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Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Manaslu Base Camp trek is yet another gem in Manaslu region. Manaslu Base Camp Trek lies on the border between Nepal and Tibet. Manaslu Base Camp Trek offers splendid views of mountains, diverse cultural heritage, and biological diversity. The Manaslu Base camp trek provides a majestic view of Manaslu Himal (8153m), Ganesh Himal (7319m), Shringi Himal (7187m), and Himal Chuli (7893m).

Manaslu translates to “The Spirit Mountain”. It is the eight highest peak in the world. Manaslu lies in Gorkha district, some 64 kilometers east of Annapurna. Manaslu region opened for tourist since 1992. It is alien to most of the travelers so the beauty of Manaslu Base Camp trek is yet to unexplored to a further extent. So, it is a traveler’s paradise.

Manaslu Base Camp lies at the altitude of 4800m. Most of the part of the Manaslu Base Camp Trek is a restrict trekking route. You need special trekking permits to explore those areas. As long as you get these permits, you can watch the glory of Mt. Manaslu 8153m/26748ft during this trek.

The inhabitants along the Manaslu Base Camp Trek are mostly of Tibetan origin. You will come across sacred monasteries as you walk in this trail. The trail offers spectacular views of Tibetan plateau.

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Manaslu Base Camp Trek is spiritual and healing to the soul and mind. Manaslu Base camp Trek is also known for strenuous walking and expedition which is why it can be a challenging and difficult trek. So, you will need an adequate amount of preparation for this trek.

During the Manaslu Base Camp Trek, you will cross high mountain passes like Larke La A5213m. You can jump-start your journey from the starting point either Arughat or Soti Khola. You will reach the starting point in 9 hours via a private jeep or a local bus.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu (1,300m/4,264ft)

Day 02: Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour and preparation

Day 03: Kathmandu to Arughat (670m/2,198 ft) –to Soti Khola (710m/2,330ft): 8-9 hrs drive \135km

Day 04: Soti Khola to Machha Khola (890m/2,920ft): 6-7 hrs\ 14km,

Day 05: Machha Khola to Dobhan (1,000m/3,280ft): 6-7 hrs \11km

Day 06: Dobhan to Philim (1,590m/5,216ft): 6-7 hrs\10km

Day 07: Philim to Lokpa (2,240m/7,350ft) to Chumling (2,360m/7,750ft): 6-7 hrs\10km

Day 08: Deng to Namrung (2,660m/8,725ft): 6-7 hrs\12km

Day 09: Namrung to Lho (3,180m/10,430ft): 3-4hrs\4km

Day 10: Lho to Sama Gaon (3,530m/11,578ft): 5-6 hrs\8km

Day 11: Sama: Rest and exploration day: Birendra Tal / Pungyen Gompa / Manaslu Base Camp

Day 12: Sama to Samdo (3,860m/12,660ft): 3-4 hrs\8km

Day 13: Samdo to Larkya Phedi/Dharamsala (4,460m/14,628ft): 3-5 hrs/7km

Day 14: Dharamsala to Larkya La (5,160m/16,930ft) – Bimthang (3,720m/12,201ft): 7-9 hrs\12km

Day 15: Bimthang to Gho (2,515m/8,250ft): 5-6 hrs\12km

Day 16: Gho to Dharapani (1,920m/6,300ft): 3-4 hrs\8km

Day 17: Dharapani to Besisahar (760m/2,495ft) to Kathmandu (1,300m/4,264ft): 7-8hrs\190km

Day 18: Final departure

Details Itinerary here: Manaslu Base Camp Trek Detailed Itinerary

Trip Highlights

  • Visit to Manaslu Base Camp.
  • Get an insight into the Tibetan and Buddhist culture
  • Explore the remote unspoiled and untouched nature of the Manaslu region.
  • Enjoy the peace and tranquility in the less crowded region of Manaslu Base Camp.
  • Authentic trek in the off beaten trails of Manaslu region.
  • Spectacular scene of Himlung Himal (7216m\23,345ft) and Mt. Manaslu (8153m/26,748ft).
  • Explore rural villages of the Gurungs.
  • Accommodate yourself at beautiful Teahouse at Manaslu region.

Seasons for Manaslu Base Camp trek

Best time for Manaslu Base Camp Trek

Spring and autumn are the best time to trek the Manaslu Base Camp. Following are the details.


Spring begins in March. You will have a wonderful time in lower regions of this trek in the spring season. The temperature is cool and the sky is bright and warm. It is neither too cold nor too hot. You will enjoy crisp blue skies in this season. The stable weather graces climbers and trekkers. It is always wise to avoid the afternoon sun.


You will experience different weather in Autumn. You will experience intermittent drizzle in September. The temperature is cool. You can experience dry and stable weather in October and November. The views of the surrounding are clear. This is the busiest time for trekking to Manaslu Base Camp trek. You will enjoy blooming flowers spreading through the trail.

Off-Season Time but Doable

Winter and Summer are the off seasons for Manaslu Base Camp Trek. However, the trek is doable. Following are the details of each season.


December falls in the winter season. The sunrise and the sunset are always clear from the mountains. Some teahouses might not be open for business. You should prepare also prepare for the possibility of heavy snowfall in the winter season. January is not a preferable time to do Manaslu Base Camp trek as heavy snowfall might cause some trekking interruptions. Nonetheless, you can enjoy crisp views of the mountains.


June marks the beginning of Summer in Manaslu. Moderate rain is too common. So, the temperature is cooler. You can enjoy early morning walks in the drizzling rain. It makes for great clear walks in the morning. However, most of the trails are slippery and wet. However, after the dust settles, you will witness the sky come alive.

manaslu tsum valley trek

Physical Requirements and Preparation for the Manaslu Base Camp Trek

Manaslu Base Camp is a 16-day trek. You have to walk at least 7 hours a day to reach your destination. The trail you walk along are uphill climbing and downhill descend. This makes the trek even more difficult.

So you have to be physically prepared for the trek. You need to join in special training routines months before the trek. We recommend you start exercising a month prior before the trek. Seeking assistance from experienced trekkers is always helpful.

You should consult your doctor before you start your trek. This is because of the fact that the pre-existing conditions of blood, lung, and heart can always be lethal.

Manaslu Base Camp trek is a remote trek. Only limited access is available to the area. Be sure you check on your insurance. Your insurance should cover all the medical charges along the way. You should also look for a helicopter rescue option in an emergency.

Joining a fitness routine like swimming, jogging, aerobic training is always helpful to the cause. A moderate level of fitness is enough for conquering the trek ahead. Be prepared and have determination in your heart. And success will follow.

Difficulties During the Manaslu Base Camp Trek

Landscape and Distance

Manaslu Base Camp trek provides a wide variety of terrains. The landscapes are difficult and oddly shaped. You will be walking 15 to 20 km each day. Walking harrowing steep trains along the trek will test your stamina as well as endurance. The beginning of the trek is difficult as the trail leads to Budhi Gandaki gorge. You will walk a lot of uphills and downhills in your trek.

The crossing of Larkya la pass 5213 m is challenging. It will test your strength and capabilities. You need to be mentally prepared for the difficulties ahead. If you are not prepared for the trek, your body might exhaust from the hike.


The altitude varies along your trek to Manaslu Base Camp trek. Your trek will begin at lower altitude 700m, Soti Khola. It also takes you to the highest altitude of 5213m, the Larkya La Pass. Your body will experience an immense change in the surrounding. You are prone to the risk of altitude sickness as the elevation of the trek is a tad demanding.

You should prepare yourself fully against the possible risks of altitude sickness. Gather collective information. Thus, being well informed always eases your trekking difficulty. You should also consult your doctor for medication. The medication will help you along with the symptoms in the trek.

Clothing and Equipment

The right equipment and clothing will protect you from the cold of the high altitude of the Manaslu region. So, you need to have quality trekking equipment during the trek.

Hiring Equipment will cost you 1-2 dollars per day whereas buying new equipment will cost somewhere around 500$-800$. You need to get the following equipment for your trek to Manaslu Base Camp.

  • Pullover
  • Expedition thermal tops
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Windstopper jacket
  • Cotton Trousers
  • Shorts
  • Thermal underwear
  • Thermal gloves
  • Cotton Pants
  • Thermal Bottoms
  • Sun hat
  • Scarf
  • Balaclava
  • Thermal T-shirts
  • Inner socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Head Lamp
  • Sleeping bag
  • Trek Bag
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Bottles
  • Thermarest pad
  • Toiletries
  • Wash towel
  • Trekking shoes
  • Waterproof trousers/pants

Manaslu Base Camp Trek Cost

You might have decided to start the majestic trek to Manaslu Base Camp. And you might have questions about the budget. Well, don’t concern yourself any further. Here are some detail breakdowns to the cost of Manaslu Base Camp Trek.

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Guides and porters Cost

You can hire a guide or a porter at around $25. The guides hold an authorized license. So, it is always wise to hire a guide. The guide will offer technical knowledge and safety, information about the trek ahead as well as the local tradition and culture.

Likewise, the potters will carry your luggage if you hire them. This will help relieve the immense pressure of carrying your bag. The guides and porters make your trekking experience safe and enjoyable.

Transportation at Manaslu Base Camp Trek Cost

In order to start the Manaslu Base Camp trek, you will need to hop on a local bus to Arughat or Soti Khola. And it is always convenient to book a jeep ride. The local bus costs around $10 per person. The jeep ride costs between $150 and $200

You can share the cost if you are traveling in groups. The jeep ride would cost you around $30 per person. If you are traveling in a pack. The cost is the same as your return from Tal or Besisahar to Kathmandu.

Cost of Food at Manaslu Base Camp Trek

The food cost gets higher as the elevation increases. The meal will cost you approximately $5. The food cost varies according to your choice. You will spend $20 on foods for a day. You will enjoy every bite of the food even though the cost of food is high. You will experience relief and joy as you sit down and eat after an agonizing hike.

Cost of Accommodation at Manaslu Base Camp Trek

Manaslu Base Camp is teahouse trek. Finding a room is not a problem in Manaslu Base Camp trek. The trails are usually empty. And the tea houses are usually less crowded. The room will cost you from $6 – $9. Well facilitated tea houses are open all the time. You have to pay the entire amount of the room cost. Attached bathroom rooms are optional. It cost 2-3 dollars extra.

Entree fee and permits Cost

You will need a special permit for the Manaslu Base Camp trek. The cost is 70 $ per person for the first week and $10 per day thereafter. It’s slightly cheaper between the months of December to August. The cost is $50 for the first week and then $7 per day after that. The cost on average is $10 per day per person.

You will also need to pay extra permit fees of (Annapurna conservation area permit) and the (Manaslu Conservation Area permit). It will cost you around $20 per person for each of these permits.

Manaslu Base Camp Trek FAQ

What happens if there’s an emergency?

In case of an emergency, the group leader will inform about it to the nearest village via radio. The trek leader will call for an immediate helicopter evacuation. It will cost you up to 1000 to 1800 dollars. So, get travel insurance that covers evacuation as well. If you are not facing any serious conditions, you can always visit a health post for a checkup.

Is it good to trek to Manaslu Base Camp with an agency?

Trekking agencies organize a scheduled trek for you. It is best to trek with an agency if you are tight on schedule. Exciting Nepal is one of the best agencies for the Manaslu Base Camp trek. The cost will depend on the nature of your trek. The cost covers the cost of shelter, food, porters and guides. We will also help you customize this trek.

Is it possible to get trekking equipment on hire for the Manaslu Base Camp Trek?

Sure, you can always hire trekking equipment. You can hire the equipment from trekking shops in Thamel, Kathmandu. You can hire them for 1-2 dollars per day. The prices are reasonable according to your preferences.


Manaslu Base Camp trek is a classic trek. You will immerse yourself in the geographical charisma. Manaslu Base Camp treks are rich with diverse culture, natural beauty, rudimental settlements, and ancient Tibetan lifestyle. You will have a great time in the Manaslu region


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