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Makalu Base Camp Trek – 13 Days Itinerary

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  • Destination: Makalu base camp 5000m
  • Group Size: Min - 1
  • Maximum altitude: 5000m.
  • Best Season: Spring & Autumn
  • Grade Info: Moderate & Strenuous
  • Transportation: Jeep / bus / plane
  • Total Days: 13 Days
  • Walking Hour: 6 HRS

Are you searching for a trek in the mountain region? Wanting to experience the remoteness and mostly untouched parts of Nepal? Well with the Makalu Base Camp Trek 17 days, you can have the best of both worlds.

With the 15 days Makalu Base Camp Trekking, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Himalayas and experience the remoteness of Nepal. Not just the beautiful views of the mountains but also the sound of nature with the visit to Makalu Barun National Park.

Makalu Barun National Park provides you an opportunity to experience the exotic flora and fauna of this region. Also, this trek takes you to places you have never been to before. The remoteness of the region makes the small beautiful settlements hidden to the world. But you can experience and interact with them with this trek.

Another main attraction of this trek is that you get to set foot in the sacred Barun Valley and spend days on the camping sites in the valley. The green land with the untouched natural beauty of the valley will leave you mesmerizing. You will never want to leave this beautiful place.

Our Makalu Base Camp trek itinerary begins with our flight to Tumlingtar and starting our trek to Khandbari. Trekking through the beautiful countryside we will reach Sakurate and camp among the lush Rhododendron forest.

From the hidden settlement of Sakurate, we will cross suspension bridges and cross the Arun River heading towards Num. The ascend to Sedhuwa from Num provides you with great views of terrace farming fields. As you get higher up, you will get on the rocky roads and the altitude rises from Mumbuk.

The altitude rises from Mumbuk so keep proper acclimatizing pace as you head towards Nehe Kharka. This is in the sacred Barun Valley filled with natural beauty and greenery.

Soon we will pass through Shershon and reach Makalu Base Camp. After exploring the base camp we will then head down towards Nehe Kharka.

We will yet again make a short hike to explore the Shipton La Pass (4,250m). This pass provides you the best views of the Sunset in the mountains. We shall then make our return back to Sedhuwa.

We shall end our trek by returning to Khandbari through Mure. From Khandbari it is a 3-hour trek to Tumlingtar before catching a flight back to Kathmandu.

Makalu Base Camp Trek Highlights

  • Great views of the mountains
  • Waterfalls, suspension bridges, and the Makalu Barun Glaciers
  • Makalu Barun National Park
  • Sacred Barun Village
  • Great cultural exploration
  • Exotic ecosystems and wildlife

Makalu Base Camp Trekking Best time

Now that you have learned about the best things you can witness in this beautiful adventurous trek, wondering what the best time for taking this trek is? Don’t worry, we have you covered on that as well. With our expertise and sources, we will tell you everything you need to know about the best time and their best qualities for the Makalu Base Camp Trek.

Spring Season

The Spring Season is considered one of the best seasons and times of the year to embark on any high altitude trek. Spring starts in Nepal from early March and ends in May. These months provide you with the best mountaineering and trekking experience.

The weather is mostly clear during spring. Also, this season brings forth a wide range of exotic flora and fauna for you to witness. You not only get the best temperature and weather for the trek but also get to experience the beautiful and exotic flora and fauna during your expedition.

With clear weather, you get to see the best views of the mountains and the landscapes. The glorious peaks can be clearly seen from the trails. From small villages underneath to the beautiful glaciers formed, everything can be clearly visible to your eyes mesmerizing you during this season. So, this is one of the Makalu Base Camp Trekking best times.

Autumn Season

Autumn is yet another beautiful season-best fit for adventurous trekking. Starting from mid-September and lasting up to Late-November, Autumn is the best time for Makalu Base Camp Trekking.

The weather during autumn is mostly clear skies with no harsh sun drying you up during your trek. Also, the temperature is moderate so you can easily make your trek without freezing or being burned by the heat.

Another major reason for Autumn being the best time for Makalu Base Camp Trek is because of the festivities that lie in the season. Apart from the clear skies making your trek more magical and memorable, most of the big festivities of Nepal lie in Autumn. Experiencing these festivities and the unique culture makes your journey much more memorable and exciting.

Winter season starts early December and is mostly cold as we reach high altitudes during our trek. Late December trekking in high altitudes is not recommended even in the Makalu Base Camp due to high risks. You can make the trek in February as the temperature gets warmer and the trails more feasible.

As for the summer season, Nepal experiences monsoon during summer making the summer season a not-so-favorable time for trekking. The trails get slippery and wet making it harder for you to enjoy your trek.

So choosing the Autumn and Spring season for your trek is the best decision for a safe and adventurous journey in the Makalu Region.

Outline Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel.

Day 02: Free and arrangement day.

Day 03: Fly to Tumlingtar (50 mins flight) and drive to Sedhuwa (1700m; 7 hrs drive)

Day 04: Sedhuwa to Tashigaon (2063m; 5 hrs trek)

Day 05: Tashigaon to Kauma (2500; 6/7 hrs trek)

Day 06: Kauma to Mumbuk (3500m; 6/7 hrs trek)

Day 07: Mumbuk to Nehe Kharka (3660m; 6/7 hrs trek)

Day 08: Nehe Kharka to Shershon (4720m; 6/7 hrs trek)

Day 09: Shershon to Makalu Base Camp (4853m; 3/4 hrs trek)

Day 10: Explore Makalu Base camp.

Day 11: Makalu Base camp - Nehe Kharka – Shipton-La Camp or Dobate (4216m; 5/6 hrs trek)

Day 12: Shipton-La Camp/ Dobate – Sedhuwa (4216 m; 6/7 hrs trek)

Day 13: Sedhuwa - Mure (1980m; 6 hrs trek)

Day 14: Mure – to Tumlintar by Local Jeep (1980m)

Day 15: Fly back from Tumlingtar – Kathmandu ( 1400m; 50 mins flight)

Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel.

You Makalu Base Camp Trekking begins with your arrival to Kathmandu. As the first day of your Makalu Base Camp Trek, you will be transferred to the hotel in Kathmandu.

You must be tired from the long flight to Kathmandu from your home country. On arrival, you will apply for the Nepal Entry Visa and get your Nepalese travel Visa. Even though our Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary shows a trek of 17 days, it is better to take the Visa for a month so you can enjoy your trek and vacation to the fullest.

Rest well in the hotel in Kathmandu for the day and prepare for the activities coming to you on the next day.

Day 02: Free and arrangement day.

The second day of your trip is a free day. You are free to explore the Kathmandu Valley as per your wish. Today, you get to explore to your heart’s content. So what to do in the Kathmandu Valley you ask? What is there not to do here?

You can enjoy sightseeing in the Kathmandu Durbar Square through the cultural heritage sites. That is not the only thing for you to do in Kathmandu. Tired after sightseeing? Why not try some of the most diverse cuisines of the country. There are many hotels and restaurants where you can find a wide variety of food.

The traditional food of Nepalese along with the famous Newari cuisine is famous in the Kathmandu Valley. If Durbar Squares are not your thing, why not try some shopping. The street market at Thamel will have you mesmerized with the variety of products and cultural diversity.

With these many things to do, you can be reassured that your day in Kathmandu will be one of the most memorable days in Nepal.

After your memorable day in Kathmandu, you shall rest in the hotel and prepare yourselves for the official beginning of your Makalu Base Camp Trekking 15 days.

Day 03:Fly to Tumlingtar and drive Sedhuwa.

Maximum Altitude:1400 meters

Flight Duration: 50 minutes/ Jeep 7 hours.

 Today marks the official beginning of our trekking expedition. The Makalu Base Camp Trekking itinerary takes you through a beautiful flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar. Your trekking starts as soon as you board the flight to Tumlingtrar from Kathmandu at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

The flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar takes around 50 minutes. It is a scenic flight with beautiful views of the cityscape and the landscapes. You also get to witness the beautiful Himalayan range from the flight.

After enjoying the mesmerizing and picturesque views from the flight, you will land in Tumlingtar. after land in Tumlintar we will catch our local Jeep to Sedhuwa will take 7 hours , Overnight in Sedhuwa.

Day 04: Sedhuwa to Tashigaon (2063m)

Maximum Altitude: 2063 m

Trekking hours: 5 hours

Our trek continues from Sedhuwa early morning after a hefty breakfast as we leave Sedhuwa. From the beautiful village of Sedhuwa, we shall make our way to our next destination, Tashigaon.

At an altitude of 2063 meters, Tashigaon is a beautiful village with great views. The trail from Sedhuwa to Tashigaon is a picturesque trail where there is a lot of pasture land but not many trees as the trails are steep.

You will be able to see many Buddhist prayer flags along with small chortens on the way from Sedhuwa to Tashigaon. Spending the night at Tashigaon, we shall wait for our next adventure.

Day 05:Tashigaon to Kauma (2500)

Maximum Altitude: 3,470 m

Trekking hours: 6-7 hours

The Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary further takes you to a settlement in Kauna from Tashigaon. The trail from Tashigaon to Kauma is filled with beautiful views. At an altitude of 3470 meters, it takes around 6-7 hours to reach Kauma from Tashigaon.

The path from Tashigaon to Kauma danda is a steep one but one with great views. As the altitude increases, you get to enjoy better views of the mountains. There is a small settlement near the Kauma danda where you will spend the night. The Kauma danda provides you with splendid views of the Himalayas.

Day 06:Kauma to Mumbuk (3500m)

Maximum Altitude: 3560 m

Trekking hours:6-7 hours

Today’s trekking is a bit rough as we will be walking through many twists and turns and gaining some altitude as well. After a warm breakfast, we will leave the Kauma Danda and head towards the beautiful Barun Valley.

Barun Valley is an uninhabited beautiful sacred valley in the Makalu region. There are some temporary camping sites made for trekkers. Today we shall reach one of these sites. After a long trek of around 6-7 hours through many twists and turns, we will reach Mumbuk. This is one of the temporary camping regions made in the Barun valley.

We shall rest for the night in the Mumbuk region and head out early morning.

Day 07:Mumbuk to Nehe Kharka (3660m)

Maximum Altitude: 3650m

Trekking hours:6-7 hours

After resting up in Mumbuk, you will now head towards another temporary camping site in Barun valley, Nehe Kharka.

The trekking trail from Mumbuk to Nehe Kharka is relatively plain and is filled with greenery. The sacred lands of Barun Valley are beautifully covered in green even though there aren’t many trees around. Crossing small streams enjoying the beautiful greenscape, you will reach Nehe Kharka in around 6-7 hours.

Day 08:Nehe Kharka to Shershon (4720m)

Maximum Altitude: 4720m

Trekking hours: 6-7 hours

Today we shall leave Nehe Kharka and head towards a higher end of Barun Valley. The Shershon village is a small settlement near Lower Barun Glacier. It is a small village on the north side of the glacier and provides a great view of the glacier.

Your trek today will be a bit tough in comparison to the previous ones as you will be gaining a lot of altitudes.. This means a long hike to the Shershon valley. You will have to climb up the steep rocks so be careful. On the way, you will also see many waterfalls and many small settlements around Jhark, Ramara, and Mera. You will finally reach Sherson and end the trek for the day after around 6-7 hours of trekking and hiking.

Day 09:Shershon to Makalu Base Camp (4853m)

Maximum Altitude: 4870 m

Trekking hours: 3-4 hours

From Shershon, we will finally head to our destination today. We will leave early in the morning and head towards Makalu Base Camp. At an altitude of 4870 meters, Makalu Base Camp stands beautifully with the best views of the fifth highest mountain of Nepal, Makalu along with Everest and other neighboring mountains.

The trail from Shershon to Makalu Base Camp is only an hour and a half long hike. Walking through the rocky mountainous roads, you will reach Makalu Base Camp with a short hike. You will have enough time to enjoy and admire the views and the beauty of the Makalu Base Camp.

After some time of admiration, you will return back to Nehe Kharka from Makalu Base Camp enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains and the glacier. We will spend the night at Nehe Kharka.

Day 10: Explore Makalu Base Camp (4853m)

We will enjoy and Explore the Makalu Base camp .

Day 11: Makalu Base Camp- Nehe Kharka – Shipton-La Camp- Dobete

Maximum Altitude: 4216 meters

Trekking hours: 5-6 hours

Now we will make a descend as we return back down from Makalu Base Camp. After a warm breakfast at Nehe Kharka, we will now head to Shipton La Camp. Shipton La Camp is a camping area near the Shipton La Pass.

As we return from Nehe Kharka, we will head down towards Mumbuk. From Mumbuk, we will hike to Shipton-La camp and spend the night there. The sunset view from Shipton La Camp is awestruck.

You can enjoy the beautiful sunset amongst the mesmerizing views of the mountains from Shipton La Camp.

Day 12:Shipton-La Camp / Dobate  – Sedhuwa

Maximum Altitude:4216 meters

Trekking hours: 6-7

Today we will make a descent back to Sedhuwa. The 6-7 hours trek will take us through the rocky mountains and descend so be careful and watch your step. The trail will also provide you with the best panoramic sunrise view of the mountains including the Kanchenjunga mountain.

We will walk down straight towards the beautiful settlement of Sedhuwa enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains. Slowly you will start to see the lush Rhododendron forest as you get to the lower altitudes and finally reach Sedhuwa.

Day 13 : Sedhuwa - Mure

Maximum Altitude: 1980 m

Trekking hours: 6 hours

Having a tasty breakfast at Sedhuwa, we will today head towards Mure. we will return the same way we ascended. The descent will take you through the beautiful Num Valley. A short walk past the Num valley, you will reach Mure at an altitude of 1980 meters. You will reach Mure from Sedhuwa in around 6-7 hours of the walk. Today we shall spend the night here preparing for the next day’s trek.

Day 14:Mure – Tumlintar

Maximum Altitude: 1980 m

Trekking hours: 1  hours more or less

We are nearing the end of our Makalu Base Camp Trekking expedition. As we leave Mure in the morning, we will head towards the starting point of our trekking adventure. Tumlintar walking and Cath the Local Jeep.

Day 15: Tumlingtar – Kathmandu ( Fly back)

Maximum Altitude:1400 meters

Flight Duration: 50 minutes

Today marks the very last day of our Makalu Base Camp Trekking Itinerary. Today we shall return to Tumlingtar by trekking. Crossing the suspension bridge to Tumlingtar, viewing many beautiful sceneries along the way, you will reach Tumlingtar. This will be the very last trek on your Makalu Base Camp Trekking expedition.

Reaching Tumlingtar, you will board the flight to Kathmandu. Enjoying the scenic flight from Tumlingtar to Kathmandu, you can relax and reach Kathmandu in 50 minutes. As you reach Kathmandu our Makalu Base Camp Trekking adventure ends. You can enjoy another day in Kathmandu if you want to.

Trip Cost US$ 1,850 Per person
Cost Includes:
  • Two night Deluxe Kathmandu hotel in Kathmandu on B/B,Before and After the trek.
  • Airport pick-up and drop services
  • Ticketing, trekking permit and all needed document.
  • A professional English speaking Trekking guide, License Holder, including all his expenses with full insurance cover.
  • A Strong Porter among the two trekkers ( one porter sharing among two member ) including all his expenses including full insurance during the trek.
  • All surface transportation to the starting point and from the ending point of the trek as per the itinerary.
  • Your entire stander Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek, A Cup of Tea/ Coffee During the Breakfast.
  • Basic tea house arrangement during the trek as accommodation.
  • Necessary insurance for trekking staff.
  • First Aid kit , including Oximeter and pulse meter checker.
  • A sleeping bag and down Jacket, To be returned after the trip.
  • An arrangement of Emergency Helicopter service (Pay first and claim later with your insurance if policy cover.). If in case of worst case only.
  • A trekking route map.
Cost Excludes:
  • Nature of personal expense
  • All meals and hotels in Kathmandu..
  • Activities and extra night hotel in Kathmandu like sightseeing tour.
  • International airfare
  • An Extra Tea , coffee , Juice, Soups.
  • Nepal Entry Visa Fees. Click here for more details.
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Extra night Hotel and Extra porter if needed.
  • Satellite Phone.


What is the highest point of the Makalu Base Camp Trek?

The highest point of the Makalu Base Camp Trek is the Makalu Base Camp at the altitude of 4863 meters.

What are the food and accommodation services during the trek?

During the trek, you will be provided with three-course meals. You will be provided with accommodation in guesthouses and tea houses at every stop and in well-housed tents in case of camping.

How much does the total Makalu Base Camp Trek cost?

As per the Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary provided above, the total Makalu Base Camp Trek costs an estimated range of USD 1850 per person.

What are the required Makalu Base Camp Trek Permits?

The required Makalu Base Camp Trekking Permits are the Makalu Rural Municipality and the Makalu Barun National Park entry permit. The Makalu Rural Municipality costs NPR 2,000 which is approximately USD 20. The Makalu Barun National Park entry fee costs around NPR 3,000 which approximately amounts to USD 30.

Do I need to hire a guide?

As this area is not as explored as the other base camps, it is necessary to have a guide with you during your trek. A guide helps you figure out the way along with finding the best route for the best experience. So having a guide is a must for Makalu Base Camp Trekking.

How much should I tip the staff?

Tipping the staff is all about your choice. But the staff expects you to tip them 10 percent of their standard charge.

What are the average trekking hours during the Makalu Base Camp Trek?

The average trekking hours as per the Makalu Base Camp Trekking itinerary is around 6-7 hours a day.

Will I be able to use my ATM during the trek?

As we are in a remote area, it is highly unlikely for you to find any ATMs during your trek.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is a must. In case of any emergencies, you will need to be rescued with helicopter rescue assistance. This will be covered by your travel insurance.

Is the water from the sources safe to drink?

The water from taps on the way is pretty clean as they come from natural sources. However, it is always safe to bring your own water bottles with some water purifier tablets or kit. This allows you to enjoy the natural water without it affecting your health. It is better to not take any chances during the trek so be prepared.

Will I get altitude sickness on the Makalu Base camp Trek?

Since this trek does not take you to extremely high altitude there are fewer chances of you getting altitude sickness. But as we cross the altitude of 4000 meters, you may feel slight symptoms so being careful is always good. Carrying altitude sickness medicines are always helpful.

How to avoid altitude sickness?

Avoiding altitude sickness requires proper acclimatization. Apart from acclimatization, a proper diet is also important. Drink plenty of water and avoid any alcohol or smoking for avoiding altitude sickness.

What is the best time to take the Makalu Base Camp Trek?

The best time for Makalu Base Camp Trekking is during the time when the weather is favorable and the views are crystal clear. So the Autumn Season during the months of September- November and the Spring Season during the months of March to May are considered the best time for Makalu Base Camp Trekking.

Makalu Base Camp Trek Altitude Chart

Makalu Base camp Treking

Makalu Base camp Treking

Makalu Base Camp Trek Difficulties

Despite being the fifth highest mountain of Nepal and being a moderate difficulty trek, you will be facing some difficulties during your trek. This does not mean you will have no other options but face them head-on. With some preventive measures and preparations, you will be able to minimize these difficulties during your trek.

Altitude sickness

As you all know, altitude sickness is a condition where your body cannot adapt to the changing altitude. And, as you reach higher altitudes quickly, your body will not be able to adapt quickly and you will get sick. As you reach altitudes higher than 4000 meters, you will have a higher chance of getting altitude sickness.

To avoid altitude sickness during your Makalu Base Camp Trek, your Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary should be carefully planned so you do not cover more altitude all at once. With proper time for acclimatization, you will be safe from altitude sickness.


Unlike the Everest and Annapurna Base Camp Trekking routes, the Makalu Base Camp Trek routes are more remote and uncharted. It does have all the required facilities for your food and accommodations but it is not as populated as the Everest base Camp routes.

You may find that the trek routes are not as developed as well due to its remoteness.

Weather conditions

Another difficulty that may arise during your Makalu Base Camp Trekk is the unexpected weather change. First of all choosing, the best time for your trek is extremely important not just for your best experience but also for your safety. Secondly, the weather at higher altitudes may experience unexpected changes, so it is always better to be prepared.

Physical fitness

The 15 days Makalu Base Camp Trek requires an average of 5-6 hours of trekking daily. This requires stamina for keeping up with the Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary. It is best to keep your body fit and ready for adventures and daily trekking distance. Trying some cardio exercises and short hikes help make your body more comfortable with this kind of trekking.


Unforgettable Makalu Base Camp Trekking with Exciting Nepal

Me and my friends opted for the 17 days Makalu Base Camp Trekking with Exciting Nepal. Needless to say, the experience was a fantastic one! It’s not often that one finds a guide that lives up to their expectations, but our guide Mr Bijay was an absolute gem! Not only did he make the entire trip effortless, his precise details about the locations as well as his witty stories throughout the trip, entertained us all.

The trip started from a flight to Tumlingtar from the capital. We then started walking along the trail leading through the villages of Sakurate, Tashigaun, Kauma, Nehe Kharka and eventually into Makalu Base Camp. The views from the trail and the base camp were insane.Sitting at the lap of the giant Makalu mountain, sipping coffee under the clear blue sky was a remarkable experience for us.

The trip was an absolute value for every penny spent! The team with Mr Bijay was definitely the most professional crew I’ve ever seen. I cannot thank you guys enough, for organizing such a fantastic and memorable trip!

Jack martin, usa

Subash KC

Managing Director

Mr. Subash K.C ventured into the tourism industry after completing his studies in Management Stream in 2001 at Tribhuvan University. Mr. K.C, born and brought up in the Lalitpur district, is keenly interested in exploring the different trekking routes. Getting the opportunity to work in the tourism industry helped him gather insights about trekking across Nepal. In addition, he also learned about customer care and group management.
By leading solo and group trekkers himself, he started collecting data about many trekking destinations in Nepal. He creates an enriching experience for national and international travelers through exceptional hospitality.

Apart from managing trekking and tours, Mr K.C also handles client inquiries, accommodation reservations, arrangements of transportation and flights, and other logistics. Recognizing the importance of personalized service, he proactively takes care of clients' needs and requirements. He is fluent in English and excels in organizing treks, tours, and adventure sports in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

He is highly committed to promoting responsible tourism and prioritizes client satisfaction by providing top-notch service through his well-organized company. He believes that through responsible traveling, we can protect the natural environment and promote sustainability. He has expanded his knowledge by traveling to various countries worldwide, such as India, Bhutan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, China, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, USA, Japan, UK, Canada etc and is passionate about exploring more destinations.

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