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Larke La Pass (5,106m) Wide Spread Himalayan Pass In Nepal

Larke La Pass (5,106 metres): Wide Spread Himalayan Pass In Nepal

Larke La Pass, which falls within the Manaslu Conservation Area, is one of the longest passes in Nepal. The pass, at 5,106 meters (16,752 ft) above sea level in the Himalayas, is a key destination for visitors. The access is between the two villages, Bimthang and Dharmashala, and serves as the highest point for trekkers embarking on Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Larke la Pass was named after the Larkya peak (6249 meters). It is a tall mountain in the Annapurna region. Moreover, the trails of the Larke La pass lead you to the right sub-peak of Manaslu.

The Larke Pass location is close to the Nepal-China border. The pass, too, serves as the link between the two major conservation areas of Nepal- the Manaslu Conservation Area and the Annapurna Conservation Area. The most famous trek related to the Larke Pass is the Manaslu Circuit trek, often popularly referred to as the Manaslu Larke Pass Trek.

With the Manaslu circuit trek, trekkers must cross all the villages en route, like Maccha Khola, Jagat, Namrung, Sama Gaun, and Dharamsala, before finally reaching their main destination, Larke la Pass. In simple Language, the Manaslu Circuit trek is about getting to the highest point, Larke La Pass. Let’s explore more about Larke La pass in the short below.

How to Reach the Larke La Pass

How to Reach the Larke La Pass

The most popular way to reach Larke La Pass is by embarking on a Manaslu circuit trek or Manaslu Larke La Pass Trek of 16 days. Intending to get the Larke La Pass, you start your journey from Kathmandu (1300 meters). From here, we will drive to Arughat (570 meters)– the least elevation of the Manaslu trek.

From Arughat, you reach Machha Khola via Soti Khola. Among the famous trekking routes in Nepal, the trailhead of the Manaslu Circuit trek stands as the nearest to Kathmandu. Still, the journey to reach the trailhead is a 126 km (80 miles) drive (from Kathmandu to Macha Khola). And the journey to reach the trailhead (Maccha Khola) takes about 8 hours by jeep or 8 Plus hours by public bus. If the road conditions are unfavorable from Arughat to Machha Khola (mainly in monsoon season). In that case, trekkers may have to start walking from Arughat, which adds an extra day to your itinerary.

You start the trek from Machha Khola, pass through many villages like Jagat, Philim, Deng, Ghap, Lho, Samagaon, Samdo, and Dharmasala, and finally reach Larke la Pass. An acclimatization day will be set up for you, including rest and an acclimatization hike to the Manaslu Base Camp.

Manalsu Ciuict trek or Manalsu Larke La Pass trek is a popular treking trail ofNepal. The trek takes you to remote places which offer spectacular mountain views of tall mountains like Mt. Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Besides these, some other peaks you will see are Himalchuli, Ganesh Himal Ngadi Chuli, and Shringi.

All the mountain views and breathtaking sunrise views from the Larke La Pass make your visit worthwhile. After crossing the Larke La Pass, our journey involves hiking to Tilje, Jagat, and Syange. We finally take a 9-hour ride back to Kathmandu via Besisahar from Syange.

Best Time For Manaslu Larkya La Pass: Weather and Temperature

Manalsu Larkya la Pass trek is an excellent off-the-beaten trek in Nepal. And to complete the trek and reach the Larke la pass, learning about weather and temperature is essential. The best time (favorable weather and temperature) for the Larke La Pass trek is spring and Autumn. Here’s the breakdown of the season’s weather and temperature in the Larke la Pass.

Spring Season

Best Time For Manalsu Larkya La Pass- Weather and Temperature

Nepal spring starts in March and ends in May. It is the best time for crossing Larkya la Pass. Spring season arrives just after the winter, so the cold temperature will disappear while warmer temperatures appear with the season.

Larkya la Pass in March

March marks the beginning of the spring season. This means the temperature, which was cold and freezing in winter, slowly got warmer. Thus it invites Warmer days.

March has the perfect weather (warm and breezy) for the Larkya la Pass. Early March days will still be cold, with daytime temperatures ranging between 2 to 8℃ and night temperatures ranging around -6℃. The hiking trails to Larke la Pass in the lower elevation with forests will be surrounded by green vegetation.

Larkya la Pass in April

Generally, all three spring months are great for crossing Laka la Pass. Still, if you are looking for the best time among these three, that would be April. In April, the days get warmer and longer days by day. Similarly, the temporary around the Larke la Pass ranges from 6 to 12℃ in April, perfectly starting the hike and crossing the pass. The morning and day will be a bit warmer, and the days get longer with plenty of sunlight offering clear visibility of the mountains around the pass.

Larkya la Pass in May

May is the last month of spring, characterized by its stabled warm weather and lots of sunshine hours. May is the driest and warmest month of the year when temperatures will be at their maximum of around 12 to 31℃ or more. Crossing Larke la Pass in the Himalayas will still be comfortable despite the hot temperature.

Autumn season

Autumn season larke la pass in nepal

The Autumn season starts in September and runs till November. The season brings warm temperatures where the days are brighter and more favorable. It is also the best time to start hiking in the lower elevation to cross the challenging Larke la Pass (5,165m).

Larkya la Pass in September

September month is the start of the Autumn season in Nepal. The temperature, which was hot in summer (July and August), started to fall in September. Thus the morning and nights will be a bit colder. Around the laya la pass, the average monthly temperature ranges from 5 to 7℃.

Larkya la Pass in October

October brings out the warm days and good visibility. It is the ideal time to cross the high pass- Larke la pass. The weather condition is more favorable with being neither too hot nor cold. Similarly, the temperature of the lower surroundings in October ranges between 12 to 15℃. But you may experience a cold night at higher elevations (Larke la pass) due to the temperature drop of 0 to -2℃.

Larkya la Pass in November

November, the last month of the autumn season, provides good visibility of several snow-capped mountains around Larke la Pass. The climate is also at its best, with temperature running from 12-13℃ in the lower region of the trail. The average temperature decreases and hovers around -3 to -6℃ in the high-altitude village of Samagaun, Samdo.

Difficultes of Laryka La Pass

Difficultes of Laryka La Pass


Reaching Larkya la pass from its trailhead means near Corss crossing 177 kilometers in total distance. Therefore, covering this distance can be difficult for trekkers new to trekking. Similarly, the Manaslu Larke la Pass trek can be challenging for trekkers with experience. Trekkers must be fit enough as they will cover around 15 to 20 kilometers daily.

Altitude sickness

Larke la Pass is one of the highest passes in Nepal. This pass is the highest destination of various Manalsu treks- the Manaslu circuit trek. So altitude sickness among the trekkers is quite common during the hike.

To minimize the occurrence of altitude sickness, trekkers must travel with a pre-planned itinerary with proper acclimatization days. Similarly, they should be hydrated and take their acclimatization hikes before crossing the Larke La pass. Trekkers can also take medication like Diamox for altitude sickness.

Rugged and Steep Trails

The Manaslu Region terrain is a remote torus destination. On top of that, Larke la Pass is the highest point you will reach. The Larke la Pass route is rough, with steep and icy trails. Crossing this rough route includes slipping and falling along the snowy paths.

Moreover, in winter months, the routes to the past get tougher. Therefore it increases the frequent occurrence of snowfalls which increases the chances of getting sick or frostbite.

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Final Say

Manalsu Larke La pass trek is an incredible adventure in the Manalsu region. You must cross challenging yet beautiful routes and villages to reach the Larke la Pass at 5,106 meters (16,752 ft). Crossing this high elevated pass will test you to the core and give you a thrilling adventure in the Manaslu region.

Crossing Larke La pass is generally not an easy hike. Therefore we have described the Larke La pass, its best route, the best months, and the difficulties above. Contact us for more information about Crossing Larke La Pass and its related treks like Manalsu Larke La Pass or Manalsu Circuit Trek and other adventures in the Himalayas.