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trekking in nepal for beginners

Nepal Treks for Beginners

Are you a beginner in the trekking world? Looking for articles that will help to make your trekking journey easier? Then our article Nepal Treks for Beginners will be quite helpful.

We have listed out a few of the best treks in Nepal for beginners in this article. There are many trekking routes in Nepal graded from easy to difficult levels. So, it can be confusing for you on which trek is suitable for beginners.

To know more about Nepal Treks for Beginners read further below:

Best Season for Trekking in Nepal for Beginners

If you are new to the trekking world, you might not have proper knowledge on which is the best season for Nepal Treks for beginners. Well, there are four seasons you can visit in spring, autumn, winter, and monsoon.

Each season shows a different side of the valleys and landscapes. But most trekkers prefer spring and autumn the best time for trekking in the routes of Nepal.

We have explained each season in detail so you can learn more about it from below:

Spring Season

Trekking Nepal

Spring is the beginning season of the year when the hills gain their lost greenery. The months of March, April, and May fall under this season. This is the time when buds of flowers begin to bloom making the paths colorful.

This season is a great time to visit for nature lovers. The skies are clear giving the marvelous view of peaks and landscapes. And the days are sunny and bright while the nights are warm.

Usually, the temperature ranges from 20 to 5 degrees in the Himalayas. The temperature in higher regions is chiller than in the lower region. The paths are covered in various species of wild-flowers.

Autumn Season

Autumn is the peak season for trekking in the routes of Nepal. This is the season when the flowers will have already bloomed. Thus, making the hills colorful throughout the region.

The months of September, October, and November fall under this season. These are the months when the routes are packed everywhere around. Trekkers from all around the world visit during these months.

The skies are crystal clear and nature is at its uttermost beauty during this season. The days are warm making the walks comfortable while the nights are chilly.

The weather and temperature are favorable for trekking during this time. If you can adjust to crowds then this season will be quite memorable.

Winter Season

Winter is the coldest time of the year when the trails are covered in snow. The months of December, January, and February fall under this season. These are the off-season months of the year.

The weather and temperature are a bit unfavorable during this season. Even though it is cold, the sky is clear giving the breathtaking view of snowy peaks and valleys.

During this time there is snow only in high elevation but the lower region is free from it. It gets windy as you climb high in the elevation. The days are warm but the night is very cold.

Monsoon Season

Monsoon is the season for heavy and continuous rainfall throughout the country. The month of June, July, and August fall under this season. This is the least preferred time for trekking in Nepal.

The weather conditions are pretty bad during this time. Due to continuous rainfall, the roads will have damages from floods and landslides. And also there will be delay or cancellation in flights.

However, this season will be adventurous and fun for botanists or researchers. Various species of new flora will be found in these paths. But be careful as the routes can be muddy and slippery.

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Best Trek in Nepal for beginners

Balthali Village Trek

There are many popular trekking destinations in Nepal that are suitable for beginners. And we have mentioned below some of the best treks in Nepal for beginners:

Balthali Village Trek

Balthali Village Trek lies in the central part of Nepal in the Kavrepalanchowk district of Bagmati Pradesh. This is one of the best multi-day Nepal hikes for beginners.

This trek is very close to the beautiful city of Kathmandu. The trek is graded as an easy level walk mostly suitable for beginners. You will be passing through quiet farming villages and lush green forests in this trek.

On this trek, you will be visiting historic villages and ancient temples. And enjoying the beautiful scenarios of various snow-capped peaks. This trek also lets you experience the local culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the people living here.

Balthali village trek usually lasts about 3 to 7 days in this valley. This short trek begins as you make a short distance drive out of Kathmandu and head towards Jarsing Pauwa. From there you begin your trek and head towards the Balthali village.

The trail leads you through ridge forests and terraced fields viewing the beautiful landscapes. This is an ideal destination for trekking in Nepal for beginners as well as visiting with family.

Ghandruk Trek

Ghandruk Trek

Ghandruk trek is one of the beautiful short treks in the Annapurna region. Likewise, Ghandruk is a beautiful traditional village located in the Kaski district of Gandaki province in Nepal.

This village is located about 32 km away on the north-west side of Pokhara. Visiting Ghandruk is one of the best Nepal treks for Beginners. You can complete this trek in about 3 to 4 days.

You will be walking through paddy fields, steep paths, and dense forests of rhododendron. This short trek leads you through traditional villages in the lower Annapurna region. Though the paths are rugged and sharp, the walks are very comfortable.

In fact, the majority of people living in the Ghandruk village belong to the Gurung Community. During your visit, you get to experience their warm hospitality and unique culture and tradition.

One of the major attractions of this trek is their cultural dance around the fire. They entertain their visitors by showcasing their cultural skills. Furthermore, these are friendly Himalayan people that believe in respecting their guests.

You will be viewing various marvelous peaks on this trek such as mount Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Hiunchuli, and others. The mesmerizing scenarios will accompany you on this short Nepal hike for beginners.

This trek is a great option for trekkers who have limited time in their hands. Also, if you are looking for longer days to spend in this region then you can combine this trek with other activities.

Panchase Trek

Panchase Trek Nepal Treks for Beginners

Are looking for authentic trekking routes in the Himalayas? Then Panchase trek is one of the great options for you. You get to see many incredible views in a short period.

This trek is very close to the beautiful city of Pokhara. You can finish this trek in about 4 to 5 days. A perfect choice for people having a short holiday time. This is one of the easiest Nepal treks for beginners that can be done with your families as well.

You will be making a short walk of about 3 to 4 hours each day on this trek. Thus giving you more time to explore the areas and take memorable pictures of the scenarios.

After spending some marvelous time, you head towards the villages at the end of the day to relax. The people living in these areas are very friendly and welcoming to visitors.

On this trek, you will be walking through beautiful forests of unique vegetation while viewing the magnificent peaks. The forests in these routes are bio-diverse and most of it is protected.

You will be viewing many peaks above and below 8000 m in these trails. Like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, Lamjung, Machhapuchhre, and many more. The highest point of this trek is about 2065 m so there are no chances of altitude sickness.

Generally, the walks are comfortable and less harsh making it great for trekking in Nepal for beginners. The wonderful vista of peaks and landscapes will mesmerize you throughout the trails.

Helambu Trek

Langtang helambu trekking Nepal Treks for Beginners

Helambu Trek is the easiest one that lies about 80 km away from Kathmandu. This trek lasts about 5 to 7 days in the Langtang region. Yes, this trek is a part of Langtang national park.

Located on the northeast side of Kathmandu this is one of the best treks in Nepal for beginners. Helambu offers many highland villages in Nepal. Moreover, this region extends from Taramarang in the north up to the tree limit in Gosaikunda and beneath Jugal Himal.

The villages are home to various communities such as Tamang, Magar, Sherpa, etc. But the majority of people living here are from the Hyolmo community. These people follow the Tibetan influenced culture and tradition.

Helambu is popular for the sweet apples. During your visit, you will see many apple orchards along the way. Likewise, you will also be crossing various ancient monasteries and Buddhist pilgrim sites.

Moreover, walking through beautiful trails of rhododendron, pine forest, and green meadow. Viewing the wonderful sights of striking peaks like Gauri Shankar, Langtang Lirung, Ganesh Himal, and many more.

There are two destinations to begin your Helambu Trek. You can drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal (26 km away) or up to Melamchi Bazar (60 km away). Either route is full of exciting adventures in the Himalayas. Passing many traditional villages you get to learn more about the lifestyle.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is a great classic trek of the Annapurna region. The trek is full of picturesque views of mountains, landscapes, dense forests, and traditional villages.

A great short Nepal hike for beginners looking forward to spending some time in the Himalayas. You will be climbing in 3381 steps to be rewarded with the stunning view of Dhaulagiri.

On this trek, you will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing views of alpine lakes, snowy peaks, lush green forests, and beautiful landscapes. Similarly, you will also be crossing paddy fields and barren lands.

In fact, Ghorepani is a small village in the Myagdi district of the Dhaulagiri zone in the north-central part of Nepal. This village lies about 17 km away from Beni standing at an elevation of 2874 m.

After trekking to Ghorepani, you will hike towards Poon hill to see the Panoramic view of various peaks. Poon hill is a popular hill station residing at an altitude of 3210 m.

Trekkers usually visit this point during the early morning to see and capture the beautiful view of sunrise. It also gives out the stunning sight of Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchre, Annapurna, etc.

After a long and tiring day, you will be resting in nice tea houses situated in the traditional villages. The routes of this trek are quite easy and suitable to visit with family and friends.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Short Trek Nepal Treks for Beginners

Langtang Valley trek is the closest and nearest trekking destination from Kathmandu. This region lies about 51 km away on the north side of Kathmandu valley. As this trek is a part of the Langtang National Park, you will be needing entry permits.

This trek has been one of the favorite destinations among trekkers for a long time. You get to view the expansive peaks and experience the interesting Tamang culture.

The majority of people living in this area belong to the Tamang community. These people are very friendly and welcoming in nature. The people are influenced by Tibetan culture and tradition.

You will be passing through lush green forests of rhododendron, yak pastures, and high alpine grasslands. While viewing the panoramic sight of open valleys and marvelous peaks.

On this trek, you will see peaks such as Langtang Lirung, Dorje Himal, Kyunga Ri, Yala Peak, and many more. And visit ancient monasteries, gompas, and traditional villages.

Kyangin Gompa is a major attraction and the highest point of this trek. It is elevating at a height of 3800 m above sea level. Kyangin is one of the oldest Gompas of this region.

Langtang Valley Trek is a short and easy trek in the Himalayas. The picturesque view will keep you entertained throughout the routes. So, relax and enjoy your journey.

Dhorpatan Trek

dhorpatan reserve Nepal Treks for Beginners

Dhorpatan Trek is a walk in the off-beat paths that are not much harsh or challenging. Moreover, this a journey to a no-man’s land to view the picturesque deserted landscapes.

Dhorpatan is a beautiful village in the Baglung district of Gandaki Pradesh in the east-west valley. This village lies at an altitude of 3900 m above sea level. Located on the south of mount Dhaulagiri in the Himalayas.

This village is mostly known for its hunting reserve. Situated in the west of Pokhara it lies in the shadow of Mount Dhaulagiri. Likewise, this reserve is home to various flora and fauna.

The villages are mostly inhabited by the Kham Magar and Tibetan refugees. You will be experiencing their culture and lifestyle. These people are very polite and soft-spoken.

On this trek, you will be viewing the western Himalayas, and if you are lucky even spot some wild animals. Some peaks such as Dhaulagiri, Gurja Himal, Churen Himal, Putha Hiunchuli, and many more.

The wild beauty of abundant wildfires and the interesting culture attracts people to trek in these routes. Not many travelers are seen in this route making it remote and exotic.

Once the routes were very challenging and harsh. But with the extension of roadways that is not a problem anymore. Nearly 100 trekkers travel on these routes every year.

In fact, if you are traveling alone or in small groups, you might even get the chance to stay in the home of the locals. To enjoy this trek, you don’t need to have any previous experience.

Khopra Danda Trek

Khopra Danda Trek

If you are looking for another trek similar to the Ghorepani trek then the Khopra Danda trek is a great option for you. This trek is an alternative to the famous Poon Hill trek.

Khopra Danda Trek is a newly opened trail in the Annapurna region. Walking in off-beaten paths, viewing amazing sights of peaks and landscapes, passing through cultural villages.

This trek is week-long making it suitable for trekkers having a short period. You will be exploring the exotic and adventurous areas of this region. Crossing rice fields, walking up and downhill, passing pastoral villages, and many more.

On this trek, you will be seeing peaks such as Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Massif, Lamjung, Hiunchuli, and others. Also hiking up to the sacred Khayer lake residing on the foot of Annapurna south.

The sunrise view over the peaks of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna is the major attraction of this trek. Khopra Danda elevates at a height of 3640 m above sea level.

Enjoy this wonderful trek by walking through the beautiful forests of Rhododendron, Oaks, etc. This region is home to various ethnic groups. So, you get an opportunity to learn about their lifestyle and tradition.

The route of this short trek is not very challenging or demanding which is one of the best parts. Also, the scenic view accompanying you along the way is another best thing.

Pikey Peak Trek

pikey peak trek

Pikey Peak Trek lies in the Everest region in the Solukhumbu district of the Sagarmatha Zone. This hilltop is popular for its astounding view of Mount Everest along with other peaks of this region.

If you are searching for short treks in the Everest region then the Pikey peak is your option. This trek lasts for about 4 to 7 days. But the length can vary according to your preference.

On this trek, you will be walking on the lower Khumbu region viewing the magical landscapes and peaks. Some peaks of this trek are Mount Everest, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and many more.

This region is home to the Sherpa community who is influenced by Tibetan culture and tradition. These people are friendly and quite adventurous. During your stay, you can ask them to tell you tales of their adventures.

It is befitting for anyone ready to undertake this trek to witness the beautiful scenarios. Enjoy this trek by walking dense forest paths, pass traditional villages, cross suspension bridges, and view spectacular scenes.

This is one of the easiest Nepal treks for beginners. You can trek in these trails with your family and friends.

Solu Village Trek

Solu Village Trek Nepal Treks for Beginners

Solu Village trek lets you explore the lower Khumbu region while viewing many marvelous scenarios. This is a newly opened trekking route in this region. This trek was specially designed as a family trek.

Solu Village lies in the north-east part of Nepal. And is also home to the highest peak of the world Mount Everest. This mountain resides at a height of 8848 m above sea level.

This region is home to various ethnic groups like Sherpa, Gurung, Magar, etc. But most of the area is inhabited by the Rai communities in these areas. Their Tibetan influenced culture and tradition is quite interesting.

The routes are easy to walk-in and don’t reside in very high altitudes. But the views on these trails are breathtaking. The highest point of this trek is Basa village at an altitude of 3300 m above sea level.

One of the major attractions of this trek is their biological diversity and virgin landscapes. Other exciting attractions of this trek is Dudh Kunda, thrilling flight, ancient monasteries, etc.

Overall, this is a very adventurous trek in the Khumbu region. Walking through fine forests, passing local settlements, crossing bridges, and many more. You will enjoy each and every moment spent on this trek.

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