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Manaslu Circuit Trek In November

Manaslu Circuit Trek In November

Nestling in the northern Himalayan range, Mt. Manaslu ( 8163m ) is thumbing proudly as the eighth-highest peak in the world. Following the skirts of the Manaslu massif over the pass down to Annapurna, the Manaslu Circuit trek has a beauty of its own. What could be a better time of the year than November to capture the essence of this iconic trek, isn’t it? Manaslu Circuit trek in November beckons trekkers and adventurers alike to witness the grandeur of mountains with clear skies immortalizing it with vibrant autumn hues.

As the wet monsoon season has completely dried off while cold winter is still pounding on the door for attention from the Manaslu region, November takes its time to provide an ideal trekking atmosphere with a stable climate for trekkers who are embarking on the Manaslu Circuit trek. Trekkers will find solace in the solidarity among mounatins and can enjoy the tranquillity of this remote place.

Beginning your trek from Maccha Khola, you will walk along the awe-inspiring views of the Shringi Himal and Ganesh Himal to reach Jagat. Following the trails of the Manaslu conservation area, you will pass bamboo forests and suspension bridges to reach Deng. Making your way through settlement areas like Namrung, Lho, Samdo, you will explore the mesmerizing raw natural beauty and cultural enrichment this region has to offer during November. After a few days of walking, you will finally come across the highlight of the trek, Larke La Pass. Following the route of the Annapurna circuit trek, you will walk towards Dharapani and finally to Kathmandu.

Doesn’t this feel like a perfect itinerary to plan your exclusive Manaslu Circuit trek in November. If yes, then Exciting Nepal is all ready to make your experience a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime journey with the help of our expertise, guidance, and companionship.


Manaslu Circuit Trek in May

  • Panoramic views of the high Himalayas from the top of Larke La pass
  • Slide through the settlement areas of the Mnalsau region to understand the lifestyle of Himalayan areas
  • Experience the alluring walk alongside the Budhi Gandaki River, cascading waterfalls, and verdant meadows
  • Explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Manaslu conservation area
  • Immerse in the unique culture and tradition of the ethnic groups inhabiting the region.

What are Temperatures and Weather Like in the Manaslu region During November?

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November falls at the end of the autumn season when winter is knocking on the door for entrance. So, the first few weeks of November possess stable weather and climate like any other month of the fall season. However, the later weeks of November can face some drastic changes in weather due to the influence of winter in the higher altitudes of the Manaslu region.

The temperature can hover around 12 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius in the lower elevation. However, the temperature can drop to minus, averaging around -3 degrees Celsius to -6 degrees Celsius as you progress to higher elevation. The slight snowfall at the higher altitude in the later part of November can cause a significant drop in temperature, so enough preparation is required to face the colder temperature and make the trek comfortable.

Why Manaslu Circuit Trek in November

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You may find hundreds of reasons why you should embark on the Manaslu Circuit trek in November. But let’s delve into some major reasons that attract the trekkers to start this amazing journey.

Pleasant Climate With Stable Temperature

When the autumn season is bidding farewell in the Manaslu region, November offers moderate and milder temperatures with stable weather conditions. After the monsoon rain washes off the humidity in the air, trekkers can explore the area encircling Mount Manaslu in comfortable mild weather accompanied by a cool breeze, especially during the daytime in lower elevations.

Additionally, the first weeks of November have an adequate amount of sunlight, allowing you to explore the side highlights during the trek. However, you can experience some chilling cold during the morning and night at higher elevations during later November as winter is approaching the region.

Lower Chance of Rainfall and Snowfall

There is very little chance of precipitation and snowfall during the first weeks of November, so the trails will be dry and stable, which can make your journey more comfortable and easy. At the same time, the dry conditions of the trail ensure more safety, so it will boost the confidence of novice trekkers to walk on rugged terrains. The potential danger of flood and landslides becomes non-existent during November which makes it a supreme time for trekking the Manaslu circuit.

Clear Visibility of Mountains

The crisp, clear views of the pristine mountain ranges are one of the biggest merits of the Manaslu Circuit trek in November. After the monsoon subsides, the clouds in the sky disappear, which allows trekkers like you to immerse in the unobstructed views of the mountains, including Mt Manaslu, Annapurna massifs, Shringi Himal, Ganesh Himal, Himlung Himal, and other surrounding peaks. The clear visibility to behold the awe-inspiring mountain views against the blue sky is truly picturesque that will undoubtedly leave a long lasting impression of the journey.

Fewer Crowds

As the day progresses in November, the number of crowds embarking on the Manaslu Circuit trek decreases. So, you can enjoy the serene setting of the Manaslu region in a peaceful environment. You do not have to wait for anybody to move from the background to take aesthetic pictures. Likewise, you can explore the Himalayan beauty and accomplish a sense of solitude. Fewer crowds will make it easy to find accommodations in the teahouses and lodges easily. Hence, the Manaslu circuit trek in November allows you to immerse and savor the raw beauty in more quieter and intimate atmosphere.

Festivals and Different Regional Encounters

Since Nepal follows the lunar calendar system of Vikram Sambat, November coincides with many festivals like Chaath, Tihar, etc. This cultural enrichment allows you to learn more about the Manaslu region and Nepal in general. You can witness the cultural processions, dance, and enjoy the regional foods. Likewise, the Manaslu Circuit trek in November provides you with an incredible opportunity to take part in a manual Manaslu trail race, which takes place within the first three weeks of November. These small activities really make a huge difference in your journey, and you will be able to create a wonderful memory in this trek.

What Are the Difficulties That You May Face on the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November?

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Even though this trek does not require technical skills or prior trekking experience, there are some unavoidable difficulties that you may face during the trek. These challenges should not be taken lightly, and reasonable measures should be used to lower the impact of such difficulties.

Altitude Sickness

Trekking to a higher altitude comes with the risk of altitude sickness hand in hand. Moreover, you can feel the symptoms of altitude sickness if you spend a significant amount of time above 2500 m from sea level. So this trek poses the threat of altitude sickness as you will be covering the distance from Kathmandu (1400m ), passing Namrung(2630 m), Lho(3180 m), and finally reaching the highest point of the trek at Larke La Pass( 5106 m). Hence, make sure you look out for how your body is reacting to lower oxygen levels as the altitude rises.

Weather Variability

There is a high possibility of slight snowfall in the higher altitudes during late November. So, this can play a vital role in weather and climate variation as temperature begins to drop. Likewise, the light snow can make the trail section slippery and somewhat challenging to navigate. Hence, the trekkers who are planning the Manaslu Circuit trek in late November shall consider the weather factor and make necessary preparations with flexibility in the plan. If you go under-prepared then you will have to face unnecessary troubles, which you may not want in the course of trekking.

Remote Location

Even though the trekking routes in the Manslau region were open for trekkers in 1991, it is way too far from the mainstream trekking routes in Nepal. The main reason for this under-exploration is its remote location in a secluded area. Likewise, the rugged and dramatic landscapes due to topography have made it difficult for any technological development like transportation, communication, accommodations, internet, health facilities, etc.

If you feel exhausted in the middle of the trek, you can not call for Pathao and Indrive. Similarly, the accommodations and meal facilities are quite basic, so it is important to have some adaptability skills to make your trek more comfortable and easier.

Accommodations Issues

November is considered the peak season for trekking in Nepal, and the Manaslu Circuit trek is no any exception. As the first weeks of November are considered a more favorable time rather than the later part, the inflow of trekkers and adventurers alike will be more in the region. This will definitely create inadequacy of the accommodations in the tea houses and lodges. Hence, it will be easy for you if you make a prior booking of the room and inform the owners about your arrival.

Is the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November Feasible for Me?

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Manaslu Circuit trek is considered a moderate level of trek that encompasses steep ascent and descent, rugged terrains, high formidable pass, lush forest, swift-flowing streams, and cascading waterfalls.

So, it is necessary for you to have a reasonable level of physical fitness and mental stability to complete this trek. People with any age group can embark on this trek however, children below the age of 16 and adults above the age of 70 are not usually encouraged. If you have health issues, especially related to joints, lungs, and heart, it is better to consult with a medical specialist first. Even though prior trekking experience is not required, it is recommended you collect some high-altitude hiking experience.

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What About Accommodations and Meals?

Since you are already aware that the facilities of accommodations and meals are pretty simple in the Manaslu region due to difficult topography. However, it doesn’t mean that it cannot provide you with a basic level of amenities. Rest assured, the Manaslu Circuit trek will add a rustic charm to the accommodation and meal facilities that can provide you authentic trekking experience amidst the Himalayas.


You can find a moderate level of accommodation at a lower altitude, however, as the altitude rises, the accommodation facilities will turn to basic. Generally, the teahouses will have two to three adjacent beds in a room, which will be on a sharing basis. The beds will be fully furnished with pillows, blankets, and mattresses. The communal dining area will give you the opportunity to interact with fellow trekkers. In terms of bathrooms, you can find traditional squat bathrooms in a shared vicinity.


Manaslu Circuit trek in November has much more to offer. With the harvesting time in autumn, this time of the year offers you a wide variety of foods, including seasonal delicacies, regional cuisines, traditional Nepali food, and even international delicacies. Hence, the fusion of foods will definitely enlighten the new taste buds in your tongue and make your tummy full of yummy foods.

For breakfast, you can expect hearty and light foods like oatmeal, bread, pancakes, puddings, champ, sel roti, pakauda, sandwich, tingmo, etc.

The lunch and dinner will have heavy foods full of a balanced diet to replenish energy for the trek. You can expect deal bhaat tarkari, gundruk dhindo, dumplings, chowmein, spaghetti, mac and cheese, steak, roti tarkari, rildok, etc.

Drinks and Beverages

In terms of drinks and beverages, you will have an extensive menu to choose from. Whether you want to enjoy the hot masala tea or cold Coke, it is upto you to name it. You can enjoy hot drinks, cold drinks, and even hard drinks during the trek. However, we suggest you skip on the alcoholic drinks and excessive consumption of tea and coffee since it will hinder your acclimatization process.

Usually, the cost for these drinks can differ at higher altitudes due to transportation and logistical issues. It is necessary to stay hydrated throughout the trek so you must intake 3 to 4 litres of water daily. However, you may feel like tap water is not safe to drink, so that you can carry some water filtration tablets. Likewise, you can get bottled water in tea houses, which can cost you upto $4 per bottle.

Travel Insurance

Carrying travel insurance is essential, especially when you are making your trip to an unfamiliar place. Moreover, during your Manaslu Circuit trek in November, you will walk through the rugged terrain encircled by the gigantic mounatins. Hence, travel insurance will act as a safety instrument that will share your financial burden and risk in case you fall into any accidents or unforeseeable circumstances.

Additionally, it is important to take a policy from a reasonable insurer that will cover all your medical bills, hospital expenses, evacuation costs, and air ambulance. It is better for you to add the policy of cancellation since it will add flexibility to your plan and schedule.


Are Guides and Porters Necessary for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November?

Hire a guide and porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Yes absolutely. Guides and porters are an inseparable part of the Manaslu Circuit trek. You must not be habituated to carrying heavy luggage, about 8 to 9 kg in your back, and walk back and forth in steep uphill and downhill. So, the porter will share the weight of your luggage and equipment and ease out your trek.

Moreover, the guide will help you navigate the route and provide you with the necessary information on the region’s history, culture, and traditions. You may not be familiar with Nepali or regional languages, so they will work as a mediator between you and locals to ensure fluent communication.

Some Useful Tips to Make Your Manaslu Circuit Trek in November More Comfortable and Practical

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  • Give your body time to adapt to the lower oxygen level at higher altitudes. Make sure you spend your acclimatization day exploring the side highlights and going on small hikes in the region
  • While taking an ascent, take a step at a time. This is not a marathon so you can take the hike slow and catch some breath by taking breaks. If you increase your pace, then it will rise the possibility of altitude sickness
  • Weather in the high Himalayas can be quite unpredictable. So prepare well for any adverse weather conditions
  • Follow the guidelines of the guides and porters
  • Don’t skip on your meals
  • Make sure to use sunscreen with SPF to protect yourself from the rays of sun
  • Try to approach the pass in the morning as strong winds blow in the passes during the daytime
  • Take a small medication kit with you. Keep all the basic medications along with Diamox, which will reduce the effect of altitude sickness
  • Try to learn some Nepali words or sentences
  • Be respected truly for the culture and tradition of the region
  • As the Himalayan region is still cash transaction dependent, make sure to withdraw the cash of functional currency