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Nepal is the best country for Mountaineering in the world.

Nepal is one the beautiful and finest county in the world for the mountaineering lovers, Nepal has more than 1300 Peaks above 6000 meters, these are also called as trekking peaks. Nepal offers best adventure trekking and peak climbing for the trekkers and climbing lovers.

Nepal has 8 major peaks above 8000 meters above the sea level including the Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world located in Nepal. Nepal Mountaineering association has splits the climbing mountain into the two categories such as group A and Group B, however both of the group need special kinds of climbing permit,

The best and chosen trekking peak among the climbers are:
Mera Peak climbing : 5800 MTRS 18 – 20 days.
Isalnd peak climbing : 6189 MTRS 17- to 20 days.
Lobuche peak climbing: 8516 MTRS 18 -21 days.
Pisang Peak climbing: 6092 MTRS 20-23 days.
Nayakanga Peak climbing: 5857 MTRS 16 -18 days.
Paldor peak climbing: 5728 MTRS ,16 to 18 days.
Yala peak climbing: 5500 MTRS 14-16 days.
Chulu west peak. 6501 MTRS. 26 -28 days
Tent/thurpu chuli peak climbing: 5623 MTRS 12 – 15 days.
More information is available on http://www.nepalmountaineering.org

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