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manaslu circuit trek cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu region is certainly the best off the beaten region of Nepal which has been explored by only a few travelers. It is sad to learn that this place is not walked by many despite having abundant cultural and natural beauties. If there is one extremely beautiful place on the earth that most of the trekkers have not reached, that is the Manaslu region. Stunning and towering peaks, breathtaking terrains, lush vegetation, endemic culture & lifestyle; the rich Manaslu region has so much to offer.

Of several ways of escaping the busy life and entering the heavenly Manaslu region, Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of them. It is a trek to explore the unexplored parts of the Manaslu region which actually deserves to be explored. This trek makes travelers leave footprints on the best less-walked trails of Nepal. The main attractions of Manaslu Circuit Trek are inspiring Tibetan Influenced Nepali Culture, Eversnowy Mt Manaslu- the eight-highest mountain in the world, enriched Manaslu Conservation Area, dramatic Larkya La Pass(5,106m) and many more.

However, thanks to time now the scenario is changing as the Manaslu Region and Manaslu Circuit Trek are receiving more and more trekkers every year. Word of mouth from visited ones to the non-visited ones seems finally working. With trekkers increasing every next second, there can be a search to know more about Manaslu Circuit Trek. The very first thing that can ring the head of possible Mansalu Circuit Trekkers is its cost.

So, this is the article about the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost for those who are thinking of doing the trek soon after reading this article or maybe later. Have an awesome read down below to know about the round cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek so that you bring enough cash on the trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Permit Cost

Just like other treks of Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek also requires some permits to make it happen. Permit costs are the most basic cost of Manaslu Circuit Trek which you cannot avoid even after request. They are for the management and welfare of related areas.

All total you need to get four permits: Manaslu Restricted Area Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, and Tsum Valley Permit. Some of these permits are to enter the protected sites and rest for entering the restricted areas. To get permits and access to the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you need to be in a group of at least 2 people(including you) along with a licensed guide.

Each of the four permits is listed below with their fee:

Manaslu Restricted Area Permit

Manaslu region is a restricted area of Nepal that shares a border with Tibet. Because of that Nepal’s government has classified the Manaslu region as the restricted area. So, you have to get permission to make entry into the Manaslu region. However, the fee for this permit is variable with the month you are outing and the number of days you tend to spend in the region.

September to November:

Throughout these months from September to November, the permit cost is USD 70 per individual until one week and thereafter USD 10 per extra day. September to November(Autumn) is the peak season in Nepal hence this permit is a bit higher in these months.

December to August:

The Manaslu restricted area permit is a bit cheaper from December to August as compared to the peak Autumn season. If you wish to get this permit you need to pay USD 50 for 1 week and thereafter USD 7 for every extra day.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit

This permit is necessary to enter the protected Manaslu Conservation Area which shares the trail of Manaslu Circuit Trek. It is enriched with diverse flora and fauna. The fee for getting this permit is USD 10 per pax for SAARC Nationals and USD 30 per pax for Other(Non-SAARC) Nationals.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit

It is another protected site which you will enter along the trail in some points of Manaslu Circuit Trek. You will be asked for the Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit in checkpoints. Thus, you should get this permit for a hassle-free trek. The fee of this permit is totally the same as the Manaslu Conservation Area Permit. USD 30 per person if you belong from Non-SAARC Countries and USD 10 for the SAARC nationals.

Tsum Valley Permit

This permit is only required when you are doing Manaslu Circuit via Tsum Valley. If not through Tsum Valley then there is no need to get this permit. Tsum Valley is a restricted valley which is highly influenced by Tibetan culture. Because of its unique cultural display, you are required to have a Tsum Valley Permit to make an entry. The fee of this permit is also variable with the month you are traveling in.

September to November

Tsum Valley Permit is obtainable after paying USD 40 per week

December to August

It is USD 35 per week for the Tsum Valley Permit from December until August.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Transportation Cost

Trekking in Manaslu

The Manaslu Circuit Trek starts from Sothi Khola and ends at Dharapani. Both of these starting and ending points of this trek are not connected by the airport with Kathmandu so the only transportation option is a roadway. However, there are two riding options; Local Jeep and Private Jeep. The transportation cost as per the route and vehicle is as below:

Kathmandu to Sothi Khola via Arughat(Incoming)

Distance: 141 Km

Drive Duration: 7 to 9 hours(Both vehicles)

Via Local Bus

Every morning a few numbers of local buses depart from Kathmandu’s bus station for Arughat. Thereafter from Arughat, you have to switch to a jeep for a further ride to Sothi Khola. Local buses do not go further from Arughat because of the road condition. However, the jeeps can easily reach Sothi Khola. So, the total fare for reaching Sothi Khola from Kathmandu is USD 10 to 15 per person.

Via Private Jeep

It is a hassle-free but a bit expensive way to reach the trails of Manaslu Circuit Trek. Going Sothi Khola from Kathmandu via booked private jeep is a better option as there is no need to make a transit at Arughat. The jeep is more comfortable also in comparison with the local bus. A private jeep to Sothi Khola will cost around USD 200 to USD 250. The jeep has 7 seats and it’s good to be in a group so that fare can be divided.

Dharapani to Kathmandu via Beshisahar(Outgoing)

Total Distance: 190 Km

Drive Duration: 10 to 12 hours(Both Vehicles)

As we have mentioned earlier, the ending point of Manaslu Circuit Trek is at Dharapani. Dharapani is not linked by any local bus route hence the only way out is via local jeep. Lined-up local jeeps at Dharapani take 5 hours to reach Beshi Sahar from where you get to switch to a local bus or private jeep for Kathmandu.

The fare for Dharapani to Besisahar via local jeep is USD 20 to 25 per person. But you can also avoid local jeep by booking the private jeep by paying USD 200 to USD 250. And from Besisahar you can either pick the private jeep or you can go by the Local bus. You’ll reach Kathmandu after another 5 to 6 hours drive. The local bus fare for Kathmandu from Besisahar is around USD 7 to 8 whereas the private jeep fare is USD 200 to 250.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Accommodation Cost

Accommodation cost throughout the Manaslu Circuit Trek is more or less similar to other teahouse treks of Nepal. Though, it can be slightly expensive in comparison with most popular treks like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek because of its remoteness.

But don’t expect lavish hotels and lodges on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. You will only get to stay at the basic teahouses(lodges) run by the locals. You have to pay USD 6 to 10 USD per night for a double room where you can share it with your fellow trekker. Rooms will be fully neat and clean and also equipped with basic bed clothing like a pillow, blanket. However, you have to use commonly shared toilets in most of the teahouses.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost- Food, Water and Beverage Cost

Food cost is the most affecting part of the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost. The cost of food and beverage items is slightly more expensive than in other areas. That is because of the lack of proper and quick transportation of raw materials. It’s very hard to transport raw materials to the Manaslu region. Despite being a bit expensive, you will enjoy the most delicious and organic food of your life on this trek.

Normally, you have to spend USD 15 to 20 per 24 hours on meals. A commonly available meal menu is the traditional Dal Bhat which is also termed as the trekking food of Nepal. It’s a blend set of rice, fried lentils, vegetables, and pickles, a meal that is full of energy. Likewise, tea and coffee are the most popular beverages around the trails of this trek which costs USD 1.5 to 4. Drinking water is also easily purchasable in USD 0.5 to 4 throughout the tea houses of the trails.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Porter and Guide Cost

manaslu tsum valley trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is not a solo trek at all. There is a rule imposed by the government that any person wanting to do this trek should be in a group of at least two people including a licensed guide. It is too risky and troublesome to do Manaslu Circuit Trek on your own without any guide or porter. This means you cannot go out for Manaslu Circuit Trek without a guide. And you know hiring an experienced guide increases the overall Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost.

Any experienced guide will not become ready unless you pay around USD 20 to 25 per day. That fee will cover his accommodation, food, and salary for his service. Being with an experienced guide is the safest way to explore and trek any treks in the world. Plus, you can hire a porter to carry your heavy bags through the trek. If you don’t want to feel the burden of your well-loaded bag it is a good idea to get a porter. The porters can be employed by paying USD 20 to 25 per day. Or, you can get service of both guide and porter in one person i.e. porter-guide. Such service persons want USD 22 to 25 per day.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Miscellaneous Cost

There are other headings of Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost which are not basic and must but have to make for conveniences and services. Possible miscellaneous costs during Manaslu Circuit Trek are as below:

Charging Cost

Teahouses do charge you for charging your mobiles, cameras, and other electronic gadgets. The charging cost will be USD 3 to 4 per hour of charging. Also, remember the charging spots are not available in rooms but in communal areas like kitchen and reception.

Hot Shower

You need to pay an extra cost for getting hot showers at teahouses. Hot showers here in the Manaslu trek do not mean your bathroom will have an installed shower. Rather you will get hot water in a bucket or something else. But by the time you reach there who knows some tea houses will install showers. The thing is don’t expect much more. Teahouse owners will charge you around USD 0.5 to 1 per bucket or gallon.

Tips and Donations

Tips and Donations are to show some love and care towards those who deserve and need it. In the course of the trek, you will be companioned by the guide and porter. Getting impressed by their services you may want to reward them with some monetary tip. Similar is for Donations, you may meet some needy people on the trek and feel like helping them with some monetary donations. So, this is neither compulsory nor recommended it’s all your choice.

Clothing and Gear

When you will be packing you feel like you have all the necessities and later after reaching Nepal you may realize that actually you miss something. Hence, there can be some expenses in buying extra clothing and gear for the Manaslu Circuit Trek which you never have or not brought up.


This is also a possible expense when traveling anywhere far from home. In most of the outings, you could buy a gift for your loved ones or for yourself. Some gifts come cheap and some expensive. This cost all depends on what you want to buy as a gift.

Tips for Saving Money in Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Make all the necessary purchases while in Kathmandu. Once you leave Kathmandu and enter the remote places, the price starts to increase with every meter of height.
  • Have a refillable water bottle and water purification tablets. Buying water every next stop can cost you so much. Rather fill up the bottle from water taps and purify it with tablets. This way you will save a lot of Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost
  • Don’t eat a non-veg meal rather prefer a Vegetarian Dal-Bhat meal. You know it or not, Dal-Bhat is an easily gettable and economical food item, and it is full of protein too.
  • If possible bring a good solar battery charger, power bank, and some extra batteries. This way you don’t need to pay for charging too often.
  • If you really want to lower the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost then prefer local buses over private jeeps. As you now may know the private jeeps are really expensive when compared with public buses.
  • Hire a guide cum porter for Manalsu Circuit Trek who can do both things at the same time. Doing this you need not pay fees separately to a guide and porter.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek’s Cost is just nothing when placed in front of the beauty of this region and trek. You’ll hardly think of any cost while on and after this trek. The beauty and trekking experience of the Manaslu region will make you forget all of the Manaslu Circuit Trek Costs. Instead, you’ll remain under its serenity until you see something better than this trek.

Exciting Nepal, one of the best service providing trekking companies in Nepal would like to hear more from you about the Manaslu Circuit Trek. We have an economic package for Manaslu Circuit Trek, if you are in. Or simply, remember us for this or any other adventures that you want to do in Nepal.



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