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Travel Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek

Travel Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trek is on the top wish list of adventure lovers. The trek to base camp of Mount Everest is adventurous. It is challenging both physically and emotionally. So, most of the travel agencies do not accept you unless you have reliable travel insurance for Everest Base Camp trek.

During a journey to any destinations, there is always a risk of going something wrong. The travel insurance may look like a waste of money until something happens. The changing weather conditions of the Everest region may add few difficulties to your EBC trek.

There are many other risks associated with an adventurous trip into the unknown. The best option is to prepare for any risks related to travels and treks to high altitudes like Everest Base Camp trek.

A good travel agent will always recommend you to buy a travel insurance policy. With travel insurance, you can cover most of the risks associated with trekking to Everest Base Camp. There are some unpleasant incidences with trekkers every year in the Everest region. We want you to be covered for any risk and have a stress free travel to Nepal.

From your emergency medical evacuations to baggage loss or trip cancellations, the insurance covers various inconveniences that may occur during your trek to Everest Base Camp.

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Major Considerations for Travel Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek

We wish you do not have to face any of the challenges mentioned here. But getting travel insurance is a way of having a peace of mind during your trek. Take travel insurance as a mandatory preparatory assignment for you before embarking on Everest Base Camp trek.

Altitude Sickness

Everest base camp trek is especially challenging because of high altitude. Altitude can be dangerous to unfit and inexperienced trekkers. Even the fit ones are at high risk of altitude sickness. If you are not well acclimatized, you might get mountain sickness that can get severe. Learn the symptoms and prepare yourself during the trek.

An insurance policy for Everest trek is important as you will be trekking in the high altitude. Make sure your company covers the altitudes you will be reaching. Some companies do not cover above a certain altitude and helicopter rescues. Helicopter rescues are the best and only reliable option to be rescued from the Everest region if anything goes wrong.

Usually, general policies do not cover risks associated above 3000 meters of altitude. This is because there is an increased risk of altitude sickness above this altitude. During Everest Base Camp Trek you will reach 5643 meters at Kala Patthar and trek for at least four days at altitudes above 4000 meters. So, look for a policy that covers up to 6000 meters of altitude.

There are very little health services and facilities available in this region. In severe cases of altitude sickness, you will need quick air rescue. While purchasing your travel insurance, make sure you are covered for all these risks.

Trekking Accidents

Everest Base camp trek is not a dangerous and treacherous trek. But the high altitude can exacerbate any small risks. Even a twisted ankle, muscle sprains, pulled muscle or any existing ailment can get worse in the high altitude.

Accidents are unforeseeable and unpredictable. Even when we are careful and attentive, we may face accidents. Slipping and falling off the trail, injuring ourselves and hygiene related illness are common. Food-related illness, dehydration, mountain sickness, frost-bite, excessive fatigue can occur during the trek. There are also hazards like landslides, rockfalls, and avalanches.

Although the trek is popular and you can easily find someone to help you, make sure you get a travel insurance policy. The insurance policy covers these risks so that you are not too much in financial and mental pressure.

Illness and Medical Evacuation

Altitude sickness is one of the most common illness that may occur during the Everest Base Camp trek. Similarly, you may face some hygiene and food-related illness. This happens because your body takes time to adapt to the hygiene level of a new place.

Illness like dehydration, diarrhea, altitude sickness is common. So, you can carry over the counter medicines for common illness. It is best to consult your doctor for all medical recommendations before leaving for trekking.

Doctors recommend taking all necessary vaccinations before embarking for a trek to Nepal. For the worst case, the insurance policy should cover your illness and any medical evacuation necessary for you. As stated earlier, helicopter rescue is the most appropriate method to get you off the mountain to a hospital in Kathmandu. In severe cases, you may need to transfer to foreign hospitals.

A helicopter rescue can cost in the range of USD 5,000 to USD 10,000. That is like breaking your bank. Let your insurance cover that costs. So, make sure your insurance covers a wide range of illness and necessary medical evacuations.

Baggage Delayed, Lost or Theft

This is probably the most common risks for any travelers. It is a most frustrating and stressful event to discover that your baggage did not arrive at the airport with you.

Your valuable belongings can be damaged and stolen too. During your trekking expedition, you will have vital gears and items that you need for trekking. These are likely to be expensive. Buying a new one is another hassle. So, let your insurance cover this risk.

A handy tip for you is to keep your hiking boots, expensive equipment, and some critical items in your cabin luggage. Even if your baggage is lost or delayed, you can still make to your trek and you will not make a huge financial loss.

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Trip Cancellation

A trip may go beyond plan due to reasons that are beyond our control. Things don’t always go as planned while traveling.

There is a fair amount of chances for flight cancellation or delay due to unpredictable weather. In the worst case, you may have to cancel your entire trip. In such a case, you may have to bear all the costs incurred and may lose a good amount of money.

Most general travel insurance policies cover such risks but make sure you do not miss it on your travel insurance. Read your insurance policies carefully. And seek for the policies that cover most of the risks that may come up during your Everest Base Camp trek.

Our Recommended Insurance Company for Everest Base Camp Trek

Based on many travelers and our clients’ recommendations, we refer you to  united health care  , or direct link of UHC for all your travel insurance related services.United health care offer affordable insurance policies that can be tailored to suit your needs for adventure travels. They offer a wide range of insurance policies related to travel and adventure. Some of the reasons to choose UHC  are:

  • There are Many online Travel insurance company are available.
  • They cover mountain activities including trekking to 6000 meters.
  • Can be booked and claimed online.
  • Policies can be purchased from anywhere in the world including Nepal. They will ensure you if you are already traveling.
  • They cover helicopter evacuations.
  • They also cover your equipment and gear including luggage.

There are many travel insurance companies. You can also look for one in your country that offers the best services. While choosing a company, first understand the details of the policies and what they cover and what they don’t. Some other recognized companies that offer worldwide services are:

  • TIC , Travel insurance South Africa.
  • Travelex Insurance Services
  • Tugo Travel Insurance
  • Atlas Travel Insurance

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A 30 days travel insurance costs you around USD 150. For specific prices, check with your insurance company and related policy schemes.

There are no travel insurance providers in Nepal. So, before you plan to come to Nepal, you must get reliable travel insurance for you from your home country or through online. And, when you come to Nepal, do not forget to bring the policy papers.

Helicopter Rescue Scam

Trekking industry of Nepal recently made global headlines on helicopter rescue scam. The government of Nepal cracked down the scams that has been going on for a few years.

Nepal government has decided to take legal actions against companies that are accused of operating fake rescues. Tour operators insisted for unnecessary evacuations and hospitalization of trekkers in expensive hospitals.

Trekkers were forced and even tainted food to take costly rescue flight out of the mountains. News related to scam state that trekkers and climbers were forced to abandon their trip on the first signs of altitude sickness.

All bills were charged to insurance companies. Out of the insurance claims, commissions were shared between guides, trekking agencies, hotels and even the trekkers themselves.

With the decision to take action against fraudulent companies, we can expect the scam to minimize in the future.

To avoid such scams we recommend you to book with a trustworthy company. We promise to offer you best services throughout your Everest Base Camp trek. To book the trek with us, contact us.

Summing Up

The high altitude Everest Base Camp brings several challenges along with the lifetime experiences and blissful moments. Many unexpected happenings may occur during the trek. And, to overcome such hindrances the travel insurance for Everest Base Camp comes to the real help.

It is for your and your belonging’s safety throughout the trek, so before you plan this trek, do not forget to get reliable and trustworthy travel insurance.