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Langtang trek

Langtang trek

Nepal is a country full of life. It’s vivacity with elegant natural beauty and awe-inspiring people touches every heart that comes across to know the country.

For most travelers, it’s the Himalayan landscape and wildland that appears as a bridge to come to the nation. To explore and study which they travel through every isolated and mysterious region of the country.

Nepal has now become a pivot for trek destinations, with Everest Base Camp Trek excelling the list. One out of many trekking spots that have persuaded tourists to make a tour of Nepal is Langtang trek.

Langtang trekking Nepal cast back travelers with unforeseen adventure, staggering sights, and pacific atmosphere. Hence, it’s hardly surprising why travelers repeatedly visit the Langtang Region especially after the popularity gained.

Whether you stay in the region for weeks or month-long, there’s no getting enough of Langtang. Hence, with a diverse culture, splendid view and geography it’s a true delight to visit the region.

At Langtang, you get more of everything-more affection, more hospitality, and more scenic views. You get a taste of home in every dwelling you stay in as they make you feel like a family.

Langtang trekking Nepal has a lineup of splendor with snow-capped mountains and varied landforms. The glistening Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung and Dorje Lakpa have added shine to its beauty.

To come out of the lush green forest with ever-changing colors emerged out of spring flowers becomes invincible for trekkers.

How much does it cost for Langtang trek?

Your cost for Langtang Trek very much depends on the Itinerary you ache to have. Meanwhile, the divergence in the cost is behold based on where and how much you’re staying during the trek.

The estimated cost for a trek to Langtang is $450 approx., only if the travel period is week long. But if the trek days dilate and you outlive the region then the cost will rise for sure.

With an average trek day for Langtang being 12 days, you need to have at least $650-$850. But if you’re a big-time spender and can’t trade-off with the comfort then extra bucks is must to have.

Likewise, if you’re traveling solitary then the actual cost for the trek automatically falls. Yet, it will see you deal with all the arrangements. You’ll be prone to pay for the porters hired and even the amenities and transportation throughout your stay in the region.

The list of cost inclusive in a normal tour package of Langtang trek are as follows:

  • Accommodation service
  • Trekking permits (TIMS card, Langtang National Park Entry Permit)
  • Professional Guide acquainted with the routes to Langtang
  • Cost for Transportation and porters

Cost excluded in Langtang Trek Package

  • Personal Expenses (Teahouse, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Tips to porters and guide
  • Trekkers Travel Insurance
  • Trekking equipment (Trekking pole, trekking gears)

Is there an only route for Langtang trek? Do travelers have other options to reach Langtang?

langtang valley trek

Getting down to Langtang trekking Nepal is always an adventure. But the intensity for the travel magnifies following the option you choose to reach the place.

Trekking mostly puts up with the excitement travelers have while heading towards Langtang. Even the thought of walking the trails, each of that unveils majestic views and the awe-inspiring wilderness has joy on people’s faces.

Most of these travelers also go through a lot of pain to get the pleasure. For weeks, they keep walking long distances with a bumpy surface that’s no fascinating at all.

While some trekkers endure so much trouble to accomplish the trek, others go for an alternative. The best one yet being Langtang Helicopter tour.

Ample of travelers who can’t put up with the miles-long trek distance or work out the time go for this option. Hiring a charter means you give over the stress of trekking for days.

Where the average trek for Langtang takes at least a week, the helicopter tour merely lasts 1 and a half hours. While hovering on the heli, you can easily trace the topography and geological features of the region.

The trip won’t take long to evince you with the magnificence of the place. You’ll be put up on exactly what heli trip is supposed to be- an aerial view of soaring mountains and valley.

Travelers get to experience the Himalayan lifestyle, culture, and even vegetation in that prospect. But for those who can’t provide the helicopter tour, you can travel from the jeep to Syabrubesi and walk the trail further.

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How can you travel Langtang from Kathmandu?

With heavenly landscapes, scintillating glacial lakes and mountains, Langtang is Nepal’s cosmic triumph. The unbelievable natural beauty and geological diversity immerse by Langtang induce travelers all around the year.

This is perhaps the reason why trekkers never miss traveling Langtang during Nepal’s visit. Also, the routes are so facile to travel through that both beginners and avid trekkers are anxious to go on a trek to Langtang.

For any traveler taking a flight to Nepal, your excursion for Langtang trek begins with driving from Kathmandu to SyabruBesi. It takes about 7-8 hours on the jeep before you arrive at the village.

Right after you take a step down from the jeep, your trek to Langtang kicks off. You’ll then have 11.3 kilometers of trek distance to cover before reaching Lama Hotel. It’s your first stop after the start of the trek. From Lama Hotel, you’ll walk a trail preceding through the forest and high lands.

Mundu will be your endpoint for the day where you’ll arrive only after scrambling the rocky field and pastures. The succeeding day, you’ll ascend towards Kyanjin Gompa walking green pastures fed by yak and crossing moraines.

Because it gets dusk by the time you reach Kyanjin, you settle at the station for the night. The next day in the village will see you exploring the place, having a short distance hike and visiting monasteries.

Trekkers trek as high as up to the glaciers of Langtang Lirung while few walks to Kyanjin Ri. Travelers retrace their steps from Kyanjin and climb down to the valley along the Langtang Khola and Ghora Tabela.

You’ll continue to trek till arriving at Lama Hotel on the 8th day of the trip. Later the day, you’ll row back to the place from where it all started, Syabru Besi.

On your return, you’ll relish the dense forest covered with flowers that walk along the trail. You can even take a walkway from Rimche through Sherpa Gaon top Syabru Besi. The route takes a bit longer to reach the village but comes with a spectacular view.

11 Days Itinerary for Langtang Trek

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

Day 02: Sightseeing Kathmandu City and it’s historical sites including Kathmandu Durbar Square

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to SyabruBesi

Day 04: Trek from SyabruBesi to Lama Hotel

Day 05: Trek from Lama Hotel to Mundu

Day 06: Trek from Mundu to Kyanjin

Day 07: Exploration of Kyanjin Ri

Day 08: Trek from Kyanjin to Lama Hotel

Day 09: Trek from Lama Hotel to Syabru Besi

Day 10: Drive from SyabruBesi to Kathmandu

Day 11: Shopping and Final Departure

What is the actual cost for Langtang Gosainkunda trek?

Gosaikunda trek

There’s definitely something unusual about Langtang Gosainkunda trek that it repeatedly draws the travelers towards the region. They are always up to travel the region even though it’s slightly challenging and the package for the trek cost dollars.

Well, to be precise, it required the trekkers to pay something in between $350-$500. This cost might run over depending on the service you choose throughout your travel.

You can also expect a rise in price if you want to channelize the amenities layout as per the package. For any supplementary service needed out of the package, you must be prepared to spend some extra money.

Which is the best season for a trek to Langtang? Can trekkers walk the trail even in monsoon?

The trails to Langtang are unlike anywhere in the Himalayas. With the routes being short and unchallenging, traveling the region is as easy as falling off a log.

So, all things considered, trek to Langtang is pretty much possible all through the year. Yet, to get the most out of the trip, you better visit the region any time between Autumn.

As the weather is amiable in this season, you get a fair view of Ganesh Himal and Dorje Lakpa. Following the tranquility and chill in the air, you’ll have no trouble walking along the route.

The dense evergreen forest all through the trail will surprise you with blooming rhododendron and a mix of wildflowers. As it hardly rains during the month, you’ll experience warm weather.

Much the same, Spring is the other best time to visit Langtang. Nepal hails the season in early March and celebrates it till the end of May. With a pleasant atmosphere and mild temperature, spring drizzles you with a hypnotic view of the mountains and green pastures.

You can even enjoy the awe-inspiring architecture and arts accessible at every monastery and gompa. Because it’s a prime season for travel, you’ll always have someone to accompany throughout the trek.

Even though winter hasn’t much fuss amidst trekkers, it still is promising to visit the region. The only time you’ll struggle walking the trail is when the temperature drops dramatically or else it starts to snow heavily.

Trails at lower elevations are still possible to scramble but as you go higher, it’s unfeasible to walk. The climate will likely overpower your ability to walk the distance.

Monsoon is the other season trekkers least prefer traveling Langtang. With the coursing rain, the trails get slippery and it’s almost impossible to keep up with the routes.

How difficult it is to trek to Langtang?

In general, the Langtang trek isn’t as strenuous as scrabbling Everest Base Camp. In that case, even Annapurna is much grueling to trek to.

However, the difficulty scale for the Langtang trek varies with the season being a major hindrance. The trail of Langtang is a stir of steppes, downhill, and sloping that even sees rugged land and forest.

Hence, you’ll already struggle before even ascending high hills while it’s less soaring, sloping downward. The filthy and rocky routes with dust smearing all through the walkaway make it even more difficult to trek to Langtang.

Likewise, Season is another big reason for trek difficulty in Langtang. Monsoon out of all is when trekkers have a hard time walking the trail. The roads are sludgy having drenched in rain all day long, making it impossible for trekkers to travel through.

Let the difficulty be, it’s risky to travel from the route. Similarly, winter also makes a handout to Langtang trek difficult. With the temperature falling below -3 Degree Celsius in winter, it’s a torment going at higher altitude.

Is Langtang trek possible without a guide?

Compared all the popular trek destinations in Nepal, Langtang trek is unarguably the less challenging and safest one. So convenient and easy it is to track the trails that travelers don’t even need a pro guide.

With the help of a travel map, they can easily make it to the top and retrace their steps back to the city. Traveling with fewer people means more time for exploration as there’s no gossip or tales to share.

You get a good pace for your trek having no one to await or accompany. In case you have trouble chasing the route, you can get help from the locals or even the travelers in the route.

This will eventually get you closer to the people in the region who’re always nice and generous to the guest. Something you should be very cautious while up for the Langtang trek is to make sure that you’ve TIMS card.

Without it, you don’t get access to places in Langtang. The card is inspected in every checkpoint walking the route to Langtang. Hence, to stay in the race to Langtang trek, you must have a TIMS card although a private guide is needless.

Is trek to Helambu possible in five days?

For any traveler who’s dying to escape the city hassle for a time being and make it back to the work, better go on Helambu trek. It’s because the village is nearest to the city and isn’t challenging at all.

For a fact, Helambu is just 80 km away from Kathmandu and is abode to an indigenous tribe, Hyolmo. Hence, anyone can travel the region on their own. But, for tourists they might need a briefing map only for that, they are an in-comer in the country.

Well, we already have an idea now that the trek to Helambu is doable in five days but still confused about how the trek starts. The actual trek to Helambu starts from Chisapani but first, you’ve to drive to Sundarijal.

It takes about an hour of drive to reach this small village inside Kathmandu. From here, you’ll walk to Chisopani on an unpaved road through Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve.

After spending pleasant times at Chisopani, you’ll trek to Kutumsang on the second day of the trip. After 6 hours of walk through the meadows and walk down to Gul Bhanjyang via Pathi Bhanjyang, you’ll arrive at Kutumsang.

On the third day, the trail will see you descending the steppes along the pine forest and valley across to Jugal Himal. Walking around the village, you’ll come across to meet Sherpa and Tamang people and get an insight into their culture.

For the night, you’ll stay at Tarkeghyang, synonymously Helambu which was named after a caste Helmu. The village has one of the oldest monasteries that is religiously important for the people living here.

On the fifth day, you take 3 hours of walk to reach Timbu. And for the journey ahead, you’ll instead take a drive to Kathmandu that lasts for about four hours.

With this, it’s quite clear that tourists visit Helambu mostly because of its convenient location. But they’re also fascinated with the traditions and values carried out by the people living here.

Following the cultural mix, rich history, and scenic view, Helambu trek continues to grow in popularity. The locals here have been a subject of common interest for tourists visiting the region.

Highlights of Helambu Trek

  • Mesmeric view of snow peaks like Mt. Gaurishanker and Langtang Lirung I
  • Short and unexacting trails to walk that goes through dense forest
  • Entrancing to see thick pine forest mixed with Rhododendron in spring
  • Probe through the village and get to know the cultural values of the people living there
  • A glimpse of more than hundreds of magnificent lakes including Surya Kund

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