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Kathmandu Valley Mountain Biking Tour

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  • Group Size: 2-10 PAX
  • Maximum altitude: 2375m
  • Best Season: Spring and Autumn
  • Total Days: 9 Days

The busy and densely populated city of Kathmandu is filled with culture, great food, and incredible places to visit. Kathmandu is the Hub of Nepal. The only international airport of Nepal lies here in Kathmandu, which makes it the starting point of all travels in Nepal. Trekkers from all over the world have to visit Kathmandu, no matter which place they wish to attend.

But the best thing about Kathmandu is that this place has some of the best places to visit while you are in Nepal. Mountain biking in Kathmandu is yet to become a trend. This is one of the best activities to do while you are here. The locals are busy with their daily life, and very few can manage time and money for such an experience.

Get ready to step away from all the pollution, and explore this majestic city from a whole new angle.

Trip duration: 09 days (Standard), and can be modified if necessary.

Difficulty: Moderate

Fitness level: Good cardio and Stamina fitness

Experience: Adequate bike handling

Kathmandu Valley Mountain biking Tour Highlights:

  • The durbar squares
  • Traditional Nepali culture
  • Local food
  • Meet and greet with the locals
  • Incredible sights
  • Forests and rivers


Outline Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 2: Uphill ride to Kakani (2,030 m)
Day 3: Bike from Kakani to Bhudanilkhanta ( 1371 m)
Day 4: Bike from Budanilkantha to Chisapani (2375m)
Day 5: Bike from Chisapani to Nagarkot (2,175 m)
Day 6: Bike from Nagarkot to Namobuddha (1750 m) and Dhulikhel (1550m)
Day 7: Bike from Namo buddha to Lakuri Bhanjyang (2100 m)
Day 8: Bike from Lakuri Bhanjhyang to Kathmandu (1400m)
Day 9: Departure from Kathmandu

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

If it is your first time in Kathmandu, you can expect pollution. There are lots of vehicles, and sometimes the traffic is off the limit. And this is how this city welcomes you. Accommodations in Kathmandu is not expensive. You can get different varieties of food here and see a different culture.

The evenings in Kathmandu is fantastic. You can have a nice walk on the streets of Thamel and experience the traditional Newari culture on the corners of Basantapur. The Basantapur Durbar Square is an extraordinary sight. Have some drink, and enjoy your stay at a hotel.

Day 2: Uphill ride to Kakani

After a pleasant breakfast, prepare your backpack and equipment. Set up your gear, grab your helmet, and head off to Kakani. A ride through the street of Thamel starts this trip. After about an hour of the journey, you will leave the city behind, and catch up to the road to Kakani.

The wide Jeep track alongside the huge forest of Nagarjuna gives you a soothing experience. Get ready for some fascinating views of the mountains as you ride uphill. Located at the height of 2100 m from the sea level, Kakani offers you chilly weather. Have some mouth-watering trout, farmed by the locals. A glass of chilled beer and delicious fried fish is the best way possible to call it a day. You’ll rest at a guest house.

Day 3: Bike from Kakani to Bhudanilkhanta

Kathmandu Valley Mountain biking Tour

Kakani was an enjoyable experience. What comes ahead is even better. The tracks ahead is one of the best single tracks to ride. You will ride through the Shivapuri national park. You have to admit, riding your mountain bike through the woods gives an extraordinary feeling.

Along the way, you might get so see some wildlife as well, so be prepared for that. The ride is smooth yet astounding. You can hear the birds singing, and the whistling of trees make you relax.

The track is relatively straight forward, and you will find freshwater streams in your way where you can freshen up.

After reaching Budanilkantha, you can visit the sacred Hindu temple. The 5th-century structure of lord Vishnu is some sight. You can explore the traditional culture and have a great time in Budanilkantha. You will rest overnight at a hotel.

Day 4: Bike from Budanilkantha to Chisapani

Have some nice breakfast, and continue your mountain bike tour. Always start your day with a great spirit, then you will feel a kick inside of you to carry on. Anyways, there are several routes to reach Chisapani from Budanilkantha. There is an adventurous route, which includes carrying your bike for the most part. Then there is a route through Mulkharka, a small village just beside Sundarijal.

The route is an outstanding single track through dense forest and rocky hills. After entering the Shivapuri national park, you will again hear birds singing. Continuing our journey from Mulkharka, ahead awaits one of the toughest tracks for you. The uphill ride on the 22 km of offroad is quite challenging yet pleasant. There are lots of rocks lying above ground. This Jeep track is something you’ll always remember.

All these hard works and challenges are worthy, as you see what Chisapani has to offer. The panoramic view of the Himalayas is incredible. Get some rest you deserve after all the tough ride uphill. The local teahouses have a different vibe to them. Do not hesitate this beautiful village, as it is also a gateway to many popular treks to Langtang, Helambu, and Gosainkunda.

Kathmandu Valley Mountain biking Tour

Day 5: Bike from Chisapani to Nagarkot

The morning in Chisapani is even more beautiful. On a clear day, you can even see Everest. Have a cup of hot tea surrounded by chilly weather and the incredible sight of the Himalayas.

Your next destination will be Nagarkot. Nagarkot is one of the most visited hill stations in Kathmandu valley. The ride from Chisapani starts with a downhill. The single track downhill is a pleasure to ride. You can view the majestic Himalayas as you ride down. There are several routes to reach Nagarkot from Chisapani. We will be taking the best route (in my opinion).

After some downhill ride, you will reach a place called Jhule. A small village where travelers have lunch and get some rest. Further, you will ride downhill towards Manichaur. Manichaur is a popular picnic spot nowadays.

The journey continues with some down and uphill ride. There are great views of small villages and, river and ChanguNarayan. ChanguNarayan is another renowned destination inside Kathmandu valley.

Then we start climbing uphill towards Nagarkot. This is another intense uphill ride, where you will be crossing a dense forest. This route is more and more popular for hikers and bikers. The tiring uphill ride, followed by some breathtaking views makes us pull our brakes. Take as many pictures as you like. Finally, you will reach Nagarkot. You can relax here and have a good time.

Day 6: Bike from Nagarkot to Namobuddha and Dhulikhel

Get up early, as this is the best time to explore Nagarkot. The sunrise from Nagarkot is breathtaking, and you should not miss it at all cost. Nagarkot is famous for its sunrise and the spectacular sight of the Himalayas. Mountains like Ganesh Himal, Gaurishankar, and Langtang are some of few mountains to see from here. It is said that you can even see Everest on a clear day.

After breakfast, we will continue our tour. And your next destination is Namobuddha. The downhill track towards Nala is exciting. Nala is a traditional village that reflects the ancient Newari culture. The Bhaktapur Durbar square is very close to the tracks you follow, and you can definitely visit there if you wish to. The rich culture of Bhaktapur is one of a kind, and it will be a great experience.

Further down Nala, we will pass Sanga. The tallest statue of Hindu god Lord Shiva lies on top of a hill there. Upon reaching Dhulikhel, you can see the varieties of culture and civilization. The mountain view from Dhulikhel is beautiful as well. From Dhulikhel, we will head towards Namobuddha.

The peaceful Buddhist Monastery in Namo Buddha is astounding. It is said that Lord Buddha gave up on his body at this very place. Experience the enchanting Buddhist culture and tradition while you are here. And be sure to explore this place, as it has some exciting single tracks and steep tracks in woods.

Kathmandu Valley Mountain biking Tour

Day 7: Bike from Namo buddha to Lakuri Bhanjyang

Early morning at Namo buddha gives you a different feeling. You can hear some great Buddhist chants, and believe me, this very moment is extraordinary. We will continue our journey towards Panauti. Panauti is another traditional village, that is well-renowned for its rich Newari culture and great Newari food. You can see the local people doing their chores, and the elders gathering around discussing their stuff. Make sure to take photographs for something to remember by.

While you ride from Panauti to Lakuri, you can view well-cultivated fields. You can meet different people and rest at small teahouses. The uphill ride to Lakuri Bhanjyang is tough and exciting. You will be riding beside the huge Phulchoki Hill (The tallest one in Kathmandu valley).

The view from Lakuri is incredible. You can see the valley beneath you, and the mountains; standing tall in the distance. On a clear day, you will be able to see the whole Langtang mountain range. Have a nice stay at the hotel and enjoy the last destination before we return to Kathmandu tomorrow.

Day 8: Bike from Lakuri Bhanjhyang to Kathmandu

The last day of our mountain biking tour is going to be just as exciting as the rest were. Morning in Lakuri Bhanjyang is beautiful, with incredible views of the valley and mountains. The downhill Jeep track is exciting. There are many single tracks to follow, as well.

After a few hours of biking, you will be exploring the renowned Patan durbar square. Patan is another traditional city, which offers many beautiful landmarks. The Durbar square might be the best place to visit while you are in Patan. There is a historical museum, which is a must-visit place.

You can explore Patan as much as you want to, as there are lots and lots of places to visit. You can head back to Kathmandu after a pleasant visit at Patan. Rest your bike and freshen up, then explore the Basantapur Durbar Square one more time. Have a great time here in Thamel, and enjoy your time in this majestic city.

Day 9: Departure from Kathmandu

After a beautiful week here in Kathmandu, its time to say goodbye to this city. You will get a warm farewell with all the love and best wishes.

All the itineraries mentioned above are standard, but they can be modified according to our guest’s requests. We are very flexible towards our guests, and it is our responsibility that you have a great time while you are under our guidance.

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Mountain Biking in Kathmandu

If I love something more than me, it’s my bike. I’ve always been a passionate biker. Mountain biking in Nepal had always been on my to-do list since long back. And last Spring was when I turned my dreams into reality.

I contacted exciting Nepal and planned the Kathmandu valley mountain biking tour. It was a seven days biking tour around the amazing hills around the valley. I was provided with a comfortable mountain bike and a guide. We made our way over the hills, across the villages and through beautiful jungles.
I rode to amazing places like Kakani, Budhanilkantha, Chisapani, Nagarkot, Namobuddha, Dhulikhel, and Lakuri Bhanjyang. Those seven days of my life, I’ll never forget. I cannot thank you enough Mr. Subash. I am looking forward to sharing more stories of adventures with you Exciting Nepal. Thank you!

Garry mason, Swizerland

Subash KC

Managing Director

Mr. Subash K.C ventured into the tourism industry after completing his studies in Management Stream in 2001 at Tribhuvan University. Mr. K.C, born and brought up in the Lalitpur district, is keenly interested in exploring the different trekking routes. Getting the opportunity to work in the tourism industry helped him gather insights about trekking across Nepal. In addition, he also learned about customer care and group management.
By leading solo and group trekkers himself, he started collecting data about many trekking destinations in Nepal. He creates an enriching experience for national and international travelers through exceptional hospitality.

Apart from managing trekking and tours, Mr K.C also handles client inquiries, accommodation reservations, arrangements of transportation and flights, and other logistics. Recognizing the importance of personalized service, he proactively takes care of clients' needs and requirements. He is fluent in English and excels in organizing treks, tours, and adventure sports in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

He is highly committed to promoting responsible tourism and prioritizes client satisfaction by providing top-notch service through his well-organized company. He believes that through responsible traveling, we can protect the natural environment and promote sustainability. He has expanded his knowledge by traveling to various countries worldwide, such as India, Bhutan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, China, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, USA, Japan, UK, Canada etc and is passionate about exploring more destinations.

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