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Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar) Day Hiking

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  • Destination: Shivapuri National Park
  • Group Size: 2-10 PAX
  • Maximum altitude: 2563 m
  • Best Season: Spring and Autumn
  • Grade Info: Moderate
  • Transportation: Private/Public Vehicle
  • Total Days: 01 Day
  • Walking Hour: 6 to 8 hours approx.


Shivapuri Hiking is the perfect hiking destination near Kathmandu Valley to cope with Kathmandu’s hustling and bustling environment. Shivapuri Hill is the 2nd tallest peak of the Kathmandu Valley, situated at an altitude of 2732m to the northwest direction of Kathmandu. It is the origin point of the Bagmati and Bishnumati rivers and is home to distinct flora and fauna. This hiking involves short trekking within the Shivapuri National Park, which is a one-day hike that covers around 18-20km in total. It takes around 6-7 hours to complete the Shivapuri Hiking to reach Baghdwar completely, but it takes around 4-6 hours to complete the Bishnudwar Hiking. Passing through a cluster of trails and stopovers, this hike takes you through lush green valleys, rhododendrons, and pine forests.

This is a magnificent journey as it serves breathtaking panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley and the distant majestic mountains. It is an exciting and easy hiking journey through the lush green forest of elevated hills and diverse landscapes of the region. Through this exceptional adventure, you will be able to fully experience Nepal’s rich cultural legacy and stunning natural surroundings, including quaint villages, roaring rivers, and tumbling waterfalls. Upon reaching the summit of Bishnudwar, you’ll catch majestic glimpses of Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung, Manaslu, Dorji Lhakpa, Mt. Everest, Annapurna range and many other Himalayan peaks.

As the Shivapuri Hiking is done within the Shivapuri National Park, it serves you with the stunning appearance of the distinct flora and fauna of this region. Some of the common wild species you’ll get to see during this journey are Wild boars, Monkeys, Deer, Tigers, Black bears, Leopards, Reptiles, and Birds. This hike will present you with the alluring beauty of the Shivapuri region, and the thrilling adventure contributes to having a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Being a relatively easier journey, this hike is completely safe, and through our well-planned hiking journey alongside an experienced guide, you’ll have a mesmerizing adventure.

Highlights of Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar)

  • A thrilling journey through the rugged surface and lush green forest
  • A moderately easy hike within the Shivapuri National Park
  • Stunning panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding hill landscapes
  • Bishnudwar temple
  • Majestic glimpses of Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung, Manaslu, Dorji Lhakpa, Mt. Everest, Annapurna range, and many other Himalayan peaks on a clear day
  • Mesmerizing waterfalls and a cave surrounded by rocks and boulders
  • Immerse in the cold water of gushing waterfalls
  • Sightseeing distinct species and birds
  • A unique experience through diverse landmarks and cultural exchange

Overview of Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar)

Overview of Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar)

This hiking journey takes you to Bishnudwar by reducing the extended Shivapuri Hiking route to Baghdwar. It is an amazing way to escape for a day and seek nature’s beauty and thrills through the diverse terrain of Shivapuri National Park. This is a magical hike to Bishnudwar along the Bishnumati River, which is a sacred river to both Hindus and Buddhists and carries religious importance.

Your Bishnudwar Hiking starts after your early morning breakfast at your hotel. Our team will pick you up from your hotel, which will take you to Budhanilkantha, with a scenic drive-through of Kathmandu’s northern region. Then, the drive will take you to the entrance of Shivapuri National Park, where you’ll register your name and pay for the entrance fees. The entrance fee is about Npr 100 for Nepali, Npr 600 for SAARC countries, and Npr 1000 for foreigners.

Then, the hike begins through a lush greenery forest that takes you to the summit of Bishnudwar through sightseeing and diverse landscapes. There are signboards along the way to guide your direction of the route. You’ll clearly be able to distinguish the route to Bishnudwar, Shivapuri Peak, and Baghdwar. Along the way, you’ll also meet army personnel and see army camps during this hiking journey. Your hiking journey begins upon reaching Pani Muhan.

The hike takes you through steep ascents and descents along the way and serves you with the magical beauty of the cascading waterfalls. Considering the case of luck, you may also catch glimpses of wandering wild species like deer, monkeys, reptiles, and birds. Photography and videography are available inside this region, and you can also take a bath or swim in the freshwater of tumbling waterfalls. Then, following the routes of Bishnudwar, you’ll reach a cave with a linga that is surrounded by numerous rocks.

Upon reaching the summit of Bishnudwar, you can relish the beautiful scenery of Kathmandu Valley, the region's diverse landscapes with magical glimpses of distant mountainous landscapes. You can have your lunch at this place and exchange valuable communication with the locals and other people. Then, the Bishnudwar hike tilts towards an end. You can further explore the region of Shivapuri National Park by extending the hike to different places like Tarebhir, Sundarijal, Nagi Gumba, Baghdwar, Chisapani, and Shivapuri Peak. If you are done for the day, you can descend back after the stunning photography moments.

Get insights into:

Trip Cost US$ 100 Per person
Cost Includes:
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Comfortable transportation
  • Shivapuri National Park entrance fees
  • An experienced guide
Cost Excludes:
  • Any meals and drinks
  • Tips


faqs about shivapuri-national-park-day-hiking

When is the perfect time for Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar)?

The favorable time for the Bishnudwar hiking is considered to be Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). During this time, the weather of this region tends to stay stable with less likely chances of rainfall. Continuous rainfall during monsoon season can make the tracks slippery and can result in a less enjoyable experience. Similarly, winter summons coldness in the region along with a foggy atmosphere that leads to decreasing visibility of the magical sceneries. Therefore, if you are considering a short adventure near Kathmandu Valley, Bishnudwar hiking is perfect. Choose the journey during spring or autumn for the optimum experience and safe journey.

Do I need a guide for Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar)?

While the Bishnudwar hiking can be done without any guides, hiring a guide will aid in your smooth journey and exploration of the region. The routes of this hike are easy, and the presence of organized signboards will help you in navigating the path, but an experienced guide will let you explore the region in depth and give you insights into the distinct places along with identifying distinct flora and fauna of the region.

What should I bring for Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar)?

This is a short hike and can be completed within 4-6 hours. So, you won’t need much stuff for this hike, but there are some essential items you can bring along. Consider adding a few layers of clothes with a jacket. Then you can pack some nutrient foods and energy drinks as you won’t be accessible to any restaurants and cafes inside the Shivapuri National Park. Moreover, you can bring a first aid box for any kind of injuries along the way, as well as waterproof jackets in case of sudden downpours. Also, wear comfortable sports shoes or hiking boots, and bring hiking pants if you get dirt during the hike.

Do I need permits to go Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar)?

Yes, you do need a permit to enter the Shivapuri National Park. You can access the permit at the entrance of the National Park, which costs around Npr 100 for Nepali people and Npr 1000 for foreigners. You’ll need to fill out the form and go through a detailed check before you embark on the Bishnudwar hike.

How should I prepare for the Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar)?

Bishnudwar hiking is a short hike to the summit of Bishnudwar temple. This is a moderately easy hike, and you won’t require much preparation. It can be completely done by beginners with no prior trekking experience. The hike can be about 4-6 hours long, including ascending and descending. Therefore, practicing some light exercises to strengthen your legs and back can be helpful. On top of that, do practices some mobility exercises to enhance your body performance. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, and explore the magical hike through sheer determination, and you shall be fine.

Essential Information

Shivapuri Hiking (Bishnudwar) Day Hiking

  • Enthusiastic trekkers can indulge in this beautiful hike
  • The Bishnudwar hike is an easy hike, so beginners can join this hike, but it is recommended that some flexibility and mobility exercises be practiced before heading for the hike.
  • Travelers can participate and get insights into the religious aspects as well.
  • People who are under medical surveillance are not recommended to join this hike.
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to join this hike
  • People with injuries, sickness, and back are not recommended to join this hike
  • Bring along your own snacks and drinks for the hike
  • Do not throw wrappers and waste anywhere inside the Shivapuri National Park
  • Bring along hiking boots and sports shoes, and wear comfortable clothes
  • Wear layers in clothes, so you can reduce and add according to the weather and temperature
  • Be mindful of sudden weather fluctuations, and bring along waterproof jackets
  • Options like processed snacks, chocolates, home-made food, fruits, dry fruits, and salads can be brought during the hike
  • You’ll have to go through a detailed check at the entrance, so don’t bring cigarettes, lighters, alcohol, etc.

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