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Nepal in November : Things To Do In Nepal In November


If visiting during a suitable time, Nepal can be a lifetime experience. You must know about all months and choose the right one. Nepal in November is one fine time, in that case.

Yes, November is a lovely month to be in Nepal. It is one of the months of the Autumn season, an impeccable season for Nepal. Around this month and the season, Nepal is overwhelmed by tourist arrivals. The country hosts abundant travelers.

All come to experience Nepal when it is all good. November arranges everything in perfect order. The weather is superb and stable. It is ideal for any activity, from trekking to climbing to jungle walking to city touring.

You will do things under the best weather conditions. The temperature around Nepal is moderate. It is neither too hot nor too cold. Other than the higher parts, the temperature is appealing.

Alongside that, exciting events make Nepal in November more worthwhile. Tihar or Diwali, one of the biggest celebrations in South Asia, occurs in November. Travelers can experience the festivals and vibes.

You are a good decision-maker if you plan to visit Nepal in November. This blog tells you why you are right about November. Nepal travel is best in a handful of months only. The month is one of them. Therefore, plan Nepal in November with a no-brainer.

You will be here to visit Nepal, and the rest will be wonderful memories. Above all, you will meet so many fellow travelers too. The world aware of Nepal’s beauty in November will be already here. Won’t you join them?

You should. But first, read why November is special and what you can do in the month in Nepal.

November Weather in Nepal

November Weather in Nepal

November is such a good weather month to be in Nepal. A Himalayan country with a diverse topography undergoes excellent conditions. In November, one of the Autumn months, the weather is stable.

The temperature is moderate in the lower and middle areas. Nepal’s temperature is around 7 to 23 degrees in the month. The higher regions will still be cold, unlike the lower and middle. Also, the night and morning hours are chiller. However, you can bear the cold anytime and anywhere in November. It is not that extreme.

Likewise, the rainfall chance around Nepal during November is merely 8mm(0.3in). The precipitation level is about zero, which is fantastic for travelers. Travelers can enjoy Nepal under the bright sun and blue skies in November. No need to carry any rain gear or fear the dark clouds. In November, the rain fear to come.

The sun rises around 6 am. The normal dusk time in November in Nepal is 5 pm. It means you can have enough daytime to see Nepal.

Overall, November is a fantastic time to be here in Nepal. The weather is great and stable. Anything you do in Nepal this month will turn out to be a great thing.

Kathmandu’s Weather in November

Kathmandu’s Weather in November

Like all around Nepal, Kathmandu feels great in November. In the morning, you will view the sunrise at early 6 am. The mornings are serene, golden, and clear. However, it is a bit chilly during the first few hours.

After 10, the sun will rise and turn brighter. The temperature slowly increases, making it warmer. You can view clear views of Kathmandu, nearby hills, and sightable mountains.

Kathmandu’s temperature is around 11 to 24 degrees, while the humidity is 75%. The hottest time of the day is around the afternoon. As we go past 3 PM, the temperature drops to 11 degrees. At night, the temperature will be at its lowest. It means you can travel around Kathmandu normally.

As it is a dry month, the possibility of rain is also almost nil. You can stroll around Kathmandu’s vibrant alleys in the sun freely. No compulsion to wear a rain-proof jacket or carry rain gear.

In brief, Kathmandu and Nepal in November have welcoming weather

Temperature around Nepal in November

Temperature around Nepal in November

The temperature around Nepal in November is quite moderate and tour ideal. As mentioned above, Kathmandu’s average temperature in November is 11 to 24 degrees. It steers in between.

If we head to Pokhara(900m), the temperature is around 9 to 23 degrees. The temperature fluctuates with altitude. Moving to Chitwan(415m), the temperature would be around 16 to 29 degrees. The temperature is higher in the lower region.

Like in Chitwan, the warmth is around 21 to 30 degrees in Janakpur(74m), a must-visit site. The same applies to Lumbini(150m), 8 to 23 degrees.

If we head to the far west of Nepal, the average temperature around Dhangadi is 13 to 24 degrees. The places like Rara in the mid-western part of the country have 12 to 31 degrees in the month.

Among all the major cities of Nepal, Janakpur is the hottest, and Dharan is the coldest in November. The average temperature across Nepal in November is 7 to 23 degrees.

Tourist Crowd in Nepal in November

Tourist Crowd in Nepal in November

November is one of the most popular times to visit Nepal. Hence, you can expect tourists around Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, etc. While traveling to these places, you can meet people from across the globe. The good tourist crowd makes these places so vibrant.

Likewise, the trekking trails in the Everest Region and Annapurna Region remain happening. It is high time for trekking; thus, the good teahouses will fill quickly. If you are doing a trek in November, you have to book early to find good accommodation. However, it is a great time for meeting happy traveling faces along the trail.

Costs and Discounts in Nepal in November

Costs and Discounts in Nepal in November

As it is high time for travel and festivals, the costs of various things increase. The road transport fare can be higher than normal.

Likewise, the accommodation charge will increase due to the increase in demand. You hardly get discounts like in the off-season. The trekking permit costs for various trails also rise in a high month like November. The same is for the airfare. High demand entails costs upwards.

It is one of the peak seasons for touring in Nepal. Therefore, overall costs tend to be superior in November. Like in low seasons, you cannot enjoy heavy discounts and bargaining.

Events in Nepal in November

Dashain- First Biggest Festival of Nepal

November is a month of festivals and events too. The grand religious festivals of Nepalese, like Dashain and Tihar, may occur in the month. As the festivals follow a lunar calendar, some festivals of October or December can occur in November only.

You can experience grand festivals like Dashain and Tihar by visiting Nepal in November. Dashain is the grandest festival for Nepali Hindus. It is a 15-day long festival, which reaches up to November. Sometimes it occurs in October, and sometimes it reaches November.

Likewise, Tihar, a festival of lights, often falls in November. It comes after Dashain in Nepal. During this festival, people lighten their houses with lights and celebrate it by sharing good food and time. If you plan in November, you can see the festival lights.

Similarly, Chhath Parva, a festival of worshipping the sun, is another major festival in November. It is majorly celebrated in the Terai region(Plainlands) of Nepal. People cascade to rivers and worship the Sun as God.

Art events like the Photo Kathmandu exhibition and Film Southasia festival are organized in the month. Those who love art can visit the festivals in November. The month is one of the most happening months, for sure.

Hiking in Nepal in November

Langtang trek

November is a promising month for hiking in Nepal. A hiker can enjoy good weather during this month. The sun is brimming and warm, making the surroundings vivid and the temperature mild. Other than nights, the temperature is just fine. Also, you do not have to fear rain or wind. The precipitation level is low.

It is a crystal-clear month to view the Himalayas. The mountains are open and shining. You can enjoy unobstructed views all day long. When such a view lasts, hiking turns beautiful in Nepal. From the part of conditions, November got your back. You can plan any kind of hike in Nepal in November, from one day to a week-long trek.

As it is a perfect month for hiking in Nepal, the popular trails are busy. Everest and Annapurna Region are the busiest ones. You can visit these places if you are okay with crowds.

Otherwise, you can plan treks in off-the-beaten regions. Langtang, Manaslu, Makalu Region are best for that. Or you can travel far-eastern or far-western of the country. Anywhere you go, November is ideal for treks in November.

The best trekking trails to hit in Nepal in November:

Is November a Good Time to Visit Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal in November | Detailed Guide For 2021

The obvious answer is yes. November is an excellent time to tour Nepal. As mentioned above, great weather, festival season, and peak season are the reasons. The weather is stable and inviting for any sort of tour activities. Do trek, tour, or climb. November won’t ruin your trip.

Instead, the month is full of joyful events. From Dashain to the film festival, November may host happening events. When you visit Nepal in the month, you can experience the festivals and events.

Likewise, you will make plenty of new friends as it is peak season. Popular tourist destinations remain active with travelers. For example, Kathmandu and Pokhara will be lively. The trekking trails of Annapurna and Everest Region are also busy in November.

The weather is perfect. There are festival events in the month. And you can meet many travelers. What else would you want from November? It has it all. We can conclude that November is just the perfect month for Nepal.

Things to Do in Nepal in November

All Nepal Tour

All Nepal Tour | Exciting Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country full of beautiful things. Nature around Nepal is loaded and breathtaking. Culture is also something native and special. Nepal is, by all means, a good country to tour.

You can do Nepal Tour, where you backpack to learn more about the country. The places like Lumbini, Chitwan, Kathmandu, and Pokhara are the must-visit sites. On a Nepal tour, you will visit these various places and explore their distinctive offerings.

For example, Chitwan has great wildlife to explore, Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha, Pokhara is a famous tourist hub, and Kathmandu is a city of heritages. On Nepal tours, you will take a seat and explore these amazing places in the country.

The tours will show you Nepal in a detailed way.

If you love Nepal and want to know the country better, Nepal Tours is the perfect way.

Mountain Bike Tours

Most Popular Mountain Bike Tours in Nepal

The terrain of Nepal is heaven for mountain bikers and biking. Thanks to the diverse landscapes, you can take a mountain bike to mountains, hills, and plains. As per your comfort, you can do mountain bike tours.

The mountain bike tours will quench your adventure and travel longings. While steering bikes, you will traverse Nepal’s enchanting landscapes and villages. Mountain biking in Nepal is a sheer adventure experience. As you pedal a bike to the rugged corners of Nepal, you will come about ethereal natural beauty. The snow-clad peaks, vast valleys, lush vegetation, tall waterfalls, electric rivers, and more come along.

Jomsom Muktinath Mountain Bike Tour, Sarangkot Hill Mountain Bike Tour, and World and Peace Pagoda Biking Tour are famous biking tours. If you are a professional biker, you can take your bike anywhere around Nepal. You are sure to have the ultimate biking experience.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park | Exciting Nepal Treks & Expedition

Nepal is worth visiting for jungle adventure too. The plainlands on the southern side of Nepal, known as Terai, are full of vegetation and wildlife. You can have an exciting time in the woods of the area.

There are 12 National parks, six conservation areas, and one wildlife reserve. These woods are home to 181 mammals, 844 birds, 100 reptiles, 43 amphibians, 185 fish species, and 635 butterfly species.

Likewise, Nepal is the tenth richest nation in terms of plant diversity. Exactly 1,120 species of non-flowering plants and 5,160 species of flowering plants can be found.

Out of all the protected areas, the jungle safari in Chitwan National Park is world popular. You can view varied flora and fauna in the oldest national park of Nepal and a UNESCO heritage site. Rhino is a sureshot spectacle in the park.

Following that, Bardia National Park and Sukhlaphanta National Park are popular sites for jungle safaris. These areas are also naturally vibrant and vivid. You have a good chance of sighting a rare Bengal Tiger.

Along with jungle safaris, you can participate in bird watching, canoe riding, elephant riding, jungle walks, and village tours in these places.

Helicopter Tour

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Return Back by Helicopter - Exciting Nepal

A Helicopter Tour is one of the best and most luxurious things to do in Nepal in November. The weather is stable and friendly in the month, making the right conditions for smooth helicopter tours.

There are so many places that you can tour in a helicopter. The most popular one is Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. You can tour Everest Base Camp and Everest Region in just one day. As you expect, you get to observe mesmerizing views of the Khumbu Region.

Likewise, you can hop on a helicopter and visit Annapurna Base Camp. It is also quite a famous helicopter tour. Travelers get scenic views of the nymph Annapurna Region. You’ll see hamlets and the Himalayas and beyond in a quick time. That is even from a bird’s POV.

The other popular helicopter tours are Muktinath Temple Helicopter Tour, Chitwan Wildlife Tour by Helicopter, and Langtang Valley Tour. Choosing one of these tours, you will fly in the skies of Nepal to see the majestic tapestry of nature.

Cultural and Spiritual Tours

The Most Intriguing Fun Facts About Nepal

Nepal, a Himalayan country, is not just about peaks and places. The country is also, by big means, about people, spirituality, and culture. The history of Nepal goes back 55,000 years.

In this vintage country, you can explore diverse people and religions. Over 124 ethnic groups can be found in the cities and villages of Nepal. They speak different languages, wear different clothes, and have different practices. On cultural tours, you will experience this great diversity.

The art and architecture of the country is unmatched and unique. You will discover historical, religious, and spiritual temples, palace squares, ponds, and other heritages. People have safeguarded these heritages for the world to see.

Kathmandu only is home to various UNESCO world heritage sites. Bouddhnath Stupa, Monkey Temple, and Pashupatinath are some of them, which are also world popular. The rich cultural heritage of Nepal is vastly scattered across Nepal. You can also consider the spiritual Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour or Muktinath Tour.

A cultural or spiritual tour is necessary if you are a culture buff or seek spirituality. It will leave you awe-struck and moved, if not amazed. Kathmandu Valley Tour is one of the best tours.


BhoteKoshi River Rafting | Rafting in Nepal | Exciting Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is one of the most exciting things to do. The Himalayan-fueled rivers are rapid and reverberating. Taking a rafting boat or skiing in these fresh rivers is an adventurous experience.

If living on the edge is what you do, you should try rafting in November. The rivers cascade normally in November, making a great time for water adventure. The white rivers of Nepal are popular for rafting.

Trishuli River, Bhote Koshi River, Marsyandi River, Karnali River, Sun Koshi River, and Seti River are some popular ones. These rivers are the best in the world for th sport. As you ride the bumpy and speedy waves of the river, you will also pass valleys, villages, and views.

Rafting in Nepal is like nowhere else. The scenery and the adrenaline rush during the game are just incredible. You should try this adventure if you are not afraid of fast rivers. It is also one of the best things to do in November.

Peak Climbing

Mera Peak and Island Peak Climbing

Nepal is a mecca for peaks; peak climbing should be on this list. By far, peak climbing is a promising thing to do in Nepal in November. Peak climbing in Nepal is about climbing non-technical and easy peaks. It is for beginners who want to climb peaks.

There are popular trekking peaks like Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche Peak, and Pisang Peak. Without vast experience, you can take on these peak climbing tours. Doing these tours, you will trek across places and climb peaks. You will see many picturesque things along the journey, from villages to valleys.

The best part about peak climbing is the feeling you experience on the tops. You will feel like you are standing on top of the world. With a superb panorama to enjoy, you will achieve new standards.

If you like the idea of peak climbing in Nepal in November, you are welcome. The experienced sherpa guides will make it easy for you. You must come here with some training and climbing training if you are a beginner. If you are an expert, just run to Nepal.

Adventure Road Trip

Jomsom Muktinath Jeep Tour | Jomsom Muktinath Road Adventure

Taking a jeep on Nepal’s adventurous and winding roads is another great thing to do in November. There are all kinds of roads around Nepal, from smooth to rugged roads. Those who love to ride bumpy roads should visit Nepal soon. The roads here in the mountains offer amazing encounters.

You can take motorbikes or jeeps to the mountain roads of Nepal. The highway offer adventure along with beautiful scenery. You will enjoy being on the scenic highways.

Especially the remote roads are more memorable. They make you bounce and then settle for a while. Above all, these roads offer majestic views of valleys and mountains.

Any road trip will become special if you have picturesque views outside. Adventure road trips in Nepal are all about that. Jomsom-Muktinath Road Trip and Rara Lake Road Trip are the most popular trips.

Other Things to Do in Nepal in November

Sightseeing Spots Outside Kathmandu Valley | Exciting Nepal

Apart from the above things, you can do adventure activities such as canyoning, zipline, bungee jumping, and rock climbing. November is a great month for any kind of adventure outing. And there are places where you can do these sorts of adventurous activities.

If you are not an adventure buff, you can do meditation & yoga tours, spiritual tours, monastery tours, and similar retreat tours. Nepal offers such tours as well. It is getting a popular place for wellness tours.


Nepal in November is for many things. It is a fabulous time for anything there to do in Nepal. From trekking to touring, spiritual tour to mountain biking, jungle safari to mediation trip, November has travelers’ back. With enchanting weather, November will pull everything together to make it perfect.

Therefore, if you are doubting Nepal in November, don’t. It is one of the best times to land in Nepal. As mentioned in this blog, you will have a perfect Nepal Tour. You will have many good memories in Nepal on any tour you choose.

Reach us if you are coming this November. We will help you to travel around Nepal. Our team is excited to know you are coming.


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