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Lubuche to Gorakshep visit everest base camp

Lobuche to Gorakshep

Duration: 7hrs

Distance: 11.7km/7.3miles

Starting Elevation: 4,910m/16,109ft

Maximum Elevation: 5,364m/17,596ft(Everest Base Camp)

Ending Elevation: 5,125m/16,814ft

Total Elevation Gain: 454m/1,489ft

Lobuche to Gorakshep and visit Everest Base Camp

After reaching Lobuche, the next stop on Everest Base Camp Trek is Gorakshep. So today, you will trek towards Gorakshep, the last stop before EBC. Plus, you will also visit Everest Base Camp(5,364m).

To start this walk, you will walk alongside the Khumbu Glacier. The trek is pretty comfortable and straight. However, there will be some steep sections. As you walk a little more, you will start to see scenic views of the glacier, Mt Everest, and other adjacent peaks. You will love walking with the panoramic view.

Continuing the trek slowly, you will arrive at a section of glaciers. You have to cross the glacier carefully as this is a tricky part of the trek. Do not get afraid; the glacier is not too slippery. The glacier part is decorated with rock and sand. So you will have a good grip on the ground.

Upon passing the glacier section, you’ll come across the first sight of Gorakshep Village. The village is full of teahouses and lodges. It is the last settlement before Everest Base Camp. In the village, you will take some rest at the teahouses, keep your belongings, and eat hot lunch.

But the day does not finish here. You have Everest Base Camp waiting for you. Thus, after lunch, you will start the exciting 4-hour round hike to Everest Base Camp.

The hike will bring you near the Khumbu Glacier. Walking side by the side of the glacier, you’ll enjoy the uniqueness of the glacier and panoramas. The hike is not too steep, but it is rough and rocky. You will be walking on the stretches of the Khumbu Glacier.

After some minutes of hiking, you will get the sights of Khumbu Ice Fall, the starting point of the Everest Climb. This is where you’ll also see Mt Everest. Soon later, you will arrive at the famous end of Everest Base Camp, the famous rock with EBC written on it. Around the area, you will also find colorful prayer flags. This is the time of celebration and photos. You will finally be at the world’s tallest peak base camp.

Following the celebration, you will prepare to return to Gorakshep. We have to return to Gorakshep as there are no teahouses or lodges at Everest Base Camp. So getting enough of the base camp and mountains pictures, you will take the same road back to Gorakshep.