 2015, speculations were made that the height of Everest may have shrunk slightly. Following the hypothesis, geologists from around the world and Nepalese experts did their study to measure the actual height of Everest.

It was the first time in the history when Nepalese sent their own scientist and expert on the foreground. The team was accountable for collecting as much data as possible using Global Navigation Satellite System and ground-penetrating radar.

The effort was made under the scrutiny of officials to find the actual height of the peak after it was hit by the devastating earthquake. Currently the study is under process and the result will be hopefully out soon.

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