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Trip Grade - thorong high camp

Exciting Nepal has graded each of the itinerary packages carefully and according to their actual difficulty level. We take several factors into consideration like overall length, number of itinerary days, acclimatization process, topography of the route, elevation gain and demanding segments along the route to assess the true grading of the Himalayan adventures.

We have primarily allocated our adventure packages into five main categories: easy, easy to moderate, moderate, strenuous, and challenging grades.

Easy Grade

The adventures in this easy grade section are the most relatively easy adventures that anyone with good health can take part in. You will walk for about 2 to 6 hours on easy and leveled ground with enough break stops en route.

This type of adventure is suitable for a family trip that includes members of different age groups or for a beginner without any prior experience in trekking. The altitude gain in this type of adventure isn’t significant, so there are no risks of altitude sickness. Although you will have to overcome several ascending and descending sections along the way, the altitude doesn’t exceed over 3,200 meters.

Easy to Moderate

In the adventures graded as easy to moderate, you will cover a trekking distance of about 6 to 7 hours along the well-marked trails. You can expect some steep sections occasionally along the route, but they are not physically challenging and exhausting.

You do not require any kind of previous trekking experience to take part in this type of adventure, but you need to have at least a basic level of fitness to meet the demands of the trails. In this type of adventure, you can expect to ascend over an altitude of 4,500 meters to 5,000 meters.


The adventures in the moderate class take you on several days of trekking adventures on the well-maintained trails. Although previous trekking experience will be helpful for such kinds of adventures, it is not mandatory. If you have good health and basic fitness, you can easily complete the trip with enough preparation.

You will have to cover a walking distance of 6 to 7 hours during each day of the trek and, at the same time, overcome the steep section along the rugged trail that takes you to the high elevation points. The trekking adventures in this class take you to different climatic zones, and the maximum altitude you will push for is 5,500 meters.


These grades of adventures are best suited for the trekking enthusiast who are looking for a bit of challenge and thrill during their Himalayan journey. The adventures in this category will take you through rough and physically challenging trails in high-altitude regions. You will have to trek for about 7 to 8 hours during each day of the adventure and will camp at altitudes above 5,500 meters, which are known as the alpine altitudes.

You can expect to cross the mountain passes, glaciers and navigate your way along the ice and snow segments on the slopes of the mountain. Previous trekking experience is absolutely necessary for these kinds of adventures, and you need to be physically fit to be able to handle the demands of the strenuous climbing route.


Moving further past the strenuous grade, the challenging adventures in the Himalayas are only suitable for experienced trekkers and climbers. You need to have a high level of fitness and endurance to navigate your way across several challenging and difficult terrains along the route.

You will also require adequate mountaineer skills and experience to overcome the technical parts along the trail. You can expect the technical routes and need to use mountaineering equipment for the most part of the adventure. Your everyday adventure will involve 7 to 8 hours of walking in extremely cold alpine temperatures, and you will camp out at the alpine altitudes above 6,000 meters.