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Upper Mustang Jeep Tour (Road Trip)

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  • Group Size: 1 (Minimum)
  • Maximum altitude: 4600 m
  • Best Season: Autumn and Spring
  • Grade Info: Moderate
  • Transportation: Jeep 4WD
  • Total Days: 8 Days

The Upper Mustang Jeep tour is a short yet exciting journey that allows you to explore the dramatic landscapes amidst the forbidden Kingdom, Lo Manthang, and the cultural significance of the Upper Mustang. This exhilarating ride is a perfect blend of convenience within a short period to immerse in the arid valleys surrounded by the Himalayas. You don’t have to stress about the time constraint but can enjoy the beauty of Lo Manthang in peace during this 8-day overland ride.

Speaking about the history of Lo Manthang, there are more myths and legends surrounding it than actual factual data. However, one fact is sure that Mustang maintained its separate principality status until 1951. However, after the country became a Republic, Lo Manthang was recognized as a village development committee under the Mustang district.

Upper Mustang used to be a secluded area as foreigners weren’t allowed trekking. However, this beautiful place immediately became popular among tourists after opening it to foreigners in 1992. Additionally, with the recent infrastructure development and vehicle accessibility in the area, the inflow of tourists during both peak and off seasons is skyrocketing.

The 8-day upper Mustang Jeep tour begins with a scenic jeep drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Then, you will reach the capital city of Upper Mustang, Lo Manthang, by crossing Tatopani, Chilling, and other different villages. You will have an entire day to explore the cultural and traditional significance of the region. Then, you will head towards another highlight of your jeep tour, the sacred Muktinath temple. Stopping there for a few hours, you will start your drive towards Marpha. Now, driving on the road that connects you to Pokhara from Marpha, you will finally arrive at the tourist hub. Finally, you will retrace the path back to Kathmandu.

Doesn’t this seem like an ideal way to use your short time for exploration? If yes, then we, Exciting Nepal, are all ready for you to accompany us on this amazing overland tour and use our expertise and resources to make your journey more rewarding and fulfilling.


  • Discover the history of the ancient Kingdom Lo Manthang, the capital city of Upper Mustang
  • Interact with the Bon and Lobha ethnic tribe people and get to know mods about their lifestyle in the higher Himalayas
  • The oldest structure in Lo Manthang, the five-storied white-washed king’s palace
  • Visit the multipath temple, which has intermingling beliefs of both Buddhist and Hindu people
  • Discover the settlement areas of arid landscapes in the Kali Gandaki River Valley
  • Magnificent Himalayan views, including Annapurna massifs, Dhaulagiri ranges, Nilgiri, and other different surrounding peaks

Best season for an Upper Mustang Jeep tour

The upper Mustang Jeep tour will be mostly off-road, so it is essential to consider weather factors while planning for the trip. Usually, spring and autumn are considered peak seasons to explore all trekking routes in Nepal, and Upper Mustang is no exception. However, one interesting fact about the Upper Mustang is people prefer to visit this region more in the summer season rather than spring and autumn.

During the spring and autumn season, there will be no any obstruction to enjoying the panoramic views of the mountains, supported by stable and pleasant weather. Moreover, the chance of precipitation in snowfall will also be less during these seasons.

During spring, the daytime temperature of the upper Mustang can range between 16 to 22 degrees Celsius, with morning and night being chilly. The temperature can drop to 0 degrees Celsius during morning and night. Moreover, during spring, you can witness the liveliness of nature all along the road. The flora and fauna will come out of winter slumber and enjoy the beauty of spring.

Likewise, in autumn, the skies will be clear with windy afternoons. The daytime temperature can average between 12 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, while the nighttime temperature can range between 4 degrees Celsius to -8 degrees Celsius.

Usually, summer is considered an off-season for exploring Nepal, but the upper Mustang tour is a pure exception. Because of the location and topography, the upper Mustang lies in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas. The temperature during summer will hover around 16 to 25 degrees Celsius during the day and will drop out to 3 degrees Celsius at night. Moreover, the festival of Yatrung, also known as the horse festival, is celebrated on the day of the full moon in August. So summer is one of the perfect times for an upper Mustang jeep tour.

Additionally, visiting the Upper Mustang in winter is also equally rewarding. You will be able to witness the heavy snowfall and magnificent views of snow covering all the landscapes of the region. However, proper preparation is required to explore the Mustang region in winter, as trails can be slippery due to snow. Sometimes, snow dumps can hinder the jeep drive. At the same time, due to freezing temperatures, most of the teahouse owners will descend to a lower elevation to avoid the remorseless cold of the region.

Outline Itinerary:

Day 01: Kathmandu to Pokhara on Jeep (820m; 7/8 hrs drive)

Day 02: Drive From Pokhara To Tatopani (1190 m; 5 hrs drive)

Day 03: Drive to Ghilling (3570 m; 6 hrs drive)

Day 04: Drive to Lo Manthang (3730 m; 3 hrs drive)

Day 05: Explore Lo Manthang

Day 06: Drive to Marpha Exploring Muktinath (3800 m), Kagbeni (2804 m), and Jomsom (2650 m; 7.5 hrs drive)

Day 07: Drive back to Pokhara (61 km; 4 hrs drive)

Day 08: Fly Back to Kathmandu, Mid-Day (35 mins flight)

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 01: Kathmandu to Pokhara on Jeep

Kathmandu Elevation: 1400 m

Pokhara Elevation: 850 m

Drive Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Today, you will head 200 km west from Kathmandu's metropolis towards Pokhara. So early in the morning, you will have a hearty breakfast and board the jeep that will give you an entire tour of western Nepal. In the first leg of the journey, you will drive on the black-topped Prithvi Highway alongside the fast-flowing Trishuli River. The drive will be smooth, but turning segments can be bumpy.

After stopping at a certain area for a break, you will continue with your overland drive to the city of Lakes, Pokhara. Upon arriving at Pokhara, you will be escorted by our teams to your designated hotels, where you can get refreshed after a long jeep ride. Then, for the remaining time, you can make preparations for a week-long tour.

If you want to opt for more convenient options, then you can choose to take a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. We can adjust your itinerary and highlights as per your requirements.

Day 02: Drive From Pokhara To Tatopani

Pokhara Elevation: 850 m

Tatopani Elevation: 1190 m

Drive Duration: 5 hours

Continuing further with your upper Mustang Jeep tour, you will leave Pokhara and drive on the paved road accompanied by the Seti Gandaki River. After driving through verdant meadows and settlement areas, you will finally arrive at Kushma. Now, Kali Gandaki River comes into sight as you are making your way toward Baglung.

Moving west from Baglung, you will witness an amazing sight of the confluence of Kali Gandaki and Myagdi River at Beni. Following the natural direction of Kali Gandaki River, you will pass through lush forests, beautiful terrace farmlands, and villages before finally arriving at Tatopani. Off-road will start after you pass Beni. So, it can get rocky and bumpy as you are traveling from Beni to Tatopani.

For the remainder of the day, you can enjoy the natural hot spring at Tatopani. Likewise, they can interact with locals to listen to their folks and tales. This will give you a brief introduction to lifestyle in rural Nepal.

Day 03: Drive to Ghilling

Tatopani Elevation: 1190 m

Ghilling Elevation: 3570 m

Drive Duration: 6 hours

Driving away from Tatopani, you will make your way to Kagbeni. As you are moving, you can feel the distinct difference in the vegetation, shifting from lush vegetation to a desert-like atmosphere. Then, you will enjoy the scenic drive from passing Chhusang.

On the way, you will witness Cave Monastery, which represents the tranquility and serenity of the Buddhist atmosphere. Following the path shown by the natural direction of Kali Gandaki River, you will move forward from Syangboche village to finally arrive at rich Ghilling village.

Day 04: Drive to Lo Manthang

Ghilling Elevation: 3570 m

Lo Manthang Elevation: 3730 m

Drive Duration: 3 hours

Today, you have to move early in the morning so that you can have more time to explore Lo Manthang. After having a heart breakfast, you will move forward from Ghilling, and within no time, you will reach Ghami. This beautiful village is known for its white-washed mud and stone houses. Proceeding further with your jeep ride, you will pass by many different streams, including the Ghami River, the Charang River, and the Dokpolo River. After crossing Tsarang La pass at an altitude of 3870m, you will reach Tsarang.

As you make your way to the capital of the upper Mustang, you will also visit two of the most ancient monasteries, White Palace and Ghar Gompa. The serenity and peace you will receive in these monasteries is something you can't get anywhere. You will also rewarded by the incredible views of Annapurna I, Bhrikuti, Tilicho, Nilgiri, and other mountain ranges.

As you are getting close to the city, you will notice the longest mani wall of Upper Mustang. This indicates that you are just a few distance away from the famed walled city. The beautiful and aesthetic-looking whitewashed houses will greet you as soon as you enter the city. You can take a rest for a while, and with the remaining time, you will explore the area.

Day 05: Explore Lo Manthang

Lo Manthang has a lot more to offer. So, as per our itinerary, today is allocated as an exploration day. After having a light breakfast in the morning, you can visit monasteries, shrines, and temples that carry huge significance in the region. The capital city has mainly four major temples. One of them is Champa Lhakang, which carries significant value in Buddhism. The temple consists of a huge statue of Buddha made of clay. Additionally, the meticulously crafted mandalas on its walls expand the horizon of craft and architecture.

Another monastery boasted by Lo Manthang is Namgyal Gompa. Not only as a religious site, this landmark is popular as a local courthouse where matters of legal disposition are handled. Additionally, you can find young student monks at the Tsechen Shedrubling Monastery School. You can interact with the monks in this monastic school and learn about their unique lifestyle.

Similarly, you can't miss out on a grandiose, white-washed, five-story palace located at the heart of the city. This oldest structure was built around 1400. Though the king and queen were stripped of their title in 2008 after turning republic, the celestial king and queen inhabit this palace with their family. Furthermore, it is better to walk on foot while exploring the city as you will be able to visit every nook and cranny of this beautiful city.

Day 06: Drive to Marpha Exploring Muktinath, Kagbeni, and Jomsom- 7.5 hours.

Muktinath Elevation: 3800 m

Kagbeni Elevation: 2804 m

Jomsom Elevation: 2700 m

Marpha Elevation: 2650 m

Drive Duration: 7 to 8 hours

You will depart from Lo Manthang and leave behind the mystical Upper Mustang to explore the holy Muktinath temple. Visiting this sacred temple is the major highlight of the last phase of your upper Mustang Jeep tour. Making your way through the bumpy dirt road, you will reach Muktinath temple. For many years, devotees from all around the world have come to this magnificent temple with their religious beliefs.

This pagoda-style temple carries the religious symbiosis in both Hindu and Buddhist religions. It is considered one of the total 108 Vaishnava shrines. Taking a bath in the 108 water sprouts and two Kunda is believed to bring salvation to people and cleanse the soul if he/she has committed any crime.

After visiting this religious landmark, you will go towards Kagbeni. The views are incredible, with the sight of beautiful Nilgiri Himal. As you continue the drive, some sections will look like a Grand Canyon while others shall look like a desert. This is the beauty of the area. The road from Kagbeni to Jomson is quite dusty with off-road. You will take a short break after reaching Jomson. During your break, you can enjoy the apple booze and dance in the rhythm of local folk songs.

Since Marpha is your overnight stay destination, you will head towards Marpha, leaving Jomson behind. You will follow the path inside the Kali Gandaki river valley, passing the wide convergence of Kali Gandaki with Dhumpha Khola. Then you will finally reach the beautiful village of Marpha, famous for its apples. This village in the lower Mustang region is full of activities such as visiting the apple farm, touring the distillery, and exploring the cultural museum dedicated to Japanese monk Ekai Kawaguchi.

Day 07: Drive back to Pokhara.- 7 hours.

Today's overland drive will cover about 61 km from Marpha to Pokhara. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna massifs during your detour back to Pokhara. Upon arriving at Pokhara, you will be escorted to your designated hotels, where you can stretch your body after a long drive.

Subsequently, after the short break, you will explore the tourist hub, Pokhara. You can go boating at the Phewa Lake and visit Bindabasini temple. Moreover, the nightlife of Pokhara is very lively, with bars, restaurants, and cards till midnight. So, you can instill yourself in this beautiful city surrounded by majestic peaks and adorned with many lakes.

Day 08: Fly Back to Kathmandu, Mid-Day.

Pokhara Elevation: 850 m

Kathmandu Elevation: 1400 m

Flight Duration: 35 minutes

After spending a wonderful day at Pokhara yesterday, it's time to wrap up your upper Mustang jeep tour. You have been exploring western Nepal in a new for almost 7 days. You must be feeling sick of the jeep ride by now. So, our path back to Kathmandu will be a little different. You will not have to spend 7 hours on the road but will arrive at the metropolis with a 35-minute hassle-free flight.

Boarding the domestic plane, your exciting flight starts as you are soaring parallel to majestic mountains, leaving behind the lakes to arrive at dense Kathmandu Valley. Upon arrival, our representative will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your hotel.

You will have some spare time. So you can utilize this time by sightseeing in Kathmandu city. There are many landmarks that have been listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites. You can visit Swayambhunath temple to have a beautiful view of Kathmandu Valley from the top. Likewise, you can visit Durbar Square to learn more about the royal history of Nepal. The Pashupati Nath temple carries a huge religious belief of Hinduism.

Creating a lot of memories, you can pull down the curtain of your upper Mustang Jeep tour and write this beautiful chapter as once in a lifetime journey in your book of life.

Trip Cost US$ 2300 Per person
Cost Includes:
  • 4x4 Jeep with  Driver and fuel
  • All your pick up and Drop.
  • English Speaking Guide including all his expenses with full insurance covered.
  • Two Night deluxe  Hotel in Pokhara with Breakfast one before and one after the Trek.
  • Lodges Accommodation as per the itinerary.
  • Breakfast / Lunch and Diner during the tour from Starting Pokhara and end after arriving Pokhara.
  • A cup of tea or a coffee during the breakfast only.
  • Seasonal fruits.
  • Permit and all necessary documents to travel.
  • All highway Tax and road permit.
  • Medical box with oxi meter.
  • Sleeping bag and down Jackets if you do not have your own.
Cost Excludes:
  • All your drinks.
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley and Pokhara.
  • Nepal Entry Visa Fees. Click here for more details.
  • Extra hotel night in Kathmandu and Pokhara beside the itinerary.
  • Meals in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Tips for guide and driver.
  • Wifi and Hotel showers during the tour.

FAQs relating to the Upper Mustang Jeep Tour:

Are there any other routes for the Upper Mustang Jeep Tour?

Yes, there are various routes you can take depending on the highlights you want to explore. Another famous route is taking a flight from Pokhara to Jomson and starting the jeep tour via Chhusnag to Lo Manthang.

Where is the Upper Mustang located?

Upper Mustang, an arid river valley is located at the north-south off the upper corner of the Annapurna Circuit, covering about two-thirds of Mustang District of Gandaki Province.

Is exploring the Upper Mustang possible through trekking?

Absolutely, yes. You can explore the Upper Mustang by trekking. This route gives you more opportunity to explore various highlights and immerse in the ambiance of Mustang. If you want to embark on the Upper Mustang trek, then we have different packages available for you.

Do I need permits to explore the Upper Mustang area?

You will need a restricted area permit and the Annapurna Conservation area permit to explore the upper Mustang.

Do I need to tip my driver and guide?

Even though tipping is not compulsory in Nepal, in the tourism business, tipping is usually expected. So, you can tip a reasonable amount to the guide and porter as a way to show gratitude.

Meals and Accommodations

Being one of the popular exploration tours, the services and facilities can range from basic to moderate on this tour.


During your two-night stay at Pokhara, you will be provided with good tourist-centered hotels with additional amenities. However, during your overnight stay at other places like Marpha, Tatopani, etc., you will be offered accommodations at tea houses or lodges. The rooms will be on a twin-sharing basis, i.e., you will have to share a room with other tour members.

However, the room will have two or three adjacent beds equipped with mattresses, blankets, and pillows. You can find attached bathrooms of Western style in most of the teahouse. Still, some teahouses may have traditional squat bathrooms under the shared vicinity, so you will need to compromise during those situations.

There will be a communal dinner where you can use your socializing skills to expand the horizon of your friendship. You can interact with them and share your experience and memories with them.


During the upper Mustang Jeep tour, the cost will include all your 3 time meals.( breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The teahouses and lodges will have an expansive menu to accommodate people from all around the world. You can find traditional Nepali food, regional food, Indian and Tibetan cuisines, and foreign specialties.

For breakfast, you can expect oatmeal, butter with toast, local tsampa porridge, soups, congee, paratha, muesli bread, etc.

Lunch and dinner will have similar types of menus, including daal bhaat tarkari, momo, pizza, tenduk, spaghetti, thukpa, curry, gundruk dhindo, pasta, different khana sets, etc.

Moreover, you have a wide variety of options in terms of beverages. From freshly squeezed juices and hot drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc, to cold drinks and hard drinks, you can have the taste to cleanse your palate. However, you have to be personally responsible for those drinks, including bottled and bar drinks, as this package will cover standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the tour.


We will provide you with a knowledgeable and experienced guide who will accompany you on your entire journey. They are very well known about every place in this region, so they will navigate your path. Moreover, they are well-spoken English speaker, so they can act as a mediator between you and other people.

Likewise, they will give you the necessary information about the history, culture, religion, and practice of the region. They are well-trained in basic first aid, so in case of any accidents or mishaps, they will give you an immediate response.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory for all trekkers traveling with exciting Nepal. This jeep tour involves driving in high-altitude terrain, mostly off-road. So, carrying travel insurance equivalent to keeping your key in your pocket.

Moreover, you should get insured with such a travel insurance policy, which will cover all your medical expenses, hospital bills, air ambulance, and evacuation costs. Moreover, it is necessary to do some background checks on the insurer from whom you are getting your policy.

Furthermore, it is recommended to add the clause of cancellation in case you have to cancel your plan ahead due to any reason. This clause will help you deal with all the prepaid expenses, such as accommodations, flight fees, etc. It will help to reduce some of your financial burden.

Packing Checklist

Your packing list should consist of clothing, gear, and equipment that will be required during the journey. It is usually recommended to pack light, but while considering light packing, you should not miss out on essential things.


  • Sun hat, cap, or scarf
  • A wide-brimmed hat, beanie, or woolen hat
  • Headlight with extra batteries


  • Moisturizers
  • Sunscreen with SPF
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Wet tissues


  • T-shirts or shirts
  • Fleece jacket
  • Cotton pants
  • Convertible shorts
  • Hooded rain jacket
  • Extra pair of underwear
  • Sweater
  • Waterproof jackets and pants
  • Windproof jackets and pants


  • Comfortable hiking boots
  • Sandals to use in teahouse
  • Extra pairs of socks

Other Necessary Equipments

  • Daypack/Backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Thermos Flask or reusable bottles
  • Water purification tablets
  • First aid kit
  • Universal charging cord, chargers
  • Mobiler, camera and binoculars
  • Drying towel, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Disposable soap
  • Small mirror

Why Upper Mustang Jeep Tour?

There are many people who like to explore new places but cannot do so because of various factors like time schedules, physical disability, health issues, etc. Walking a long distance can be tiring, too. So, the upper Mustang jeep tour is a convenient option to explore every nook and corner of the beautiful Mustang region.

Moreover, if you are in a time-constrained situation, then this quick 8-day package is clearly designed for you. Furthermore, jeep you are available for every age group. If you are planning to go on a small vacation with your family, the upper Mustang jeep tour is an ideal choice.

Jeep Tour provides more accessibility when traversing the high passes and rugged landscape. Moreover, this journey will take you to some of the high passes above 3000 m in the vast region of Upper Mustang, so opting for a jeep tour is a more feasible option.


Upper Mustang: The Hidden Kingdom on Nepal

Nepal’s Himalayas are absolutely beautiful. The mountains, the village, the food, the people and the country itself is everything which makes Nepal the ultimate place for all sorts of treks, adventure and recreation. I can say this because I was there to experience the incredible Upper Mustang trek with Exciting Nepal. Exciting Nepal and their fantastic teams are very well organized and so much dedicated to make sure that my trek was smooth and unproblematic. The friendly nature and the great wisdom from the guides and their genuine interest in sharing their knowledge of the mountains and the local culture really fascinated me. The upper Mustang trek itself was everything we hoped for and more! It was so peaceful and beautiful, the views were stunning. The slogan “Heaven is myth, Nepal is real” indeed holds true and I’am happy I was there to experience this firsthand.

Chris morrish, London, United Kingdom

Memorable Upper Mustang Tour

With the fantastic and the extremely professional help of Exciting Nepal, my Upper Mustang trip was an unforgettable experience. My guide throughout the trek was Mr Suraj. A witty guy with amazing stories. His stories kept me entertained throughout the trip! Talking about Upper Mustang, words are unjust to describe the beauty of the place. The deserted hills, steep moraines, panoramic snow-capped mountains and the legends and myths of the place makes it all so fascinating.The warm hospitality of the locals also made this trip a lot more vibrant. Even though we might not share the same language, the unseen love and friendliness that the locals carry is just heartwarming! Nepal is truly blessed with magnificent destinations and I’m glad to witness even just a little part of it!

Finally I personally would like to thank the crew of Exciting Nepal for arranging this magnificent journey in such a short notice. For any of you fellow travelers looking to visit Nepal, I would definitely recommend Exciting Nepal for their fantastic service and professionalism!

Peter Parker, Sydney, Australia

Lovely Experience, Mustang Trek Nepal

Mustang was out of this world. The vast barren landscape stretches reminded me of the Sub Saharan desert. The trek was one of the most adventurous treks I had ever done.

The Upper Mustang Trek passed through the deepest gorge in the world, and we crossed the pristine Kali Gandaki river. The mountain view of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and others were especially enticing.

Immense gratitude to the team of Exciting Nepal for organizing and managing such a wonderful trip at such a difficult locations. We could explore a different side of Nepal that we had never even heard of. Overall, a lovely experience that I will cherish all my life.

Rawnin T, Canada

Amazing Mustang Visit

Me and my friends booked a Mustang tour on 1st December from Exciting Nepal Trek. We got a quick response from the team with honest answers regarding the trip.
Kapil our guide helped us a lot throughout the tour. He was very friendly and helped in all ways possible. Mustang was very amusing and the upper Mustang trek was more fun with the immense support of Exciting Nepal Treks.
Overall, we had an amazing experience and the exciting Nepal trek made sure we had a great time.

sportstoto, Australia

Subash KC

Managing Director

Mr. Subash K.C ventured into the tourism industry after completing his studies in Management Stream in 2001 at Tribhuvan University. Mr. K.C, born and brought up in the Lalitpur district, is keenly interested in exploring the different trekking routes. Getting the opportunity to work in the tourism industry helped him gather insights about trekking across Nepal. In addition, he also learned about customer care and group management.
By leading solo and group trekkers himself, he started collecting data about many trekking destinations in Nepal. He creates an enriching experience for national and international travelers through exceptional hospitality.

Apart from managing trekking and tours, Mr K.C also handles client inquiries, accommodation reservations, arrangements of transportation and flights, and other logistics. Recognizing the importance of personalized service, he proactively takes care of clients' needs and requirements. He is fluent in English and excels in organizing treks, tours, and adventure sports in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

He is highly committed to promoting responsible tourism and prioritizes client satisfaction by providing top-notch service through his well-organized company. He believes that through responsible traveling, we can protect the natural environment and promote sustainability. He has expanded his knowledge by traveling to various countries worldwide, such as India, Bhutan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, China, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, USA, Japan, UK, Canada etc and is passionate about exploring more destinations.

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