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1 Day Tour in Kathmandu – Sightseeing Tour

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  • Group Size: 01-11
  • Maximum altitude: 1300
  • Best Season: All around the year
  • Grade Info: Easy
  • Transportation: car
  • Total Days: 01 Day

We present you with the most soulful trip in Nepal, the 1 Day Tour to Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is a beautiful city and home to various ethnicities, cultures, and government sectors. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. It lies in the Bagmati zone of province no.3.

This city is culturally and traditionally rich and prosperous. For decades, it has been a popular holiday destination for tourists. This city is full of various temples, monuments, and Heritage sites.

If you have a day to spare then the 1 day city tour Kathmandu will be a great choice for sightseeing. This city offers many attraction sites for its visitors from religious to cultural.

In this Kathmandu 1 day tour, you will be visiting the 5 UNESCO Heritage sites. These are the most visited places compared to others. Everyone has visited them once when visiting Nepal.

This Kathmandu full-day tour is filled with exciting cultural experiences. So, don’t miss out on this marvelous tour to know the city more closely than ever. Therefore, you get to know about their lifestyle, traditions, and many more.

Trip Highlights

  • Visit the UNESCO Heritage sites
  • Closely experience the lifestyle of the Capital
  • Know more about the history of this place
  • Try out traditional Nepalese food
  • Visit cultural and traditional places
  • Marvelous view of the valley from the hilltop

Best time to visit Kathmandu valley day tour

Kathmandu is not at a very high altitude. So any time of the year is suitable for a day tour in Kathmandu. You can visit in any season Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Monsoon.

Among them, Spring and Monsoon is the best time for a 1 day tour in Kathmandu. As the weather is neither too cold nor too hot during this time. Also, the climate is favorable to walk around as well.

In particular, Winter and Monsoon are also favorable for a 1 day tour in Kathmandu. But the weather is cold and chilly during winter however the days are warm. As for monsoon due to heavy rainfall, the roads are muddy which can be disappointing for travelers.

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Outline Itinerary:

Day 01: Drive from Hotel to Swayambhunath

Day 02: Drive from Swayambhunath to Boudhanath

Day 03: Drive from Boudhanath to Pashupatinath

Day 04: Drive from Pashupatinath to Patan

Day 05: Drive from Patan to Kathmandu Durbar Square

Day 06: Drive back to Hotel

Kathmandu day tour Itinerary

We have listed out the detailed itinerary on how you will be traveling in this Kathmandu valley day tour. This itinerary gives you proper details and insight on the Kathmandu full day tour. To know more read further below:

Drive from Hotel to Swayambhunath

This 1 day city tour Kathmandu lets you enjoy the true colors of this beautiful city. You will be visiting many places this day. And the roads are quite busy during the first hour so your Kathmandu day tour begins early.

After waking up, you freshen up and have your breakfast. Your guide will arrive at the hotel at sharp 8 AM. So be ready and don’t forget your cameras and phones. Boarding the tourist bus, you head towards your first destination of Kathmandu 1 day tour.

During this hour, the roads are less crowded so there aren’t many traffic jams. Enjoying the company of the outside views you will arrive at Swayambhunath without much hassle.

Swayambhunath is also known as the monkey temple. This ancient complex resides on top of a hill on the west side of the city. This is one of the sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu.

It has a stupa and a variety of small shrines surrounding it that dates back to the Licchavi period. The stupa is painted with the Buddha’s eyes, nose, and eyebrows each in the four directions.

There are two access points to reach the stupa. One is the long staircase on the east side of the stupa and the other is the roadways around the hill on the south from the stupa.

You will be using the road that leads you to the south-west entrance. Besides, this place is quite popular among tourists as well as locals. From the top of this hill, you get a panoramic view of the beautiful city.

Usually, this place is very crowded during the early morning and evening. Many locals who reside in this area step out for morning and evening walks. But don’t worry you will have the opportunity to enjoy the views without much disturbance.

Drive from Swayambhunath to Boudhanath

After having a wonderful time, you now head towards the second destination of the 1 day city tour Kathmandu. During this hour, there is a high possibility of traffic jams in the routes. So, you might reach your destination later than at the usual time.

During these jams, you can look out the window and see the busy and noisy streets. After about an hour’s drive, you arrive at your destination Boudhanath stupa.

Boudhanath stupa also known as Boudha is a sacred place for Tibetan and followers of Tibetan Buddhism. This stupa is located about 11 km from the northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu. It is a massive mandala making it one of the largest spherical stupas in Nepal.

This stupa lies on the trials of the ancient trade route from Tibet to Kathmandu via the Sankhu village. This is one of the most visited attraction sites of the Kathmandu valley. They charge an entry fee for tourists.

The stupa is surrounded by various houses that have shops and restaurants in it. As you enter through the gate, you get a satisfactory feeling of peace. You can hear the holy chants being played by shops.

If you like you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones from any of the shops here. The ground and first floor are accessible for walking so you can roam around the sidewalks. After roaming, you have your breakfast while enjoying the marvelous view from the rooftop.

Drive from Boudhanath to Pashupatinath

After a healthy breakfast, you head towards your next Kathmandu 1 day tour destination; Pashupatinath. This site is not very far from Bouddha, it takes about half an hour drive from there.

Retracing the road till Chabahil, you take a left turn and head towards the site. The roads are bumpy and dusty in some parts so don’t forget to carry a mask or scarf.

Pashupatinath is a sacred Hindu temple and one of the UNESCO heritage sites as well. This temple lies about 5 km away from the eastern valley on the banks of the Bagmati river.

The main temple is surrounded by several collections of temples inside and ashrams on the outside. The main temple is the holy shrine of Lord Shiva. This temple is mostly visited by the Shiva devotees.

This site is always crowded with devotees. You are not allowed to wear shoes and click pictures inside the main temple. However, there is no restriction outside the main gate.

The main temple has a pagoda-style architecture with four doors in each direction. And a big bronze statue of Nandi lies in front of the western door. There are a total of 518 temples and monuments on this ground.

One of the major attractions of this place is their evening arati that is held every day at the same time. People gather around the temple to view the arati held on the opposite side.

Drive from Pashupatinath to Patan

After learning a few things about the religious places, you head towards the next destination of Kathmandu full day tour. The next site is a bit far from this place so, relax and enjoy the view.

You will be heading towards Patan that lies in another district which is Lalitpur. The bridge over the Bagmati river separates these two districts. It is located in the south-central part of the valley.

Patan is mostly inhabited by the Newari people. This is the third-largest city in Nepal. It is well known for its cultural heritage, traditions, monuments, arts, and crafts.

Patan Durbar Square is the major attraction of this place situated in the center of this district. This is a historical landmark and one of the three durbar squares. This square was once the royal palace of the Malla kings.

It showcases the wonderful architecture of the Newari artists. All the main temples are aligned opposite the western palace. Some of the important buildings are Krishna Mandir, Bhimsen Temple, Taleju Bhawani Temple, and Vishwanath Temple.

During the evenings, the locals gather around these temples to watch arati and have fresh air. About 10 to 15 minutes from here lies Pimbahal Pokhari. You can visit here as well.

Drive from Patan to Kathmandu Durbar Square

Now you drive towards the last destination of your Kathmandu Valley day tour. You will now be traveling to Kathmandu Durbar Square. It takes about half an hour to 1 hour to reach this place from Patan.

There is a high possibility of traffic jams during the evening time. So you can arrive later than the expected time. On your way to Durbar square, you will be passing the national stadium.

Kathmandu Durbar Square is also as widely popular as Basantapur Durbar Square. Likewise, this square was also once the royal palace of the Malla and Shah kings. In sum, marvelous architecture surrounds the square that showcases the skills of the Newari people.

There are several temples near this square. One of them is the Kumari temple, home of the living goddess. Another is Kasthamandap, a three-storied temple, and shelter made from a single tree.

Nowadays, this place has been a major attraction for both tourists and locals. One of the palaces is being used as a museum that shows the history of the kings and queens.

During the evening, people gather around this square for walks and to view around. There are several restaurants and cafes around this area. You have your lunch in one of the places.

Drive back to Hotel

After a wonderful time, your 1 day tour in Kathmandu has now come to its end. You will be returning back to your hotel from Durbar square. We hope you got to experience the culture and tradition closely. And learned a few things about the history of Kathmandu. We hope this Kathmandu day tour met your expectations and you had fun on this tour.

Trip Cost US$ 75.00 Per person
Cost Includes:
  • A Car
  • A Driver with All parking fees.
  • A tour Guide. English Speaking
  • Bottle of Mineral Water
  • Pick from the Hotel and Drop ( City center only )
Cost Excludes:
  • Entry fee for the temple and monastery.
  • All meals and Snacks.
  • Nepal Entry Visa Fees. Click here for more details.


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Outstanding 10-day tour with ExcitingNepal: Before the trip, Subash helped us very efficiently to design our itinerary. During the trip, he and his team took very good care of us. Our guides adapted the sight-seeing activities to best suit our interests. Arjun, our driver, managed the challenging traffic situation in a calm and entirely safe way. The choice of hotels was excellent. We were particularly pleased how add-hoc wishes like sight-seeing flights were fulfilled and requirements like Covid tests were arranged. ExcitingNepal is truly customer-focussed!

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