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trekking in nepal in april

Trekking in Nepal in April

Clear skies, warm sunny days, lush green forests, and meadows covered with millions of flowers are what you should expect while trekking in Nepal in April. The winter chill will have moved higher up the mountains by April. Clear and stunning views of mountains, pleasant weather, and spring blooms make April the second most popular time to visit Nepal.

Autumn is regarded as the peak tourist season. However, the Spring months are no less stunning. Spring never fails to amaze the trekkers. The perfect weather conditions make spring one of the most preferred seasons by trekkers in Nepal after autumn. Days are sunny and warm. Nights do not get overly cold even in the high altitudes.

Nature gets painted in all colors you can possibly imagine. Summer rainfall brings nature to bloom. Rhododendron flowers paint the whole mountainside red and pink. Alpine meadows are lush green covered by a bed of wildflowers. The mountain slopes and valleys appear as if they are brought to reality from dreamland.

Spring season offers a fresh view of the same landscape and feels like a new destination even if you have trekked a route previously. So, re-trekking in April will freshen up your memory and relieve your olden memories.

Nepal has six seasons unlike you have known it always. This is one of the reasons why once is not enough in Nepal. Every six seasons have six different shades of color and ways of experiencing Nepal.

What would be more interesting than experiencing nature at its variety of colors and textures in different seasons?

April is one of the best time to visit Nepal. Wherever, you go, cities, national parks in the southern plains, or to the base camp of the highest mountains, April promises a breath of fresh air to your holidays.

Trekking in Nepal in March

Where to Trek in April?

Any popular trekking trails or off the beaten routes are possible to trek in April. Any routes in the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang can be trekked in April. You can trek any of these routes:

Other off the beaten routes and any short hikes can be traveled in summer. The landscape in April is different than that of September/October. Even if you have trekked before during these months, you will enjoy trekking the same route in April.

From short day hikes to multi-weeks long adventurous treks will be outdoor activities while you are in Nepal in April.

Highlights of Trekking in Nepal in April

  • Nature is painted in colors of wildflowers
  • Rhododendron forests come to full bloom in different colors
  • The weather is warm and pleasant
  • Does not get as cold as autumn and winters
  • Local festivals such as Holi (festival of colors), New Year, Bisket Jatra, Mothers’ Day fall in this month
  • Clear views with greenery, waterfalls, and flowers
  • April is also a climbing season, so, you may meet the well-known climbers and expedition teams
  • Migratory birds also visit Nepal. This is a perfect time for birdwatching and spotting exotic wild animals.

Weather in April in Nepal

manaslu trek weather

Even the high altitudes are warmer during this month. Up to the altitude of 2000 meters, the daytime temperature is 22+ (71 degrees Fahrenheit) degrees Celsius. The nighttime temperature at these altitudes is around 7 degrees Celcius (45 degrees Fahrenheit).

This is the time of hot weather with the least chances of rainfall. Plus, the weather is quite stable with the low precipitation. So, you will get to enjoy the clearest views during this time of the year.

However, higher altitudes can get colder. There are fair chances of rain, thunderstorm, hailstorm, and snow in high altitudes. So, warm clothes are required even if it is spring. High passes and base camps remain cold throughout the year with the cold wind blowing. The views can get obstructed by clouds.

But, you will get good chances of clear views depending on the weather.

Clothing for Trekking in Nepal in April

Spring does not mean you wear just a layer of clothes in the mountains. Always remember to dress up in layers. Although trekking during the day may get hot and sweaty, evenings, mornings, and nights are still cold, depending on the altitude. Wear strong and waterproof trekking boots. You never know when you will be walking in summer drizzle or over the flowing water.

We recommend carrying a rain jacket, windproof jacket, and rain cover for your backpack. As the humidity is higher, wear trekking shirts and shorts that are airy. However, carry fleece and warm jackets for evenings. Read more about clothings for trekking here.

Food and Accommodation for Trekking in Nepal in April


April is the pleasantest time to trek in any trekking trails of Nepal. So, many tourists hustle around the teahouses and lodges while on the treks. In the popular trekking trails like the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and other treks you will find ample teahouse for food and accommodation.

However, due to the increasing number of trekkers, you may have difficulty finding the desired food and accommodation. If you reach the teahouses lately then you may have to share the room with fellow trekkers as well. So, pre-booking for the food and accommodation is necessary to trek in Nepal in April.

Although it is not the cold season sometimes you may feel cold in the rooms as they lack room heating. So, it is a good idea to pack a four-season sleeping bag to stay in the teahouses.

Tips for Trekking in Nepal in April

  • Do not compromise with dressing up in layers as the weather may get worse any time
  • Pack light and airy clothes as the humidity is high and the hikes may get excessively sweaty
  • Wear waterproof and strong hiking boots
  • April is a flowering season. If you are allergic to pollens, take precautions.
  • Carry rain jacket, poncho, or umbrella
  • Hiring a guide is recommended but not mandatory.
  • Get travel insurance before you plan trekking anywhere in Nepal.
  • Trekking routes are not as crowded as September/October, still, it is a good idea to book with hotels and lodges in advance
  • Do not miss sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Work out in advance to prepare for the trek. You can contact us for guidance on pre-trek training.
  • Carry cash for the trekking expenses
  • Keep yourself hydrated and acclimatize before gaining altitude.
  • Respect the local culture.
  • In most of the trekking trails, locals do not accept foreign currencies. So, carry enough Nepali cash during the trek.
  • Sometimes the monsoon may arrive early in the hilly regions welcoming insects, bugs, and leeches. So, it is a good idea to carry insect repellents.
  • Do not forget to carry water purifiers/ purification tablets before you go for the treks.
  • Learn about the symptoms, preventive measures of altitude sickness. It saves you in high altitudes.

If you are bothered by cold weather, April is the perfect month for you to trek in April. It is also suitable as there will be fewer tourists on the trail than in other peak seasons. So, you will have the whole mountain on yourself and a few other trekkers.

Everest Base Camp Trek

everest base camp trekking route

This trek is probably the first trek that comes up in the head when someone asks about trekking in Nepal in April. You cannot agree more on the fact that the Everest Base Camp Trek is the finest trek to do in Nepal. This one of the most walked treks in the world has some real treasures to offer. Keeping the sky-touching and lucrative peaks of this trek aside, you have the heavenly terrains, lush woods, lovely people, and their inspiring culture is awaiting for you to experience.

This trek takes typically 14 days to take place and the same itinerary is the most popular one. The 14 days Everest Base Camp Trek starts after landing in Lukla which serves as the gateway of the Everest region. Then it moves slowly from one village to another and keeps rolling until you reach the vicinity of Everest Base Camp(5,600m). Through the trek, you will spend happening days and nights in some of the popular stops like Namche Bazaar, Gorak Shep, Tengboche, Dingboche, and many others.

One thing is pretty much sure that upon the completion of the trek, you’ll have lots of awesome moments to share with your family and friends. Stories can be of the Sagarmatha National Park and its loaded beauty, it can be of monasteries and suspension bridges that you’ll see on the trek or anything. Don’t forget the eight-thousanders mountains of the region: Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu. A word to describe this trek would be: exceptional.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek Thorong La pass

If there is any other trek which is as busy as the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal, then that is Annapurna Circuit Trek. This trek is considered one of the best treks on the planet. The trek is about completing a circuit trek of the Annapurna region, the region known for attractive landscapes and mountains. One doing this trek will turn almost all of the stones of the Annapurna region.

Annapurna Circuit Trek is a long walk through the imaginary land of the Annapurna region. The region that is known for enriched greenery, buzzing rivers, picturesque trail, and breathtaking mountains. Annapurna, the tenth tallest peak in the world, is the highlight of this trek. Throughout the trek, you’ll have plenty of mountain views. Not only that, Thorong La Pass(5,416m), the peak point of the trek, will give some of the astonishing regional sights.

It is quite a long journey of 10 days which also touches points of other popular treks of Nepal. Poon Hill of the Poon Hill Trek, Muktinath Temple of Jomsom Muktinath Trekking, and some other famous stopovers. You’ll have all of the things in this very trek. The breathtaking mountain panorama from Poon Hill, the best hill station in Nepal. You’ll also roam around the Gurungs and Tamangs, the two main tribes of the region. A little bit of their culture and way of living will certainly make an impact on you. To experience all of this, trekking in Nepal in March will be the best time.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna base camp trek

The earlier trek is a circuit trek but this one is the base camp trek that takes you directly to the roots of the 10th tallest mountain on the planet. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is surely another best trek to do for you if you are coming for trekking in Nepal in April. It is not as time taking as the Annapurna Circuit Trek. The 13 days are enough to explore the trail that follows straight to the Himalayas.

As it is a base camp trek, you can imagine how close you will be to the mountains. Annapurna Base Camp sits at an altitude of 4,130m and once reached there, a mountain panorama is just in front of you. Mountains of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges are easily and closely observable on this trek. The Fishtail(Machhapuchhre) mountain, a mountain whose shape is just like the fishtail, is the mountain that you’ll relish the most. Plus, you’ll pass via the Machhapuchhre Base Camp en route to the ultimate base camp of Mt Annapurna.

It all will start with a walk into the greenery. Then as you gain altitudes, the view will get more and more scenic. The Annapurna region has the best display of lush vegetation. Likewise, the villages that come along the way are pretty much iconic. And the people you will meet through this trek are so welcoming and charming. All of the affairs of the trek are sure to impress you but the mountains will rank themselves above everything.

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking In Nepal in March and April can be the best time to have an unforgettable experience.

Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang is a land known as the forbidden kingdom. The dusty and semi-deserted terrain of the region is what makes it so unique and attractive. The Upper Mustang region is bordered by Tibet and is highly influenced by them. You can feel like trekking somewhere in the lands of Tibet in Upper Mustang Trekking. To do a trek in the Upper Mustang region is undoubtedly a lifetime experience.

This region lies behind the mountains in a rain-shadowed region. That is why the region hardly gets raindrops and as a result of that, the whole area has got a deserted but breathtaking vision. In fact, the Lo Manthang Valley can take your breath away. It is a beautiful valley formed with the most amazing terrains. Also, the valley was once the Kingdom of Lomanthang. And the remains of the ancient kingdom are very much raw and untouched till now. In and out of the valley, there are enough old gompas, monasteries, and Buddhist shrines to look at.

Don’t take this trek as the trek through green lands. It is a trek in the mysterious land of Upper Mustang. Along the trek, you’ll scale several high passes like Nya La(4,050m), Tsarang La(3,920m) Yendo Pass(4,000m). It will be a trek of rocky hills and mountains, unfrequented land, distinct culture, and raw village life. Similarly, Mountains like Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri will surely cheer you up throughout the walk. If you are looking for a unique trek in Nepal, Upper Mustang Trekking is the pick.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

manaslu circuit trek cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek is up on the rise trek in Nepal. The trek is getting much more attention than in the past and is considered one of the best treks in Nepal. It is about trekking around the circuit of the eight tallest peaks on the Planet, Mt Manaslu. The region and mountains are on the Nepal-Tibet Border and the influence of it can be seen thoroughly in the way of living of locals.

The raw and unexplored beauty of the Manaslu region is just surreal and beyond expectation. Mother nature has gifted many things in big volume. The enriched vegetation of the region is unlimited. You can barely take your eyes off the mountains of the region. Moreover, snowy peaks like Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Himalchuli are forever at the view to impress you. Larkya La Pass(5,213m), the highest point of Manaslu Circuit Trek is a great place to enjoy the mountain shows. Not only that, you will reach numerous high places from where you can glance at peaks and terrains.

Furthermore, this trek is important in a cultural way as well. The culture and lifestyle that is highly influenced by the Tibetan culture are really explorable. People here are totally different from the people of other regions.  Likewise, you’ll explore the unique culture of the region and the monasteries and gompas as well. The trek is not crowded as other treks of Nepal, therefore, a peaceful exploration is guaranteed.

Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trekking

In fact, Nepal is home to eight mountains whose heights are above eight thousand meters. In particular, one of them and the third highest peak is Mt Kanchenjunga. Likewise, this is a recently opened trek that goes through the land of Kanchenjunga. Moreover, the peak lies in the eastern part of Nepal at the Nepal-India Border. Also, that means you will know what it is like to trek in Eastern Nepal. Telling it here, the experience will surely overpower your expectation.

Despite all the beauty, the Kanchenjunga Trek route does not see many trekkers. That is why it is called off-the-beaten tracks and surely the best among others. This trek leads you to never seen the beauty of the mountains, deep and lush forests, sounding rivers and streams, and the hard-living locals. Talking about mountains, you have enough choices in the trek like Mt Makalu, Kanchenjunga itself, Jahnu Himal, and several other peaks. Moreover, it will let you see the most inspiring lifestyle and culture of rural life in the region. Besides, it is just a great feeling to live around these lovely people.

On this trek, you’ll ascend several passes which come only after the hard trek. Pang Pema(5,065m), Sele Le(4,290m), Mirgin La Pass(3,870m) are some of the tops that you’ll achieve in this trek. You’ll also pass via some glacier and glacier shared trails in this trek. The trek is not an easy trek to do. To experience this loaded trek, you have to make a hard stretch. Furthermore, if you believe you can, then don’t wait!

Mardi Himal Trekking

mardi himal trek cost

Mardi Himal Trek is one of the youngest treks of Nepal. The recently opened trekking trail is there to offer some unforgettable experiences to you. If you are trekking in Nepal in April and looking for a quick trek, Mardi Himal Trek is there for you. Mardi Himal Trekking is from the adventures’ favorite Annapurna region. It lets you taste the beauty of the region that is famous for attractive landscapes and mountains.

Moreover, it barely takes 9 days or maybe less than that to happen this trek. Similarly, it starts from Pokhara(800m) and then ascends slowly through Pothana, Forest Camp, Low Camp, and High Camp. The highest point of the trek will be Mardi High Camp(4,500m). You’ll make a round trip through the lush greenery of the region. It is one of the treks that are full of greenery. Moreover, once in a while you’ll see mountains like Annapurna, Fishtail, Mardi Himal, Hiunchuli on this trek. The several small and sounding streams and waterfalls will come on the way.

Likewise, several important iconic villages will come along the way of this trek. That means you’ll take insights into the way of life and culture of the locals. If it is Spring, the forest of the region that is full of Rhododendron becomes entirely red by the flowers. That is why trekking in Nepal in April, and trekking in Nepal in March which is still Spring is taken as the right time for treks.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking

Ghorepani poonhill trek

If your heart is yearning for the breathtaking sunrise and mountain panorama, here is the deal. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking is one of the most popular short treks in Nepal. This is a trek that is famous for its sunrise and long-running mountain panorama. It also acts as the first choice for novice trekkers around the world. The trek takes you slowly to Poon Hill(3,210m), the highest point of the trek, and makes you experience the scenic views.

The trek starts from the tourist city of Nepal, Pokhara, and then climbs upwards to the mountains. In this stretch, you’ll pass the areas that have a great volume of vegetation and greenery. Likewise, the iconic Gurung villages will come across the trek to host you. Moreover, the houses of the locals and their living style will surely move you. Ghandruk, Ghorepani, Pothana, Dhampus are those villages. The more ahead you move on this trek, the more clear and scenic peaks start to appear. Furthermore, the woods of Rhododendron and oaks will be your companion most of the time.

Once you land in Poon Hill, you will be able to see as many as 30 peaks by standing there. Also, the early morning view from the Poon Hill of the sunrise and peaks is a view to die for. Most of the people do this trek to experience this part only. But along with the view from Poon Hill, the trek has other offerings to its trekkers, that is for sure.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek is yet another trek that has prospects but is still less explored. We are talking about the trek that takes you to one of the most beautiful valleys in Nepal. Langtang Lirung(7,234m), the scenic mountain of central Nepal, acts as the guardian of Langtang Valley. The trek is all about exploring this valley of beautiful significance. Along with natural shows, you’ll detect some of the older Buddhist monasteries and gompas in this trek.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the peaceful trekking trails which is picked mostly by peace lovers. Also, the choosers of this trek get to land in the heavenly vicinity that is surrounded by lush greenery over amazing terrains. Langtang Valley is full of flowering timbers and through those follow many small and big rivers. You’ll traverse across the villages of the valley which are dotted by Tamangs and Gurungs. Likewise, their living style and culture are highly influenced by the Tibetan society. Therefore, the trek will show you the rural yet beautiful and peaceful part of Nepal.

In fact, Tsergo Ri(4,985m) is the tipping point of this trek and it will surely offer a vision of the peaks of the Langtang Region. Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Loenpo Gang, and other mountains of Langtang Himala Range. Moreover, the region needs more and more visitors as it is coming out of the aftermath of the deadly earthquake of 2015. Also, you’ll have a wonderful and unforgettable time here in Langtang valley, you mark these words.

Upper Dolpo and Shey Gompa Trekking

upper dolpo trekking

Last but not the least, Upper Dolpo and Shey Gompa Trekking is a trek for you if you are arriving for trekking in Nepal in April. This is the trek that happens to take you to the western side of Nepal. Upper Dolpo is a region of Nepal that has prospects to attract thousands of trekkers every year. The region is not explored by many trekkers, only the off-the-beaten trek lovers have done it.

Generally, it is a long trek of around 20 days to explore the western people, hills, and mountains. The Upper Dolpo region is also affected by the northern Tibetan culture. That means you’ll surely have some cultural things to explore on this trek. Likewise, the Upper Dolpo is full of hidden heavenly valleys, you’ll try to turn the stones of each of the valleys. You’ll reach several high passes like Kanga La(5,350m) and Lar Tsa(4,120m). There are two best parts of this trek, the Pokhusndo Lake-the deepest lake of the country, and Shey Gompa-the Buddhist gompa from the 11th century.

Moreover, you’ll traverse through many nice settlements and lands. The deserted land of Upper Dolpo will surely make you refreshed. People you will meet along the trek will surely make a certain impact on you. The trek is not so popular among foreigners, that is why you are destined to have a relaxing and calm trek here. April is the exact time for this trek. If you are here for trekking in Nepal in April and want a long trek to do, the Upper Dolpo is the best option.

For more details contact us here or book your next trek here.


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