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Is It Safe To Trek In Nepal

Is It Safe To Trek In Nepal

Nepal, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, is a completely safe place for trekking or any other adventure. It is like the safest and always at peace country in the world. The straight answer to your question, Is it safe to trek in Nepal would be absolutely yes.

The small country that is sandwiched by India and China has become the ultimate trekking destination now. It all started in 1949 AD when some British adventurers got the permit for trekking for the very first time. Reaching until now, trekking has been the major revenue generator of the country and the second most popular thing to do only after mountaineering.

As the trekking trails of Nepal are appealing enough to attract thousands of people from overseas every year, the government has been continuously introducing and implementing various strategies to safeguard the tourism industry. And those initiatives of the government have been successful as well and hence Nepal is widely popular as the safest place for travel.

However, making a country a safe place for tourists is never possible with the effort of the government only. The lovely people of Nepal have been working hand in hand with the government on promoting tourism. You may also hear from those who have been to Nepal that the locals are the most welcoming ones. That thing is entirely true and there is also a popular saying in Nepal, “Guests are the gods”. They live up to that saying and treat the visitors as their god which you can experience right away once you reach Nepal.

In a precise sentence, Nepal is absolutely, entirely, and completely the right place to remain lost around for trekking. But, there can be some circumstances when what we are saying may not sound right. That is a rare case and there have not been many incidents where visitors have to suffer experiences in Nepal. You never know what is inside the head of others. You just have to expect good things everywhere you go. And you can mark our words, the people of this beautiful country can never let the name of their country’s name go in vain.

The figures can make you believe how popular and safe this country is among travelers. Around 1.7 and 1.9 million travelers visit Nepal now every year. If it would not have a safer country for excursions than the number would have been lower. The reality is it safe to trek in Nepal, yes it is.

Solo Trekking Vs  Trekking with Agency

manaslu circuit trek cost

The next question pops up the moment you answer the question Is it safe to trek in Nepal is: Is Solo trekking worthy in Nepal or is it Agency trekking?

Well, that depends on how much really experienced you are. The solo trekkers who always like to do the treks all by themselves are extremely skillful and good at lone traveling. They have gained much wisdom and skill after wandering for so long on their own.

A solo traveler can and should cope with all the coming across things. They are very good at facing unexpected things in a good way. That is what makes them the true adventurer. But, we must tell you here, traveling solo is not as easy as you think in a strange land.

In the case of Nepal, the country has seen both kinds of trekkers; solo trekkers and agency trekkers. But you’ll find more people doing the treks with the help of trekking agencies. Because that is the wisest thing you can do if you are an inexperienced trekker. Though you can do solo trek also even without much trekking history. But you have to face a lot of problems throughout the trek.

The trekking tracks of Nepal are difficult, challenging, demanding, and rural. In such strenuous treks, you can face any kind of consequences. Can you overcome all of those hurdles in a foreign land without anyone’s help? If you have to say yes, then you do a solo trek but if not then there are not many options left other than trekking with an experienced agency.

Reasons for going with a Trekking agency

Kanchenjunga trekking

Safety and Security

The first you get while going with a trekking agency is the safety and security across the trek. You are accompanied by some of the most experienced guides on a trek. They are there for only one reason that is to guide you safely and finish the trek securely. This sort of advantage you won’t get if you trek on your own. The agencies put your safety on always.

No Hassles at all

Trekking in unknown land by yourself can be a hassle-full job. You are the one who has to look after all of the arrangements from flight tickets to find toilets. But if you are trekking with an agency, you enjoy the freedom throughout the trek. They will arrange everything for you that you need not worry about a bit also.

Better learning about the places and people

The guides who will be with you along the trek are the expert ones. You’ll always have a bucket full of information about the particular place by your side. If you want to know more about the locals of the places, you don’t even need to ask a question. They will be providing all of the must-know facts about anything on the trek timely.

You will not get lost

There is always a fear of getting lost in a not so known place. And getting lost is not a good experience at all. You have to suffer severe situations also if you have misled to the wrong place. But this is never a case if you are doing a trek with a good agency. The agencies send a skillful guide for your service and there is no chance of losing the track when with a leader.


Doing a solo trek can take more time than normal. The solo trekkers like to explore everything in detail and that is how it takes more time. If you are someone with very limited time, the trekking agency aided treks are time-saving one. Everything is on time when you are traveling with an agency. You’ll have sufficient time to explore the happenings along with catching up with the time.

Suits beginners

Solo ventures are all too often embarked by the experienced ones. Such trekkers are so good at exploring new places without anyone’s help. What if you are just a starter doing the first trek. It’s better to go with a trekking agency at least on the first trek. Doing the very first trek with an agency will help you to get enough trekking experiences. And those experiences can be further used on the other later treks even in a solo trek.

No risks of Human and Animal attacks

What is inside the head of a human or animal, you can never guess. There can be times when you’ll come through the wild animals or bad people on the trek. And it’s riskier to be alone in such situations, the animal or people tend to hurt more likely when you are solo. But when you are in a group of the guide, you’ll have an advantage over those possible threats. The best way to avoid such difficult situations is to trek with a good agency.

You get help no matter what happens

Trek is not an easy thing to do and you have to face various circumstances. The treks can be long and difficult. Who knows what happens next. There can be weather turnover, altitude sickness, accidents, and injuries. In such conditions, you will need help which you can hardly get when doing a solo trek. But if you are with a responsible trekking agency, they will take care of everything and every help needed. Let’s say you got caught by mountain sickness and need emergency evacuation. The agency will come forward to arrange so quite quickly.

An organized way of doing Trek

If you love to do everything in an organized manner, the trek with a trekking agency would be better. Anything you want will be at your hand on time. Each and every part of trekking with the agency is pre-planned and goes accordingly most of the time. This is how the trek gets completed on time smoothly. And that is why you should do a trek with a trekking company rather than solo.

Safety tips for Trekking in Nepal

Distance From Base Camp To Everest Summit

Plan your trek and prepare accordingly

A planned trek never goes wrong. As you have a plan for the trek, you’ll catch up with all of the things of the trek. You will have sorted out already about what to do and what not to do. You’ll know the right time, the resources, and preparation for the trek. If you have a plan to execute you will be one step behind the problems.

Do Preparation

Preparation means physical training here. Most of the treks in Nepal are high altitude, strenuous, steep, and tiring. You have to prepare for Nepal’s treks accordingly. And the preparation is even urgent if this is your first trek. Indulge and dedicate yourself to various cardio training like running, swimming, cycling, etc. Those acts will help you to gain the required pain endurance level for the respective trek.

Have some knowledge too

You have to have at least basic knowledge about the trek you are doing. About what are the dos and don’ts of the region you are going to. You can also learn about the major highlights of the trek. This way you will not be in trouble but explore the area rightly.

Don’t go solo

Is It Safe To Trek In Nepal

The solo trek is a nice experience but that costs you many hassles and problems. There is no safety, neither help from anyone other than just yourself. You have to face everything on your own which can be a strenuous thing to do in an unknown place.

Trek with a local registered trekking agency

Going with a trekking agency is a better option than solo. The trekking agency ensures safety, security, proper guidance, help, and a nicer experience at most.

You have nothing to do other than just living and exploring the happenings when you are through a trekking agency in a trek.

Get a Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers all of your injuries and evacuation costs. Having travel insurance is a blessing if you are doing a difficult trek. The insurance will look after all of the treatment expenses if something happens. So don’t forget to have this.

Altitude Sickness

Nepal rests on the laps of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world. And most of the trek runs through those high areas around the mountains. You could get caught by the mountain sickness while doing any of the high area treks. Hence, be aware of this sickness.

Don’t rush

Rushing is never good while trekking in the Himalayas. Doing so can tease the sickness and you may get caught. It is better to have 1 to 2 acclimatization days on the trek itinerary. Start the trek early and take your time by having regular rests. Don’t rush at all throughout the trek.

Don’t consume alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your body like nothing else. And a dehydrated body is more prone to the sickness than a well-watered body. To avoid this risk, don’t consume any alcohol or do other intoxication stuff. Rather stay hydrated all the time by drinking enough water.

Don’t ascend if you are unwell

Gaining new heights even after knowing you are unwell is the riskiest thing to do. You have to turn back immediately if you don’t feel well. Or else, you may have to face serious consequences.

Don’t lose your belongings

When you are all excited in the new place, you may get flooded by the overwhelming and lose important belongings. You can relate what would be the problems if your backpack or even fanny bag is lost. Be alert and don’t just lose things.

Be nice to the locals

Don’t offend any of the locals at all. They are the nicest people on Earth but also dangerous when their self-respect is at stake. Always wear a smile on your face and they will greet you back.

Don’t leave your guide or go too far

Always follow the lead of your guide or stay around his sight. Not being in the sight of your guide can make you lost in an unknown place. Even if you want to explore or wander on your own, don’t forget to make your guide aware of that.

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Best Trekking options in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek

Visit Everest base camp Is It Safe To Trek In Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek, you’ve surely heard of this trek. This is the best trek on the Earth to do. A bucket list thing for many adventurers, EBC trek should be on your list too if you have not done it yet. It is a trek to reach the Everest Base Camp and see the world’s shelter from the closest. The trek has many ups and downs and you’ll love doing those stretches. Across the trek, you’ll be startled by the beauty of the Everest region.

As the journey starts, you’ll have a whole lot of mountains to look at, scenic terrains to traverse and the lovely people to meet. Trekkers are impressed most by the heavenly horizons of the trek. And the view from the base camp is just out of this world. You’ll be looking at some of the most beautiful tops of the world like Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Ama Dablam, and many more.

Above all, the achievement of reaching the base camp(5,364m) arouses another level of excitement running inside your head. This trek has everything you want in a Himalayan trek. Snow-lusted mountains, impressive terrains, and enriched vegetation. Plus you get something cultural to explore also. The region is home to the strongest Sherpas. Isn’t that this has everything?

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna region is another region of Nepal which is extremely beautiful. And no other trek can lead you through every part of the region like Annapurna Circuit Trek. It is a round trek that shapes around the heavenly Annapurna area. This is one of the busiest trekking trails in the world which hosts around 70,000 trekkers every year.

This trek is known for its lucrative mountain views, appealing landscapes, and the lush vegetation. One doing this trek could never ask for more than the happenings of this trek. A circuit trek means it’s a normally long trek that covers around 160KM to 260KM. The distance is variable with the route you are choosing. The Annapurna region is dotted with many popular tourist destinations and this Annapurna Circuit trek covers most of all. You will run into places like Poon Hill, Mustang, Thorong La Pass, or even the base camp of Annapurna Base Camp.

Thorong La Pass is the highest point of the trek which sits at an altitude of 5,416m. From this pass, you can easily see the likes of Mt Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Macchapuchhre, and Annapurna itself. In addition, you’ll meet some of the happiest faces in the world, the Gurungs and Magars over the trek.

Kanchenjunga Trekking

Kanchenjunga base camp

This trek is about exploring the world’s third tallest peak’s region, the Kanchenjunga region. You have to travel to east Nepal’s hills to start this excursion. The trekking is not so popular among the trekkers as it is not developed as the EBC trek or Annapurna Circuit Trek. But this off-the-beaten has an overflowing beauty. Kanchenjunga in itself is the most beautiful mountain in the whole world. The trail to the base camp is as appealing as it could be.

Kanchenjunga Trekking is all about witnessing the untasted, unturned, and virgin part of Nepal. The region is extremely beautiful with dense vegetation, meadows, Himalayan rivers, waterfalls, land areas, and snow-clad mountains. Kanchenjunga Conservation Area comes along the way and you have to pass through its rich flora and fauna. Along with that, you’ll get to explore the lifestyles of the locals who live the hardest lives.

However, the trek is not the easiest one and requires a long trek. The trails are strikingly scenic but are difficult too. The highest reach of the trek will be at the northern Kanchenjunga Base Camp, Pang Pema Base Camp(5,100m). If you can dare the adventure, the views you will be privileged with are heavenly.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

manaslu circuit trek in september, october, november

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the trek that you often hear as the best off-the-beaten-track in Nepal. This trek to walk around the eighth tallest peak, Manaslu and its region, should be your next trek if you like unturned books than the most turned ones. The beauty of the Manaslu region is so beautiful and can remain in your memory for a long time.

This trek is an awesome beauty of a little bit of culture and natural beauty. Manaslu region is flooded with a lot of nice-looking scenarios. The pastures, dense forests, green areas, dried terrains, and whitish peaks always keep the views best. You’ll be coming across various rivers that flow nicely through the region. Larkya La Pass(5,167m), the highest part of the trek, hosts the wonderful views of peaks like Manaslu, Himlung Himal, Gyaji Kang, Kang Guru, etc. En route to the pass, you’ll have the most dramatic trekking experience of your life. Through the trek, you’ll label the place like heaven.

Moreover, the people living in this region are most welcoming. Though they live a hard life there, they never forget to welcome visitors with smiles. You can have deep insights into their lives to learn about the Tibetan influenced culture and lifestyle.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Trek Difficulty Is It Safe To Trek In Nepal

Langtang Valley is a place where every nature lover should pay a visit once. The valley is extremely astonishing as it is gifted with nature’s great displays. Residing not so far from the Kathmandu valley, the place has managed the rawest natural beauty. The Langtang range which is as beautiful as other mountain ranges of Nepal safeguards this valley precisely. And the enchantress of the place has made it a perfect destination for trekking.

You’ll get to walk deeper in the valley where the towering mountains and unique landscapes are at the backdrop. The region is very special when it is to vegetation. The rural world has no intervention and thus the surrounding of this place is in the most naturalistic stage.

The rural and tranquil views of this trek are something that cannot be described. Through the valley, the way to Tserko Ri(4,984m), the highest place to be in this trek, has to be created. That particular stretch will be the most lively as one can catch glimpses of Langtang Lirung, Annapurna, Makalu, and various others.

More to it, trekkers get to learn insights from the locals of this place. Tamangs are the major people of the region which are very much influenced by the northern culture of Tibet.

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Lastly – Is It Safe To Trek In Nepal

We believe that you surely got your answers to Is it safe to trek in Nepal question. The country is safe enough for your pleasant trekking experience. No problem which way you choose: solo trekking and agency trekking, your longing will get satisfied here in Nepal. But, we suggest you do treks in Nepal with a good trekking agency. They come into existence to provide you the safest, timely, organized, and overwhelming trekking encounters.