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Bardia National Park Tour

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  • Group Size: 2-10 PAX
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  • Transportation: Private/Public Vehicle
  • Total Days: 4 Days

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Bardia National Park Tour is an excellent wilderness exploration opportunity in Nepal that takes you to the largest national park in Terai, the lowland region of the country. Located in the southwestern part of the country in the Bardia district, this national park is 560 km from Kathmandu.

This national park is spread across an area of 374 square miles and is home to about 56 species of mammals, 438 species of birds, 125 species of fish, and 23 species of amphibians and reptiles. Bardia National Park is located at the base of the Siwalik Hills, and the Karnali River separates it border. Thanks to the river system, Karnali on the bank, and the Babai River, which crosses the national park, the flora and fauna of the region have flourished to such an abundant level of biodiversity.

On top of exploring the South Asian flora and fauna, this incredible safari adventure will also introduce you to the unique culture and traditions of the indigenous Tharu community in the region.

To make your tour even more thrilling and exciting, Exciting Nepal has included both jungle safari and jeep safari that goes to the core of the national park in this tour. So, there won’t be any unturned stone in this exploration, and you will enjoy a detailed- immersive experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Outline Itinerary Plan for Bardia National Park Tour

Day 01: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and drive to Bardia National Park (45m flight; 3 hrs drive)

Day 02: Full day of jungle tour

Day 03: Jeep Safari in the park, canoe ride, and Tharu Cultural Show

Day 04: Nepalgunj Airport transfer and flight back to Kathmandu (45m flight; 3 hrs drive)

Detailed Itinerary Plan for Bardia National Park Tour

Day 01: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and drive to Bardia National Park

After breakfast, you will be picked up by our representative from your hotel and will be taken to to Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). From the domestic terminal of the airport, you will take a flight to Nepalgunj Airport, which will last about an hour.

In this delightful flight, you will be able to enjoy the incredible aerial views of the lush valleys down below, soaring rivers, vibrant settlements, and, of course, the hypnotizing views of the Himalayan peaks.

After landing in Nepalgunj, you will be then transferred to the Bardia National Park. This park is at a distance of approximately 100km and takes about 2 hours to drive from Nepalgunj. After checking-in at your designated resort and getting refreshed, your guide will brief you overall about the adventure.

With the remaining time, you will explore the charming Tharu Village, exploring their culture and traditions. If you have time, you will also visit the crocodile breeding center before calling it a night and preparing for an exhilarating adventure starting tomorrow.

Day 02: Full day of jungle tour

You will start this day’s exploring adventure after a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Your guide and porter will lead you way inside the park, taking you across the popular landmarks in the park to witness the diverse wildlife of the park.

Bardia National Park is famous as the home of endangered wildlife like Royal Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinoceros. You will also get the opportunity to encounter other popular species in the park, like Gharials, Wild elephants, Wild boar, Spotted deer, Swamp deer, Hog deer, Black buck, Golden Jackal, Elusive leopard, Striped Hyena, etc.

Keeping a safe distance and following the instructions of your guide, you will have a wonderful time exploring the fascinating beings of nature in their natural habitat. You will enjoy your packed lunch at a suitable destination in your jungle safari. In the evening, return to your resort and warp this day’s adventure, preparing for the jeep safari tomorrow.

Day 03: Jeep Safari in the park, canoe ride, and Tharu Cultural Show

Slightly different from yesterday’s jungle safari, today, you will take a comfortable jeep to explore the extensive part of the Bardia National Park. You will drive inside the park following the road map and relishing the fascinating diversity of colorful birds and eloped wild animals.

We also allow our guests to customize the itinerary for this jeep safari inside the park. Your safari group has full control over the exploration preference inside the park on this day. After completing the exciting jungle safari, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the water adventures like canoeing and rafting.

In the evening, you will return to your resort and join the cultural program. The artists of the Tharu communities will perform their traditional dances and offer you some insights into their unique culture and traditions. This is the perfect way to mark the closure of your exciting jungle exploration on a high note.

Day 04: Nepalgunj Airport transfer and flight back to Kathmandu

This day will mark the official ending of the trailing adventure inside the Bardia National Park. After breakfast, you will drive to Nepalgunj Airport for the flight back to Kathmandu. About two hours drive and an hour of flight after, you will make your touchdown at the TIA.

From here, you will be then transferred to your respective hotels. Thank you for safaring with Exciting Nepal; we hope to see you again. Safe journey!

Trip Cost US$ 1450 Per person
Cost Includes:
  • Both-way air travel fare ( Kathmandu-Nepalgunj- Kathmandu)
  • Lunch /Diner/ Breakfast during the activities.
  • All Jungle Activities.
  • Professional guide for the Jungle activities
  • Park fees.
  • Guide for the Jungle activities.
  • Hotel Accommodation
Cost Excludes:
  • Drinks.
  • Extra night.
  • Extra programme.

Major Attractions of Bardia National Park Tour

Major Attractions of Bardia National Park Tour

Incredible Wildlife

Bardia National Park is famous for its incredibly rich biodiversity thanks to its suitable landscapes that are ideal as natural habitats for different species of animals. About 70% of the national park is a mixture of savannah, riverine, and lush grassland that balances a diverse range of ecosystems inside the park.

This park is especially famous as the natural habitat of the engaged species of wildlife like the one-horned rhino and the royal Bengal tiger. About 56 species of wildlife reside in this incredible park, including rare species of wildlife like Asitatic Gangetic dolphins, swamp deer, gharial crocodile, spotted deer, sloth bears, hog deer, fishing cats, Asian elephants, etc.


This fascinating national park, besides the rich biodiversity of wildlife, is also home to 438 species of residents and migratory birds. Undoubtedly, it is a wonderland for birdwatching enthusiasts as they can encounter a diverse range of colorful birds in a single sitting.

Bardia National Park is home to protected species of birds like the black stork, giant hornbill, white stork, Bengal florican, lesser florican, and sarus crane. Besides the protected species of birds, you will also be able to encounter other popular species of birds in the region, like hummingbird kites, cuckoos, warblers, egrets, francolins, doves, sparrows, kingfishers, etc.

Tharu Cultural Museum

Tharu Cultural Museum is another popular highlight of the Bardia National Park exploration. This museum holds data about the unique and fascinating culture, traditions, lifestyle, and history of the indigenous group of the Bardia.

The main reason behind the establishment of this museum, which is located right inside the main gate of the national park, is to restore and protect the indigenous culture and traditions of the Tharu community. This museum is decorated with things that represent the Tharu communities, from traditional ornaments and dresses to equipment to prepare food and Tharu gods. You will get the opportunity to explore the traditional Tharu artifacts from up close inside the museum.

Elephant and Crocodile Breeding Center

The elephant and crocodile breeding center are other popular highlights of the Bardia National Park. The elephant breeding center is located on the south side of the park; it houses endangered elephant species of different ages. Some of the elephants inside the center are brought in for shelter after the harm done by the porches, and some of the elephants are used for anti-poaching patrols.

Similarly, the crocodile breeding center inside the park can be visited from both inside and outside the park. It is located near the elephant breeding center and contains the main species like gharial crocodiles and swamp huggers.

Jungle Walk and Jeep Safari

Among other popular activities in the Bardia National Park Tour, jungle walking and jeep safari are the major highlights of this safari exploration. In your jungle walk, your guide and wildlife tracker will take you to points closer to the natural habitat of the wildlife in the region. Relishing the alluring natural scenery, you will have a closeup and informative wildlife experience and have tons of opportunities to capture the perfect wildlife photography.

On the other hand, with a jeep safari, you will be able to go further deeper inside the national park. You will still be able to observe a wide range of wildlife during this jeep safari but closer to the core of the park. Wild rhinos, elephants, Bengal tigers, deer, langur, etc, are some of the major highlights of this jeep safari as you head closer to river system territory during this exploration.

Canoeing and Rafting

Besides the safari inside the national park, other water adventures like canoeing and rafting are some other popular activities in the Bardia National Park Tour. You will be able to observe the wildlife of the region at the same time enjoying the thrilling rapids of the Karnali River.

This water adventure creates a unique opportunity to explore the magnificence of this charming national park in a different color. You will have chances to encounter crocodiles, dolphins, and other species of wildlife near the river system. If you are fond of fishing, you can also add the fishing itinerary to your water adventure.

Best Time for the Tour

Best Time for the Tour

The Bardia National Park Tour can be done throughout the year. However, dry seasons like autumn and spring seasons are considered to be best for the exploration in this national park. Thanks to the stable climatic conditions, you will be able to trek on the dry jungle trails and enjoy a pleasant temperature.

These seasons are also farther from the heat of the summer season, which can be especially challenging in the Terai region. During the spring season, the landscapes of the national park are covered by lush greenery, and the colorful delights of nature’s blooming season add further magic to the exploration. The temperature of the Lumbini region hovers around 14°C to 37°C during the month of the season.

Autumn, on the other hand, welcomes pleasant temperatures that usually average between 12°C to 27°C. Besides the exciting allurements of the fall season, the festive ambiance is the key highlight of autumn. Some of the grandest festivals, like Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Indra Jatra, Gai Jatra, Pachali Bhairab, etc, are celebrated during this season.

Is Bardia National Park Tour Safe?

During your Bardia National Park Tour, you will do the safari on the trails that are maintained and moderated by the National Park Conservation Committee. As both locals and the committee members are dedicated to conserving the national park, the trails are well-maintained and safe.

Your safari adventure will not only be led by your guide, but a member of the wildlife tracking team will also accompany your adventure. So, as the guides and the wildlife trackers are familiar with the region and the natural habitats of the wildlife in the region, they will plan excursions to explore the wildlife from a safer distance.

So, if you follow the instructions of your hides and follow the precautionary method as suggested, this exciting safari adventure is completely safe. However, you should be careful about not straying off on your own without being mindful of the briefed instructions.

As this exploration takes you to the complete wilderness and the natural habitats of predatory wildlife, it can be life-threatening if you wander on your own. So, stay close to your guides and wildlife tracker, and enjoy a remarkable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime without worrying about anything.

Bardia National Park Tour Price

Bardia National Park Tour Price

The price of the Bardia National Park Tour starts at US$ 150 per person/ per night. Your overall cost of the safari tour depends on the number of days you want to explore the national park.

Your package cost wil cover the expenses like entry fee at the national park, food and accommodation throughout the trip, and the cost of safari/wildlife guide and all excursions, including the Tharu Cultural Show.

As for the cost-excluded part, your international flights, two-way domestic flights for the safari, personal nature expenses, food and drinks at Kathmandu, visa expenses, and road transportation are not covered by the package.

You can receive even further discount on the group booking. Keep updated with our website to catch the special seasonal and festive discounts.

Accommodation and Food

During your Bardia National Park Tour, you will spend 3 nights at a comfortable resort in the heart of the city. You will be able to enjoy all the modern amenities and services during your stay. The extra luxury perks will depend on what kind of package you have selected; you can also switch from standard accommodation to a more luxurious and comfortable package.

As for food, Nepal is a haven for food exploration. You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of regional delicacies and other Asian and international dishes during this safari adventure. Tharu community-specific dishes like Ghonghi, Bagiya, Dhikri, Sidhara, Bhakka, etc, are the key highlights of the cuisine exploration on this trip.

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Some Helpful Tips for the National Park Tour

Some Helpful Tips for the National Park Tour

  • As this is a wildlife exploration, strictly follow the instructions of your wildlife guide
  • Keep noise to a minimum so you don’t disrupt the wildlife and miss the chance to witness their natural behavior
  • Don’t feed the wild animals; it will create a dependency relation that will disrupt the ecosystem
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the Bardia National Park
  • Avoid littering and dispose of the waste during your tour appropriately
  • Stay hydrated for a comfortable safari experience
  • Be patient; wildlife exploration takes a lot of patience
  • Wear appropriate clothes to avoid bug bites and protect yourself from the sun
  • Carry supportive gear like hiking poles, gaiters, ankle support, etc
  • Don’t wander on your own, leaving the group behind
  • Finally, don’t forget binoculars and a camera with a zoom lens

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