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Types of Trekking in Nepal

Nepal, where trekkers get to fulfill their ultimate longings, is a country to look out for every trekker, both expert or newbie. You have already considered the country your imminent trekking destination. That’s why you are into this article.

Just like everyone reaching this article, you also want to know about types of trekking in Nepal. Well, that is quite a good thing to be curious about if you have never been to Nepal for trekking before. This interest of yours will make you aware of the categories of trekking in the country, if there are any. And you can choose the right trekking plan as per your parameters.

If you do not know then, there is a classification based on the types of trekking in Nepal. Let us give you a slight hint here; the categorization is made based on two aspects: accommodation & services and difficulty level. We will take you through each of those in a while. But before that, let us ask you a question.

“Teahouse trekking,” Does this word ring anything in your mind? If not, then the further article is going to be something you will find helpful.

Let’s get within it.

Types of Trekking in Nepal

As said earlier, trekking in Nepal ranks in two categories. The first one is as per the accommodation and services trekkers get and another one as per difficulty level the doers face. Let us know each of them.

Trekking types by Service and Accommodation

The trekking destinations that rank as per the service and accommodation come into this heading. If you are spending nights in tents during a trek, that becomes a camping trek.

Likewise, another one is called teahouse trek, where you will end up in the basic lodges better known as the teahouses. Lastly, there is this Service Only Trek. Detailed information about all of these treks is yet to come.

Teahouse/Lodge Trekking

namche way to everest base camp

First thing first, Teahouse Trekking is a famous trekking type in Nepal. The term “Teahouse Trekking” got famous from Nepal only. You might be guessing, what is a tea house trekking, and how is it?

Teahouses are the basic and frugal lodges scattered on the trekking trails of Nepal, mainly owned by the locals there. If you do a trek in Nepal and spend nights and eat food in teahouses, it is called teahouse trekking. Likes of Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, and Kanchenjunga Trek are some of the most popular teahouse trekking itineraries.

In this kind of trek, you will get well-cooked food items from different cuisines, clean basic rooms to have a rest, and some other essential services. You do not have to worry about anything or no need to hire a team to cook food or install a camp for you. There are plenty of teahouses throughout teahouse trekking trails at your service. And that makes this kind of trekking the most economical and easy to manage one over others.

However, you will be responsible for finding everything from food to accommodation. You will not get any team for your assistance, like in Service only Treks, another trekking plan that we will discuss a little down.

Camping Trek

A trek where you have to settle in tented camps for nights is a Camping Trek. This type of trekking in Nepal is slightly less prevalent among the trekkers. As most treks in Nepal have tea houses around the trail, the camping trek is only available for rural area expeditions nowadays.

This kind of plan goes like you get a team of a guide, porter, cook, kitchen helper, camp installer, and more. They will be with you until you complete a trek. And you will be paying salaries to each of them for their respective service in making your expedition successful. You will eat what your cooks and stay in camps made by your team in camping treks.

This sort of Camping Trek is suitable for those treks where there are no teahouses. If an expedition is worth doing but doesn’t have accommodation and food services around, a camping Trek can be your savior. You will have to pay more money in this sort of trek than the Tea house Trekking. But repeating it, you will have unique learning in a land where there are no teahouses.

Service Only Trek

The last one in this category is Service Only Trek. A trekking agency like ours will arrange everything for you like accommodation, guide, and porter during a trek in a service-only trek. This plan is the best one to avoid most of the hassles you have to face while doing a solo trek.

For instance, you do not need to worry about your accommodation, food, and trail navigation in this kind of trek. The local guide and the team you will have during a Service Only Trek will make sure you have an excellent trekking experience.

However, you have to pay for the food and other arrangements by yourself. The team and agency will look after your accommodation, guide, and porter only. The rest is on your own.

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Trekking types by Difficulty

Another classification of types of trekking in Nepal is as per difficulty levels. Let’s find out what sorts of treks rank here.

Easy Treks in Nepal

Easy Treks are the most basic treks that are doable by trekkers with no prior experience. From child to old, all age groups who are healthy and can walk some days in the hills can participate in the Easy Treks in Nepal. The maximum elevation of easy treks in Nepal is not more than 4000m. You will not have any altitude-related problems as well.

It is also known as the beginner treks. The trekkers who are looking to gain some trekking experience can do an easy stroll in Nepal. The walk will not demand much from your side. Instead, you will have a decent hike in the hills of Nepal. Some of the popular easy or beginners’ trekkings in Nepal are Poon Hill Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Everest Panorama Trek.

Moderate Treks in Nepal

Among various types of Trekking in Nepal, Moderate treks are the most famous. Trekkers with some experience in trekking are eligible to do this sort of trek. As it is clear from the name, Moderate treks involve moderate difficulties only. The treks under this heading are a bit more demanding than the previous one, i.e., Easy Treks.

Moreover, the altitude is also high in the moderate treks ranging up to 5,600m. People with prior experiences in moderate hikes are the right fit for these treks. If you have done similar walks before, which goes around 5,500m, you will have fewer problems than the less skilled ones.

You will be hiking for around 6 to 9 hours daily. The must-do moderate treks in Nepal are Manaslu Circuit Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Challenging Treks in Nepal:

The toughest ones of all come under this heading of Challenging Treks in Nepal. It is not an easy thing to complete a challenging trek in Nepal. One of these trails demands high performance from the side of trekkers. The trail can be rough, rugged, icy. And altitude of these treks is anywhere from 5,500 to 6,000 meters.

People with a great extent of trekking experience can only endure these treks. If you have been to the most strenuous and moderate trails before, you can think of challenging treks in Nepal. Everest Three High Passes Trek, Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek, Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek are a few of the challenging treks in Nepal.

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Nepal is hands down one of the best countries for trekking longings. With different types of trekking in Nepal, you can satisfy your long-due desires here. You will need an authorized and expert trekking agency for that.

Exciting Nepal, an agency that is good at providing those services in Nepal, can help you do trekking in Nepal. Contact them ASAP.