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visit Everest base camp

Visit Everest Base Camp.

Visit Everest base camp (Everest Base camp trek) is not only for visit Everest base camp but it gives an countless joys each day. Visitors can explore the Sherpa culture, Namche village is head quarter of Khumbu, (Everest region)

Visitors Can explore an Old and ancient temple and monastery. Stunning views of many peaks ans gorgeous mountain including the Mt. Everest, World highest peak. Accent Kalapatthar is the best view point of Mt. Everest is the life time achievement during your visit Everest base camp.

When to Visit Everest Base Camp?

Visit Everest base camp
Visit Everest base camp

Everest Base camp is in altitude of 5350 Meters up from the sea level. Due to the high elevation trekkers must ready and prepare for prevent the cold.

Middle of December to End of February is the coldest season in Nepal (winter) so in this time of the year is not very enjoyable to due to the cold.

March, April and May, this three moth is summer period of Nepal, Great views, sun shinning and not very cold as winter so this moth is best for the Visit Everest Base camp.

June to middle of September

This time of the year is raining season on Nepal. Cloudy weather as well as rain. The flight to lukla can cancel very often, trekkers visit Everest Base camp even in this month but not that much recommended,

Middle of September to Middle of December,

This time of the year is an excellent period for the to Visit Everest Base camp. Raining season has been just over washed all dust, Looks clean as well as green. The Sky is clear, Neither hot nor cold. Views are stunning, Beast weather, this time of the year is the superb period to Visit Everest Base camp.

Can I visit Everest Base camp by road transport?

visit Everest base camp
visit Everest base camp

Everest base camp is approximately 65 KM each way from Luka after we Fly from Kathmandu. If we wish to Visit Everest base camp, we must around 11 to 14 days from Lukla to Lukla, there is no vehicle road access is available to vest Everest Base camp, Visitors must follow the trekking train to visit Everest Base camp. It means from more or less 130 KM to trek for both way.

Visit Everest Base camp by Helicopter:

Travelers who they do not have enough time but wish to visit Everest Base camp can also visit by Helicopter ride from Kathmandu. This total flight takes around 4 Hours including landing time, This B-3 strong Helicopter fly over the Everest ranges and land in to near by Kalapatthar which is the best view point of Mount Everest. Up on request can also lands near the Mt. Everest base camp.  Can be also possible with the group joining and private trip every day.

More information of visit Everest base camp by Helicopter:  

Visit Everest base camp and number of days require,

Trekkers has two option to visit Everest Base camp, either fly to Lukla from Kathmandu or take a bus /  Jeep ride to Jiri / Shivalaya. Taking a flight to Lukla take 11 to 13 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu and driving to Jiri / Shivalaya take 4 to 5 days more for the same trek.

Permit and paper for visit Everest Base camp.

To visit Everest base camp (Everest Base trek) we need to issue Sagarmatha National park permit. We can issue this permit on the way to Namche. TIMS ( trekkers information system ) is also require however since Khumbu village committee has been started to collect the local tax with every trekkers from October 01, 2017, TIMS is not checking strictly.

Clothes and packing list for Visit Everest Base camp (Everest Base camp trek)


  • 2 quick drying long base layer shirts.
  • 2 trekking shirts short sleeve
  • 2 Thermal underwear – base layer.
  • 2 liner socks
  • 3 pair woolen blend trekking socks.
  • 2 pair trekking pants with zip off bottoms
  • 2 fleece sweaters – one lightweight, one heavier
  • Sandels.

 Outer layers. 

  • 1 wind/rain proof overlayer- jacket and pants
  • 1 down jacket. ( -20 D.C )
  • 1 down vest
  • 1 warm winter hat
  • 1 lightweight thermal layer hat
  • 1 peak hat
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 Pair trekking boots.
  • 1, Head lamp with extra batteries,
  • 1 sleeping bag heavy ( -20 D.C)
  • 1 watch with alarm
  • 1 Sun glasses ( UV protection )
  • 1 camera with, extra batteries.
  • 2-3 portable chargers.

First Aid

  • Diamox – for altitude
  • Advil
  • Aleve
  • Vicks vapor rub
  • Sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • anti nauseant – you tend to feel just a bit nauseaus a lot at altitude.
  • immodium – diarrhea is common at altitued.
  • bandaids
  • blister bandaids or moleskin
  • eye drops
  • advil cold and dinus
  • nasal moisturizer – altitude causes nasal cavities to be very dry, nasal moisturizer was very helpful.
  • Q-tips
  • tweezers
  • tiger balm.


  • Foot powder (for Deb’s stinky feet)
  • Toilet paper
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • micro fibre towel

How Difficult to visit The Everest Base camp?

visit Everest base camp
visit Everest base camp

Hikers ages like 15 to 65 around , normal shapes and sizes have completed the Everest Base camp trek Every year  with a slight bit of training will find that almost anyone can overcome to the Everest Base camp trek.

The Everest Base Camp Trek do not require technical skill or mountaineering tanning  whatsoever as it is basically a long hike at altitude.

Generally, the most off-putting aspect of the trek is its duration – around 12 days (14 if your include a pre and post night stay in Kathmandu).

The reason for this is because most of the trekking is at a slow pace and days for acclimatization have to be factored in – the trek would be much harder if you tried to complete it in under 12 days!

Despite being non-technical and entirely achievable for anyone with some basic fitness, there are still some considerations that need to be taken into account before you set out on your own Everest Base Camp Trek.

Normal itinerary for visit Everest Base camp (Everest Base camp Trek )

Day 01: Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla (2860m) Then trek to Monzo.(2804m), 10 KM Approx.

Day 02: Trek from Monzo to Namche Bazaar.(3445m), 4 KM Approx.

Day 03:  Namche Bazaar rest and acclimatization.

Day 04: Trek from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche (3850m), 9.5 KM Approx.

Day 05: Trek from Tengboche to Dingboche (4350m) 11 KM Approx.

Day 06: Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche (4950m). 11 KM Approx.

Day 07: Trek from Lobuche to Ghorakshep (5160m). Trek to Everest Base camp  5,380 m (17,600 ft) and down to  Ghorakshep. 15 KM Approx.

Day 08: Trek from Gorak Shep to Kalapathar (5555m). Trek down to Phireche, 13 KM Approx.

Day 09: Trek from Phireche to Khumjung Village (3753 m)

Day 10: Trek from Khumjung Village to Manjoo (2840m)

Day 11: Trek from Manjoo to Lukla.

Day 12: Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu.

Short Summary of visit Everest base camp.

Everest Base camp is one of the most visited trekking trills in the world, During the peak season most of the ahotel, lodges and tea houses are fully busy, Especially March /April and October / November,

The most important things to visit Everest Base camp during the peak season that visitors must have to book their flight ticket to Lukla, Flight to Lukla is also hard to get the seat, Flight are full in advance for these peak season, getting first or second flight is most important, some time even in peak season m very often the flight cancel or delay dut to the wind and fog which is a remote area flight.

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