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trekking in Nepal in October

Trekking in Nepal in October

Introduce yourselves to the eight of the top ten highest summits in the world in Nepal.Trekking to the footstep of adorable Himalayas is one of the unique experiences of Asia.

Trekking in Nepal in October takes to you to the heart of the majestic Himalayas. The stunning views of lush green forests and beautiful landscapes are immortal. Gracious views of difficult landscapes, the lakes, the glaciers, cascading waterfalls, etc are inspiring.

Nepal is a gallery of natural and cultural diversities. It offers you a wide variety of best places to choose for trekking.

While trekking, the bonafide natural, and cultural diversities will surprise you.

October is the best month to travel. The best temperature and weather throughout the country makes your trek pleasurable.

The robust culture and friendliness of the Nepalese people create a homely environment. So, as you traverse the hill tracks, you will collect memories between your breaths.

Is it Possible to Trek in Nepal in October?

October is one of the best and busiest trekking seasons in Nepal. It is the best time to trek in the Himalayas. In October, the greatest number of trekkers hits the trekking trails in Nepal.

October offers pleasant climatic conditions for the trekkers. The temperature is moderate. October falls after monsoon season. So, the visibility of tantalizing mountain views is enchanting.

The best weather makes it a good time for any trekkings. Days are warmer. You can trek with light and comfortable clothing. Also, the nights have favorable temperatures. You can do camp trekking too.

Monsoon is already gone by October. The only effect it leaves is the dust-free clean and green atmosphere. The clear sky and the outstanding natural views are breathtaking.

October is suitable for any kinds of activities within Nepal. You can plan a normal hiking or some extreme adventure trekkings. Trekking in any of the famous trekking routes is possible in October.

Choose to trek in Nepal in October, and nature will reward you with heart-full memories. Be assured! what you see in October is the best of what Nepal has to exhibit.

Highlights of Trekking in Nepal in October

Perfect Weather

October has perfect temperature and weather. Monsoon ends leaving behind clean and green atmosphere. Days are sunny and bright. Nights and early mornings are colder, yet bearable.

Trekking becomes safer and comfortable with good climate and weather. But, if you are trekking in the Himalayas, be ready for weather changes. Weather in the Himalayas might worsen any time of the year.

Crystal clear views

The perfect weather in October allows you to experience the best of nature. Clear sky, clearer mountain vistas, green grasslands, smiling Himalayan ranges are lovely.

The dramatic mountains are obvious to your eyes. The view of the great Himalayas crowning with the blue of the clear sky is astonishing.

Season of festivals in Nepal

If you visit Nepal in October, you are lucky to be a part of the religious celebrations.

Dashain (the longest and biggest festival in Nepal), and Tihar in October. The atmosphere is festive and delightful. Nepalese celebrate love and togetherness.

You must not miss the celebrations while trekking in Nepal in October.

Where to go Trekking in Nepal in October?

Nepal is famous for many long or short time trekking destinations. You may choose any of the suitable route to trek in October. Some of the doable trek routes during October in Nepal are:

Everest Base Camp Trek

everest base camp trek 12 days

Everest Base Camp Trek route is the most popular trek route in Nepal. October is the peak month to trek in the Everest Region. The temperature is moderate and the weather is perfect to trek.

Every year, thousands of trekkers march to the Everest Base Camp during October in Nepal. Everest Region offers the most beautiful moments. The glamorous view of several high Himalayas throughout the trekking trail is unforgettable.

Rainfall is quite frequent in October. But the rain lasts for less than a couple of hours. The rainfall brings clear sky and stunning views of mountains.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base camp trek is a world-renowned trekking region in Nepal. The perfect weather in October attracts lots of trekkers.

A perfect sunrise view over the Mount Annapurna I is worth watching. Weather is clear most of the time in October. But, rain might go with your trek for a few hours. A clear weather follows the rainfall.

The astonishing mountain vistas, cultural beauty, diversified landscapes are the trek’s major attractions. You will have a bag full of memories to pack up back home.

You might have problems with an arrangement of flight tickets to and from Pokhara. Even tourist bus ticket (Kathmandu-Pokhara) is hard to get in October.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a trekker’s alternatives to Annapurna Circuit Trek. Rhododendron blossom covers the lower Manaslu region during October.

The trek is almost impossible to do in main winter. The Larke Pass is too steep while descending.

October has the best perfect weather and temperature. The clear weather gives the best view of Birendra Lake and Manaslu Base Camp.

Keep in mind, Manaslu Circuit Trek requires a special permit. So, before planning the trek in Manaslu, arrange your Manaslu trek permit.

Panchase Panorama Trek

If you are looking for a hiking experience in less time, Panchase Panorama Trek is the best option. It is suitable for all level of hikers. The entire region is a holy pilgrimage site.

You can start at the Lakeside hotel. Sarangkot is the best place to stay overnight. Enjoy the beautiful sight of Phewa lake and the town.

The Panchase hilltop is a great place to explore the beauty around. You can observe local cultural activities and glorious views of hills.

Enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of entire Himalayan ranges.

Annapurna Culture Trek

Annapurna Culture Trek explores the Ghandruk Loop. The hike is suitable for all level of hikers. The trek involves 3 days of hiking. There are no difficult climbings or ascents to high altitudes.

There are plenty of attractive things to see along the trekking trail. The trail passes through rhododendron forests.

Along the trek, you will walk across Nepal’s famous Gurung Village Ghandruk. You will get an opportunity to witness the culture and tradition of Nepalese around the Annapurna region.

Annapurna Culture Trek exhibit great views of the Annapurna Himalayas. Panorama of the Himalayas includes ranges like Gangapurna, Machhapuchhare and Hiunchuli.

You will get to explore the scenic beauty of the stable nature. The Gurung villages like Ghandruk and Dhampus add beauty to the trek.

Shivapuri Trek

Shivapuri Trek is a famous short trek near Kathmandu valley. It takes 2-4 days to complete the trek.

The trek offers you the pleasant views of the central and eastern mountain ranges. Beautiful hill terraces, majestic mountain ranges are alluring. You can see a typical Nepali rural life around the trek.

Shivapuri Trek offers superb views from Kakani. It is one of the best viewpoints. You can view panoramic mountain ranges of Manasalu, Ganesh, and Langtang.

While trekking, you will see the great view of crowded Kathmandu. Also, you will see the rural side of the valley.

Green forests, small villages and agricultural fields wait to lure you with innocence and beauty.

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

It is the shortest trek in the Annapurna Region. Ghorepani Poonhill trek is the best thing to do in October. The trek route is workable for all level of trekkers.

Poonhill is among the ten best sunrise viewpoints in the world. Get up quite early and hike to the small view tower in Poon Hill. The sunrise over Tukuche and Dhampus Pass is an amazing view.

You will collect splendid experiences in less time span. The mesmerizing panorama of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Ranges is heartwarming.

The beautiful landscapes, breezy places, and scenic beauty and Gurung villages are the major attractions of the trek. You can explore the myriad wonders of nature.

The trek is easy and refreshing. Enjoy the magic of dramatic mountain ranges.

Nagarkot-Chisapani Trek

Nagarkot-Chisapani trek is the best trip to those who want a short and refreshing trek. If you’re looking for a short trek around the Kathmandu Valley, choose this trek.

Nagarkot is a popular sunrise and sunset viewpoint in the valley. Mt. Everest is visible from Nagarkot on a clear day. The trek offers an excellent view of the Kathmandu valley.

Chisapani is a real boon of nature. Situated away from the clamor of city life, the place exhibits the best natural scenarios.

Along the trek, you will walk across the Shivapuri National Park. The interaction with the villagers will add another beautiful experience.

It is 7 hours walking from Nagarkot to Chisapani. If you’re an adventure lover, go for mountain biking around Chisapani-Nagarkot route.

Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu is a place in eastern Nepal. It is very remote to access. A flight will take you to Khandbari in Shankuwashava. From there, you will trek toward Makalu Base Camp.

The entire trekking region is less populated. In some places, lodges are the small stones huts. As October is a trekking season in Nepal, they remain open. But they remain closed in offseasons.

Makalu Region lies outside the margin of modernization. The region is a package of mysteries that are yet unexplored. You can witness the beauty in the hardships of remote life.

Very few trekkers trek to the Makalu Base Camp because of its remoteness. The trek is a complete package of extreme adventure. So, if you are ready to sacrifice the comfort of an amazing adventure, this trek is best for you.

Tips for Food and Accommodation In October

October is the most popular trekking month in Nepal. October is the best season to trek. There is a large flow of tourists in the popular trekking areas. There will be a high flow of trekkers in most of the trekking areas.

Most of the lodges are already occupied in October if you are trekking to the remote areas. So,book the lodges and teahouses earlier.

What to Wear in Nepal in October?

During October, the temperature is mild. Yet, you will see variations in climate while trekking in Nepal. So, pack both light and warm clothing in your comfortable styles.

Daytime is nice and warm. So, lightweight summer clothes are comfortable. Whereas, the evenings are colder. Bring a thin turtleneck sweater with long sleeves for the evenings. They will prevent insect bites too.

If you are trekking in the mountains, wear something warm during sunsets and the sunrises. You will also need a windproof and waterproof jacket for trekking.

Note: Clothes and other items are cheap in Nepal. You can buy something nice and warm there. So, it is better than you pack little clothing.

Nepal weather in October

October has a perfect weather. October is the best month to trek in Nepal. The visibility is best for trekking in the Hills, Mountainous trails or the Himalayas.

Evenings can be chilly in the higher altitudes. A sweater or sweatshirt and a light fleece jacket will be adequate.

The temperature at nights begins to get a little bit cooler. So, we advise you to carry some warm and light windproof jackets.

Keep some extra clothes to wear in layers, if you are trekking in the Himalayas.

In October, there are fair chances of rain. But the shower is little. There’s nothing to worry about. The light rain for a couple of hours brings clear weather.

The temperature may change with changes in altitude. The temperature will decrease as you go up in higher mountain areas. Whereas, it is higher in the lower Terai belt of Nepal.

Tips for Trekking in Nepal in October

Trek with a guide or a partner. Trekking in a group is safer than trekking alone. While trekking, you might get ill or you might encounter difficult situations. So, in cases when you need help, your fellow trekkers or the guide will help you out. So, choose to trek in a group rather than traveling alone.

Drink plenty of water. While trekking in the higher altitudes, your body dehydrate fast. So, carry a bottle of water along with some juices while trekking. This prevents dehydration.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the trek. Before going on a trek, you must train yourself to face any difficulties. You should be physically fit and mentally stable.

Carry a comfortable Backpack. A comfortable backpack simplifies your walk. An unpleasant backpack may give you bad experiences while trekking. With physical discomfort, the trek becomes tiresome. So, make sure you carry a comfortable backpack.

Pack some warm clothes. Weather in the Himalayas is unpredictable. If you are planning to trek in the Himalayas, pack some warm clothes.

Packing List for Trekking in Nepal in October

  • Sleeping bag
  • Fleece Windstopper Jacket (Waterproof)
  • Lightweight cotton T-shirts
  • Lightweight pants (Waterproof)
  • Warm Trousers
  • UV Sunglasses
  • Sun hat or Scarf
  • Hiking socks and boots
  • Camp shoes (Sneakers / Sandals)
  • Lightweight gloves
  • Rucksack Bag with a waterproof shell
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Water bottles
  • A guide Book
  • Binoculars
  • Moisturizer, Sunscreen Creams


October is the most popular season to trek in Nepal. You can choose any of the famous trekking routes. Unlike in monsoon and winter, trekking in October is more pleasing.

October is the best month to trek in the Himalayas. The panoramic view of snow clad peaks is majestic. The rugged mountains and green pastures add to the beauty.

Moderate temperature, perfect climatic conditions enhances the beauty of the trek. The clear atmosphere and the perfect vista of beautiful natural scenery are alluring.