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Key info

Here, we would like to point something short but very important information before booking a trip with any companies of Nepal.

Many of the travel and trekking companies has a nice and informative web pages as well as some may also write a very good and informative blogs, content as well as they are good in online forums, Many sites and blogs, home pages they may not operate the service but they may handover to the customers to any other trekking or travel companies.

Many travelers who had visited Nepal confronted several problems during their trip as they had booked their trip with a non-registered companies, Past movements shows and proved that already.

A travel or trekking company in Nepal needs to hold a valid license from several government bodies like registration of Ministry of tourism in Nepal, certificate of Official company registered of Nepal, Must need to hold a PAN or VAT certificate. Other like member of Nepal Tourism Board, (NTB )  Trekking Agencies’ association of  Nepal, ( TAAN ) Nepal Mountaineering Association, ( NMA )  Nepal Rastra Bank, (NRB ) ( Central bank of Nepal ) They ( The company )  must have to have USD account holder.

Booking a trip with any non registered fake companies, very often travelers and trekkers may face many problems like trouble in obtaining trekking and climbing permits and other services and very often they do not take any responsibilities. Consequently, here are some safety information that travelers should be clear before book a trip with any travel company or trekking companies.

  • Is the company legally registered?
  • Guide of the company hold government license and training?
  • Company fulfilled its obligation to government?
  • Has the company achieved tax clearance certificate?
  • Company obtained proper license from the central bank to behavior dealings in foreign businesses?
  • Company obtained permission from Mountaineering Association of Nepal?
  • Company obtained a valid license from the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal?

Before booking your trip you must view related registration documents of company, We are dedicated to perform our responsibility with true and fair nature towards government and with our costumers,