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Short trip, big returns

I made a short trip to Katmandu in early December in hopes of a short hike and some sightseeing. Subash, owner of excitingnepal, and my guides, Keshab and Reju, exceeded my expectations even before I arrived. Subash was very responsive over email and personally planned 3 days of hiking and touring to maximize my experience.
Day 1- 13 km hike up to Chisapani at 2200 km elevation. Beautiful views with trails that took me through local villages. Ate with local villagers and other hikers which
Day 2- Caught a beautiful sunrise to start the day, then 17km hike over to Nargkot at 2000 km elevation. Even more views of the mountain ranges, the valleys, and local gatherings.
Day 3- Toured major temples in Katmandu to include the Monkey Temple and others. The most moving experience, by far, was the ability to witness open cremations as part of their cultural rituals.
Keshab was an excellent hiking guide that allowed me to hike at my own pace while providing lots of great information about the local culture and the importance of the mountains, flora, and fauna.
Reju also provided excellent information about the local culture during my tour of the temples in a very familiar way.
I highly recommend excitingnepal as a guide service. Subash will take personal care of you and design a plan that meets your needs. Be sure to ask for Keshab and/or Reju as guides. You will be not be disappointed! Again, they more than exceeded my expectations 🙂